Hi there! I'm back after like a two year hiatus, and instead of updating all of my old fics, I'm just gonna start anew with this Aokise piece I came up with today. I've been neglecting writing because of a few problems I'm facing right now. Firstly, I lost all confidence in my writing skills, so I haven't written anything for almost a year. But today, out of all days, I woke up thinking that I HAVE TO get back to writing. I used to love writing, used to love reading reviews, used to write every single day. With that thought, I was like "okay, Ami, it's time. Write something, and post it. Re-learn your love for writing."

That's what I'm gonna do! I hope you guys won't be super critical about my writing flaws, because it's going to take time to get back to where I was a year ago.

So, anyways, I've planned 10 chapters in total, this super light fluffy slow burn thing, right? Right. Let's go!

P.s. Aomine might seem a little bit OOC, but I figured I'd write the young version of Aomine, when he was happy and nice. Okay, enough of me talking, go read. Aomine is an engineering student, Kise is a journalism student.

p.p.s. This fic will be crossposted on AO3 as well.

The title comes from the song "No Ordinary Love" by The Civil Wars

It all starts when I wobble up on my feet dressed as Batman at 2 AM in the morning, trying to lace my shoes up so I could safely go home. Kuroko's standing in the hallway, leaning against the wall, my messenger bag in his hands. He's dressed as Indiana Jones, something I've never imagined him wearing before, but here he is rocking this look like nobody's business.

"Are you sure you're going to be alright?" he asks, face unchanging. I never know if he's genuinely concerned, or just asking because he's polite.

I pull up my Batman mask so I can see better through the slits and everything swims. Fuck, I shouldn't have mixed vodka and tequila at the same time. "Yeah," I say, rubbing my eyes through the plastic holes. "Sure. I'm gonna call myself a taxi when I get outside."

"Okay," he nods and hands me my bag. Somehow I manage to get it on me so it stays where it is, and I reach for the door handle. All this latex and fabric isn't helping me walk, but I wave goodbye and go straight for the elevator. Pushing the button, I exhale a loud breath and wait for the quiet 'ding' of my ride arriving. I want to go home, take some medicine, sleep it off, something I always do after a whole night of heavy drinking. Thankfully, I don't have classes tomorrow. I can already feel the nausea coming in the morning.

I hold myself up by sheer will, and suddenly, there's a person standing right next to me. Someone familiar. I narrow my eyes, scramble to hold up my mask so I can see their face. The slits of the mask let some light in and I clear my throat, because it's the guy Momoi introduced me to earlier, back when I wasn't shitfaced. He's handsome, and dressed in a mummy costume. Tan skin, short dark haired, he also has intense blue eyes. What was his name?

"Going home early, huh?" he says, making me snap out of my thoughts.

I wiggle my free hand and shrug, making an 'eh' sound. He flashes me a brilliant white smile. I decide I'm not that fucked to stay silent. "Daiki, right?" I ask. "Shit, I'm so sorry. Momoi told me your name, but I'm really bad at remembering stuff I heard before drinking vodka."

He huffs a snort while fixing his costume a little. "Wasn't significant enough to remember, was I?" he says and I blush. Thank fuck he can't see me underneath the mask. "It's alright. I'm not good with names either."

"Can we start over?" I say, as I hear the elevator ding.

He smirks at me, extends his hand and says "Aomine Daiki."

I fake-gasp. "So I did get your last name right!" I say, carefully straightening myself so I can stand and talk at the same time. "Nice to meet you, then. I'm Kise Ryouta."

We shake on it, and walk inside of the elevator. Aomine presses the first floor button, making the elevator wheeze back to life, closing the doors on us. This god-awful music comes on, triggering my head into hurting more than it already does. We both lean back on the hand-rails; because I'm shit-drunk, I can't stand on my own two feet without any leverage.

"I know you, actually," Aomine says, making me concentrate on his velvety voice instead of elevator music. "You were playing basketball on our college team last year. I would've probably recognized you easier if you weren't wearing a Batman suit."

