Author's Note:

Sokka is potential waiting to be tapped and I have to admit, I really enjoyed getting into his mind, a scary place though it may be. This story is a multi chapter one where the first three are set within the ATLA S3 timeframe, and the last two are events I've created. You may even recognise the scene in the last chapter as one from my other story, Where My Demons Hide.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea.

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Sokka, Sleuthing Extraordinaire


Sokka sighed and shook his head as his sister left.

"This isn't right."

Aang stood next to him, disapproval clear in his voice.

"I know, Aang, but maybe she needs this. Closure and justice, like Zuko said."

"Yeah. I hope she chooses forgiveness." The airbender's frown faded. "Like she's done with Zuko."

"I don't think they're there yet."

"Still." said Aang, turning and walking back to the tents. "it's nice to see them being, well, nice to each other. In their own way."

Sokka remained standing where he was. Yeah… he was being nice.

Awfully nice even, considering it was Zuko they were talking about.

He remembered how the Prince had tackled Katara and covered her, protecting her from the falling rocks in the Western Air Temple.

His eyes widened. "No..."

He remembered how Katara had caught Zuko when he had fallen off the airship after his fight with Azula; their hands seemed to just reach for each other.

A strangled noise escaped his throat.

He remembered how Zuko had followed Katara after her frosty departure—heh, frosty—and later, in Sokka's tent, told him that he did care what his sister thought of him.

Sokka shook his head back and forth vigorously and said with newfound confidence, "No way. Those two?


He also remembered that those two in particular had just left. Together. Alone.

The air bison was becoming a speck on the horizon, carrying the bothersome firebender and his baby sister further away.

Sokka took a few determined steps towards them, almost forgetting to stop when the cliffs fell away to crashing waves.

"Come back! Come back right now!"

He threw his boomerang after them to emphasize his point. After a moment, it flew back around and hit him in the head.