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The title for this story is based on the song 'Family Tree' by Matthew West. I added a link to it to my Profile if you'd like to give it a listen. It pretty perfectly describes Taylor.

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Opening the cockpit roof, Taylor climbed out, then jumped over the side, and onto the ground, her feet sinking a small bit into the seemingly endless sand found on Jakku.

Sighing softly, she moved around her T-70 X-wing fighter. Aunt Leia was already going to kill her for leaving base against her strict orders to stay put, but Taylor didn't listen.

After all, Poe had come to this planet in order to pick up a clue to her Father, Luke Skywalker's, location, and she'd insisted he take BB-8, the droid Poe had gifted to her when she was younger, having found him being sold during one of his missions. She wasn't going to stay at base while her friend and her droid were out risking their lives to find her Father.

And now she was seemingly stranded on this dust bowl of a planet.

Taylor couldn't find any outward damage to the fighter, yet, still, when she'd been only a few miles from where she was getting a signal from BB-8, it had inexplicably gone off course, and flown her down to the spot where she know stands, then all power was lost.

She threw up her hands in confusion and frustration. She was far from Poe's level of Pilot, but she could still fly, and she still knew ships. After all, in addition to the best Pilot in the Galaxy having been her friend since she was a little girl, and he was a younger man than he is now, her Uncle was also Han Solo, though she rarely saw him, and hadn't seen him last in months.

Han would stop by the base every once and a while, usually after making sure Leia wouldn't be there, and bring Taylor a gift or two from his latest smuggling trip, but would always be gone before her Aunt came back.

Taylor had a communicator, but she dreaded calling base to tell Leia she'd sneaked out to go after Poe and BB-8, and was now stuck on Jakku. That was defiantly Plan B. And, right now, she had no clue was Plan A was.

Looking around, there were no signs of life as far as she could see, but she was perched on a slight hilltop, so there could be something down below, though she doubted it.

Rey awoke with a start, from a combination of the fresh nightmare she'd been having, and the sound of a fighter plane from outside her hut made from a downed AT-AT.

Bolting up, breathing heavily, she looked around, but found herself alone, as always, though she could still here the fighter, and, from the sound of it, it was landing nearby.

Rey's heart jumped as her first instinct was to believe it was her family, coming back for her, and so a bright smile lit up her face, before she grabbed her staff, then bolted outside, following the sounds of the powering down fighter up a sand hill, soon coming to a halt at its top, as her eyes fell upon the jet and its owner.

The girl was tall, two or three inches more than Rey, slender, with long wavy brown hair, that went down to her waist, stunning blue-green eyes that appeared to have flecks of gold in them, and her pale skin seemed to have some kind of glow to it, even in the bright sun of the current time of day.

She wore a flowing white outfit, the top part was like a tunic, with a collar at the neck, and a deep part going down from it in the front, while the bottom was a very short skirt, with what looked like black lace undergarments under it, showing off the girl's impossibly long legs, which were mostly covered, at least up to a small amount past the knee, by black stockings, and she wore black boots that stopped at her ankles and had mild heels, as well as silver clasps holding the laces in place on either side of the front.

Simply put, the stranger was beautiful. And she was beautifully dressed, in a way Rey was sure attracted every man within view of her.

"Are you an Angel?" Rey found herself voicing the question, before she could snap out of her state of surprise at seeing the girl.

Taylor spun around. She'd thankfully been reaching into the cockpit for her blaster and thigh holster when Rey arrived, so she had her gun aimed on the girl when she turned to face her.

Rey held up her hands at the sight of the weapon. "Don't shoot! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you."

Taylor relaxed, the girl was unarmed, aside from the staff she had slung over her shoulder, and she felt an odd sense of safety with her, something she'd only ever felt a handful of times in her life, usually with her Aunt Leia, and Rey experienced it too, which she herself never had before in her life.

"I'm sorry as well," Taylor said, lowering her blaster, but keeping it in her hand, just in case the stranger tried anything. "I didn't expect anyone to be out here."

Rey turned and gestured behind herself. "I live just down there." She shifted her gaze back onto the girl and, after a moment of silence, she went on. "I'm Rey."

"Taylor," the other female responded.

