"Not that I'm complaining, but can you tell me how you can afford a boat like this and a 24/7 crew to man it."

"I've come across artifacts on some jobs and sell them. As for the crew, during a job I came across some sort of spell that allowed me to make animated dolls." Lucilia continued to read her book, lounging in the chair. It would be a whole day before they arrived at the island. Mirajane slightly blushed at the revealing bikini Lucilia wore. The top was pink with the straps going around her neck, while the bottom was similar in color and tied at the hips. Mirajane swallowed hard at how almost nothing was left to imagination.

As the sun began to set they both decided to head in, off of the main deck. However, and Mira wouldn't admit this joy to anyone but herself, a strong wave hit the boat causing Mira to collide with Lucilia. She had let outa small yelp of surprise as she wasn't expecting that. Trying to stop her face from hitting the deck she placed her hands in front of her, which only caused her to grab on to Lucilia large breast. Not mmeaning to, Mira had gave her slight squeeze earning a small moan, that almost went unheard, almost.

Xxxxxxx Three days later xxxxxxX

Mirajane and Lucilia was in a abandoned home within the snowy mountains of the island. The chief had sent them up there to find the witch's home, who supposedly put a curse on the island. Lucilia was looking through the logs and found just what she was looking for. The proof that the man's story wasn't sitting well with what he provided as known information. First off the room was a mess, and the said mage's body was nowhere to be seen.

She traveled to the rest of the lodge. So far the only thing out of place was the office which was in an state of upheaval. While she was walking she heard a echoing sound through the floor. Without caring about dead woman's house, she cracked the floor open. She reached in and pulled out a ledger. As she flipped through it a frown became present on her face. Lucilia returned back to the room and handed the book to the white haired mage. Mira's eyes scanned the page.

Well it appears time is winding down for me. That bastard of a chief has found out I'm the daughter of the woman he raped long ago. He has turned the town against me, my few friends and distant family is no different. Though I suppose this was inevitable. This will be be proof of my innocence and of my guilt. The same goes for that thing as well. He killed those who knew of the incident and framed me for their deaths.

The towns people are just as guilty, though I shall not put the blame on them completely. Upon my death this land shall be put under the the curse of a blizzard. The constant blizzard will worsen every six months he isn't punished for his crimes. When and if he is killed by the same people who followed his will the blizzard shall stop. If he dies any other way than by the towns people hands the curse will not stop. After the third cycle is complete the blizzard will consume everything. This curse is bound with my blood, body, and soul.

"Lucilia this is worse than we imagined. We need to return to the town."

"If only it was that simple. If we go back empty handed he's gonna try to start twisting this whole situation on us." She gave it a bit of thought. "Actually how about this?"

After they made the long track back down the mountain they made their way to the chief's office. Unbeknownst to him they gathered all of the people into the town's hall. There they would hear the exchanging of words.

"So I take it you two has found a way to lift this terrible blizzard from our land." He stroked his long grey beard. His bald head shimmering in the light. His worn hazel eyes stared at Mirajane, who was currently staring at Lucilia.

"Yes, we did find it. As well as finding out that you were responsible for the rape and murder of Helen's mother, and nine other more murders, including Helen's. The dark mage as you called her, only did what she did as a final act of vengeance against you. When you are punished for what you've done then the curs shall be lifted."

The old man laughed at the the two of them. "And where is the proof to back your accusations?" When Mirajane pulled the black book from the thick white jacket his eyes narrowed on it, then began to move between the two of them.

"You know what, I noticed something as well. The facial structure of Helen's face is strikingly similar to yours. Now I would have dismissed it, if her mother hadn't gone missing for about eight and a half months. Then five years later she's killed as well as three of the boards men. Apparently the four of you were the best of friends, probably told each other everything."

The man face was now set in a frown, a stress line across his forehead had shown itself. "Whatever are you implying girl. Surely you don't mean that I played a part in their untimely death. In fact, the mere thought brings back such painful memories I may not even be able to continue this meeting today." His smirk was smug and threatening.

"Oh, but grief is something to be proud of right? Or getting rid of it? I'm guessing you seen her a few times and connected the dots. The living evidence. Now you couldn't have that happening, the chance that she outed you was too big. Then the five people who was close to her, her friends, was killed in the same manner as your friends, and Helen's mother. See I find it hard to believe that a mage who specialized in water magic used poison to kill her victims. Too many chances for something to go wrong."

