Death Becomes Her!

Lopaka Tanu

Summary: A death of a Mary Sue, in d minor.

Disclaimer: I don't own Mary Sues, just playing with them. The others belong to someone, not me.

Inspired by: My friend Bella, and all you wonderful Mary Sues.

* * *

Crime Scene One: Mary Sues from heaven.

Act one: Looks like Rain.

Aragorn and Legolas sat at Rivendell's entrance waiting. The birds were singing, and the sun was shining. It was a perfect and glorious day, the day of the Council. Suddenly, out from the sky came a blood-curdling scream that silenced all the birds. That was followed by a wet sounding splat as a tree shook, sending said birds to wing.

Aragorn sighed as he leaned back against the tree behind the rock they were sitting on. "There goes another one."

Legolas sighed in exasperation. "Again? That must be the fifth one this day."

"I am aware of this, my friend."

"One would think they would know better by now. To just fall from the clouds like a drop of rain, they will have the same results. A large spot on the ground." He sat up in anger. "I know not your opinion, but I think they would at least use some... device to float from the clouds, or use their supposed impressive magic to slow their descent."

Aragorn nodded his agreement.

Moments later, another loud scream rang that was silenced in to a sigh as clouds formed over head, slowing the decent of a small falling object in the distance. "Perhaps this one will have better luck... It appears I spoke too soon, she has already drifted off to Mirkwood."

Aragorn snorted. "Hope she likes spiders."

"Yes, quite right."

End Act One.


Real Disclaimer: Everything LOTR does not belong to me. I claim no ownership. Do not sue.