Rey nodded, then gestured at Taylor's fighter. "Having trouble with your ship?"

"Yes, I am," Taylor laughed softly, flicking a glance behind herself at the plane.

"I could take a look," offered Rey, beginning to move forward. "I'm a Pilot."

"I'm a Pilot too, enough of one to fly anyway," scoffed Taylor, allowing Rey to walk up to her, and begin looking at the aircraft. "Not that it did me much good. This thing just died on me, after changing course, and setting me down here."

"The controls turned on you?" Rey asked in disbelief, going on when Taylor nodded. "I don't think I've ever heard of that."

"Sort of sounds like my life," Taylor remarked, before quirking a dark brown at Rey. "Did you ask if I was an Angel?"

Rey blushed softly, but nodded. "Yes. I've heard tales of them. They're supposed to be the most beautiful creatures in the Universe. And, well, you are quite beautiful."

Taylor smiled softly. "Thank you." She lifted a hand and gestured at Rey. "You are quite beautiful yourself."

It was Rey's turned to scoff. Beautiful was one thing she had never been called before. "Well, thank you. But I doubt it."

Taylor let the subject drop, she could tell Rey was more used to fitting in with men, and it was something she herself could understand, women were rare in the Resistance, though the number had thankfully picked up over the years, especially with her Aunt Leia now the General.

"Can you see anything wrong with it?" asked Taylor, moving closer to watch Rey work.

"No," Rey responded with a furrowed brow. "I don't understand it. From what I can tell, this fighter is in perfect order." She lifted a questioning gaze to Taylor. "And yet you say it doesn't run?"

Taylor lifted a hand and gestured at the cockpit. "Try it yourself, if you don't believe me."

Rey walked around the side of the ship, and climbed into the cockpit, where she began work on the controls, and, just as the girl had said, nothing worked.

"Well, that's odd," a frustrated Rey stated.

"To say the least," Taylor added on, as she climbed up onto the side of the fighter to look into the cockpit.

After a moment of silence, Rey looked up, and noticed the sun was beginning to set. She'd fallen asleep earlier from exhaustion of the day's scavenging.

"It will be dark soon," she said to the other girl. "I know it's not much, but you're welcome to stay with me tonight. I can take another look at your fighter in the morning."

Taylor smiled at Rey. "Thank you."

Rey smiled back and began to climb out of the cockpit, turning once she was perched on the side to help Taylor with her couple of bags, before they closed the roof, and Rey led Taylor back down to her home in the fallen AT-AT.

"What do these markings mean?" asked Taylor, as she and Rey entered the downed AT-AT that the latter girl was living in, and she looked around, spotting the wall of what looked like thousands of small scratches in the metal.

Rey looked over from where she was leaning her staff against the wall by where she slept and felt a touch of sadness in her heart at the sight of the markings Taylor was speaking of, reminding her of the family that left her here, that she had hoped was what turned out to be the other girl.

"I'm waiting for someone," she replied, looking away.

"Oh," Taylor said, she could understand that. "For your family, I'm guessing."

"Yes," said Rey, looking over at the girl once more. "How did you know?"

Taylor shrugged her slender shoulders, as she moved over to her. "I know what's it like. My Father left me when I was young. I've been waiting for him to return to us ever since."

"At least you're not waiting alone," Rey responded at Taylor's use of the word 'us'.

Taylor smiled softly, she'd never thought of it that way. "You're right."

Rey nodded across from her bed, sucking in a deep breath as she did so. "You can sleep there."

"Thank you, Rey," Taylor said with another soft smile at the fellow brunette female.

"You're welcome," responded Rey, she was so unused to company, and for said company to be so friendly.

Taylor took the bag of hers that Rey was carrying for her and stepped over to the area across from the girl's bed where she said she could sleep.

Rey gazed questioningly at her, as Taylor settled down on the spot, and opened one of her bags. "You're with the Resistance, aren't you?" She went on, when the girl looked up at her in surprise. "I know your ship. It's a T-70 X-wing fighter. Only Resistance fighters fly them."

"Maybe I killed a Resistance fighter and took his aircraft for myself," Taylor responded, as Rey grabbed her spare blanket, for the rare, but still existing, cold nights, and handed it to her.

