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Eddy, Double Dee and Mordecai came out of the vortex and found themselves in a small body of water.

"Oh no, now my clothes are all wet."


"So, Eddy wet clothes can become cold and they can shrink."

"Double Dee you do remember that there's a giant monster running around. I'm pretty sure wet clothes are the least of your worries."

Double Dee thought about what Mordecai said before he replied. "Well after you put in a logical statement, I suppose these wet clothes wont hurt me."

Suddenly a scream filled the air, the three looked over towards two bent trees and saw Ed being attacked by a giant meatball.

"Ed!" screamed Eddy and Double Dee as they ran out of the water. Mordecai was first to attack the meatball by pushing it off Ed, Eddy then punched the meatball in face and finally Double Dee fearfully walked up to it and weakly punched it in the head but it still was enough to somehow knock it out. Ed got up and hugged his friends tightly.

"Thanks guys! you saved me!"

"Your welcome dude."

"Ed I can't breath." Said Double Dee.

"Opps, sorry guys."

Ed let go of his friends and started to lick the meat off his clothes while the others looked at the meatball.

"Dudes, this is officially the weirdest thing I ever saw."

"Your correct on that Mordecai."

"This must be one of those Adult swimmers Mandy was talking about."

"Adult swimmers?" asked Double Dee and Mordecai.

"Yeah Adult swimmers Mandy says they come out at night and kill any toon they see."

Mordecai grumbled. "Great first we were chased by a giant monster and now were stuck in the middle of nowhere with these things out here."

"Oh come now Mordecai, all we need to do is find a safe place to shelter us from these adult swimmers." Double Dee looked around the area and spotted a small cave. "Gentlemen I found our shelter."

Inside the cave the four were sitting around a fire, eating some sandwiches that Double Dee had gotten from the toon off celebration. After they finish eating the four were just thinking to themselves about the recent disaster, eventually Mordecai stood up and spoke.

"Okay guys if we leave at the crack of dawn, we should be able to find that temple and have enough daylight to find the rest of the order."

"Um, what do you think your doing?"

"I'm just saying what we should do tomorrow Eddy."

"Listen birdbrain no one makes plans in this group but me."



"I mean it Eddy!"

Oh yeah what are you going to do about it."


"I like to see you try birdbrain."

"THATS IT!" Mordecai walked over and raised his fist. But before he could do anything Double Dee got in front of him.

"Mordecai, Eddy stop! Fighting each other wont solve anything. Look were on the same team now so we need to put our differences aside and work together to save the world."

"Are you kidding Shock head! After what he and his stupid team did to us last year!"

"Dude! I didn't have any part of it."

"Yeah right."

"Honestly I didn't."

"Quit lying."

"For final time I didn't! So stop thinking I did!"

Double Dee the spoke as loud as he can. "ENOUGH! Sorry for raising my voice, but this pointless fighting needs to stop. Eddy you need to stop insulting Mordecai he's on our team so deal with it. If you don't stop then that monster will surly eat us."

Eddy grumbled for a bit until he finally spoke. "Fine." Eddy then got up and walked to the very back of the cave and laid down.

Double Dee then looked over at Ed and saw him sleeping on his back with sandwich meat on his face. Double Dee then looked at Mordecai and noticed him looking down at the ground in sadness.

"Don't worry Mordecai, Eddy can be a bit rude at times, but he is a good friend and I'm sure after some time with you he will eventually accept you."

"I don't know about that Double Dee."

"Trust me Mordecai he will, now lets us turn in for the night. We'll need a lot of energy in order to find the temple and the rest of the order."

"Right, good night Double Dee."

"Good night Mordecai."

So the four slept with the warmth of the fire protecting them from the adult swimmers.

The early morning sun shined down on the four as they left their cave. As they walked out of the area Eddy kept giving Mordecai nasty looks, Mordecai sighed and looked away from Eddy. He then looked and notice a stone tower nearby.

"Hey guys look."

The Eds looked up and Double Dee studied the tower. "I think that's the temple fellows."

"How can you tell Double Dee?"

"Well Ed, it can only be a temple I mean why else would there be a structure in the middle of the wilderness."

"Who cares lets just go."

The four walked past a thick patch of trees and got to a clearing and were now looking at an old temple. The temple's roof was broken off and thick vines were growing out of the walls, at the entrance a yellow round symbol shined lightly. Eddy took the amulet out of his pocket and held it up and stared at it and the symbol on the temple.

"Look its the same as the amulet."

"So it is the temple." said Mordecai.

"Well gentlemen what are we waiting for lets go in."

Inside the temple was darkness, dust, and cobwebs. The four slowly walked through the old hallway Ed looked at the wall and notice small holes in them.

"I wonder why there are holes in wall?"

Double Dee gulped and started to shake upon looking at them. "Probably something small and deadly."