"Haha haha haha!" The old man was laughing, the towns people were horrified by that. No way their beloved chief was a killer, right?

The old man looked at Lucilia stroking his beard. "Who will they believe I wonder. Two bitches who just showed up, or the man who spent thirty years breaking his back for this island. Tell me who'd you believe, Ms. Heartfilia." Now it was Lucy's turn to frown. "Hahah, so it is you! Here I was thinking you looked familiar. Didn't know that the dead could live again."

"How you know of me, I'll never know. However, I don't really care. Anyone who dug deep enough would see that I'm Lucy Heartfilia. If you want to spread the word go ahead. Though that's gonna be a bit hard from a jail cell." The man gave her a questioning look.

The door was suddenly broken down. A large built man stormed in and snatched the chief from his chair and slammed him into the wall. "YOU BASTARD! YOU KILLED MY DAUGHTER BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T WANT ANYONE TI KNOW WHAT YOU'VE! I'LL KILL YOU!" The large man pulled a dagger from his pocket. Before he could use it four men tackled him to the ground.

A equally old woman had approached the two of the as both men were being removed from the room. "I'm sorry you had to see that. Thank you for revealing the wolf among sheep. Had we known." The elderly woman waved it off, "what's done is done. Come and I shall give you the payment agreed upon."

The next day the snow was already melting away. The man former chief was to be handed over in a week to government. When they started their voyage back Mirajane had convinced Lucy to let her run the bar, she herself was reading a book when a tanned girl brought in a communication lacrima. "Master?"

"Lucilia, I hate to bother you but Natsu has attempted to try and complete a S rank quest. I sent Gray and Lisanna to bring him back but they haven't returned yet. Would you please bring those three back for me."

Lucy sighed, this was the most idiotic plan ever. The fact that he tried this makes her want to leave them. "Of course master. We'll have them back in no time."

"Thank you."

Mirajane just couldn't take her eyes off of the blonde in front of her. How full her lips were, how her chocolate eyes shimmered, how her shirt barely held her bi- "Is something wrong Mira?"

"What, uh no?"

Lucilia chuckled, "If you're going to lie you can sound more sure of yourself. If you don't want to telle fine, at least tell me that."

'Ummm, well you see. I may, or may not like you. OK well I like you and. Hold this came out wrong. OK, well if you wouldn't mind I'd like to take you out sometime. "

"Well, seeing as you are one of the best looking ones to ask me out I'll say yes. We'll discuss this after we drag those three back to the guild."

When Lisanna woke up today, escaping a giant man eating rat hadn't been on the to do list. Gray went to check something out and Natsu ran off to who knows where. During her search she ran into that thing. Another thing she hadn't been expecting was to literally run into hersister and Lucilia, who wore the same blank expression as always. Her blonde hair with black strands infused in the Golden ones. When she looked at Mirajane she had a deep set frown, her brows furrowed in frustration.

When they heard a loud screeching sound they looked at the rat. "Ewww, that's disgusting. Who uses a giant ass rat for defense." Lisanna couldn't help but snicker at the woman. She never heard her talk and the thing she speaks about is her obvious disgust about the giant rat. "Die you rodent." Before Lisanna knew what happened Lucilia released a large beam of black and bluish green energy that consumed everything in its path leaving nothing behind.

"Where are the other two?"

"Umm, I'm not sure."

"So you three come here with a half assed plan, and you split up even though none of you are close to being S ranked. That's utterly stupid. No, that is the definition of asinine. Mirajane I'm gonna go find the other two." Before either could protest she sank into a pool of darkness.

"Lisanna! Mira!? What are you doing here? It's only been about nine days."

"Yeah, we finished earlier than expected. Master asked us to stop for a certain few people." Lisanna sweated at the remark being targeted at her. "I'm guessing you're here for the same reason."

"Yes, as soon as I heard I came. I am glad you two are here though, it'll make things that much easier." Then there was a loud trembling coming from the mountain. Then Natsu came flying out of a black puddle on the ground. Erza snatched him up and started to violently. "What were you thinking!? Now where is Gray!"

"He's handling something personal, so I let him finish it. On the bright side deliora is destroyed."

"Yep, what a shame. Anyhow I really liked that chapter, let me know when you have more written." He handed her a stack of nicely kept papers, which she dropped into a cloud of nothing. "Oh, and my notes are in there too."

"Hey, you know that man Luce?"

"Luce?" The man questioned.