Rey scoffed. "I'd better sleep with one eye open if that's the case."

Taylor laughed softly, as she took the blanket from Rey. "I am with the Resistance, though I don't do much fighting."

"How come?" Rey asked.

"Overprotective Aunt," Taylor replied.

"Then why are you here?" Rey went on. "I get the feeling your 'overprotective Aunt' doesn't know where you are."

"No," Taylor sighed. "A friend of mine and my droid came here a week ago to meet up with someone who had information on where my Father is, but we haven't heard from them sense. I wasn't just going to stay at the base while they were possibly captured or worse." She sighed once more. "I couldn't get a signal from Poe's fighter, but I did pick up one from BB-8. I was following it when my fighter developed a mind of its own, and brought me down here."

"Where was the signal coming from?" asked Rey.

"A few miles South of here," answered Taylor, before reaching into one of her bags, looking for her communicator, and, as she did so, she spotted her lightsaber at the very bottom.

Pushing it aside, she grabbed the communicator, and showed it to Rey. "I have this. But I'm hesitant to call base."

"Well, as I said, I'll take another look at your fighter in the morning, but, if I can't find a way to make it work, you're going to have to use that," Rey said, gesturing at the communicator, as she sat down on her own bed. "In the mean time, get some asleep."

Taylor smiled softly and tucked her communicator away, before using the bag as the Universe's most uncomfortable pillow.

The next day, Taylor stood inside of the downed AT-AT, her communicator held in her slender hands. Rey had done as she said, and taken a look at her fighter, but still couldn't find anything wrong with it, so she'd gone scavenging for the day, advising Taylor to call her Aunt at the Resistance base, and get a pick up, 'cause that aircraft wasn't taking her anywhere anytime soon.

Pressing the button, she lifted it close to her lips, and spoke into it once more, using the code Leia had taught her, in case she needed it. "Rebel leader to base. Come in, base. This is rebel leader."

Lifting the communicator to her ear, her heart sank again as all she heard was static. She'd done this several times already and got nothing each time.

"Hello," came Rey's voice, and Taylor looked over to see the girl entering the hut, smiling softly at her, an action she returned, before the Scavenger nodded at the item in the other girl's hand. "Did you get through?"

Taylor shook her head, as she lowered her hand, and absently tossed the communicator over onto her bags. "No, nothing but static."

"Well, are you hungry?" Rey asked, holding up a bag of rations she'd gotten from Unkar Plutt for her day's findings.

Taylor smiled softly and nodded, the two of them had eaten what she'd been carrying for breakfast. "Yes."

Rey and Taylor sat outside the AT-AT and ate their stew and bread. Not the most delicious or filling meal, but it was better than nothing.

"So, is this Poe your boyfriend?" Rey suddenly asked.

Taylor laughed softly and shook her long dark silky head. "No, we're just good friends."

"Oh," Rey responded. "Do you have a boyfriend?"

Taylor's heart sank at Rey's question, and the pain and sadness she felt must've shown as bright as the sun on her face, because the girl noticed it.

"Sorry," she muttered around the bite of bread she was chewing.

Taylor shook her head. "It's all right. There was someone when I was younger than I am now." She sighed sadly. "But he's gone now."

What Rey said next, Taylor didn't hear, as she went into a state of surprise. Why hadn't she thought of it sooner? Kylo Ren. He was the reason her ship brought her here and stopped working, he was the reason she couldn't get through to her base.

"Taylor?" Rey asked, after the girl didn't response to her for a moment. "Taylor?"

She snapped out of it and looked with question at the Scavenger. "I'm sorry. What did you say?"

"I said it's obvious you still love him," Rey smiled. "And I can't imagine how he could no longer love you."

Taylor shook her head. She fought off such thoughts what felt like constantly, and she couldn't think about them now. "Rey, where you bring what you find. What's the man's name?"

"Unkar Plutt," Rey said with a roll of her dark eyes. "And he's no man."

"Does he have any ships?" Taylor went on.

"Yes, none of them are very good though, and he's not going to sell them to you cheap," responded Rey.

"It doesn't matter. I have to leave here as soon as possible," said Taylor.

