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Summary:What if all Rosalie Lily Potter had been told is a lie? That her parents weren't dead but in fact they were loyal followers of Voldemort and his ideals, and that Rosalie had been kidnapped by Dumbledore and hidden from her parents in an attempt to cultivate her natural talents to oppose the Dark Lord and her parents, who were not Gryffindor's but in fact, Slytherin's. And how does this affect her when she is told by the goblins when she's first taken to Gringotts by Professor Snape who is her Godfather?

Chapter 1: Rescue

There was a loud banging on the front door of the Dursley's, Rosalie was curled up in her bed under the cupboard. Rosalie Potter was now 8 as of today, she hated her aunt and uncle, not that she's say anything or she'd get another beating or possibly be raped again by her whale of an Uncle.

She shivered as she recalled the events that now plagued her nightmares. It was a dark and cold night in the middle of winter, Aunt Petunia had taken Dudley to one of his friend's places and stayed over for dinner because Vernon was supposed to be working late. Vernon returned home drunk after working, he headed straight for the cupboard and dragged Rose by her hair up to his bedroom. She survived barely and every night since the incident she would have nightmares, sometimes she could barely sleep.

"Who the fuck is it banging at an ungodly hour on a Sunday!" Vernon Dursley, her main tormentor snapped as he descended the stars, the loud thumping of his weight against the stairs woke her up.

Rosalie looked through the grate of her cupboard door to see a pale man with long-ish dark hair and clothes that looked like he was from a different era than the 20th century. Petunia also went to the door asking who it was but paled when she saw him. Rosalie was fascinated that such a man could cause her aunt to lose her composure, the man locked eyes with her and his lips curled up into a snarl.

"Severus, what are you doing here?" Petunia asked, her whole body had begun shaking.

"I'm here to check up on Miss Rosalie Potter to give a report to Albus Dumbledore as to how the girl has been treated, might I see the girl?" The man known as Severus asked.

"Who told you she lives here! Are you one of those Freaks like her?" Vernon snapped at the man.

"No, I am not a Freak you fat overweight whale! I am a Wizard and a Potions master, now I want to see Miss Rosalie Potter this instant!" The man's voice echoed throughout the house and Rose winced at his tone, so she quickly opened her cupboard, however, she tripped over her own feet and ended up falling to the ground as she exited her cupboard.

"I'm here," she squeaked.

"You whore! You know you're not supposed to come out of your room unless needed!" Vernon's face was going red and he made a move for her, but found a black wooden stick placed upon his neck.

"Not, another step, towards my Godchild," The man said coldly.

"Miss Potter, go pack your things quickly. Ligilimens!" the stick the man was holding glowed slightly but his eyes glazed over as he bore into Vernon's mind.

Rose quickly did as the strange man asked of her and packed up everything she own in the small backpack that she also owned, it was normal for her that everything she owned fit into one bag, though many people had questioned why she has such little things, she had never had much. When Rose had gathered everything that she owned she exited the cupboard under the stairs in hopes that she would never return there.

"How dare you! A pathetic excuse for a human touch a magical child in such a way! I ought to kill you myself! But I'll leave it for her to deal with, she's not as dead as you think!" Rosalie winced as the man's voice turned into a loud shout.

"You dare threaten me in my own home! I'm not sure what you did, but I know the whoreis only useful for that! Get out of here now!" Vernon snapped back at him.

"Miss Potter, come with me. You'll never have to see these damn people ever again," the man said, he gave an obviously forced smile, but Rosalie could tell from looking into his eyes that he was trying to control his emotions for her sake so she complied.

"Now I'm supposed to report back to Albus, but I'm going to take you to a better destination," the man said.

"Uh... Sir I never got your name?" Rosalie asked a little shyly looking up at the man who had taken her out of that hell hole.

"Sorry, my name is Severus Snape. I'm a professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry... I'm also your godfather," he said sincerely.

"So... if you're my godfather, where have you been all my life?" Rose asked quietly.

"Trying to track you down, a very dangerous wizard kidnapped you and placed you here and use his magic to hide you from us. I spent the past 8 years gaining his trust to be the one to come and find you," Severus replied.

"Us?" Rosalie asked.

"I cannot reveal more even though I want to, so badly," he said with a pained look on his face.

"Now please take my hand," he held his hand up.

Rosalie did as told and she placed her hand on his, making sure to hold her bag on her shoulder tightly. As soon as her hand touched his she was pulled out of reality and landed somewhere with a 'pop'. When they were stable again Rosalie found herself on her back on the ground and staring up at the grey clouds. 'The sky sure looks beautiful' she thought before she was helped to her feet by Severus.

"Don't worry too much, that happens to everyone when it comes to their first-time experiencing side-long apparition," Severus replied.

