Hello! Welcome to the biggest Pokemon fanfic I will ever write! It contains battles in varying degrees of violence, original and canon-ish characters (altered a little), the effects of time travel, several love stories of different kinds, LGBTQ+ and mental health themes, the author attempting to be funny, and the story of a trainer's second chance. And many other things which I can't begin to describe off the top of my head. Also my writing improves massively from beginning to end omg. Hope you enjoy it!

Without further ado,



Liana's shoulders heaved up and down. Cuts laced her body, black fur long since congealed with blood. "Thunderbolt!" I yelled, voice hoarse from the eleven other pokemon my team had battled already.

"Body slam," Mars ordered.

My luxray gathered electricity in her fur, but before she could manage anything more, the purugly smashed his body into her. A crack. A yowl. Silence.

"Activate the Red Chain," Mars commanded, turning back towards the heart of Spear Pillar. Her tone was slow, unexcited, like battling me had not worried her to begin with.

I returned Liana to her pokeball. A pair of grunts wrestled it and five other pokeballs from me. My expression (or lack thereof) didn't change as I sank to my knees. It hadn't changed for weeks, really… not since…

I bit my lip, trying to squash down the memory that was surfacing once again. Jupiter, who'd lost the last of her pokemon several minutes ago, handed her pokeballs to a grunt for healing.

"Man, after all she's done, I'm so glad to finally win," Jupiter sighed.

Mars and Jupiter didn't understand "fair." They'd teamed up on me for a twelve on six battle the instant I arrived at Spear Pillar. It could have been twelve on eighteen. If Jupiter hadn't shoved Dawn off the cliff at Lake Acuity, Dawn wouldn't have been in the hospital with a broken leg, and could've fought too. And if Saturn hadn't…


The memory sliced through me, razor-sharp. His face fearful, straining, screaming silently. Snap.

I forced down the welling in my chest. There was nothing left… Team Galactic would win – Cyrus was opening a portal to a new world right then – my pokemon would be taken away – the world itself would be destroyed – And he was gone. Long gone.


My fingers brushed the poketch on my wrist. There was one way out. Looker had given it to me.

"Lyn, I trust you," he said seriously, "but if anything happens, use this app."

"What's it do?" I asked. This was long after what happened at Lake Valor; my voice had become listless.

"You hold down a sequence of keys – It's specific, you need to hold down the first two when you press the last – And then…"

"Yes?" I prompted him.

"Time turns back. You find yourself in Twinleaf Town on the day you received your pokemon. I set it to that day, specifically."

He rattled off a few reasons why day one, square one was ideal. I was so tempted to use it right then. But I knew better than to be selfish with so much at stake.

"It's single-use," Looker warned me. "Use wisely."

The fingers of my right hand shuffled silently to the app… There it was. An array of digital buttons across the screen. It didn't take me long to locate the right ones for the sequence.


"Hey, what're you doing, trying to call for help?" Mars barked.


"Get your hands away from that device," Jupiter snapped, striding towards me.


A flash. Excruciatingly bright light, and then darkness. Suddenly nowhere, zooming toward somewhere, sometime. I was getting a second chance.

Maybe this time Lucas would live.

One last thing before chapter 1: Chance exists in audio form now, so if you'd rather listen than read, or if you want to share this story with non-readers, look for "Chance: a Pokémon story" on your favorite podcast platform.

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