"Unless you have a fortune in those bags of yours," Rey nodded back at the AT-AT. "You'll be here forever earning the money."

"I'll steal one, if I have to," Taylor replied.

Rey smiled. "I like the way you think." She set her bowl down between her legs, and reached over to grab something at her side. "Look, I found this the other day."

Taylor watched as the girl produced an old Resistance fighter's helmet, which was caked in sand, and yet, Rey still put it on, causing Taylor to laugh.

"It looks good on you," she said. "Can you even see out of the visor?"

"Not at all," Rey quickly responded, and the two girls laughed.

However, their moment of enjoyment and peace was cut short by the sudden sound of what appeared to be a droid in distress and its captor fighting with it.

The girls exchanged a look, then bolted to their feet, and looked around for the source of the noise.

"Your ship!" Rey gasped, clearly one of the traveling Scavengers in the area had found Taylor's fighter.

The two girls took off, Rey grabbing her staff, as they took a shortcut over her hut, while Taylor had her blaster strapped to her right thigh, and she was reaching to unholster it, while they ran up the sand hill.

"Oi!" Rey shouted, as she and Taylor ran toward the scavenger she recognized as Teedo, who was inspecting the other girl's fighter. "Get away from that! It has an owner, right here!"

Taylor honestly could've cared less about the jet, when she saw that the Scavenger had something trapped in a net he was hanging off the side of his saddled luggabeast.

"BB-8!" she exclaimed, swiftly moving toward him, as the little droid spotted her, and begin beeping excitedly.

"Your droid?" Rey asked with a furrowed brow, and, when Taylor nodded, she turned her eyes up onto Teedo. "Release him."

Teedo argued in his native language and Rey fired back with the same tongue, while Taylor fell to her knees, and reached out to attempt to free BB-8 from the net.

"Yes, let him go!" Rey shouted at Teedo. "She is his Master."

Taylor had had enough with the past few days and snapped to her feet, swiftly moving to Rey's side, where she glared up at the other Scavenger, and said, in a firm, unyielding voice, as she locked eyes with the green skinned humanoid, "You will release the droid, leave this place, and forget everything, and everyone, you saw."

Teedo stared back at Taylor for a few seconds, while Rey flicked a confused glance between the two of them.

"I will release the droid, leave this place, and forget everything, and everyone, I saw," the Scavenger said in his native language, letting go of his hold on the net, which is when Rey pulled out her knife, and cut the droid free, BB-8 immediately rolling behind Taylor, who held Teedo's gaze, until he was well on his way.

"What was that?" Rey asked, when the Scavenger was far enough away that she was no longer worried about him.

"Sometimes you just have to be firm with others," Taylor lied, turning, and falling to her knees in front of her beloved little droid. "BB-8, are you all right?"

Rey continued to gaze down in confusion at her, as Taylor spoke to the BB unit, and soon fell to her knees beside the girl, reaching out to the droid. "His antenna's bent."

BB-8 immediately rolled back from Rey, beeping in protest.

"It's all right, I'm not going to hurt you," said Rey with a smile.

Taylor smiled too, quirking a questioning brow at the girl beside her. "You understand him?"

"Yes," Rey nodded.

Taylor continued to smile back, before turning her eyes onto BB-8. "It's all right, little one. This is Rey, she's a friend. She's been helping me."

BB-8 rolled forward at his Master's approval of the girl and let Rey pluck off his antenna to fix, while Taylor continued to speak to him.

"BB-8, where is Poe? Is he all right? Did you get what you came for?" she asked, but BB-8 beeped his refusal to say anything.

"Don't be ridiculous," Taylor sighed. "Of course you can trust her. I told you, she's a friend."

"Classified, huh?" Rey inquired, as she straightened the droid's antenna. "Me too. Big secret."

Taylor laughed softly at Rey's words, the girl soon having BB-8's antenna fixed, and put back in place, causing the droid to beep, "Thank you." at her, but still refusing to say anything in front of the girl.

"Rey," Taylor said, shifting on one knee to better face her. "I need to scope out this Unkar Plutt's lot if I'm going to steal a ship."

"What's wrong with your ship?" BB-8 asked.

