Testing this out; might become a two-shot if y'all don't like it. This is Anakin's attempt at raising Luke, but I decided not to make him a terrible father. Just... kind of distant. Also, he won't ever be in the Vader suit; the fight on Mustafar didn't have as bad of an ending for him as it did. Obi-Wan did manage to get away, though, and he will make an appearance later.

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Anakin's robes whipped around his ankles, sand stirring at his boots. He never thought he would return to Tatooine, yet here he was; standing outside his stepbrother's home, his body aching and stiff from his fight with Obi-Wan. His former friend had definitely given him a new collection of scars. But he was disappointed in Obi-Wan. He thought his friend would have been more clever with the location he chose to hide his son. Tatooine was far too predictable. Anakin entered the home, pleased that Owen had not changed the combination to get in.

"Who is it?" Owen's voice sounded from down the hall. Anakin smirked and activated his lightsaber. He didn't want to kill his stepbrother, but if he had to, he would to get to his son. Owen turned and came down the hall Anakin was in, and started nervously at the sight of him. "Anakin! What are you doing here? Obi-Wan said you-"

"Obi-Wan was wrong," he stated tersely. "I want my son, Owen. Where is he?" Owen had strict rules from Obi-Wan to not allow Anakin to see the baby if he came, but the lightsaber in the seething Sith Lord's hand was enough to convince him to go collect Luke from the little makeshift nursery he and Beru had set up, picking up the sleeping baby and carrying him into the hall where his father waited. Anakin deactivated his lightsaber and cautiously took the baby from Owen, cradling him in his arms. He was disappointed to find that the infant bore no resemblance to Padmé; the baby had his nose, wisps of his blonde hair, and, when he opened his eyes a crack, Anakin saw his blue eyes gazing up at his own.

"His... His name is Luke," Owen informed. "Padmé named him before she passed." Anakin winced slightly; to hear that Padmé was gone, that it was his fault, made him angry. Especially since he had planned on saving her, to keep her from her fate. But remorse was weakness, and Anakin brushed the feeling aside for one of curiosity.

"Luke Skywalker." He tested the name out, pleased with how it sounded. "You, my son, are destined for great things. You will be the most powerful Sith the galaxy has ever seen. Entire regions will bow before you, lest they wish to be annihilated. And together, you and I will rule the galaxy as father and son, and bring order." Anakin grinned at the thought, and looked up at Owen. "Thank you, brother, for returning my son to me." And without another word, he left.

Luke slept peacefully in his father's arms, unaware of all the adult madness surrounding him. Anakin carried him aboard his ship, but soon found himself with quite the dilemma. He had no idea where to put Luke so he could transport his son safely. He certainly couldn't hold him and pilot his starfighter. Finally, he came up with an idea. Anakin fashioned up a little sling, which secured Luke close to his chest. Without another thought, he took off for Coruscant.

When he landed, the Emperor was waiting for him. Anakin quickly removed the makeshift sling, and carefully climbed out of his starfighter with Luke, who was still fast asleep. The Emperor clapped his hands together in sinister delight at the sight of the baby, who scrunched his nose as he was taken closer to the Emperor. Palpatine gazed down at the little bundle, his yellow eyes twinkling deviously and his lips curling into an evil grin. Anakin didn't have time for all this; he wanted to take Luke home and get him settled in for the night.

"You'll need a wet nurse," Palpatine told him. "I'll set out an ad for one as soon as possible. Until then, he can be bottle fed." The infamous Sith Lord looked once more on the baby. "He looks like you, my student. What name did she give him?" Anakin hated hearing Palpatine ignore Padmé's name as if she had been nothing. She had been far from nothing.

"Padmé named him Luke," he answered. "Luke Skywalker."

"A... decent name," Palpatine decided. He didn't like it; Anakin could sense it. He figured he was displeased that he had chosen to keep the name Padmé had given their son. "You ought to head home, Lord Vader. I'm sure you are tired, and it is best you get the boy home as well."

That was seven years ago, and much had changed since then. Luke was a rambunctious little seven year old, whose presence had become a highlight of any imperial meetings. Anakin had begun training him at four like he was supposed to, but refrained from exposing his little boy from the dark side of the Force just yet. But he was already strong with the Force, and was prone to levitating water glasses and remotes during meetings at the most inopportune times. Anakin would then have to excuse himself, chasing the little blonde streak dashing from the room, as Luke giggled madly. He made a point never to strike his son, but Anakin was a strict disciplinarian and Luke would know as soon as he would get caught that silly time was over. Then he would sit happily on his father's lap, listening to the words being thrown around curiously. Sometimes he would make a comment, making his father's friends laugh.

"Papa, why don't you just use the Force on all the rebels?" he asked one day when Uncle Tarkin and Anakin were having a very heated discussion. Anakin chuckled and bopped Luke's nose, making the boy laugh.

"Because, Luke, there's too many of them. If there was just one rebel, I could use the Force on him or her. But because there's hundreds, maybe thousands, of them I can't do that." Luke thought, his contemplation shown on his face like it often was on most young children.

"I will someday," he decided. "I'll be able to get all the rebels with the Force, Papa! Just you wait!" Anakin beamed proudly and held him close.

