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Happy new year people, the sequel is up people despite it being the prologue but don't worry there will be more to come and this is the unbeta'ed version for now so lets roll the clip


The mist of Kiri, a wonder and mystery in itself as it is always foggy every time of the day in these lands and most don't even know why, even the people living there knew why the mist never lets up but none question it for reasons they themselves know.

But enough about that, for now we see a small boat heading for Kiri let's have a closer look shall we.

(On the boat)

"Hey man, you sure about going there? I mean with the civil war and all," asked the boat driver as he steer his boat towards land. At the front of the boat stood a figure covered in a brown cloak with the only thing visible were six swords sticking out from both sides of his cloak.

The figure turns his head slightly towards the boat driver before he chuckle a little as he answered him "sure I do, and that's why I am going there because after all, where better to make a name for yourself then fighting in a civil war."

The boat driver stares at him for a moment before he shook his head at the weird figure before him as the two made way for land.

What neither expected though were a group of Kiri shinobi waiting for them at the place they were going to as at it was supposedly secluded by the boat driver but seeing no choice he decided to go with it.

The Kiri shinobi stood firm as the boat landed onto the shore, the reason they were there is because an informant of theirs told them that someone was coming there to help the rebels so to speak, so the Mizukage decided to send some of his forces to subdue him before he could meet them.

The group consisted of nearly 20 Kiri shinobi with four of them wearing masks with the symbol of Kiri etched onto it.

Once the boat settled properly, the cloak figure jump from it and landed slightly in front of them, if they were slightly startled by how he did it they didn't show it outwardly but instead one of the Kiri shinobi wearing masks spoke first.

"Identify yourself."

The cloak figure just stare at the group for a few moments before he started chuckling to himself, making the group stare at him in confusion until he spoke out

"Oh that's easy, I'm the guy that's gonna bury all of you six feet under if you don't get lost."

That really didn't settle the shinobi's nerves as all of them there tense up and got ready to fight as the one that spoke first continued "then you have to come with us sir or else."

Smirking, the figure goaded him on "or else what? You and your goon squad gonna take me by yourself, if so then…"

Unsheathing one of his swords, he continued "come and get me."

That was the signal as two of the shinobi came in fast in a pincer but what they weren't expecting was the figure to suddenly appear right in front of the remaining group as the two in the pincer maneuver slash at nothing.

What happen next shocked the group as the two suddenly dropped dead with their heads decapitated from their bodies. The remaining group reacted quick by jumping away from the figure with six jumping back with their handsigns finish as all of them called out


From there a hail of water bullets shot forth towards the figure; seeing this, the figure barely showed any outward reaction as he calmly flick his free hand and from there the water bullets suddenly vanish into thin air as if it were never there.

The figure was going to retaliate when water whips suddenly appeared from out of nowhere and wrapped themselves onto his limbs, immobilizing him so that he couldn't do anything and from there the four masks wearing shinobi appeared from the bushes with eight others slowly walking towards the blond surrounding him as one of the mask wearing shinobi spoke out.

"Do not resist, now come with us or die here."

In what they thought was an easy victory here didn't happen as the figure didn't react outwardly until they heard chuckling until it slowly grew into a full blown laughter which made the eight surrounding him back off slightly as the figure continued on until it slowly go back into a chuckle as he spoke out

"Sorry but dying right here isn't on my to do list so…"

Suddenly, a pulse of lightning surged forth towards the connected whips and from there, the mask wearing shinobi started lighting up like light bulbs until the whips dissolve into nothing. Following that was a 360 spin with a swing of his sword, among the eight that surrounded him three manage to jump into the air just in time while the rest was bisected from the waist.

The six early on decided to charge in for the kill but the figure had other ideas as he stab his sword to the ground and from the skies, a bolt of lightning struck the place he stood and four of the six shinobi got electrocuted while the remaining two who were slightly slower were spared.

For a few moments anyway when a blue wave arc went pass the two of them and a few seconds later, blood splutter out from the wounds they received from it and then dropped dead.

The figure took a look at his handiwork for a moment as he seem to muse about something when all of a sudden, the mist form where he could see started to grow thicker and thicker until his vision was block by it and the only thing he could see were his hands.

Once again it barely fazes him as he smirk at the move the remaining shinobi tried to do as instead of panicking, he disappear into the very mist they created as though it was his own domain.

From the boat driver's point of view, he could hardly see anything but what scared him most was the sounds of steel clashing against steel and the cries of pain from god knows who with the occasional flashes of Justus firing about until it slowly turned into silence and the mist slowly dissipated. Once it was manageable though, the sight nearly made him puke but he held it in as he saw the sight in front of him, body parts were littered all over the area with the head of a shinobi just right in front of his boat with a horrified expression on his face.

