Yugioh ARC V Dimension Dragon tamer

Yugioh Arc V Different Yuya

A boy was walking through the streets of Maiami City with a hood over his head minding his own business

he was busy with what he had been through and what led him to were he is now.

First off we should start with an introduction this boy was Yuya Sakaki and he was a different person then what he use to be.


"Please don't do this," said Yuya as a young boy as these three bullies were about to destroy his perfomal pal deck

he tried to stop the leader but the other two restrained him then instantly then the leader ripped his deck apart.

Yuya had a look that he just had his soul taken from him.

Soon it started to rain the bullies punched him and knocked him out.

Yuya was lying on the street as rain continued to pour on him.

He knew no one would help him soon his crystal started glowing and Yuya felt like he was being transported.

When Yuya looked up he was in a black void then he saw three other boys around his age that looked like him

Yuya had a confused look because he didn't know what was going on at all but the three boys smiled at him and they held out cards that were purple white and black.

Yuya didn't know what was going on so he decided to ask and say "who are you" they just held cards to him

Yuya asked "do you want me to take them" they smiled and nodded.

He took five cards from each of them and noticed that they were all extra deck cards.

"Now what" Yuya asked and the other three smiled and then all of a sudden they turned into beams of energy and merged into Yuya.

Yuya was soon touching his head because memories we're flooding in his mind on what was going to happen war was coming

and they were defeated by the same person but Yuya had trouble figuring out who it was.

Once he was alone his pendulum crystal started glowing and a deck was floating right in front of him.

He took the deck and looked through it and saw some of his old monsters and a whole bunch of new monsters.

Even his ace monster Odd-Eyes Dragon his new deck went to his duel disk however his Odd Eyes stayed floating.

All of a sudden a copy of it was made but then it changed into one of the cards he has never seen before.

"Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon it must be a really powerful monster" said Yuya

his regular Odd Eyes went out into his deck while his new one stayed out then the cards from his extra deck glowed and it out popped three other cards.

One fusion, one synchro, and one xyz.

Yuya read their names "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, Starva Venom Fusion Dragon huh those must be the ace monsters that belonged to the other three."

As Yuya said that the four cards glowed showing him that they had a strong connection to Odd Eyes.

Yuya woke up after the bright flash and saw he was still in the rain but his duel disk was dry.

Yuya now decided it was time to win with his strong new deck so off he walked in the rain and being followed by the 4 dragons.

(Flashback end)

"Hey come on man we were just kidding," said the teen who looked like the kid that destroyed Yuya's old deck.

"Well guess what I'm just kidding now in this hunting game" said a hooded figure with four dragons behind him all roaring at him and his three friends.

As it turned out this mysterious duelist had challenged these four familiar duelist to a battle royal and now they were all about to lose.

"It's my turn," said the mysterious duelist who didn't even bother to look at the card he drew he pointed at the four duelist and shouted

"Now go my mighty dragons attack these fools directly," as they charged forward there was one the was black with yellow eyes, a white with green eyes, a purple with red eyes they took out the bully's henchmen.

Then a red dragon with dual colored eyes attacked the leader.

Once they were on the ground and unconscious the hooded figure walked up to them and smashed their duel disks then one by one he ripped up there decks.

"That was for you my friends I'll never forget you."

Elsewhere in a tall building that said LDS their was a humongous computer room with a 21 year old man siting in the center working on making new cards for his deck until one of the ladies said,

"sir we just picked up high summoning methods of all kind in sector 4"

the man that we all know him as Declan looked up from his screen and said

"What kind of summoning methods"

" From what we can tell its Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and you may not believe it but Pendulum summoning" said another woman.

Declan narrowed his eyes he had just started working on pendulum summoning but some one already beat him to it.

"Do we have visual on it" Declan asked.

One of the girls pushed a button and it showed up on the big screen. Declan was shocked on what he saw there were four duelist knocked out cold with their duel disk destroyed and ripped up cards everywhere.

Declan could see they were students from the Leo institute.

" Do we have any footage on there duels?" He asked

"I'm afraid not sir the summoning power blinded are video cameras but we managed to get a picture,"

said another computer girl she pressed another button and it showed a picture of a hooded figure with 4 dragons that were hard to make out. "

I want you to monitor these dragons in any duel that they show up I want to know." Said Declan

he needs to know who can use all the summoning methods like him and find out if this duelist is a threat.

This is my story of Yuya Sakaki with his mastery of Dragons and Magicians but he will only have a few perfoma pals in his deck that help in pendulumm summoning and extra deck summoning. PS guess who the masters are

Let me know what you think of this story