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Time Period: Midway through fifth year for the Gryffindor Trio, et al.

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Voices of Wizards

By Katie of Gryffindor

Chapter One

Rules for the Game

Albus Dumbledore stood and looked out at his students, who were all gathered for the final meal of the day. Instantly a hush fell over the crowd, and Harry Potter raised his eyes to look at the headmaster. Dumbledore spread his arms open wide and smiled grimly. "Now, I know that all of us are under a lot of strain since the new rise of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Which is why your professors and I have decided that you need something to cheer yourselves. In two weeks, there will be a singing contest held right here in the Great Hall." A wave of murmurs traveled through the sea of students.

A look from Dumbledore, combined with glares from Professors McGonagall and Snape quieted the students again so the headmaster could continue. "Anyone who wishes to perform is more than welcome. You may sign up with your head of house, and they will give you a date for your dress rehearsal. If you have any needs for your act, kindly speak to them at that time. And if you decide not to perform, I shall assume that you will fully support all those who are appearing onstage." Harry thought he saw a stern glance aimed at the Slytherin table, but it was gone in a second. "And this event will be attended by all in the school." More murmurs. "Yes, it is mandatory. Remember, this is meant to be a relaxing event for you all. Oh, and one more bit of information regarding the show. There will be prizes for the top three acts." Dumbledore's eyes twinkled as yet another wave of murmurs passed through the sea of faces. "That, I believe, is all my announcements. Have a lovely evening, and those who wish to perform, please speak to your heads of house."

The Hall erupted in shouts of excitement and anticipation. Ronald Weasley jumped up, clapping his hands together and crying out, "Well, time to go get my song together! You two are entering as well, I assume." Ron looked to Hermione Granger, and Harry, and grinned. The pair shrugged and stood. The three best friends made their way toward the door, joining the throng of students waiting to exit.

Harry was very silent. Do I want to perform? What could I do? Harry sighed and followed his friends upstairs. He didn't speak for the rest of the night, and went to bed early to ponder a song to sing, only emerging again when Ron came to tell him McGonagall was there to collect the names of the participants.


Draco Malfoy grinned smugly. He knew exactly what song he would be doing. He grinned and looked around the Slytherin common room, wondering what idiots from his house would be daring enough to compete against him. Professor Snape walked into the common room several hours after dinner staring down at a clipboard. "Everyone who wants to participate in this infernal contest please come here quickly. I want to get things over with as quickly as possible."

Draco was the first one in the queue. Snape raised an eyebrow when he looked up from the page, quill at the ready, to see the Malfoy smirk in front of him. "You, Mister Malfoy?"

"Certainly, sir. I have to keep up the honor of our house and beat the trousers off those Gryffindors, do I not?" Draco flashed Snape the smirk again.

Snape reflected the look back at him and wrote down the name. "Right then. You'll be viewed on the seventeenth of January for your dress rehearsal. Two o'clock sharp."

"Thank you, sir," said Draco, nodding at his head of house and sauntering off to his bedroom. Everyone's going to be blown away, he thought smugly.


Professor Sprout stood in the Hufflepuff common area with her students sitting all around her listening intently. She knew that at this moment, the other three Heads of House were standing in their own common rooms and reading out the same set of rules. And she was quite sure that all the students in the school would be listening carefully, just as her own were.

"Item one: All students who would care to sing, whether it be a first year or a seventh, is allowed to perform. Age and talent matter not.

"Item two: Students are allowed to perform in groups or alone.

"Item three: All singers must attend a dress rehearsal at least three days prior to the performance.

"Item four: All costumes must be approved by the judges on the day of the dress rehearsal.

"Item five: All songs must be approved prior to performance (at the dress rehearsal or before) so as to prevent crude language that may harm impressionable youngsters.

"Item six: The song being sung must have at least three original lines produced by the creativity of the performer.

"Item seven: All tunes for said songs must be of Muggle original.

"Item eight: All judging will be done by the heads of house and the headmaster.

"Item nine: The prizes will be as follows. Third place will collect twenty-five points for their house and receive a certificate for a shopping spree in Zonko's of Hogsmeade. Second place will collect fifty points for their house and a night on the town in Muggle London. First place will collect one hundred points for their house, one hundred Galleons, and a trip to for four to a wizarding city of their choice."

Professor Sprout rolled up the parchment and tucked it into the pocket of her robes. "If any of you has a question regarding the guidelines for the contest, please see the headmaster. Good night, all, and go to bed now." Sprout looked around the room at the wide eyes and excited expressions. Knowing that the students were not about to go to bed, she amended her statement. "Alright, well go to bed soon." With that, she turned and walked out the doorway, which was hidden by a wall hanging of a confused looking wizard, holding his wand and looking around at the ground.

She began walking down the hallway, and heard him say, "Now where did I put my wand?"

"It's in your hand, Master Konfusenberg," she said.

Master Konfusenberg looked down at his hand and saw the wand sitting there. "Ah. Yes. Last place I would have checked. Danke mein frau. Vielen Dank."

"You're welcome. Good night."


Harry lay in his bed, wide awake. What in the world am I going to sing? Original words? Costumes? Oh Merlin, please help me… He drifted off into a sleep tormented by dreams of himself standing on a stage and croaking out songs, and Draco Malfoy pointing and laughing with his friends.