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2. The Proposal

It's a land where blizzard falls every now and then, sun is nowhere to be seen but still clouds are fine in the sky, a long stretch of blue hue is overhead signifying presence of the mighty sun, at one weird corner a slight warmth of fire burning as mother's love that gives you a cozy composure, that will initiate you to snuggle around and be there for the rest of your life, can be sighted. A Cherry blossom tree, which is a symbol of love, innocence, simplicity, and compassion, is standing erect at a distance.

"Hey you, mind your steps would you? What are you all bumped into me like that"

Lucy was pulled out of her musing by a harsh rather sweet voice, she came to realize the situation that she was in the arms of a complete stranger with whom she must have collided and was about to fall when he grabbed her by her waist and till now she was lost in his magnificent eyes scanning them for like an hour.

"I am sorry" said Lucy hesitating.

The stranger jerked her away, dusted his jet-black tuxedo, brushed his scraggly locks which were actually pink (totally unexplainable) and paved his way inside the restaurant murmuring,

"I can't stand these ladies"

Followed by another sexy handsome guy with toned muscular body, spiky black hairs, who stopped to talk a little

"Ignore that guy miss he is a bit hot head. I hope you will not mind him" said the guy.

"Ah no no I am at fault, I should have watched my steps"

"Oh you are so sweet, by the way are you a part of this party"

"Yeah, I work as a waitress here"

"May I say, you look damn beautiful in this outfit of your's"

"Umm thank you" Lucy blushed a little.

"Hey Gray, are you coming or not don't waste your time there" the pink haired stranger said with a scorn.

Lucy pov:

I don't know why my heart is beating this fast. I am not able to think straight, just want to be lost in his eyes. I want to fondle those muscular and handsomely build body. Uff what an attitude, he is soooo cool. When he brushed his sleek spiky pinkish hairs and dusted his tuxedo which was a perfect match for his lean brawny body, it gave me jitters. Could he be the…..

She checked for her vicinity,

Roads are covered with snow, snowfall pursuing, stars and moon in their regular positions with more stars accommodating around the moon. Each and every house is decorated and the entire vicinity is illuminated.

This scenario reminded Lucy of something, something which she had longed for, something she had fancied for a long time, something she desired to happen since her first stage of teenage. A moment which will be a treasure for her to preserve, forever, moment which will be so close to her that every time it will tickle her to smile from her heart, a moment which will belong to her and her itself, a moment which is shouting and saying that….

She had fallen in love.

This context is the exact copy of what I imagined, a fairy tale which I thought could never happen, I had a slight belief that I will get my certain someone on Christmas eve but everything will be the ditto copy as if my dream has come to life or my eyes are playing some trick with me which is showing things which I want to see, what is it m I dreaming…

"Lucy chan come out from your dream world, the party is going to start in few minutes let's go inside" Lucy was distracted by Levy's voice.

Lucy realized that she was again lost in her thoughts but, this time she was not dreaming but actually everything is actually happening to her.

"Oh gomen Levy chan let's go"

Normal Pov:

The two ladies walked inside with grace but Lucy's eyes searching for her just found first love that had knocked her heart and brain out. Her eyes met for an instance with the pink haired guy's and a red tint hit her glossy cheeks and heart hopped a little.

They found all chairs-tables were removed. Entire restaurant was covered with red canvas, and a stage was created for any kind of performances, a Christmas tree was standing in the middle and many age group of people they may be young or old, men or women, girl or boy like the restaurant members with their partners and many families were gossiping surrounding that.

A storm dashed from nowhere and startled both the ladies actually, it was Gajeel who rushed towards Levy like a jet with a bouquet of red roses, surprisingly he was dressed decently,

"Levy will you give me the honor to be your partner" he spoke like a gentleman keeping lucy-levy pair dumbfounded, 'How can a rowdy guy be so polite for whatever may be the reason' is the only question barking in their minds.

Hesitating but with slight trace of happiness and blushing levy nodded with a yes and they vanished in the crowd.

For not much of a time Lucy was alone standing at a corner when Lisanna bumped into her,

"Lucy why don't you join us, why bother standing alone"

"Oh I would love to, who is your partner for today's eve " last few words were spoken out with a murmur filled with curiosity and smirk.

"Ahh, come with me let me introduce you to ma friends" she dragged Lucy through the crowd where Mira was standing and,

"Guys, let me introduce you to a colleague and friend of mine, she is Lucy Heartfilia" said Lisanna, her index finger directed towards Lucy.

"He's my brother Elfman" she pointed towards a hulked creature with broad shoulders and short thin legs.

"Hey what a man you are" meat ball blabbered.

