Author: Angel Cale (
Disclaimer: Dark Angel isn't mine, whatsoever… (Wish it is *SIGH*)
A/N: This is Max's thoughts about her and Logan after 'HELLO, GOODBYE'

Yesterday I cried
Knowing that I lied
In sadness no one can write
I'd try to hide

He said he loves me
And I said I love him
Sad that he didn't hear
My tearful confession

Yesterday I called it off
Despite his eyes I'm afraid of
But I couldn't stay
Couldn't risk his life no more

Yesterday I saw his eyes
Full of sorrow and distrust
As if he thought the Fate is in disguise
And the sun would never rise

I'm sorry
Sorry to hurt you so
But it's all I can do
To save you from the cruel truth
I'll tell you maybe one day
And I hope you'll say
That you still love me in every way

No matter what happens
I love you
I always did and will always do
Even if I'd die I swear it's true

One day
I wish you'll hear what I'd say...