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Now, stay with us! The final day in Mario's mind has come! Mario is about to find the special instrument and the special song that will awaken him. Watch him as he finishes his grand quest.

Epilogue: Return to Life.

As soon as Mario could see again, he found himself on a small plain. It seemed endless, but was really quite small. Mario: Where, where am I?

Suddenly, both the WarpMaster and Gary appear. WarpMaster: You are at the Plain of Life. Mario: Great. WarpMaster: In front of you is the parchment that contains the special song you need to get out of this world. Mario: Great! But.oh no! I don't have the special instrument!

Gary: Yes you do. You've been carrying it all along. Mario: WHAT?!

Mario takes out Gary's Flute. Mario: You mean all this time, I could have found this song here, and I was carrying the instrument the whole time?!

Gary: Yes. Mario did an anime-style fall over. WarpMaster: However, you have also done a great task. By defeating the Nightmare, you now have no negative side, here, or in real life. But enough talk. It is time for you to go. Mario: But what about Bowser? What about Luigi?

WarpMaster: They will find a way. But it is more important that you get out. The parchment, has the song. You will be returned to life. You must play the song. The WarpMaster and Gary then presumably disappear. Mario proceeds to play the song. However, nothing happens. Mario: Did I play a wrong note? Mario plays the song again. And still nothing happens. Mario: What's going on here?!

Mario throws down the flute in a really ticked off way. Mario: STUPID PIECE OF JUNK!!! THEY SAID IT WOULD WORK, BUT IT DIDN'T?!! Mario then proceeds to angrily rip out the paper, stuff it in the flute, and then repeatedly jump up and down on it until it breaks. Now, in most circumstances that would bar any chance of you getting out, but in this case something odd happened. As soon as the flute broke, it disintegrated, into tiny sparkles. These sparkles then flew around and around Mario until he was completely blinded by them. He closed his eyes, waiting for what ungodly thing would happen. The last thing knew was that he was being lifted up before he blacked out. Back in the human world, Peach and Daisy had waited long enough. To them, it was clear Mario was dead, body or not. They put him in a coffin, to take to a funeral. Peach: Goodbye, Mario. Peach softly kisses Mario. Suddenly his eyes open, un-noticed by anyone, but before he could do anything they slammed the lid down and dragged the coffin off to the funeral. While the funeral was being commenced, Daisy and Dr. Mario were both in tears. Peach was the one most heartbroken, as she once again strode over to Mario. She opened the coffin lid, with Mario, eyes closed, and dead(?).

Peach: Goodbye, Mario. She softly kissed him again. But this time the result was different. Mario opened his eyes, shot out of the coffin, and suddenly went bouncing about the hall like a bouncy ball! Mario: She kissed me! She kissed me! WOO-HOO!

Everyone is watching in amazement as Mario goes flying around the room, he actually at one point goes straight through the door, and so fast he actually lands back in his house. Mario: Whoa! Mama mia! I have got to work on my return to Earth! Suddenly Mario thinks of something. Mario: Hey! Where's Luigi?! Mario goes looking all over the house, shouting "LUIGI!". Unfortunately, he doesn't find him. Mario: *Sniff* Oh no.sniff.Luigi didn't get out in time! Sniff.and now he's gone forever! Suddenly, he feels a hand on his shoulder. ????: What's wrong? Mario: I was too fast, and now my little brother's gone forever! Sniff. ????: O.K, easy, tell me what happened. Mario: He went into my mind to help me, while I was unconsci. By this time, Mario had opened his eyes and realised who was talking to him. Mario: LUIGI!!

Mario grabbed him in a hug almost so hard it seemed Luigi was to suffocate!

Luigi: Uh.Mario.could I please have some air? Mario let go of him, and his face returned to normal colour. Luigi: Thank you!

Mario: How did you get out? Luigi: Magic! Mario: .Whatever. Just after this, Peach, Daisy and Dr. Mario came bursting in through the door, to see Mario and Luigi talking. Peach burst over and gave Mario a hug, the same Daisy did to Luigi, and many questions were asked about the story. And Mario and Luigi gave plenty of answers. Dr. Mario: Ah, such is life. As an adventure is ended, so is a tale. But it always remains there. I suppose I should best take my leave now. Dr. Mario disappears through the door. Mario: *thinking* Hmmm.I wonder what happened to Bowser? Oh well, time will tell, won't it?

And thus, ends a tale of a great adventure, through the very core of Mario, and as is said, the tale shall end in blissful peace.until Bowser decides to kidnap the princess again, and Mario is catapulted into another adventure. But for now, it is.


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