The Odango and the Baka- Chapter 1
Lady Catherine
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon, no matter how
much I wish I did.

Summary: Usagi and Mamoru are forced to spend more
time together. Will they be able to become friends
(or more) or will they let past hatreds keep them
apart? They may not have a choice as something
tries to draw them to each other.

Author's Notes: This is my second story. My first
story, A New Light, isn't done as of yet but have no
worries if you are waiting for it. I will finish it
in the next few weeks. I have had a lot of good
comments on my other story and I hope that will
continue with this one. I haven't decided exactly
how old U & M are but they are not as far apart as
in the anime.
P.S. Sorry about the bad summary. Those of you
that read the story can give me suggestions if you


Several pedestrians winced at the sound as they
watched a small blonde girl collide with a tall,
dark haired young man. Most continued on their way,
but a few who knew what was to come and stayed to
watch the developing drama.
"MAMORU-BAKA," wailed the blonde. She was
about 5'4", with sky-blue eyes and very long blonde
hair up in her trademark style of pigtails with
balls on the top of her head. " I am way to late to
be running in to you! I am going to get detention
for sure now!"
"Quit your yelling Odango Atama, my eardrums
are going to burst," the man yelled back. He was
6'1" with ebony colored hair and dark blue eyes.
"It's not my fault that you can't seem to watch
where you're going! You're the klutz, NOT me!"

"I am not a klutz and the name is Usagi, NOT
Odango Atama! OOOOOOOH I am so late!" She ran off
leaving the slowly dispersing audience somewhat
disappointed. The object of her ire, Chiba Mamoru,
simply shrugged his shoulders and went about his

Chapter 1

Usagi arrived at her homeroom just as the bell
rang. Luckily for her Miss Haruna had not yet
arrived and she was able to slip into her seat
unnoticed. Her friend Mizuno Ami was already in her
seat with her nose buried in a thick physics
textbook. Looking at her, Usagi tried to get her
attention for about 30 seconds before waving her
hand in front of the book.
"Hellooo! Earth to Ami! Anybody home in
"What? Huh? Oh, sorry Usagi. I guess I was
just so caught up in this book. Physics is so
fascinating don't you think?" She looked at Usagi
already knowing what her friend was thinking.
"If you say so Ames." The blonde shrugged and
rolled her at her blue haired friend. "Where is Ms.
H? I know I was late and even if I'm not she's
always here before I am." Usagi was bemused at her
teacher's absence. It had never happened before.
Miss H was a very punctual person.
"I don't know Usagi. Maybe she's sick and
we're going to have a substitute."
"Oh I hope so! No sub will give me detention!"
She got down on her knees and prayed beseechingly to
every possible higher power. "Oh for my sake please
let us have a sub!!!" As she was finishing her
plea, Miss Haruna walked into the room. "Darn't,
why doesn't anybody ever listen to me?" She kept
muttering to herself as she got back in her seat.
Once she was seated she looked up her teacher and
Miss Haruna looked absolutely awful! Her hair
was down and looked unbrushed. Her clothes looked
slept in and were very similar to what she had been
wearing the day before. She was also a chalky white
color and looked as if she was about to pass out.
"Good morning class. I am feeling a bit under
the weather today, so we are going to have a free
day. Those of you who have not finished last
night's homework may finish it now for full credit."
Usagi squirmed in her seat under the rather pointed
look Miss Haruna was giving her. "I" Miss Haruna
continued, "will be at my desk resting. If you need
help with anything just ask Mizuno Ami. Now get to
work." Miss Haruna went and sat at her desk and put
her head on her arms.
"How did she know that I hadn't finished my
homework," asked Usagi?
"I don't know Usagi. Maybe it's because you
NEVER finish it," said a very sarcastic Ami. "Hey,
wait a sec. I thought that you were going home to
finish your homework when you left the senshi
meeting yesterday? Rei will kill you if she finds
out you left early and didn't even work on it!"
"Hee hee! I got a little distracted by Motoki
and the arcade. He just got in the new Sailor V
game and he let me have a free game. I got to the
too but the baka came over and started teasing me
and made me mess up." Usagi looked very disgruntled
at this and made Ami sigh in exasperation.
"Oh Usagi, will you and Mamoru ever get along?"
She looked at her friend with concern.
"Not until he stops teasing me and calling me
Odango Atama," exclaimed Usagi stubbornly. "He
almost made me late again this morning. Why do I
always run into him? I try to avoid him and BAM! we
literally run into each other. It just isn't fair!"
Usagi's pitch had rose until the windows in the
classroom began to shake.
"USAGI! Quit whining before you break the
windows. I don't know why you always run into him
but if you want I can run an analysis of you both
and see if I can come up with anything." Ami was
only trying to placate her friend into lowering the
decibels and didn't really expect her to actually
accept the offer. But she did.
"Oh do you think you could Ami? It would help
me in avoiding him if I knew why we always run into
each other."
Ami stared at the girl in surprise. "I guess I
can use the Mercury computer and do bio-scans of
each of you and see if I find anything. No
guarantees though, ok?"
"I understand Ami. I'll just be happy that you
are trying. I'll even get my homework finished
right now and for the rest of the week if you work
on it now. Oh thank you so much Ames!" Usagi got
to work after giving her friend a hug. Ami glanced
around the room to check if anyone was looking,
sighed and surreptitiously slid the Mercury computer
out of her subspace pocket and got to work.