"I am a women" said Lucy with a weird look.

"Hehh, Lucy don't mind he is the only one who can understand his saying " said Lissana.

Now she was pointing towards two handsome hunks who made Lucy's heart flip a bit with excitement and nervousness they were none other than the two boys she met just outside the door,

"He is Gray Fullbuster" the guy with spiky black hairs, greet her with a smile and an outstretched hand for her to hold, she took it.

"Nice to meet you again, so you are Lucy" he said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you too" said Lucy and smiled a little.

"Now the main person, he is a friend and the crush of my life, he is Natsu Dragneel" said Lissana with a bag of excitement and a blush strolling on her bright cheeks.

"N..n..nice to meet you and sorry for before" said Lucy stammering.

"Tch" said Natsu and rolled his eyes, disappointing Lucy.

"Lissana I have to visit washroom a bit" murmured Lucy in Lissana's ears.

"Yeah sure"

When Lucy was inside the washroom and was convinced that no one was near, she shouted to relief her heart looking at the mirror,

"WHAT! He is already reserved, after all this time when I got to meet my dream prince he is already being chased by my own friend, WHAT a bad luck, I think my life will go like this without a boyfriend' she shouted with a mixed feeling of disappointment and anger.

"Oh wait, she said that she has a crush on him and didn't mentioned anything about his feelings that means I still have a hope, I should run through the details, I have to unfold the hidden story about their meeting and all" said Lucy with her hopes rising.

She decided to ask Lissana herself and make it clear and rushed out of the washroom in search of her. She found her talking to Natsu itself, somehow managed to drag her out of the conversation to a safe place so that Natsu's ears are out of reach,

"What happen Lucy? Is everything alright why you asked me here?" asked Lissana puzzled.

"Actually I want to ask, how you met Natsu Dragneel" said Lucy trying to be less suspicious.

"Ohh so this is the matter."

"Actually we used to be in the same school, he came in 5th grade. He was a very cheerful guy, naughty, always ready for a challenge and a load dense, but I started to fall for him. He was very friendly and could do anything for his friends so he accepted my friendship, we used to stick along well, I used to hint him that I have feelings for him but most of the time he didn't get the idea. I used to say that I will be his wife but he would blush a little and shooed me away. Finally, I proposed to him but he went without a reply. Then soon after that, his mother died leaving him totally devastated and with that his father took a transfer and they left. Two years before I found my Natsu as a rich, arrogant, cold tycoon who owns the extravagant ND Fashion House and has no belief in love or God when he saw my sister in this"Fairies on loose" and approached her to be a model in his company. His father died 3 years back leaving behind the company on his shoulders when he was just 17, but he handled it well and raised it to be such a well-known company as he was sharp with decisions and loaded with tactics. I miss my old Natsu but now he is much more hotter than before"

After knowing about Natsu Dragneel's past Lucy was a bit low but one thing that kept her spirits up is that he has not shown any interest in Lisanna.

"Attention plz my friends and respected guests, I here welcome you all. I am glad that you all sorted some time from your busy schedule to celebrate with us. This celebration is organized so that our members and our customers will have a nice time together with no restraints of superiority and inferiority but having only one relation and that is of friendship and having only one mood and that is party mood. In this fine Christmas Eve let's make lots of good memories. "

The restaurant flooded with a big round of applause for Mavis's sweet and warm opening speech.

"Now let's start our function. As you all know today is Christmas and the most exciting part of Christmas is that our letters which is filled with our sweet wishes is read and answered by the one and only Santa Clause. So to lighten up all your moods we too have Santa Clause with us"

When these words went out of her mouth everyone saw screen screeching a figure holding a huge red bag approached towards the stage. He was actually Gray Fullbuster who was dressed like a Santa but with no beards, of course.

"Ladies and Gentleman, I want to introduce myself I am Gray Fullbuster a fashion Designer at ND fashion house. As my job suggests I like to design fashionable clothes and it makes me happy if people enjoy wearing clothes designed by me. So I am here with some of my works and I would like all the fairies of this restaurant to try them, I am sure you will love them. So girls please join around and accept my presents, accept it as my gratitude for inviting us here. I want you all to wear them and showcase them by doing a ramp walk. For all the children I am filled with chocolates and for rest of you please forgive me for not having any other things in my bag"

Everyone started whooping, children started shouting and the fairies were elated. Each of them grabbed a piece, and stepped towards the changing room to try them,

"Girls wait where are you going without me your dress up will be incomplete"

Lucy and others turned around to find a handsome face with yellowish orange hairs dressed in a black suit, plain red tie and black shoes standing with a pretty smile dancing on his face.

