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"You shouldn't smoke."

The firm comment had Shizuo turning from his position on the edge of his bed towards the small occupant still draped under the covers, "Don't start." He groaned, lighting up his cigarette despite his girlfriend's protest.

"You should at least go outside," Kagome muttered, scrunching her nose at the acrid smell, "You're going to ruin your lungs, Shizu-nii."

Shizuo twitched, almost breaking his smoke in his sudden agitation, "Don't call me that," He demanded, knowing she was teasing him judging by the mischievous expression on her pretty face, "It's damn disturbing."

"I used to call you that all the time when I was a kid," Kagome laughed at his irritated look, "Don't you remember?" He was seven years older than her after all so it had been perfectly normal to call him that back then.

"Well, you're no longer a kid," Shizuo's brow rose as he glanced towards her chest area, which the blankets sadly hid from his view, "The last thing I need is that fucking Izaya accusing me of being a creepy siscon."

"But I liked calling you Shizu-nii back when we were neighbours," The Miko teased again, moving to sit up and letting out a sigh of slight pain when her body ached all over, "I'm covered in bruises again." She just noticed as she observed herself as best she could without a mirror.

"Err, sorry," Shizuo winced, rubbing the back of his head in discomfort once he realised the extent of the bruises that marked his much younger girlfriend, "Guess I can't control my own strength..." He said stupidly.

"Really?" Kagome retorted dryly, laughing again at his proceeding expression, "It's okay, Shizuo. I heal quickly." Ah, the perks of possessing holy blood.

"I'll make it up to you," Shizuo stated, "Want to go to Russia Sushi? I'll treat you to whatever you want." He offered, though he let out a surprised noise when Kagome forcibly hauled him back down into his bed, "Kagome?!"

"It's your day off, right?" Kagome pulled him closer and she buried her face into his messy blond hair, "Just make it up to me by staying with me all day."

"You sure?" Shizuo slid his hand down her back in a comforting gesture and felt her nod against him, "If that's what you want..." He sighed and relented to her wishes since he knew that she suffered from self-esteem issues from her previous relationship that she said had ended rockily.

She could be a bit clingy one moment and shove him away the next, but he had vowed to himself that he would do everything within his power to make her happy since he knew that he had been her only friend (even if he was quite a bit older) back when she lived in Ikebukuro before moving away when her father had died in a car accident.

Neither really knew how their friendly relationship had turned into something much more intimate and honestly speaking, Shizuo did have his doubts on whether if he was taking advantage of her depression.

"It's what I want," Kagome said into his hair, "Just stay here," She felt his arms wrap around her to pull her closer to him, "With me." She smiled anyways at his rough answer.

"Whatever you want."