Flourish and Blotts was the sign outside the shop that Severus led her into. He had kindly asked her to find the books on a list that he had while he had to quickly make a call. When she began to gather the books, Severus went outside to make the call, he pulled up his lift sleeve and touch where the dark mark was supposed to be with his wand. He and all the other Death eaters knew that Voldemort never actually died, but he was simply in hiding along with two of his most faithful Death Eaters.

"Severus, what is it?" Voldemort said through his mark, clearly annoyed he was communicated to through the invisible mark.

"My Lord, Dumbledore finally gave me her location. I've currently got her with me, it... it's horrible my lord. The muggles, they did things to her, I need to get her to you and the two with you as soon as possible," Severus replied.

"Very well, finish your shopping and come straight to the manor. I will tell my hosts the good news," Voldemort said.

"My lord, there is a lot of bad news as well... the muggles... they raped her, my lord," Severus was hesitant to say that.

"What! I will have their heads!" Voldemort snapped.

"My lord, respectfully. I believe the muggles consequences should be left with the person they wronged," Severus was fully ready to hear his lord shout at him.

"I suppose you are correct, come quickly. I will assemble the trusted groups to prepare for the return of their princess," Voldemort said.

Severus voiced his acceptance and went back to monitoring Rosalie and helping her grab the school supplies that he had ordered for his students this year. There was a lot more on the list and when she asked Severus why half of the books on the list weren't at Flourish and Blotts, he simply told her that it must've still been on order and that he would pick them up at a later date when they've brought it in.

"Come now there are some people I must introduce you to, as well as your new home," Severus said, Rosalie looked at him skeptically.

"I meant what I said, you're never going back to that place again," he held his hand out and she took it again.

With another 'pop' she fell on her ass again at the destination that they teleported to. She had figured it was a form of teleportation, she had seen five teenagers who wore spandex costumes who fought monsters do it through a wrist watch on one of Dudley's favourite shows. However, they always landed on their feet and ready for a fight. She ended up on her behind, yet again. This time she was looking up at a grand chandelier which had dark green candles lighting up the room.

"Hopeless when first apparating, just like your father," Rose registered the voice of a woman.

"Severus, it's good to see you again," the woman had green eyes and crimson hair which reminded Rose of when she had the odd chances to look at herself in the mirror between chores.

"Lily, a pleasure to see you again," Severus seemed a little hesitant which scared Rose who stood up and hid behind him.

"It's okay Severus, you can hug my wife. Especially after what you've done for us," Rose saw a man with glasses smile at Severus.

Without hesitating Severus walked over and hugged Lily, the woman in question constantly whispering "I'm so sorry Lily," over and over again. Rose was shifting her weight from one foot to another and she unconsciously played with her long auburn hair.

"I know your nervous sweetheart, your mother used to do the same thing when she was younger. Of course, she grew out of it and into more... Extreme hobbies," the man with glasses said.

"And you would know how? My parents died in a car accident," Rose retorted.

"Allow me to properly introduce myself, my name is James Fleamont Potter. And that woman with Severus is my wife, Lily Evans-Potter. We're your parents," James said.

"And I'm supposed to believe magic exists as well? Magic only exists in fairy tales, much like dragons, basilisks and unicorns," Rose rolled her eyes.

"There's a dragon sanctuary in Romania, my ancestor's basilisk is in the Chamber of Secrets at Hogwarts and there are Unicorns in the forbidden forest in Hogwarts," an older man with dark hair said, his gaze directed at Rose.

Before anyone could actually speak to her she fainted dropping onto the ground. "Severus I want a full body examination done on my baby girl," Lily said as she picked up Rosalie from where she had fainted. Lily and James with Severus and Tom following placed the girl in her room, it was large and spacious. The bed curtains of the four-poster bed were emerald green with the blankets being black and pillows being traditional white. There was an empty desk that was placed next to the entrance to the balcony which looked out over a large great lake. The room had its own bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe that was void of any clothes.

"Aside from constant signs of rape, Dumbledore has put various magical blocks on her to completely block out some of her abilities. This includes Parseltongue, Animagi, and her Occlumency shields are all but destroyed. As are her soul bonds almost shredded. I also believe she will be suffering from PTSD after being subjected to that filthy muggle for so long," Severus said and Lily's face looked murderous.

"Can we remove the blocks Severus?" Tom asked.

"We can my lord, but the ritual is ancient, it requires a lot of magical power to do so... and the presence of her… soul mate who will also have her core depleted and will be out for a few days due to the residual magic drawback," Severus hesitated at the word soul mate.

"Poor Bellatrix, must've gone insane without Rose being close to her," James sighed.

"Where is she!" the girl in question roared as she walked into the room.