"I'm sure you will," he whispered. "But until then, you have to practice, and keep learning so you can be strong enough to do so." Luke smiled a toothy smile, showing the gaps where his baby teeth had fallen out. Anakin smiled back and set him down on his feet. "Now go to your lessons. Your tutor will not wait for you much longer." Luke huffed but ran out of the meeting room for his lessons. He passed the Emperor in the hall, giving a little salute before scrambling into the sitting room. His tutor's name was Sabé, and she had been a handmaiden for his mother when his mother had been living. Luke had never seen his mother, but his father had told him that all her handmaidens had looked like her, so his mother had to have been very beautiful.

"Good morning, Master Skywalker," she greeted. "Are you ready for your history lesson?" Her smile was as warm as the sun, and Luke nodded, scrambling to sit down next to her.

"Good morning, Sabé! Yes, I am ready," he said. Luke read from the history book his father had approved, but Sabé always was willing to tell him other versions of the stories in the textbook. He didn't tell his father about it, of course, but he imagined Sabé did because she spent a lot of time with his father when she wasn't teaching him.

His lesson was done after an hour of reading and discussing, and Luke scrambled back down the hall to the meeting room. He could hear yelling on the other side of the door; he recognized his father's deep voice and the raspy voice of the Emperor. Luke burst in, grabbing Anakin's legs and looking up at him, worried in a way that only children can be worried.

"You must begin training him to see our ways," the Emperor scolded. "The longer you put it off, the less powerful he will be. Jedi mind-tricks and levitating glasses is all fine and well, Anakin, but if the boy cannot wield a lightsaber or use the dark side of the Force, what use is he?" Luke was confused; the Emperor was never angry at his father. His father could use a lightsaber, and could use both sides of the Force. Being a bright, clever boy, it dawned on Luke that the Emperor was not talking about his father, but about him.

"He's only seven," Anakin pointed out. "Let him be a child for now. He has the rest of his life to be the Sith Lord you wish for him to become." The Emperor looked down at Luke with his yellow eyes, and Luke shivered. The man always made him uncomfortable, but he would never tell his father that. Anakin held Luke close, placing a comforting hand on his back.

"Eighteen," the old man growled. "When he turns eighteen I want him to be fully trained and prepared to take his place by your side. That gives you eleven years to develop his skill set. Do not fail me, Anakin. You wouldn't want to displease me." Luke gaped at the man; eleven years seemed so far away! Sabé had told him that ten years made a decade, so the Emperor was giving his father a decade and a year to make him into a Sith Lord. Surely his father could do that; he was the greatest Sith Lord in the history of the galaxy.

"He can do it!" Luke shouted. "He's the greatest Sith Lord in the galaxy! Even greater than you! And I'm his son, so I can be just as great as he is!" Luke started to march toward him and Anakin grabbed his skinny little arm, pulling him back. The Emperor chuckled.

"Good," he stated. "You're angry. You'll be a good little fighter. Just like your father." Anakin stared him down and Luke used his father's distracted mind to wriggle out of his grasp and stomped on Palpatine's foot before storming right out of the room in a little fit that paralleled one of Anakin's infamous fits.

"Luke!" Anakin shouted. "LUKE SKYWALKER YOU GET YOUR LITTLE BUTT BACK IN HERE RIGHT NOW!" But Luke was running now, scrambling into his room and slamming the door behind him. Anakin thundered down the hall, trying to open his door, but Luke was concentrating on the door using the Force, keeping it closed. Anakin pounded on the door, seething. Luke never acted out in such a manner when around the Emperor. "Luke... come out here right now and apologize to Emperor Palpatine."

"No!" Luke yelled. Anakin banged his head against the door, groaning in frustration. Sabé came down the hall to find him leaning against the door, and sighed.

"Anakin?" she questioned. "Is everything ok?"

"Can you try and get Luke to come out of his room?" Anakin pleaded. Sabé nodded and placed one hand on the door.

"Luke," she said softly. "Come out and talk to us, please." She heard a sniffle, and the shuffle of little feet, and sure enough the door slid open and Luke stood just past the doorframe, tears spilling down her cheeks. Sabé scooped him up, and he buried his face in her shoulder.

"I didn't mean to," he sniffled. "He just made me so mad... I'm real sorry, promise!"

"I know you didn't," Sabé assured. "But you need to go with your papa and apologize to the Emperor. Can you do that for me, Luke?" The boy nodded, and Anakin took him back into the meeting room. The Emperor stood expectantly, tapping his foot impatiently.

"I... I'm sorry that I stepped on your foot, Emperor Palpatine," Luke mumbled. "It will never happen again." The Emperor scowled at the boy and started toward the door. Anakin and Luke watched him, but at the last minute he turned to face the two.

"Remember: eleven years. If he is not trained in the ways of the Sith by his eighteenth birthday, I will send him back to that garbage dump of a planet that you went to rescue him from. And don't you dare to think for a moment that I won't."

So what do you think? Palpatine is delivering his usual ultimatums. Also, little kid Luke was fun to write; I figured he would be a spunky little thing. And Sabé! Idk why I thought of her, but I figured she should be in here somewhere. What do you all think should happen?

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