SUMMARY: A girl her age shouldn't have to deal with the type of stressors in her life, and yet there she is doing exactly that. Somehow she manages. It's a lot easier to cope when one has friends around, and Kate is very much lucky to have exactly that. With the Striders she's much less likely to pick up self-harm despite what her dad tells her on a day to day basis. They're her escape from home, the Striders are, and she's certain they don't know it yet. She wants to keep it like that, too. Sometimes she even wishes she could stall time around her so the good moments could last forever.

But good things never last, and Kate is all too familiar with that prospect.

With a terrible conundrum steadily approaching from the horizon, this ignorant and partially broken girl will find she's right in the path of something very much bigger than herself. Soon she'll come to realize that being friends with the Striders could be a more questionable action than she'd thought at first. Was it worth it? She'll have to decide that for herself.

This... is awkward...? I dunno. Something like that. Anyway! Wow, huh? Three years... Nothing posted, and then suddenly, WABAM! Homestuck. YUP! I'm Homestuck now. It's what I'm into right now, and I gotta say, I wish I'd known about it sooner.

Going back the the fact that I haven't posted anything in three years, I've been writing, but I must say I haven't been posting anything really because I've been busy and I also didn't want to post anything I knew I would finish. I never finish anything. It's kind'a sad, man. But whateve's.

A lot has changed in the passed three years. I'm sure you can tell. I'm still the same ole me, I'm just more wise and cautious if you'd go as far as to say that. I'm also more experienced in the ways of developing ideas. I've written many a comic and 93% of them haven't seen the light of day. Go on DA to see what has been posted. ;)

Just thought I'd catch up with y'all. Now about the story:

I posted this on the site that shall not be named and it got one hit. Just one. So I had a creative breakdown, believe it or not. Dumb, I know. The point is, this is where I'm posting now to hopefully get some good feedback. So, gimme what ya got yall! Hit me with' ya bes' shot (dunuh, DUNUUUHHHH!)!

Here's what I said on the other site:

I have a lot of FanFictions pending in the works and I have plans for this particular fanfic, though not as many plans (or excitement integrated into this work) as a certain other fanfic that may or may not come out in the future that happens to star a certain AI from a certain web comic, but that is falling into irrelevancy to the current work at screen. The point of this tangent is to let y'all know that the updates are going to be erratic, and life is also a huge, mighty factor in that so I apologize for that; just wanted to give y'all a heads up. Nonetheless I will work on this as long as my interest is grasped firmly by this story thing. Enough talking by my standards.

Enjoy the show folks!

(too much talkin', amiright?)

Just hanging out with the locals on your floor. That's about all there is to it.

"Take that, asshat!" you scream after getting a headshot on your gaming partner.

"Well shit," your gamebro replies.

Your name is Katelyn Higgerbottom, known to mostly everyone as Kate, and you are friends with the apartment building residents known as the Striders. They live down the hall from you, and you take every moment you can to hang out with any one of them. Your apartment is… well, it's not the best environment to grow up in, and the Striders give you a sort of scapegoat to your problems. On the surface, they don't seem to mind. However, sometimes you wonder if you are ever seen as a burden, but then you remember part of the reason you come over so often and figure they would understand if you ever decided to explain it to them. You're also rather certain that they're "too cool" to say anything in the first place; you know better by now.

"Try to top that, you ironic ballsack!"

"I practically gave you that headshot."

"Oh yeah, sure you did. But I'll say no more if your pride is really that hurt, sir."

He grumbles a few words at you in return.

Currently, you and the elder Strider, Dirk, are playing a game known to many as Halo 3. You were lagging slightly behind by three points, but that went down to two with the head shot you just pulled.

A deeper, more gruff voice enters the fray of insults and heated banter that's commonly invoked by versus multiplayer, "I'm goin' out, don't catch the house on fire." You glance over to see the eldest Strider, who everyone calls Bro, walking out the door in his regular attire. For the thousandth time, you briefly wonder if his name actually is Bro, and then wonder what his real name is.

"No promises," Dirk calls back, bringing you out of your momentary lapse in concentration. It's quickly followed by a, "Got'cha" with the TV announcing a headshot.

Your head snaps around in time to see your character fall on her face. Your eyes widen and your brow furrows. "What the hell, Dirk?! That's so not cool!" You're back to three points apart.

He shrugs, "All's fair in love and war."

You make a loud noise of frustration before exclaiming, "Oh yeah?! I'll show you what's fair in love and war!"

"Sure, if you can take the Strider charm."

Your brain stutters for a moment before you decidedly pause the game and face him with a poker face that hopefully rivals his own; you've been working on it. You stare for a moment before replying with a plain yet slightly disgusted, "No."

His mouth turns up into something slightly more than a smirk; this is a rare moment. He then jokingly replies, "Your loss." You roll your eyes.

Truth be told, when you first met the Striders, your ovaries threatened to explode, which is why at first you never talked to them; you were much too shy. But one day, when you were struggling to bring a few armloads of groceries to the apartment, one of them offered to help, albeit in as cool of a way as one could possibly offer help, and that began your ability to talk to the Striders. Afterwards, you gradually became more comfortable around each one of them as the next year and a half dragged by. Which leads up to the point of now, in which you are comfortable enough around them to yell insults at them in a friendly manner.

Half-faked anger floods your face as you unpause the game. "Dirk I swear ta' God…"

Another headshot from Dirk stalls your train of thought. A moment of silence filled with an aura of bigheadedness coming from Dirk is only split apart by you. "DIRK MOTHERFU-"

You are interrupted by a younger voice. "Hey, can you keep it down in there? I'm trying to mix some sick as fuck beats."

Your head turns to lock blazing eyes upon a face half-covered by aviator shades. There he is, the one responsible for interrupting your vocal ass whooping, standing with that classic chill stance and adorning the default poker face; you imagine the color drains from that seemingly impassive face from behind those shades and hope to God that it's true. "Dave…" you mutter dangerously.

"Yeah?" he asks nonchalantly.

You leave a moment of silence to gain an uncomfortable atmosphere before continuing, "Get the fuck out." You point at his door.

"Alright then," he replies before striding back into his room.

You turn back to Dirk and find a surprising sight. Though it's not noticeable to the untrained eye, it seems as if Dirk is attempt to hold back laughter. You stare in surprise for the second it takes Dirk to quickly compose himself, and then the moment of wonder is over.

Your eyes squint with suspicion of him laughing at your attempt to be "scary" and you testily ask, "What?"

He's quiet for a moment before he glances at you and says, "I've never seen the li'l dude exit a room so quickly without ranting, 'specially when he's complainin' about somethin'."

You take a moment to register and process his words, and when the results come through you smile knowing you accomplished the feat of unsettling a Strider. Granted he's the youngest and least impassive of the household, it still most certainly counted for something.

"Ah," is all you say as you look back to the tv, feeling somewhat giddy. However, that quickly changes when you spot the points that Dirk has "magically" racked up while you were distracted. You are certain that he's been watching your face from the corner of his eye so he can catch the reaction that you both know will happen. And it most certainly does.

"...You motherfucker…" is how it begins.

In the same exact galaxy on the same planet and within the same city, there are happenings and shenanigans as one being begins the first phase of the diabolical plan that had been hatched quite a while ago.

This ain't up to my standards, just so y'all know.

HEY. HEY YOU. YEAH, YOU. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. IF YOU DON'T WANT ME TO ABANDON THIS STORY, THEN TELL ME THAT PLEASE. I have a lot of hobbies, and this will be left to perish if I feel no one is enjoying it.