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Blue. White. Red.

These were the colors that every Frenchman knew since childhood, adorning the flag that flew over the country's bounties. But if you were to ask a Parisian the colors of France they might just tell you something else.

Red and black.

Ladybug and Chat Noir.

Few, if any, knew where these heroes had come from. Appearing almost randomly the duo had stopped many a threat to the safety of the city. In their battles against the "Akuma" Ladybug and Chat Noir fought tirelessly to bring peace to Paris and her people. Errant police officers, unhinged curators, fiendish copycats and distraught teenagers were just a few of the threats the pair had dispelled. There were a few phrases the populace had come to love hearing from their heroes. "Lucky charm" meant that the battle had truly just begun, and a cry of "Miraculous Ladybug" meant that the city was to be restored to a peaceful state. The people loved it when their Lady said these things. Was it no wonder they thought of red and black? That beautiful red suit with black spots?

No. Wasn't the black for someone else?

Ladybug was beloved. Even Chat Noir himself would say as much. There was nothing wrong about the acclaim she had. All those battles were won due to her, after all. But even when presented with such heroics, was jealousy still possible?

What if Chat Noir was jealous of Ladybug?

Am I jealous?

These were the thoughts that distracted Chat Noir long enough to trip during his nightly prowl.

Adrien Agreste was just a normal boy. Honest. Sure he came from a very well off family, was a model, and was on a constant quest for his father's approval, but it wasn't like he had a unique destiny or super powers. That was all Chat Noir.

Okay, so maybe they were one and the same. Dissociation, while effective for some problems, doesn't particularly help when one loses control while hurdling through the city at top speed. As Chat, Adrien usually did a good job of landing on his feet. He was finding it excessively difficult to do so after tripping over a loose roof tile, however.

He tried his best to diffuse the impact, but Adrien still landed with a dull thud on a small roof terrace. The landing was less painful than he had expected, although it did feel rather…warm?

His face felt odd, like it had just been dipped in honey. The taste of iron in his mouth drove home the source of the feeling.

"Dammit. Is my nose bleeding?"

Behind him a small voice squeaked, "I'd say so."

Adrien whipped around. Before him sat a girl sporting two pig tails tied with red bands and holding a sketchpad. Supplementing the moon's light was a small lantern resting on a glass table. The glow of the lantern cast an almost ethereal light on her. It would have made quite a stunning picture if not for the dumbfounded expression on the girl's face, a mix between utter confusion, panic, and mild amusement.

Adrien couldn't help but let a surprised "Marinette?" escape his lips before clamping his mouth shut. Would Chat Noir know her name?

Placing down the sketchpad and adopting a more quizzical expression, she got out of the chair and stooped to his level. "Is there something going on?"

Something going on? That's right! Chat Noir had once assisted Marinette Dupain-Cheng with a possessed classmate of hers. She had been surprisingly expressive throughout the ordeal, nothing like how she interacted with Adrien Agreste. Adrien recalled that as Chat he had been quite flirtatious with her. Was there a nickname he used? He should really keep a notebook handy.

"Chat Noir?"
"Purely a social visit Princess. I do love catching up with the young ladies of Paris."

Marinette took on a more quizzical expression. "Nice of you to drop in, but could you pick a less squeamish way of doing so?"

Adrien grinned at this, which sent more blood trickling into his mouth. "I hope this doesn't mat my fur, I'm not the biggest fan of baths."

Adrien thought he heard a groan escape from the young girl. "Just pinch your nose for me, okay? I'll be back," and without even a glance backwards she disappeared through a trap door into her room below.

Adrien didn't know what to do with himself at this point. She said she'd be back so he might as well wait around. Truthfully, he was interested in the situation unfolding before him. Despite her being a kind, energetic girl in class, Adrien never really interacted with Marinette in a halfway decent capacity. Whatever he knew about her was whatever Alya told him and whatever disinformation Chloé forced on him. He couldn't help but be curious; he was a cat after all.

Looking around his surroundings, Adrien breathed in the night air. Her terrace smells like iron…wait a minute. Adrien brought his right hand to his face, causing a distressingly large amount of blood to rub onto his gloved arm. The nosebleed was a tad worse than he had thought. No wonder Marinette had described him as "squeamish" earlier.

A creaking noise alerted Adrien to the return of his classmate. Coming through the hatch, Marinette was balancing a tray of assorted cookies, two mugs, a thermos and a first aid kit. Once she had finished navigating the terrace entrance Marinette set the tray upon the table.

"Take a seat kitty."
Adrien was taken slightly aback by her authoritarian tone. It was far off from her typical babbling. Adrien stood up and made his way towards one of the chairs, eyeing the tray along the way. Was this for him?

Marinette began to undo the latch on the kit as soon as he came to rest in the chair. It looked as if she had packed some paper towels and a squirt bottle into the kit along with the standard gauze. He wondered if she had just done that or if Marinette placed the towels and bottle in earlier as a manner of precaution.

"Oh Princess! You shouldn't have! I'm feline fine right now."

