Misaki waited by the school gate, angrily tapping her foot, glaring at the upcoming group of buffoons.

"Idiot trio! Move your butts over here!"

"Shiroyan, is that monster talking to us? 'Cause she, sure as [Censored], ain't gonna survive us." A delinquent with a black ponytail snarled.

"Idiot number one! Hurry it up! I would come over there myse- WHAT ARE YOU WEARING!? You too, idiot number two and three! Button up the top two buttons, how can you mess up a uniform that much!? And take off those filthy necklaces!" Misaki yelled, stomping over and ripping the necklaces off the three guys. "Must you always look like garbage?! Tidy yourselves, look at him!? He's the perfect role model for you delinquents to follow," She suddenly dragged a straight A student from, what appeared to be nowhere, and started ranting off all the things he was, that they weren't.

"[Censored] you, you [Censored] [Censored]!" Interrupted 'Idiot number one', Shiroyan, gang leader of the 'Idiot Trio', a blond lanky guy with a nasty snarl on his face.

"ARE YOU WEARING EARRINGS!?" Misaki roared, ripping the earrings off idiot number one, all the while ignoring the stream of curses spewing off his tongue. "I'll keep these." She calmly walked away, locking the school gate closed behind her, she wiped her hands on her skirt as if wiping away the indecencies of the three boys, leaving idiot number one whimpering, clutching his ears, and the other two murderously glaring at her back.

Natsu stared at the scene playing before him, "Who is it that we need to put to sleep?" He asked, the confusion visibly etched on his face.

"Natsu, could your stupidity get any worse?" Gray sighed, shaking his head in regret.

"Are you trying to pick a fight with me!?" Natsu growled, suddenly bursting into flames. Gray stood up glaring at Natsu, hands poised to do some Ice-Maker magic.

"Natsu, Gray," Lucy could feel the menace weaved through Erza's words,and rubbed the goosebumps that appeared on her arms. Natsu and Gray immediately separated, awkwardly smiling and shaking hands, "We're here to bring Usui Takumi back to his father. Our mission is to kidnap him."

"Yea, whatever." Natsu replied, pouting.

"Why did this You-see guy even leave in the first place?" Happy asked, raising his hand a second after he spoke.

"Usui is the illegitimate child in the Walker Family. His mother is Patricia Walker, his father is, or rather, was the butler for the family. Usui didn't like staying in with such arrogant people, nor did he like being home schooled, so he got a school catalog and randomly chose one. Seika High School just happened to be the one he chose. The head of the Walker family decided he wanted him back, fearing that his being an illegitimate child will be discovered." Lucy said, remembering the mission advertisement word for word.

"Who dat?" Natsu asked, uninterested in whatever Lucy was saying. Lucy's eyes narrowed and she punched him, leaving him whimpering and soothing the smoking bump on his head.

"Never minding him, we're going to enter the schools as transfer students, and stalk Usui, and send him death threats so we can peacefully stuff him in a bodybag." Erza's said determinedly, proudly presenting her 'nonviolent' plan. Lucy stared at her, wondering how her idol could be so foolish, but said nothing. Natsu, on the other hand, wasn't smart enough to stay quiet.

"I have an even better plan! Hee Hee," Natsu shouted, an evil smile blooming on his face, "we're going to burn down the building, and ask the fleeing students if they're You-see!"

"I have a feeling that you're going to do that even if you try not to." Lucy muttered, loud enough for everyone, but Natsu, to hear. Gray started laughing.

"Hey Natsu! Remember Fukuro?!" Everyone stared at Gray, bored, as came to the realization that he was the only one laughing. "What!? It was funny." He protested, still giggling.

"We have to go down to the principal's office to get registered, plus, they have uniforms that we need to wear. Gray, please, don't strip- and, you already did." Lucy ordered, trying to gain control over the messed-up situation.

"Let's go." Erza stood up, everybody else following her example, they walked slowly, leisurely even, unaware that they were being watched.

"Class, get to your seats, we have some transfer students joining into our class." Misaki announced, the guys instantly became quiet and slicked off to their seats, sweat dripping down their faces. But the instant they saw the transfer students, drool started to drop from their mouths.

"Hello, my name is Erza Scarlet." Everybody in the class waited for Erza to continue, the males staring at her rather large chest, while the females looked at her with envy and jealousy.

"Anything else you want to say? What are your likes and dislikes?" Misaki asked, trying to probe more answers out of her. Erza didn't respond, and took a seat in the back where there just happened to be five empty chairs in a row. Misaki looked a little miffed, at Erza's lack of response. But, nevertheless, she went on to the next transfer student, "What is your name?"

"Hi, I'm Lucy! I hope we get along great this year! I can't wait to get to know all of you!" Lucy purposely added a little bounce to her own extremely large chest. She knew that she was cute, and she used that to her advantage, the eyes which were once stuck on Erza were now fixated on her.

"I'm Natsu Dragneel, and I'm from fai-" Two white paws peeked out from behind his head and slapped over his mouth.

"We're under cover, Natsu." A voice hissed into his ear. The class stared at him in horror, their jaws dropping to the floor, witnessing the guy in front of them growing another set of arms from his head.

"Wh-what is that thing!?" Misaki yelled, her arm shaking as she pointed to the 'thing' that was clinging to Natsu's head.

"Oh, her?" He said, holding the cat by the skin of it's neck, "It's just , are pets not allowed? 'Cause I have another one." Natsu held up Happy in his other hand as Erza glared at him, shooting telepathic death threats.

Natsu! Once school is over, I. Will. Kill. You.

Somehow, Natsu 'heard' her. He quickly shoved the two cats behind his back, grinning guiltily.

"Haha, uh... Well, look! It's Loke!" Natsu quickly ran from the front of the room, knocking over two desks in the process, and sat down, on the opposite side of the room to Erza.

"My, my, you girls are looking absolutely stunning. I'm Loke." Loke smile, and oddly enough, most of the girls fell under his charms, of course excling Misaki. "Hey, what's your name..." Loke went on flirting with each of the girls in turn.

"Lucy," Erza whispered, "why is Loke here?"

"He insisted on coming, he couldn't stand it if he didn't get to talk to the ladies. I felt bad, so I let him loose." Lucy explained, expecting the question. Misaki clapped her hands, trying to settle down the class.

"Okay, there's one more person, what's your name?" Misaki asked, hoping to speed things along, she had a feeling that these newcomers were different, as if they had ia deeper secret, something that set them apart from the rest of humanity.

"Hello, I'm Gray Fullbuster, anew I'm so happy to get the chance to meet you all." Gray said nonchalantly, his words not matching his tone nor his facial expression. Misaki raised an eyebrow but said nothing, still having the weird sensation that something bad was going to happen.

"Okay, home room is over." Misaki announced, glancing back at the real home room teacher who was shaking in fear at The Demon President. Misaki smiled stiffly in response, "You should be the one up here. These kids aren't so bad, I'll handle them if they become obnoxious." Misaki glared at the Itiot Trio, daring them to say something. Wisely, they didn' teacher nodded, still scared, wondering how she could be so thick headed. Yet being smart enough not to mention anything.

A few guys were standing in the corner of the room, feverishly whispering and glancing back at Misaki,

"She really is a Demon."

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