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'So cuuuute~!'

Kise was quite sure that he was on cloud nine when he felt the euphoria-inducing sensation of holding hands with the girl he was utterly infatuated with.

But it was Kagome's adorably embarrassed expression that had him swooning internally for what seemed like the millionth time since he had met her.

"I-is this even okay?!" Kagome asked in a semi-panicked tone as her hand trembled within Kise's larger one, "This isn't going to get you fired, is it?! Can models even date?"

"Relax, Kagomecchi!" Kise chuckled at her reddened face, squeezing her hand with pure affection to which she jumped at, "Even if I couldn't date because of my modelling, I would still date you anyways~!"

Kagome chewed her lip nervously and was completely unaware of Kise's golden eyes watching the action hungrily, "Maybe we're moving too fast?" She asked, still unsure if dating the blond basketball player was the best thing for her right now.

"I don't know what happened in your past, Kagomecchi," Kise had some sort of hunch that she experienced a bad relationship before him, "But just know I will treat you like a queen!"

"J-just treat me normally!" Kagome stammered slightly, feeling her skin heat up even more at Kise's handsome smile, "We should study. You said you would help me with English." She then mumbled.

Kise pouted for a moment, though he didn't want to push his (kinda) girlfriend into something she was uncomfortable doing since it had taken quite a long time to convince her just to date him, "Whatever Kagomecchi wants, I will do for her!"

"Not so loud!" Kagome sighed, seeing the jealous glares piercing into her person from many of the female passersby, "Please keep your voice down, Kise-san!" She flushed again at his proceeding pout.

"Call me Ryouta~"