Marinette stuck out her lower lip. "Well you don't look fine." Her voice was rather light and carefree, but Chat couldn't but hear slight worry in it.

"Never judge a cat by his appearances ma chère, I'm more interested in these treats you've brought me." Adrien began to reach for the tray's other contents but before he laid a single finger on the cookies Marinette had swatted his hand away.

The girl giggled. "No treats until I'm through with you kitty."

With no other options presented to him, Adrien sat still as Marinette brought a paper towel to his face. It wasn't from a very expensive brand and was truthfully quite rough, but Marinette's touch was so gentle that Adrien barely noticed. While his classmate was focused on his nose Adrien began to analyze her face. He had never taken the time to really look at her before; most of his concentration was spent on trying to understand what she was saying. Now that he had the chance to truly examine her he couldn't help but notice her sparkling eyes and pursed lips. He delicate features and complexion were a treat to the eyes. Adrien couldn't believe how dainty Marinette was now that he was maybe six inches from her face. Before he could take note of any other details she retracted the paper towel and leaned back in her chair.

Marinette's small fingers reached for another paper towel and the bottle. Wetting the new towel she brought it to Adrien's face. He inhaled sharply once he felt the coolness of the damp towel but quickly brought it under control so as to not alarm Marinette. Once she had finished cleaning his face she brought a dry towel to his face to wipe away the water that had transferred to his skin.

"Looks like the bleeding stopped. You're lucky you didn't break your nose Chat Noir." Marinette closed the first aid kit and set it upon the floor, placing the used paper towels on the lid.

Adrien cast another glance at the tray. There was quite an assortment of cookies on it. Chocolate chip, sugar, macaroons; he would've been grateful for just one of them. He was distracted when Marinette reached out for the thermos and mugs. Unscrewing the thermos lid she poured the pair generous amounts of hot chocolate.

"Oh Princess, don't tell me this was all an excuse to have a picnic date with me."

Marinette shot him a rather tired looking expression, as if she had heard the line before. "When it comes to dates there's another boy on my mind."

"Are you sure I can't change your mind Princess?"

"You simply don't rate kitty cat, it's no fault of your own."

"It seems you think highly of this mystery tomcat," said Adrien as he took a bite from a sugar cookie. "Whoa! This is felomenal!"

Marinette unconsciously crushed a macaroon in her hand. "That was the worst pun I've ever heard! It was way too awkward!"

"Forget about the wording," purred Adrien, "did you make these?"

"Well, my parents ARE bakers after all."

"That's kinda disappointing. I thought I was eating a fair maiden's cookies."

Marinette's face turned a cute shade of red. "I'll have you know, Chat, that they only made the macaroons."

"So these cookies are a Marinette original then? I'm honored. You'd make a purrfect bride."

"Flattery will get you nowhere kitty. I bet a stray like you would be content with eating food off the floor."

"I think I understand," said Adrien as he crossed his arms. "It's a common misconception Princess. Lots of people make the same mistake, so don't feel bad. This is only a cat costume."

Now there was a look that he enjoyed. Pure exasperation. He always got a kick out of seeing it on Ladybug's face. Nice to see he could induce it within others as well. Adrien winked at Marinette, "I could take it off if you'd prefer."

"Do you flirt this hard with every girl you come across Chat?"

Flirting? Chat Noir was a smooth customer to be sure, but he never saw himself as a huge flirt. "I'm just showing you common courtesy Princess."

"I don't think I want to live in a world where your behavior is considered a common courtesy kitty. Perhaps you watched too many cartoons as a child to have a grasp on reality."

Adrien could only imagine what Nino would say if he was around. Ouch dude! Sick burn! While it had been a little insulting, Adrien had no problem playing along with Marinette's comments. "Pepé Le Pew was an idol of mine."

"I suppose that's where your cat fetish came from."

The unexpected comment caused Adrien to inhale the cocoa he had been bringing to his lips, causing a round of coughing. He couldn't help but notice the smug grin on Marinette's face as he struggled valiantly against his body's convulsions.

After a good thirty seconds his body had seemingly calmed itself. Trying to play it off, Adrien brought another cookie to his mouth, only to spray crumbs all over the ground with one final cough. As he stared at the ground dejectedly he could hear Marinette's quite poor attempts to suppress her laughter. He may have even heard a *snork* at one point.

As the night wore on the collection of snacks slowly diminished until there were none remaining. Adrien knew that he would regret staying out so late, but spending this time with Marinette had certainly been worth such a price. He'd have to do this again sometime.

"Well then Princess, I think I'll be off," said Adrien, taking note of the tired look in Marinette's eyes.

Marinette yawned lazily. "That's just as well kitty. I was about to suggest you let me get to bed myself."

"I expect to be invited back sometime. This night was simply feline."

"I wouldn't have a problem with that as long as we ban some select cat puns."

Adrien stood up abruptly, perhaps too abruptly of the sudden bout of dizziness was any indication. Pausing a moment to get his bearings, Adrien took a step towards Marinette and got down on one knee. A quick kiss on the hand would make for a signature Chat Noir goodbye.


"Yes Princess?"

"Do you want another nosebleed?"

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