Graduation day.

Mikage and Frau made me wear a very flashy suit, which does not suit me. "It suits you, all right," Michael said in an amused tone in my head. "Yeah, only if it's not flashy," I tell him. He snickers and I ignore him. I walk up to Mikage, whose hand grips his little friend, Capella.

We found him a few months ago while Frau and I were exterminating Kors somewhere out there in a slave ship. He came up to us with healing zaiphon in his hands. We decided to keep him until we find his mother.

Meanwhile, Mikage volunteered to help take him under his wing for the time being, and so here we are. "Teito!" I hear Ouka call, before I can reach Mikage. "Wanna dance with me?" she asks, taking my hand anyways.

She and I know the song which is being played by the musicians. We twirl and step back and forth, as we both know is how we're supposed to do. I occasionally see dad and uncle with worried expressions as we twirl in unison. But soon, we drown in our dance, moving in sync, and finally, we bow at the end of our dance.

It tires me to dance, honestly, because I'm not that good a dancer. But Ouka could somehow make us look great when we do it together, so I don't really care. "That was one hell of a dance!" Mikage said as we sit on a chair. "Thanks," I mumble. Ouka beams at his compliment.

"I know right! Whenever we dance together, he just shines!" she says. I face palm. "Teito." I turn and see Ayanami. How did I not notice him? Well, he is the silent type. Sometimes, I just can't sense him. He gestures me to follow him, and I comply.

We walk towards the hallway where I know is Castor and Labradors' Lab. "Why're we going to the Lab?" I ask. "We're gonna have a secret party," he says, a very, very rare smile on his face. I've literally never seen him with a genuine smile like that, ever since Yukikaze's Accident.

"I know what we're gonna do," Michael said in my mind with a snicker. "We're getting' drunk and wasted~"

"That is so not you. Plus, I'm kinda underage for that kinda stuff," I said in my mind. "Who cares?"


He opens the door to the lab and party poppers pop around us. "Congratulations Teito-kun!" Labrador says with a very bright smile. "What he said," Castor said coolly. They hand me a glass of what seems to be red wine. "Told ya."

I can't even respond to him, because what I have in my hand is too shocking. "You're actually telling me to drink?"

"Who says you're underage?"

"…" I decide to just drink it. Everything swims in my vision. Is this what happens when you drink?

In no time, I get drunk.

"Cheers, Teito," I hear Ayanami say. I nod. I'm not focused enough to answer him, I realize. Everyone starts to drink clear wine. I wonder why I'm the only one who drinks red wine.

I stumble to a sitting position. I see Frau and Castor and Labrador talking at one corner, holding their liquor very well. "You drunk?" Ayanami asks, sitting beside me. "Aargh, it's my first time drinking…" I say, putting my hand on a table.

"Well, there's a first for everything," he says, making a cheers gesture to what he says. I nod and reluctantly drink some more of the red wine. Then, everything around me turns black. The wine in my hand disappears, and I look around.

"Hey, Teito." I turn and see another version of me, with red eyes, though. "Why the confused look?"

"Well, for one thing, this is, like, the first time I've seen you."

"Eh? Then what about all those smirks and…?"

"Well, I only felt it. I don't necessarily need to see you to know what you're doing."

"Ah… I see," he says and our eyes meet. Ruby red and emerald green. "You're really the most beautiful vessel I've ever encountered, you know?"

"Huh? What're you talking about?"

"Hmm… I suppose you'll find out soon," he says and leans in. Before I react, he kisses me with full-on passion. His lips on mine feels really weird, and seeing me kiss myself doesn't really help either. His hand keeps me in place, forcing me to kiss him back.

Then, nothing. Everything is a blur, and then I'm sitting in a dark place. In front of me is a large screen. "Thank you Teito, for handing over your body."

… !


"Eheh. See for yourself what I see everyday," he says and the screen flickers on. I see Ayanami above me. I know he's carrying me, I can feel his hands on my back. "Oh? You're awake already?" he says. Michael nods. "This is obnoxious. Let me out!"


"But… why?"


He then closes his eyes. Everything turns very pitch black, and I only sit there. I don't know what to do.


Hey guys, sorry for the late update! It's been a very, very busy time for me, and it still is… (You know, stuff like events and exams are coming up and I'm drowned in busy stuff…) So now, I probably won't be able to update as much as I can, but I'll try.

Thanks for reading~

- To be continued-

Note: I'm sorry for accidentally writing Yukikaze as Kamikaze X( 3/20/2016