"It's broken," Taylor responded quickly to her droid, before returning her gaze to Rey. "Can you help me?"

"Maybe," Rey sighed. "I can try and scrounge up some things in the morning for us to take to him."

"You can look through my bags," Taylor said, as she rose to her feet. "If there's anything in there you think he'd like, take it."

Rey nodded and the two girls headed back to the AT-AT, BB-8 rolling along beside them.

The following day, Taylor and BB-8 followed Rey to the lot owned by this Unkar Plutt.

"How do you deal with it?" Rey asked, as she spotted yet another man looking at Taylor like she was a delicious snack.

"I'm used to it," answered Taylor.

"By the way, how do you know how to steal?" Rey inquired next.

"My Uncle," Taylor smirked, as she thought of Han. "Taught me a lot of what he knows, despite my Aunt's protests."

The girls fell silent, as they arrived at the lot, and Taylor looked around, while continuing to follow along beside Rey. She saw a couple of ships, and felt a strange pull toward the largest of them, but she knew that one would need a co-pilot, at least if she didn't want to end up stranded somewhere.

"Will you come with me, Rey?" asked Taylor. "When I leave."

"I can't," Rey said. "I told you, I'm waiting for my family. They'll be back, I know it."

Taylor sighed softly, judging from the marks on the wall in the AT-AT, Rey has been waiting for years, but she wasn't going to argue with her. After all, she was waiting for her own family to return to her.

"These five pieces are worth. Let me see," Unkar Plutt said, as he looked at what Rey had given him. There had been an awkward moment when Taylor's lightsaber was found last night while the girls were looking through the bags and, despite Rey telling her it'd probably be worth enough to buy a ship, even though Taylor refused to tell her what it is, she'd tucked it away, and asked her to forget it, which she'd agreed to, reluctantly. "One half portion."

Taylor's dark brow furrowed, as she stood beside Rey, with BB-8 on her side. Is this really how the girl lived? How all of these people on this planet lived? It was horrible.

"Last week, they were a half portion each," Rey objected.

"What about the droid?" the man asked, and the two girls looked down at BB-8. "I'll pay you 60 portions for it."

"He's not for sale," Rey said, even as she paused for a moment, and Taylor could hardly bare the look on the girl's face, when she thought about all that food. "She is his Master."

Rey nodded at Taylor and Unkar Plutt shifted his gaze onto her, eyeing her up and down, before speaking. "I've never seen you here before, girl. What about it? 60 portions."

Taylor flicked a glance at Rey, then back at the man behind the counter, and slowly stepped forward, locking eyes with him. "You will give Rey the 60 portions for nothing. Call it her finally getting what she's owed for living on this horrible dust bowl of a planet and having to scavenge in the heat day after day just so she can get a few scrapes to survive off of from you, you disgusting cheapskate."

Rey's eyes widened at Taylor's words and she flicked a glance down at BB-8, who merely looked back up at the girl, before the two shifted their eyes back onto her and Unkar Plutt.

"I will give Rey the 60 portions for nothing. I will call it her finally-" Unkar Plutt began, gathering the many portions, and placing them on the counter.

"You don't have to say the whole thing," Taylor interrupted him. "Rey, give me your bag."

Rey could do nothing in her state of shock but do as the girl said and handed her the sack she carries for her smaller items, which Taylor took, and tossed up onto the counter.

"Fill it up," she said to Unkar Plutt, and he did as he was told, before passing the item back to her, now full to the brim with portions.

"Thank you, Sir," Taylor smiled at him, while she handed the bag to Rey, who gazed in surprise and happiness down at all of the food it was filled with.

Turning, Taylor lifted a hand to Rey's back, and led her away, BB-8 following along beside his Master as always.

"Okay, that's the second time you've gotten something from someone I know who cannot be persuaded easily," Rey said, as she slung the strap of the bag over her shoulder. "How do you do that?"

"It's a gift," Taylor responded, before sending Rey a soft smile. "Besides, if you're not going to come with me, I'm certainly not going to leave you with nothing."

Rey smiled back at Taylor, unable to believe she now had enough food to easily last her a couple of months. "Thank you, Taylor."

"You're welcome," she said, and the three headed back to Rey's speeder.