I watch the numbers go down from 11th floor, shifting slightly so I can lean back more comfortably. "Was I significant enough to remember?" I joke.

He's serious enough to clear his throat. "Actually, yeah. I've never seen anyone play ball like you did, not to mention the fact the team keeps losing games now that you quit."

I glance at him, and he's even more gorgeous in the dim lights of the elevator. "Do you play ball?"

Aomine raises his eyebrow, but the smile keeps tugging at his lip corners. "I used to," he says. "More into engineering now. I do play basketball once in a while, like, in the college courts? With friends, mostly."

I open my mouth to ask if he's interested in playing ball with me sometime and before I can get anything out, the elevator screeches and wails, slowing up in speed. We both grab onto the rail as the elevator comes to a halt, only the rough sound of metal on metal getting through, an amazing addition to the elevator music.

The lights are still on, and I'm standing frozen, looking wide-eyed at the door. Fuck, are we stuck, or...

Aomine comes to life and steps forward to the doors, touching them with his fingers. He looks through the slit, and I release the rail. My hands are sweaty, so I wipe them off on the rough fabric of my cloak.

"Are we going to die?" I ask, half-worried, half-drunk.

Aomine looks back at me, shrugs. "Depends. We're probably stuck between floors. I have no idea where, though."

I groan and haphazardly get my stupid mask off, finally breathing in fresh air. Aomine freezes for a second, his muscles looking tense, then looks back at the doors. Bangs them a few times, then splays his fingers on the metal.

I walk over to him, and check the buttons of the elevator. "I've never been stuck in an elevator before, so I'm not sure what's the course of action when you're stranded in a metal box of death at 2 AM in the morning. Thoughts?"

Aomine tries opening the doors, but fails. I watch his neck tense up beautifully as he's huffing out his frustration, then go back to the buttons.

"We could call Kuroko, ask him to call the elevator to his floor. It could be the elevator malfunctioning, maybe triggering it from the outside would work."

I nod and fish out my phone out of my bag, rummaging through notebooks and trash I never take out of it. I pause for a second. "Could you call him? I'm not exactly sure I can be coherent enough to tell him our situation."

Aomine takes the phone out of my hands, unlocks it and laughs. "You have a picture of yourself as your lock-screen?"

"Don't judge me, mummy boy."

"Alright, princess."

We both stand there awkwardly for a few seconds it takes Aomine to find Kuroko's number and wait for him to answer. I can hear the beeps of the call in the unnerving silence, and I realize how drunk I actually am as Kuroko answers. My head's spinning, Aomine keeps wobbling in my eyesight and I need to sit down for a while.

"Fuck, hold on," Aomine says into the phone and crouches down to my level. "Are you okay?"

I breathe in through my nose and hold my breath for what feels like hours. Exhaling, I lift my eyes to meet Aomine's blue worried ones. "Yeah," I say. "Yeah, I'm good. Outdid myself with the vodka, that's all."

Aomine bites his lip, and looks up to the doors. "Hey Kuroko? You there?"

A muffled 'yes' comes out of the phone.

"I'm putting you up on speaker," Aomine says and pokes the screen. "There we go."

"Who is this?" Kuroko asks, his voice a little weird through the speaker.

"Aomine," he answers. "Look, Kise and I are stuck in the elevator, and we're kind of fucked. We tried pushing all the buttons, but we ain't moving just yet. Could you come out and call the elevator? It should work."

It seems that Kuroko is moving and I can hear him unlocking the door. After shuffling a bit, I hear the ding of the button, but our elevator stays where it is, making me put my head in my hands, the latex sticking to my sweaty skin. Aomine crawls next to me and puts his hand on my back, soothingly massaging me out of my nausea.

"It's not going up," Kuroko says.

"Yeah," Aomine echoes, and I relax under his touch. "I have no fucking idea what to do now. Kise's not feeling too well, man."

"I'm good," I slur, and Aomine just looks at me pointedly.

"There should be an emergency number above the buttons," Kuroko says, voice steady and clear. "Can you see it?"

Aomine stops massaging my back and pats on my shoulder. "Hang in there, I'm gonna get us out."