Suddenly Eddy stepped onto a pressure plate and a loud click was heard from the holes.

Double Dee went wide eyed. "Run guys!"

The four then ran down the hall just as arrows shot out rabidly out of the holes. As the four dodged them one arrow manage to cut and tear through the back of Double Dee's shirt another arrow cut off the tip of Eddy's three hairs and finally another one cut through the front of Ed's shirt.

Finally the four got out of the arrow filled hallway and found themselves in a small laboratory. The lab was filled with dusty test tubes, old equipment and an old chalkboard with some numbers on it.

"Oh my, we must be in Dexter's area."

"I don't know about that Double Dee."

"What do you mean Mordecai?"

"I'm just saying this layout looks familiar."

"Guys look a TV!" Ed then ran up to an old television set and started to fiddle with it.

Double Dee sighed "Ed this isn't the time to watch TV."

Ed continued to fiddle with the TV until he eventually pushed a button. The TV screen turned into static, after a short time the static faded and showed The Order Of The Toons in the lab talking to each other.

"Guys look at this."

The others walked up to Ed and watched the video with surprise looks on their faces.

"What's this suppose to be Double Dee."

"I think its an old security tape Eddy."

Mordecai put his finger on his lips and shushed the two. "Quite guys, I'm watching the video."

Eddy and Double Dee shushed up and the four watched the video. In the video Number One was giving a speech to the other members.

"Okay here's how the plan going to work. Buttercup you fly over Him's lair and distract him, and while he's distracted Jack you'll use your sword and cut off his legs. Then I along with Dexter and Mandark will fire are laser guns at his chest, the combine beams should destroy his evil heart which will bring him down." The TV then went back into static and eventually switched off by itself, the four were speechless from the information they got.

"That evil dude was in The Order Of The Toons?!"

"What! How is that possible? He's evil not good." said Eddy.

"I have to agree with you on that Eddy."

"What a shocking twist." said Ed.

"Well this explains a few things."

"Your absolutely right on that Mordecai."

"Thanks Double Dee."

"Hey guys check this out."

Eddy, Double Dee, and Mordecai looked to their left and saw Ed waving them towards an old doorway. Curious the three walked over to Ed and looked into the room and their eyes went wide in amazement. The room was large and was about fifteen feet wide, with a big chunk of the roof torn away which now showed the leaves and branches of the trees. The floor was dirty and muddy with some grass and saplings growing in some areas. In the middle of the room stood a round table with four chairs surrounding it. And on the west wall was a map of the entire world, and in front of the map was some device that was shaped like a TV camera.

The four entered and walked up to the map. They studied it closely and looked at each location on the map Ed then pointed to a dessert area. "Hey look at this guys its nowhere." He then pointed to another area. "And here's the land of Ooo, and here's Townsville, and here's camp Kidney." Eddy then smacked Ed on the head. "Okay we get it already."

Eddy looked over at Double Dee and saw him looking at the device, Eddy walked over to him. "So what is this thing Double Dee?"

"I have no idea Eddy, But it must be a projector since it's shape like a TV camera."

Double Dee then got behind it and noticed a poster on it. "Eddy look at this."

Eddy then looked at the poster and saw that it was a picture of the amulet with an arrow pointing up. "So what dose this mean Double Dee?"

"I think I got an idea Eddy take the amulet out." Eddy did what he was told and held the amulet by his side. "Okay now place it above the arrow." Again Eddy did what Double Dee said and placed the amulet inside a slot above the arrow. The devise then started to make noises and then suddenly the front of the device lit up and shined a green/white lights on two locations on the map. The green light was in the Townsville area and the white light was in a suburban area, the four looked at them in wonder.

"Hmm this is intriguing."

Mordecai scratched his chin. "I wonder what this means?"

A light bulb then shinned over Double Dee. "That's it these lights are showing us where the rest of order are, the green is Buttercup, and the white is Dexter."

Eddy smiled. "Great lets go get them." Eddy started for the exit but Double Dee grabbed his shoulder. "Wait a minute Eddy we can't get both of them at the same time."

"Why not?"

"Because we don't have time to get both of them at the same time, plus some of us well need to stay to build defenses for this temple."

"Guess your right Double Dee, so who do we go get first?"

"Well Eddy, I think we should get Dexter first."

Ed then ran up to them. "No we should Buttercup."

"No Ed, Dexter's brains will help us think of a solution."

"But Buttercup fights giant monsters all time, she'll be perfect."

"Well Eddy who do think we should get first."

"I hate to say it, but we should get brainiac first he could be useful to us."

"Aw." moaned Ed.

"Okay then let's go, Ed you stay here and help Mordecai with defenses, me and Eddy well be back soon."

Ed gave a salute.

"Okay Double Dee."

"Okay shock head lets go find Dexter."

Well after a long break, here is the next chapter.