Hey there some of you may not know me, but I'm Stargirl and I'm here with my most recent story. ENJOY!

Chapter One : Just suck it up

It was night time in the big city of New York, the city that never sleeps. It rain hard, but somewhere in a old warehouse, two sinister forces came to met after their great defeat from the turban turtles. The Kraang loss their supple of mutagen and kraathatrogons due to the turtle known as Donatello and his human allies. The shredder loss his second in command Tiger Claw and was humiliated by the blasted turtles

The Kraangs discovered something however. When the Kraang were fighting the turtles in the hall of portals. They found a parallel universe that contained pudgy and cartoony version of the turtles. Which interested the them greatly.

They started to look for more universes like this one and they found another one. One more serious, the color were darken but not in black and white.

Kraang decided to inform the gruesome shredder about this discovery.

" what is it Kraang ? What is so urgent that made you dare to call me? " Shredder said as he

walked into the room with two foot bots at his side. Clearly not that amused by the Kraang interrupt him him in his time of vendetta.

S" It appears that Kraang has found a parallel universe that contains duplicates of the one known as the turtles " A Krangdoid explained

" What! " he screamed " I want every you have on these turtles now!" He ordered.

Making the Kraang flinch and obey to his orders.

Earlier that day...

The turtles were still celebrating their great victory of taking out the shredder's forces and the Kraangs'. The mysterious quake stopped after Donnie sent the ' space worm as Casey jone likes to call it back to dimension X and sabotage their portals. After their well earned party, the brothers were granted to go out, topside.

The brothers hollered and hooted happily as they jump rooftops. Just acting there age for once...

That was until they saw a bunch of foot soldiers and the one and only Shredder on their motorcycle bikes, riding them at a fast paces. Meaning something big is going on.

" Woah ... What you think would making Shredder come out of his shell ?" Mikey ask knowing the shredder only leaves his lair unless necessary.

" Whatever it is, it got to be big " Raph said

" Most definitely " Donnie agreed to the matter before looking up at Leo for his responds.

" We should follow them and find out, stealth mode guys" Leo said and with that they all followed the shredder to abandoned warehouse. They slipped right in and sticked to the shadows.

" what is it Kraang ? What is so urgent that made you dare to call me? " Shredder ask not looking happy one bit at the Kraang. The brothers hid on the roofs' support beam, listening to the shredder's and Kraang conversation.

" It appears that Kraang has found a parallel universe that contains duplicates of the one known as the turtles "

" Others turtles?" Donnie questioned softy to himself.

" You don't think they mean the dorky turtle do you ?" Mikey suggested.

" It's a possibility " Leo said

" Can it! We will be discovered next if you don't pipe it down" Raphael hissed. They all went silent, deciding to listen and find out more of Kraangs' discovery.

" What!" Shredder shriek at the news he was given. " I want every you have on these turtles now!" shredder demanded with that the Kraangs started to work.

The Kraangdoids showed a hollows-gram of two very different versions of New York. A bright and colorful one, looked friendly and nice and then a dark colored version. You could just sense the serious and dark tone by just looking at it

The Kraang was able to show both of them.

" Kraang did what the one known as shredder wished for " A droid informed.

" Excellent "

" As thought we doing two Kraang will keep searching for more of the ones that are known as the turtles "

" Very well, fire up your portal Kraang. I wish to visit these turtles " Shredder said simply.

All the Kraang stopped what they were doing and looked at him like he was crazy or mad. The turtles watched this all unfold. Thinking to that shredder was mad.

" Did I stutter?" shredder asked harshly.

The Kraang instantly started getting the portal working. The brothers didn't bother to hesitate, they jumped right into actions.

Shredder looked at them with a slight grin under his metal helmet.

" Maybe I can have some turtle soup before I go "

" Fat chance " Raph replied angrily before charging at shredder with his sai in hand.

" Booakasha!" Mikey cried out as he twirl his nunchucks. And charged after Raph.

The Kraangs charged up their laser guns and started firing at the turtles.

" Donnie stop the portal! The rest of us cover Donnie "

Leo ordered.

Donnie quickly spin his staff behind his back, he whipped it out and knock out a Kraangdoid at the control panel before doing the same on his right. He then putting his bo staff in his holder, his fingers soon fly across the panel. Leo covered Donnie, he sliced a Kraangdoids into little pieces.

While Mikey and Raph kept the big mighty Shredder entertain. Leo lead the Kraangs away from Donnie but in the same process of the lasers are now being lead to the portal.

With all this happening, laser flying everywhere. But just one just one laser did it, it hit it in it sweet spot.

The portal hummed to life and started to glow pink. The brothers looked at it waiting for the worst to come. That when the portal finished warming up and starting pulling everything in it path into the portal. Like a huge vacuum it pull in every small object that wasn't tie down as it was just dust. The brother eyes widen as they watch the machine power grown.

" TURTLES FALL BACK !" Leo yelled just so the others could hear him over the portal.

" I'll allow it " Raph said knowing that it was the best option and better not to argue.

" Retreat " Shredder said as he tries to resist the portal powerful winds.

But unfortunately the portal power kicked up a notch as the portal started sucking in with strong forces. Mikey started to be pulled in making him yelp and scream in surprise. Thinking quick he got his nun chuck and quickly push out the blade and stab it into the ground to stop him from being pulled into the pink black hole of doom.

Soon everyone was holding on to something for dear life even the mighty Shredder. Donnie gripping on the control panel, Leo holding onto a roofs' pillar, Raph holding to a wooden crate. Which was starting to creek open. Mikey wasn't lucky either as the blade in his nunchuck started to be pulled through the the ground. With Mikey fly in the air holding to his nunchucks. All the brother turn to see Mikey sliding all fear of loosing Mikey, then it came true Mikey's nunchuck got pull loose..

" Mikey !?" All three brothers scream in terror. Mikey screamed and start to grab on anything and quick redrawn his nunchucks into the ground. But since he was much closer to the portal black hole the nunchucks wouldn't last him any longer than the last one.

Raph was the next to be facing the same fate as Mikey. For the wooden plank he held to came loose and start flying through the portal too. Passing Mikey, Raph grab his sai and stole Mikey's idea and stabbed the ground hard with it buying himself time. It wasn't long until Mikey trick fail on him for him to get cut loose with nunchucks in handy flying more toward the portal. Raph quickly grab his leg. But due to the new weight of Miley the said couldn't hand it and the winds.

It pulled his sai loose and sucked in Raph and Mikey.

" Raph ! Mikey!" The remaining brothers shouted. Leo couldn't believe it two of his younger brothers gone he failed the team his brothers. Donnie stared at the spot where Mikey and Raph where Mikey and Raph was. Looking at it in total defeat.

The wind picked up, getting even more stronger. Donnie was starting to loose his grip on the controls, he moved around trying to get a firm grip. Pressing some button in the process. The portal change from pink to a purple. Even the Shredder was having trouble gripping on. Soon it because too much for Leo and Donnie. They couldn't hold on anymore, they both got pulled into the portal. Shredder grunted as he loss his grip and got pulled into the portal. The portal stopped trapping them all.

" That is things known as Phrase one is what is called complete"