"Don't start with me." The man couldn't help himself as he rolled on the ground and laughed at her. Lucilia sighed and turned to go back to Gray but stopped, "Oh Erza. Would you mind taking care of the problem of the villagers, we might as well take care of it since we're here. Thanks." She sank back into the darkness. When she came out again she stood on a black cloud watching the scene beneath her. She was actually irritated by how Gray handled the situation. If it had been her she would've killed him. Better safe than sorry right?

Xxxxxxx Lucilia boat xxxxxxX

During the sail back, despite their impending punishment, Lisanna thought it would be best to question Lucilia, per Canna's gossiping.

"What made you say yes?"

"I like to explore new options."

"What's your type?"

"I prefer girls with a nice smile, soft eyes, and know when to or not to do something."

"What makes you think you're good enough for my sister!?"

"Who would be a better choice than me?"

"How can we trust you!?"

"Do or don't. As long as Mirajane doesn't complain I don't see why I should give a rat's ass what you think of me."

"Cocky bastard." She mumbled off.

"Actually if you don't mind me asking a question I have one as well." Mirajane spoke up. When there was no sign in refusing to answer her she spoke. "Just what form of magic do you use."

"I'm sure you heard of celestial magic." They all nodded, "Well that is sort of my magic. I'm a special type of celestial mage. Well that's not really the best way to explain it. Let's just say it's like slayer magic. There aren't many forms of it."

"So can you summon spirits, but where are your keys?" Erza had been looking around her but saw none.

Lucilia's expression became blank, and her eyes turned cold like steel. The scar on her eye throbbed and burned. "I don't use spirits. I use a form of Celestial magic not the celestial magic you normally see. My magic is actually more uncommon then dragon slayer magic, and god slayer magic. I'm probably the only one alive who uses it. Now then I believe we all need our rest." She clapped her hands and her staff flooded the area. "They'll show you where you will be sleeping."

Xxxxxxx fairy tail guild hall xxxxxxX

After being let off with a warning they were introduced to the three newest members of the guild. Cynthia, Wendy,, and Ultear. Everyone was surprised to see that someone as quiet and isolated as Lucilia was having somewhat of a conversation with Ultear. It was mostly Ultear talking and Lucilia nodding, grunting, or making some sort short worded response. "Wait if I'm correct the only other person who talked to her like that was." Mirajane had connected the dots, realizing that was the old man she couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealousy.

After Lucilia had left for another job Mirajane had started talking with Ultear. She was then threatened to be put through unimaginable pain if Lucilia ended up being hurt, then stormed out, claiming that she should be S ranked already.

Xxxxxxx 11 months later xxxxxxX

After Lucilia's blunt insistence Mirajane had moves into a larger apartment with her. Mirajane couldn't complain about how her life was going. In fact she was felling great. She was dating someone who was known as one of the strongest in Fiore and had been all the more willing to answer most of the questions she asked.

As it turns out she was the one behind the great massacre of Gorgo, a man who'd been notorious in the criminal underworld. There she met Ultear as well someone named Flare. There where things she didn't tell her yet, but she was fine with it. She was given more than enough. She was happy for now. They both were behind the bar. Lucilia had said she didn't mind doing that during the time they weren't on jobs, which Mirajane sometimes insisted on her going with.

It was oddly enough a slow day. That is until Jason, a journalist from Wizard Weekly came running through the guild hall running towards them, causing a ruckus as he did. "Lucilia, l! May I get a few responses from you about the formation of the new group being formed by the magic council!?"

She'd been cleaning a glass and sat it down to start cleaning another. "It's utterly pointless. Their just gathering the people who are thought of as the strongest. Just another way for them to flaunt around what they can do."

"So are you going to turn down the invite then!?"

"Yes I have no intention of joining them."

"What of the rumors of the other group that has sent you an invite!?"

"I haven't given it much thought yet. They have made an interesting offer, but as of now I'm going to join. I'll give it more thought, but I don't think I'm gonna change my mind."

"Coooool! How would you compare the two groups."

"The taskforce being formed by the council is more of a known group compiled of powerful mages. However, whatever we're called, is made up of people who are dangerous. That's not to say we're criminals, only that a fight with one of us will turnout bloody."

"Cool, cool, cooool! Do what exactly is your standing in the group?"

"I honestly haven't fought them all get so the standing isn't official, but I'm second as of now."

"Really cool! Thanks!" With that he was gone as he came.

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