Looking back to the field, he saw that there were only two mask wearing Kiri shinobi left along with the figure who looked like he barely move from his spot with one of his sword still in his hand. The shinobi look worse for wear because despite being alive, they had cuts and slash riddled all over their bodies.

The two look at the figure for a moment before discreetly looking at each other, and as if like an unknown sign one of them took off in a direction whereas the other charged right at the figure in a suicide attack.

The plan would have worked though, if the figure didn't suddenly turn into a bolt of lightning and pass right through the charging shinobi and also right into the fleeing one ensuring that he couldn't get away. With his back facing the two, it didn't take long before they too fell like their brethren before them. The boat driver was slightly shock at how the figure manage to take out 20 shinobi without as much as a scratch on him. The figure turn back to the boat driver and said "thanks for the ride old man but I think I can figure out the way from here on out."

Slightly confuse at what he meant, he was about to ask when a loud explosion rang out and the sounds of battle were heard and by the sound of it they were close by. Turning back, he saw that the figure disappear into thin air as if he were never there, mumbling something incoherent he decided to get the hell of out dodge before something else happen.

(With the figure)

"Man, barely an hour and already there's some action going on must be my lucky day."

Heading towards the sounds of battle, the figure stood on top of one of the trees nearby to get a good look and what he saw brought a grin on his face as the battlefield before him rage on like a wildfire which made his battle lust cry out to take on everyone but he decided to focus on just one place

That place he was particularly noticing was basically a giant wide open field with what look like flames, coral and some other stuff where trees and grass use to be and right in the middle of it all were two people.

One of them was a tall, slender woman in her thirties. She has green eyes, and ankle-length, auburn hair styled into a herringbone pattern at the back, a top-knot tied with a dark blue band, and with four bangs at the front. Two bangs are short, with one covering her right eye, and two are long, crossing each other on her bust, just below her chin.

She wears a long-sleeved, dark blue dress that falls just below the knees. It seems to be closed at the front with a zipper, and is kept open on the front-right side from the waist down. The dress only covers up to the upper part of her arms and the underside of her breasts. Underneath, she wears mesh armour that covers slightly more of her upper body than her dress. She also wears a skirt in the same colour as her dress and, underneath those, mesh leggings reaching down over her knees. Around her waist, she wears a belt with a pouch attached to the back on the left along with high-heeled sandals and shin-guards reaching up over her knees, dark blue polish on her fingers and toes.

The other was a short male with a head of messy-grey hair, pink pupiless eyes and what seems to be a stitch-like scar running from under his left eye, all the way down his cheek. He wore a grey, sleeveless shirt with the Kirigakure forehead protector attached to the front, short-sleeved mesh armour over which he also wears a green poncho along with a turquoise sash around his waist, paired with a green apron over his pants. He wears a pair of brown boots, and on his back he carried a staff-like pole weapon with uneven sized hooks with a green flower on the larger end.

The female look a little tired as he saw her breathing looking a little ragged and some cuts on her clothing didn't look good for her either and from what he could tell, most of her soldiers are too far off or too weak to give her support so with that in mind, he decided to make himself known.

(With the two shinobi)

"Surrender now Terumi, your rebellion is done and I will purge all of your kind into oblivion," mocked the grey haired man.

All he got for an answer was a voice so filled with venom it would have poison him if it wasn't real "like hell I will Yagura, as long as I'm still breathing you're plan will never succeed."

"Then let me rectify that."

The male was about to strike the down woman when all of a sudden a bolt of lightning struck in between the both of them, causing the two to shield their eyes for a moment until it quickly vanish and when it did, the two look on as the cloak figure stood firm in between them which confuse thw two as to why he was here.

"Who are you?" demanded the male.

The figure had an amused smirk under his hood at the male before him as he cheekily said "what, this how you treat your guest. I'm shocked, no red carpet, pretty cocktail waitresses, hell not even a all you can eat buffet, man if I knew you suck this much as a host I would have gone to Iwa if only to piss the guy there who still has a beef with Blondie way back in the stone age but then again kids like you won't know how to throw a party anyway."

That made the auburn haired woman giggle a little at the short joke at the grey haired male who twitch slightly as he said in a slight restrain anger "I am gonna ask again, who are you and what are you doing here?"

With the smirk still plastered on his face, the figure suddenly toss his cloak into the wind taking it to who knows where as his blond mop like hair flow with it, showing a black eyepatch on his left eye. His body armour and guards on his arms and legs along with a jacket of sorts with one side being ebony black while the other side is ivory white with six swords strapped to his waist.

The two were slightly stunned at his appearance as the blond said outloud

"Well since you're asking so nicely, come one come all because as off today Naruto Date, The One Eye Dragon of Konoha is here to kick ass so shorty."

Unsheathing one of his swords again, he pointed at the male as he continued on "are you ready to rumble."


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