"Sleeping, it's alright Bella. She's safe, finally," Tom assured her then looked over at Severus, Lily and James.

"Severus go gather the things needed for the ritual, James you and I will assemble the inner circle and inform them of what's happened. Lily I don't expect you to leave your daughter so soon after getting her back, but I ask that you allow Bellatrix the closeness she needs for her years of separation to calm. She will not act out on anything due to the age difference but the closeness will help her," Tom said.

"Of course she'll allowed to be with her soul mate, I will sit next to the bed," Lily said with a small smile.

Bellatrix gave Lily a warm hug before sliding into the bed next to Rose and holding her in her arms. Unconsciously Rose snuggled into the older girl, her head tucked in the space between Bella's breasts hidden from view. Bellatrix allowed herself to finally relax after 10 years of borderline insanity from not being able to be with her destined. Bellatrix hadn't realized she had fallen asleep until she heard screaming from next to her, Rosalie was sweating like a fountain and she was having a night terror.

"Please no uncle! Don't hurt me, please. I didn't mean it, I'm sorry!" Rosalie cried as she tossed and turned. The whole room and possibly even the house could feel the pulses of accidental magic that radiated from the tormented girl.

"Rose it's just a dream sweetie, baby you're safe," Bella said as she tried to wake the girl.

Rose's eyes opened wide in fear, her eyes were darting around the room and she scrambled off of the bed and into the corner trying to hide from anyone who was there. Bella got up and slowly walked over to the scared girl, who was whimpering in the corner repeatedly whispering "Please don't hurt me" over and over again, her body trembling. Every time Bella got a step closer Rose would whimper and stammer "I'm sorry, I won't do it again."

Not knowing what to do, Bella sent her Patronus to find Lily and James who were in conversation with Voldemort. Lily and James came running into the room to find Bella trying to coax the young girl out from the corner. By now all the candles were lit and the lantern next to the beds were on, Rosalie was shivering and sobbing in the corner repeating broken words over and over again. Lily went down next to Bella and tried to coax Rosalie out of the corner.

"Rose sweetie it's me, your mother. I won't let anything bad happen to you ever again dear, you're safe. I promise you're safe," Lily said, slowly Rosalie looked up at Lily with tear stained cheeks.

"P-Promise," Rosalie sobbed.

"I promise sweet heart, no one will ever hurt you again," Lily gave Rosalie a warm smile and slowly, Rosalie left the corner and was in her mother's arms.

Lily held onto Rose as tight as she could as she whispered comforting words while Bella just sat nearby. James was at the door conversing with Voldemort as to what they're going to do about the Dursley's. Rosalie refused to go back to sleep without Lily being there so Bellatrix retired to her own room while Lily slept in the same bed as Rosalie, no more bad dreams occurred that night.

When sunlight hit Rosalie's face she sat up in bed and noticed Lily sleeping there next to her. Silently Rose got out of bed and walked out of the room looking for the kitchen. She eventually found it and came across some strange looking creatures that were working. She walked over to a stove and tried to start making breakfast when a house elf stopped her.

"What is Misses Potter be doings in the kitchen?" the female elf asked.

"Cooking breakfast for everyone... I have to cook it or I'll get beaten," Rose said quietly trying to take the fry pan to cook.

"No Misses Potter, yous no need to cook, that be ours jobs," the elf said.

"B-But I don't want to get hurt," Rose dry sobbed.

"Yous not need worry Misses Potter, Tippy and the other house elves be doing this jobs. The Master and Mistress Potter would not want yous to be doing something like this for thems," Tippy said.

"What's the problem Tippy?" Rosalie recognized the man from the other day as he walked in, he yawned and stretched his body clearly showing almost bloodshot eyes from a restless night.

"The young Misses Potter be trying to cooks for yous, seemed to be worried that she's being punished if she didn't. Tippy told her that shes not needing worry for its be our jobs, sir," Tippy replied to the man.

"Tippy, may you please bring young Miss Potter and I some tea. Come child you and I'll have a conversation where I will explain to things to you about the world you're now in," the man said with a sigh and then a small smile.

Rosalie followed the man to what appeared to be a dark office. He sat down in his chair and gestured for Rose to follow suit and sit down across from him. Moments later Tippy popped in and placed a pot of tea and two cups on the table. Tom poured the tea for the two of them and then began to talk.

"How are you feeling this morning?" He asked.

"I'm okay I guess," Rose replied.

"You can be honest with me child, you're safe now. No one will be able to hurt you ever again, I will make sure of it," he said.

"Honestly Tom, you're scaring the poor girl," Rose heard a voice say as a large python slithered into the room and went up Rose's chair.

"Shut it Nagini, I'm trying to be as nice as I can to the girl," Tom replied annoyed.