I nod and regret it instantly because my head swims more, and then he stands up, walks around me to reach the buttons. Trapping the phone between his ear and his shoulder, he touches the metal and looks at the emergency sheet.

"There's a number," he says. "You think they're gonna answer at ass in the morning?"

"They're supposed to be on call even at night," Kuroko says and Aomine hisses. I muffle my own laugh as Aomine grabs the phone from his ear and rubs it.

"God damn speaker," he mumbles underneath his breath.

"Aomine?" Kuroko says.


"Call me when you two get out of the elevator."

Aomine just looks at me, bites his lip and clears his throat. "Sure."

Kuroko ends the call. I'm leaning back against the wall, afraid of moving, so I just follow Aomine with my eyes. Fuck, the more I look at him, the more cute he is. Even with his damn mummy costume I can see he's pretty ripped, arms buff and cheekbones harsh. He's standing straight, phone in his hands, and I can't help but notice his fingers are rough but slim enough to look gentle. I catch myself smiling, and I'm too late to calm myself down when Aomine's eyes meet with mine.

"We're stuck, and you're smiling," he airs out, one eyebrow raised in question. "Are you just this drunk, or..."

"This drunk," I say and raise my hands to show him just how much. Thankfully, he snorts a silent laugh. My stomach flips, and it's not because of alcohol.

"Alright, I need you to close your eyes and sit there until help comes. Can you do that for me?"

"Okie dokie," I mumble, and before I know it, I'm passed out.

I wake up to a slow buzzing sound and our elevator rumbling into life. Aomine's talking loudly, I can hear someone else talking back outside, so it's all it takes for me to drift into consciousness.

Aomine notices me staring dreamily. He points at the door, still holding my damn phone. "The company sent out a few guys to get us out of here. I was just about to shake you awake."

I click my tongue. "Good thing you didn't, I'm about to throw up if I don't get out soon."

"Can you hold it in for a while? They're going down to call our elevator."

"No promises."

"Look, if you vomit on my costume you'll have to pay for dry cleaning."

I flash him a drunken smile. I feel so much better now that I've slept. "Deal. How long was I out?"

He shrugs. "Like two hours. Your face looks better than before, though. I had to check your pulse every now and then, because man, you looked fucking dead-pale for like an hour."

I brush my hair out of my face, still clingy with of sweat. "Shouldn't have mixed vodka and tequila. My demise," I say dramatically. Aomine's eyes look playful, so I continue. "Then again, I wouldn't have been stuck here with a really handsome guy if I didn't get too drunk for partying."

Aomine's silent after my comment, and when our elevator finally starts moving down, he helps me up on my feet. I cling to him, feeling his muscles moving underneath my fingers, and my cheeks go strawberry red thinking I went too far with flirting. I could blame it on the alcohol, but Aomine's hands are still on me, even though I'm standing perfectly fine on my own.

We reach the first floor, and the doors open, revealing two elevator workers. Aomine doesn't let me go until we're out of the elevator. He talks to the guys, and thanks them for freeing us, then gets back to me. I'm hugging myself, trying not to puke my guts out, so he wraps one of my hands around his neck and helps me walk outside. Without a word, he calls a taxi through my phone, waits with me, but never says a word.

By the time the taxi arrives, I'm dead embarrassed I even opened my damn mouth in the elevator. Aomine waves at the taxi driver, leads me to the taxi and sits me inside.

"I'm sorry..." I start, but Aomine shushes me by climbing in next to me.

He sits close enough that our shoulder press together and puts his hand on the front seat. "You know the student dorms?" Aomine proceeds telling the driver the address to the dorms, and I relax my shoulders. I'm vaguely worried that we're going to the dorms instead of my apartment, but then again, I don't have any strength in me left to tell Aomine my address. I sag against the seats, and Aomine's body heat makes me sleepy, but I pay attention to his voice, his tone weirdly calming in this situation. I'm drunk, and he's here, so I just conk out again, thinking how nice it feels when his arm wraps around me again.

Then, I'm gone.