"Who r u" asked Cana astonished.

"I am a beautician called Leo with Love, name Loki"

"Oh you too are from the ND fashion house" asked Mira.

"Yes my lady"

"Ladies trust me he is a pro, he can turn an ugly old lady into a beauty pageant and you all are already beauty at its best"

"Ok if you insist" said Mavis.

They went inside the changing room. Lucy unwrapped her packet, which was a rose pink draping gown with puffy sleeves, off shoulders, roses stuck to every edge and pearls scattered everywhere in the dress. It was such a pretty dress she had ever seen.

"Lucy yours such a beautiful one" exclaimed Mira.

Levy got a navy blue pleated one with diamonds attached to her waist, it was good too. Cana got a black v neck gown with red petals printed at its bottom and black gloves. Lissana got a pale yellow mermaid gown one off-shoulder with a cream color flower attached to it and other a full sleeve. Mira got a wine red trumpet gown with a pearl white bow tied at the waist. Juvia got a peach color cap sleeves a-line gown with beads embedded at the chest portion. Erza got an emerald green slit gown Mavis got a purple bubble gown. After everyone was in their dresses Leo stepped in with his instrument box (makeup) and started working on each one of them.

"Friends the dresses which I designed, I gifted it to the beautiful members of this restaurant there manager Mavis, a lady with a cute baby face and innocence will be the host further but now let's welcome her with a round of applause"

Mavis was a little shy at first then she started rotating and flaunted her gown well. Everyone was amazed to see how she dazzled.

"Dear friends we the members are all ready to hit the stage. So catch your breath and enjoy the glamorous show where you just have to admire the beauty of these gowns and my beautiful girls" she smirked.

"I will call two at a time. First pair is of Erza and Cana"

Both Erza and Cana walked with boldness, confidence and flashed their pieces with elegance.

"Our sisters, Mira and Lissana"

They came clutching hands and other at their waist walked to the edge of the stage and delivered a flying kiss.

"Here comes our little fairy with brains and kindness, Levy and other fairy is gifted with a heart full of love, Juvia"

These two girls were sooo cheerful that they stretched a smile on everyone's face except, Natsu.

"Now the last but not the least our super rookie with cuteness, Lucy"

Lucy was a bit nervous thinking,

"I have to walk stable I can't make my fun out there in front of him"

but when her heels touched the stage a confidence blanket covered her she walked gracefully leaving everyone gasping and uttering words of praise, ol glittering in her beautifully designed gown and was looking such a bombshell with a tight bun and some locks falling on her face. She was radiant from inside which has a slight trace on her face. When she reached the edge of the stage she posed, waved her gown beautifully then tilted her head a little like bowing and before zooming out of sight again posed.

"Ow wow that was awesome Lucy. My girls did such a nice job those outfits were like meant for them they display it so well I was completely mesmerized. I never thought that my girls would have such talents. Girls with hidden talents they possess such great capabilities, they can do anything entrusted to the. Please give a great round of applause"

Fairies on loose flooded with loud clapping and whooping, the joy was emitting from each one face. All guys in the room were drooling with eyes wide open.

After Lucy and others changed and joined back into the party, that time servings were done and everyone was holding a glass a juice and gossiping , obviously about the recent ramp walk especially the participants,

"Oh my god I never expected it to be perfect, I was so scared but it went well. I like this feeling" said Lucy with joy.

"Oh Juvia was so scared my knees were shaking and palms were numb"

"Mine too and gown was little big for me" said Levy shying.

"Lucy san, Levy san don't you think Gray sama and Natsu sama are looking in our direction"

Lucy and Levy turned to find that Juvia was right, Gray and Natsu were really looking at them talking to each other and indicating towards them, it was seeming like a serious discussion and they could find Natsu reticent but shying simultaneously, Gray is constantly and seriously persuading something and Natsu is constantly denying.

"What's going on what they could be discussing among themselves? Have they fallen in Love already?" said Levy.

"Gajeel is mine I will not accept anybody else"

"Oh if Gray sama has fallen in Love with me I would die with happiness he is so sexy his mere presence in this room burns my insides with bashfulness and exuberance"

'I don't know what they could be thinking Natsu Dragneel is looking at me or not it seems he is looking at me my heartbeat is rising oh god what's going on what's the matter, but this feeling is elating , at least he is looking here this is soo exciting m feeling great happiness'

Then to their shock, Natsu started walking towards them his eyes fixed,

'Oh GOD! Oh GOD! Oh GOD he is coming' Lucy's heart was about to jump out of her mouth when Natsu came and stood in front of her and this came out of his mouth,

"Will you be my model"

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