Well, there used to be a note here, but the passage of time rendered it obsolete.  :D  I suppose I could try to take down Chapter 14, but I don't know how, and besides I don't want to lose a bunch of reviews.  Why do I have reviews for a note, you ask?  Well, this was originally an actual chapter.  And then I changed it to the first chapter of "The Making of a Ringbearer II: Anchored" and replaced it with a note explaining what happened.  So, what to put in this note?  Hmm.  Perhaps a more detailed summary of "Anchored" is in order:

"Anchored" is the second part of what will hopefully be a pre-LOTR, Frodo-centred trilogy one day.  This part covers the period from Frodo's adoption by Bilbo in 1391 to the Long Expected Party in 1401.  My aim is to give a fuller picture of Frodo's youth than is usually shown in fan fiction; to explore the events and the relationships that shaped and influenced the adult Frodo Baggins we know and love, and to show a realistic picture of what it would have been like to grow up in the Shire.  Frodo's relationships with Bilbo and Sam are the main focus of this part of my trilogy, as well as Merry and Pippin, but the more often ignored characters also figure in a big way.  I'm developing all members of the Gamgee family, not just Sam, and you will also see Gandalf, the Sackville-Bagginses, the Cottons, Fatty Bolger and Folco Boffin, Ted Sandyman, Merry's and Pippin's families, and any other minor character with potential.  

OK, I think that's pretty much everything I can stick in here.  If you're still reading this note at this point, congratulations!  You must be really bored to still be here!  ;)  Now go away and start "Anchored," pretty please?

Yours most extremely sincerely,

Obelia medusa   =^D