Meanwhile . . .

While Usagi did her homework, the object of her
former thoughts was sitting in the Crown Arcade
drinking his second cup of standard issue black
coffee while reading the newspaper. Mamoru's
classes didn't start until 10 o'clock and it was
only 9:15 so he had plenty of time to relax.
"Hey Mamoru, what's up," asked a tall sandy
haired young man.
"Not much Motoki. How is business lately?
"Great, the arcade is very busy most days."
Furuhata Motoki, Mamoru's one and only close friend,
owned and operated the Crown Arcade. "Have you seen
Usagi lately," he asked with a glint in his eye.
Mamoru missed the glint as he answered, "I ran
into her, or should I say she ran into me, on my way
here this morning."
"AGAIN!" exclaimed Motoki in disbelief. "It's
almost as if you two are magnetically attracted to
each other. I would say romantically as well."
Motoki gave him a lascivious look at this last
comment and waited for the reaction. He was not
"TO THE ODANGO ATAMA?!?! No way that is
impossible. What exactly have you taken today
Motoki? Maybe you should go to the hospital. You
are obviously delusional." Mamoru reached as if to
check for a fever. Motoki knocked his hand away and
"I am not delusional. Just think about it for
a second. Every morning and/or every afternoon, the
two of you always manage to collide. Don't you
think that is just a little odd? As for the
romantic attraction, she is the only girl that you
ever pay any attention to. That in itself is
interesting but combined with the collisions,
something is going on."
"I will grant that it is a little odd but I
don't like Usagi that way. She is just an annoying
little junior high girl. You need some serious
help. I have to go now but I will see you this
afternoon. Bye!" Without another word Mamoru
walked out of the arcade.
As he walked slowly towards his high school he
pondered what Motoki had said. "I am not attracted
to Odango am I? I only pay attention to her because
it's fun to tease her." His thoughts were
interrupted, as he happened to glance at his watch.
"9:50!!! Oh crap I am going to be so late! Odango
must be rubbing off on me." With that last wail he
was off and running at top speed to Azabu High
That is all for now. I have a lot more handwritten
but I have to type it still. I decided that Mamoru
would be in High School because I think that it is
more believable. This is obviously going to a
romance, and I am sorry if some of the ideas are
similar to others. I have read MANY other stories
so I am kind of drawing on them. If I quote or use
a specific idea I will cite the story I used. If I
forget please let me know. I don't want to
plagiarize anyone. PLEASE REVIEW!!!!

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