Alright, the story (well this part of it has) has finally ended. It was a fun run, as well as making those specials telling the before and afters. Anyway, I would like to thank Th3-Dragon-Lord for allowing me to upload this crazy story of mine, and lending his mind for helping with the research of creatures.

We have crazy ideas for telling this story and I surely hope you – the reader enjoys the rest.

This is from me the Author of Rosario Vampire: Newcomer

Kind regards


P.S If you are on the lookout for the sequel check on updates in the Biography hyperlink above, it is easy to find, just click on Th3-Dragon-Lord above. ^^ Or if you are lazy I can give the title. The title of his continuation is Rosario Vampire: Fire and Ice.

P.P.S Thank you for the favs, follows and reviews!