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Rock laid on the couch in his apartment. He'd noticed a slight hesitation in Revy's behavior towards him. Like she was suddenly...unsure of him. As he stared at the ceiling, he thought of everything that he might have done. But it just didn't add up! The last thing that he did with Revy before the hesitation appeared was invite her out for a drink. Did Rock offend her? It was obvious that nothing serious happened, nothing sexual at least. He would've noticed.


Oh god. Something sexual didn't happen right?

"Fuck." If that...sort of thing happened, Revy might as well kill him.

A knocking at his door broke his thoughts and heightened his panic. "Rock. Dutch called, we have a small job to do. Won't take more than a couple hours." Revy. Oh shit. "Hell, we don't even need the boat for this."

Taking a breath, Rock got up and walked towards the door. Swinging it open he adjusted his tie with one hand as he walked out and locked it behind him. Looking at Revy, he let a weak and nervous grin across his face. "Okay, let's go."

Revy noticed the change. She peered at him for an extra second. Paused, but let her thoughts slide along with the curious expression on her face.

Rock and Revy slowly trotted down the stairs and once they reached the bottom, Rock pulled out a twenty dollar bill, handing it as a tip to the housing's new security man. He wasn't highly paid or anything, but he earned a few dollars too ensure that nobody would shoot the hell out of the place.

Not like it stopped it from happening anyway. Their neighborhood, hell the entire city, still got shot to hell.

So, what was the job? A useless delivery trip for the church. The Sister's transport truck apparently had busted something the day before. It was a waste of time in Revy's eyes. Rock, well, it just meant high tensions between Revy and Eda while he had interesting chats with the Sister. They took some trashy guns that looked cheap as hell over to the other side of town. Sister said she was relieved to have finally sold the garbage.

When they got back to the office, or rather apartment, the duo dropped off the share that was required for a company job, pocketed their share, and left. Both didn't crave a drink at that time, which was a little unusual for Revy, but rather they craved something just as equally satisfying and unhealthy.

A smoke.

They decided the boat was a good spot for a quiet smoke. In it's dock they'd also have a perfect view of the traffic in and out of the harbor. It would be a relaxing spot in this fiendish town.

As they walked there, it was with a comfortable silence. Not awkward in the slightest, but just peaceful. They didn't hear a gunshot the entire way. Revy had more time to wind down from the frustrations of dealing with Eda earlier and Rock, well, was Rock. He was laid back in his free time ever since he joined the Lagoon company, leaving the Japanese salary-man life behind him.

When they reached the dock, Revy was quick to be the first to hop onto the deck of the Lagoon boat, Rock slowly making his way onto the ship. When Rock got to the bow of the ship, Revy had already sat down and leaned against the wind shields of the boat, with a cigarette in mouth and a match in the other hand. As Rock slid down next to her, he took the offered wrapped white stick from her, which she lit at the same time. Resting it in his lips, Rock took a strong suck on the cigarette, holding the smoke for a second before inhaling it and letting out the breath.

"The Rip-Off Church is small fry." Revy let out the complaint before letting out her own smoke-filled breath. "Not big enough pay."

Rock took another drag. "You know Revy," exhale, "you can be a little too ambitious."

"Who the fuck cares, Rock? Money is power in this world."

"In Japan, status was power."

"That status comes with money and you know it."

"Fair enough, but not always. The majority of the time yes, but if your the patriarch of a family, you've got authority. If you have anyone under you, you've got power. And when you have that, you're suddenly quite respectable. Unless of course you manage to tarnish the family name."

Revy's smoke now dangled in between her lips. "Money is everything is most of the world, Rock. People could hardly give a shit about you if you're the CEO of some company and you don't have the money to show for it."

"Money is the international language, huh?" Rock let the thought hang. "Everything else are just things." He brought the half-done cigarette up to his lips once again.

Revy's face was split by a dark grin as she remembered their conversation from the submarine. "Damn right. Don't forget."

"...Still though, if you get too ambitious, you might bite off more than you can chew, Revy." Rock sighed, the smoke pouring out from his nose. "The Lagoon Company sure as hell can't take on a squad of military commandos. You're one crack shot, but not the entire crew matches up."

"Don't worry about me, Rock," Revy huffed, her smoke intertwining with Rock's. "I'm not the brightest, but I sure as hell ain't stupid."

"No. You aren't." The silence returned as the two sat and finished their cigarettes, before each pulled out a second. Those were burned down half way before Rock stood up and climbed to the hatch of the boat and went inside, straight for his usual corner of the ship that he'd sit at during jobs. He pushed a crate out of the way, going for a smaller box tucked behind some other stored cans of food. He pulled it out, removed the top of the small box, and shook out a bottle of whiskey.

Crawling out of the hatch, he walked to the back of entry, hopped onto the deck before walking back around to where Revy remained, now pulling out a third smoke. Seeing hers burned out, Rock noticed his was a stub too. Pulling it out and throwing it into the water, Rock raised the bottle. "Here, might as well use this now. Not like I'm saving it for a day of freedom of Roanapur." Rock tried his hardest to be as dramatic as he could with the last part, but it came out as more like a whine.

