Missy and Leonard

Leonard thinks he's dreaming of him and Missy being intimate, but is it a dream or is he just remembering?

Leonard walks in to the kitchen and sees Missy in the kitchen making breakfast dressed in a robe. "Missy why she's here so early?"

"well I spent the night."

"who's bed did you sleep in?"

since he didn't notice the couch pulled out.

"uh yours, did you want me to sleep on the couch after we slept together? "

"We slept together?"

"Are you okay?"

"it's early. "

"What about Sheldon's reaction? "

"He's gone away a conference for the weekend."

She goes down to her knees and pulls him out and sucks, almost causing him to lose his footing. She sucks him unto his unloads in her mouth.

She stands goes over to him puts her hands on his shoulders gives him a deep kiss and says "let me worry about him, would you like to go a round as its Saturday or several. ?" She says as his pants are still at his ankles as she undoes her robe with nothing underneath it.

He goes down on her as he makes her cum several times as he licks her good.

My god he has some tongue, she says as he makes her cum.

He stands her up and turns her around as her hands are on the counter as he slides his dick into her wet pussy as he pounds into her and before long she's calling out his name as both cum.

After that he pulls her into his room for several rounds, within minutes Missy is calling out Leonard's name in pleasure.

Leonard wakes up to the sun shining on his face, he rolls over and sees missy wrapped in sheets in his bed, he pulls them back just enough to not wake her and notices neither of them are clothed.

Damn it was real. How did that happen? Leonard think. Oh yeah he remembers.

Missy was upset by breaking up with her boyfriend, he offered her a warm beverage. She complains about her dating life, he asks since she can't seem to find a guy or a nice one he asks why not give him a chance. The next thing he remembers she kisses him in the lips and not a regular one, but a deep one, she pulls him up and leads him to his bedroom.

"Missy, I want to know I don't want to take advantage of you, so I don't want you to wake up regretting this in the morning. "

"Leonard. " she goes to kiss him again.

"Okay then."

As he goes to undress and missy let's her dress fall to the floor, leaving Leonard speechless at Missy in only a bra and panties. I'm not going to last long.

He tells her to lay on her back, as he removes the garments as he licks her pussy causing her to cum a couple times, Leonard removes his boxers as he slides in her wet pussy with ease as she instructs him to fuck her. He grabs the headboard and pounds, she places her ankles at his shoulders as she stretches her long legs out.

"Shit Leonard." As she feels another coming. Before long he cums in her womb.

She gets on him and rides him until both climax and until both are exhausted.

Oh yeah how can I forget that. Leonard thinks and looks at a sleeping Missy before going back to sleep.