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It had been three years since the downfall of Voldemort and wizarding world was slowly but surely picking up the damages. The boy who lived and his best friend, Ron Weasely had decided not to return to Hogwarts and instead jumped right in to being Aurors. Harry Potter and little Ginny Weasley were engaged as soon as she graduated Hogwarts, however the two had to decided on a long engagement so that Ginny could work on her own career as a professional quidditch player.

Despite the kiss that had been shared between Ron and Hermione, the two decided it was not the best time to pursue a relationship. They were both grieving the losses and Hermione was determined to find her parents in Australia and return to Hogwarts to finish her education. Ron had agreed and the two remained close friends, however the red head still held onto his feelings for the female member of the golden trio.

Upon graduating from Hogwarts, Hermione had decided she did not want to continue fighting and instead of becoming an auror like her two closest friends, the young witch decided to put her brains to good use and joined the ministry of magic, working to gain rights for house elves and other magical creatures.

Ronald Weasley was walking down the corridor in the ministry, a determined look in his eyes, this was the day he was going to ask Hermione to be his girlfriend. Upon approaching her office, he stopped short just outside her door, hearing a very uncharacteristic, but undeniably Hermione, giggle. Ron paused, listening in.

"Draco, darling, we're supposed to be working," Hermione's voice was slightly hushed, yet, amusement came through with every word.

"But you left before I could give you a proper good morning shag, my love," came the cocky reply a smirk evident in his voice. Ron's draw dropped as his face turned the same shade as his hair.

"Well, you wore me out last night, isn't that enough," Ronald couldn't believe what he was hearing. A part of him wanted to turn and run away the other part wanted to go in there and kill Malfoy.

"With you? Never," and with that there was a gasp followed by a low moan.

Ron took a deep breath, before peaking around the corner. There before him was Hermione Granger and their ex nemesis Draco Malfoy, locked in a heated kiss. Breathy moans, the tugging of hair, and clawing at each others clothes.

"Lock the door," Hermione demanded,, pulling away only slightly. Ron quickly backed out of view. The door closed and the red head stood there in shock.

After several minutes, and some sounds he never wanted to hear again, Ron quickly scrambled off, running directly to Harry Potter's office.

"You alright, mate?" came the concerned voice of the boy who lived as he looked at his best friend, "you look a bit sick."

"Hermione...Draco...sex...together" the boy spit out, barely able to make sense of his own words.

"I thought everyone knew they were a couple by now," Harry laughed at his friend's obvious discomfort.

Ronald Weasley shook his head before slowly walking out the door, he should have never rounded that damn corner.