"Your name is Tom?" Rose asked having never heard the man's name before, Tom and Nagini who was the snake stared at her shocked.

"She is a speaker as well?" The snake said surprised.

"Yes, but the magical blocks the old fool put on her haven't even been taken off yet. Perhaps some of her magic is forcefully breaking through the blocks due to her fragile mental state," Tom mused.

"You're really pretty, and poisonous. I've read about your kind, you're a python cross king cobra, aren't you? The size of the python plus the poison of the cobra," Rose said as she gently touched the snake's scales without any kind of fear whatsoever, Tom was taken back as even some of his most loyal death eaters were even scared of Nagini but the child in front of him seemed to calm down more around the snake.

"Ooh, Tom I like her. I assume you're going to be teaching her everything, yes? If not I'll teach her anyways," Nagini slithered over to Rose and flicked her forked tongue against her cheek causing Rose to giggle slightly.

"Teach me what?," Rose asked.

"Magic of course, silly hatchling," Nagini replied.

"Magic? C-Can I use it to hurt people?" Rose asked rather shyly.

"Of course you can child, we'll teach you so that you'll never have to be hurt again. You'll be powerful enough to hurt whoever angers you and whoever wrongs you," Tom said and Rose looked thoughtful.

"Who was the lady sleeping next to me when I woke up in the night?" Rose asked back to English.

"Ah so you remember waking up in the middle of the night?"

Rose nodded her head before adding "I don't remember much though."

"Her name is Bellatrix Black; she is your soul mate. You weren't introduced to her last night but we couldn't keep her away from you as her soul was screaming at her to try and comfort you," Tom replied.

"Oh, she was nice and warm. But... I didn't know who she was. I was so scared that it was Aunt Marge. She sometimes had me sleep in bed with her and made me do things..." Rose trailed off looking down.

"Say no more child, there will be a reckoning, those muggles will pay for what they've done to you. And if you wish, you may be the one who punishes them yourself," Tom said.

"Where do I start?"

Albus too many names Dumbledore was pacing around in his Hogwarts office. He has just changed all of the information regarding Rosalie's parents to what he desired in order to avoid the prophecy that was made about her. Lily and James Potter were dead, Severus was a faithful member of his light and a valuable death eater spy, should the Dark Lord ever return. And Rosalie Potter would prove to be quite the malleable weapon that he wanted, he knew the Dursley's were abusing her, he was paying them more to do so, even that fat oaf Marge. But he needed to look like a hero to her so that she would be more receptive of his suggestions.

"Ah Severus, good timing. What of your report on the girl?" Albus asked.

"She's being treated perfectly fine, those muggles are spoiling her as you said," Severus replied as he walked in.

Albus had been forced to send someone at least twice a year to check up on the girl as per Ministry Orders. He always gave the Dursley's a two week notice in advance so that they can change their attitude in time for the person investigating to visit. He was at first skeptical of sending Severus but after eight years of faithful service he was able to trust his Potions master.

"Ah good, I believe growing up with Muggles will benefit the girl and the greater good. Too much attention could get to her head, she is hailed as the girl who lived, that is the official story," Dumbledore said sternly, only those in his Order of the Phoenix knew what had really happened, luckily he was able to get Remus Lupin to give up the location of the Potters all those years ago, Remus was a werewolf and owed Dumbledore a lot for being allowed to go to Hogwarts and Dumbledore was able to cash in on that favor when Remus was made the secret keeper.

With Lupin's betrayal of the Potters, he was able to create a story about Voldemort being destroyed by the girl when he tried to curse her after he created a fake prophecy to hide the real one. Therefore, when he went to the Potters and attacked them, and being Voldemort's most faithful supporters would mean that he would respond personally making it easier for him to kill Voldemort using the child. It had worked like a charm as his killing curse had rebounded as designed to and hit Voldemort, thus making it so the fake prophecy was in place.

"Yes it would seem that way, but might I suggest I take her some books about our world to somewhat educate her for when she joins us when she is eleven," Severus suggested.

"No, she need not know that yet. Perhaps in a few years, she will be ready to take in the information given to her," Albus dismissed.

"Headmaster, if she is anything like her mother like she was during school. She will be very studious and able to comprehend all the information," Severus said monotonously.

"Yes, and she would turn the Weasley's and Longbottom's against us like Lily did with James Potter. She was quite the Slytherin, which is why I've changed all of her information to say that she was in Gryffindor with James so that we can spin the story, she must be kept away from all of the Dark families," Albus sighed.

"Very well, I'll be seeing you later Headmaster. I have to finish off my lecture plans for the coming semester," Severus said as he left the room.

"Soon, Miss Potter. You'll be all mine," Albus mused to himself.