Revy looked up at the bottle and let a smile grow across her lips. "It's not rum, but that'll do." She took the bottle from Rock's outstretched hand, ripping the seal off with experienced speed, she tipped back the bottle, having a few mouthfuls before offering it back to Rock. He himself tipped it back for a few seconds before lowering it. He sank down the front of the boat once again, resuming his reflection with Revy were they sat for a long while in quiet.

Raising her hand, Revy curled her fingers in except for her index and thumb, making a finger pistol. She aimed at Roanapur across the bay. "Bang."

Rock felt a slow, grim smile spread across his face. "Do what you gotta do, eh, Revy? So we don't become a corpse."

"Damn straight." The finger gun fell. "That was a freaky fuckin' week, you know that?"

"That week? We did normal jobs, there was nothing abnormal. Drugs were still flowing, guns were still selling, hell, we probably moved a person around as well."

"You know what week I mean. That shit that we almost got killed in with that crazy bitch. Lots of people died, Rock." She reached over for the bottle, raising it up once again. "You fuckin' went in the dark there. You're lucky you got out like you did."

Rock looked back at his decision. In hindsight, it was pointless. Of course, another person had stepped in, keeping the Opium fields going. It was unclaimed territory, constantly being fought over. Taking out the big guy just meant another had to come into play. Those fields made too much money to toss aside. Drugs continued to flow through Roanapur like grains of sand would fall through your fingers.

Looking at the city, it was clear nothing had changed. He'd still dealt a great blow against the drug trade, if only for a while. But now, after all that time where he calculated everything, locking himself away, tossing aside his hope for the city as well as his humanity, it was clear. It had been pointless. He'd done more damage to himself then against the drug business. "You're right, Revy."

"...When it comes to this city, Rock, you gotta learn to say one thing. Fuck it." She handed the bottle back, to which Rock took another swallow. "This city has lived in the shit for decades. Hell, probably centuries. It's not like the rest of the world where there is shit here and there; this city, it's entirely shit."

Rock just stared straight at the city, watching the water in front of him catch on fire as the setting sun's colors took to the bay. "I believe too much in humans to let that go, Revy..."

"Fuck, Rock. Listen to me." The cigarette suddenly was squashed in between them. "You live for yourself here, Rock. Other people, they've done their crime and each one has taken their own shit on this town and their humanity. For your own good, you should do what you gotta do, no regrets."

Silence enveloped them once again, and the bottle was passed back and forth a few more times before Rock spoke up. "I am sorry for it then, Revy. If I made you worry and such."

She scoffed, cheeks slightly rosy, evidence that the shots she was hammering down was taking effect. "For the guy who held against my punch to tell me that I was reminding him of his useless bosses from Japan, that's quite soft."

"You did aim your cutlass at me."

"You weren't the same." Revy's voiced was suddenly hard. "You weren't the same, Rock. Yea, it freaked me for a second. The humanitarian of the Black Lagoon suddenly hatched a plan with calculated risks, death tolls and so much more." A tired sigh as her left hand ground its heel into her eye. "You were cold, a killer, a true psycho sounding son of a bitch."

Rock could only sit in silence as Revy said all of this. He knew that he'd worried her, but it had been a necessary ploy. He had to keep his mind set for the goal, he couldn't fold.

"So yea, I drew on you. I'd rather have seen you dead then permanently fucked up by this city." She paused to take a large gulp of the whiskey, leaving it almost empty now. "Understand this, Rock; I sorta did want to shoot you anyways back there. You caused a lot of things to be dug up, shit that I buried for a very specific reason. Anything from five years or more ago, that shit needs to stay dead. New York was way worse to me than any of the garbage that Roanapur has put in front of me."

The sudden and very brief and very minimal insight into Revy's past opened doors. Rock now had more to take into consideration about how Revy may have felt on a regular basis.

"You know what, Rock, fuck it. What do you remember about three nights ago, when you invited me out to the Yellow Flag?"

Yea, Rock remembered. It was just them. Rock had felt good, and cut loose letting himself buy rum. "Yea, what about it?"

"Remember when I asked you about what made you feel so good? Why you were buying rum? You said you felt like something was lifted off your chest."

"...Okay, what about it?"

Revy took another breath, "You said it was because of me, Rock. You were holding out here because you felt that you needed me and that you needed to make sure I didn't get lost or some bullshit like that."

Rock just sat and absorbed this revelation that apparently he said in his drunken state. While he sat, Revy continued.

"You kept talking about how I wasn't a lost cause as I insisted I was." She tossed a hand up. "I couldn't tell you what I think of it, Rock. And even though I keep telling you to stop for the restoration of Roanapur," she said waving her arms around in a holier-than-thou voice, "I am a person who has been affected by your hope, Rock. Your wee little spark of hope, it's something special, Rock." She looked his way and offered a genuine little grin. "Don't let it get snuffed out. Even by me."

"...Okay." Rock nodded. "I won't let it get snuffed out...

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