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Sokka, Sleuthing Extraordinaire


"Hey, I remember her. She helped you attack us!" Sokka pointed at the bounty hunter sitting at a crowded table.

Zuko sighed and nodded. "Yup, back in the good old days."

"Oh great." The hunter, June was her name if Sokka remembered correctly, had a dangerously smooth voice. "It's Prince Pouty." And a knack for nicknames. "Where's your creepy grandpa?"

"He's my Uncle, and he's not here."

June sat back in her chair with her legs kicked out lazily in front of her. Even lounging, she still looked ready to pounce. Lowering the cup slightly, she looked at the small crowd in front of her and smirked, her eyes sliding between two in particular. "I see you worked things out with your girlfriend."

A strangled noise escaped Sokka's throat.

"She's not my girlfriend!" exclaimed Zuko.

"I'm not his girlfriend!" cried out Katara, at the same time.

"Okay, okay, sheesh. I was only teasing." June's smirk only widened when the two teens blushed, glanced at each other, and immediately looked away with matching, disconcerted frowns. She rolled her eyes and waved a hand nonchalantly. "So, what you want?"

Words then faded in and out because simultaneously keeping his ears on the conversation and his eyes on his sister and that pesky Prince was harder than Sokka thought it would be.

But none of it could matter right now, because right now was about finding Aang, and surviving the battle that lay ahead.

Maybe later he'd have a pointed word with a certain firebender.

Yes, definitely later.