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Untamed Heart

Untamed Soul -a prequel
 PG-13- for Inuyasha's potty mouth and jealous outbursts
Note: This is a prequel to 'Untamed Heart' if you're new to this fic then reading Untamed Heart should clear up what the meaning of this story is about.

by *Angelstars
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Chapter 0.1 - I Will Find You 

Hope is your survival
A captive path I lead

No matter where you go I will find you 
If it takes a long long time
No matter where you go I will find you
If it takes a thousand years…' I will find you -by Clannad*

**Present 500years feudal Japan** (a/n: see chapter 9 Untamed Heart)

Inuyasha opened his bloodshot eyes feeling a twinge of pain in his chest he heaved into a sitting position. He clutched at his bandaged chest swallowing back the nausea that passed through his gut; upon focusing his vision better he noted he was now lying on the ground of a small-darkened cave. He looked down at the bloodied bandaging around his lower stomach then at his lengthened claws noticing the dried blood all over them -

Inuyasha shook his head attempting to remember what happened…


"Must you growl like that Inuyasha? Its so savage and most unseemly. Now are we going to discuss whatever you want or resort to fighting?"

"Shut up!"

"Come now, Inuyasha what would you gain from this? You are without your sword and blinded with rage."

"What the fuck!"
Wide-eyed Inuyasha continued to look down at his hands and claws, he was fighting Sesshoumaru and blacked out he could remember clearly now.

"Ah, finally you've decided to give us the enlightened honor of your presence, little brother." Came a cool low voice from behind him.

Inuyasha jerked his head around and set his reddened eyes on the face of his older brother, "Sesshoumaru…" he growled narrowing his eyes suspiciously.

Sesshoumaru regarded Inuyasha composedly and moved closer to look down at him.

"Why the hell am I here!?!" Inuyasha let loose another growl.

"I, Sesshoumaru as demon lord and older brother do not need a reason to hold you here."  

Inuyasha snorted at the statement he had been given and moved to stand, but was soon pushed back down by Sesshoumaru. Once more Inuyasha's eyes widened in surprise at his half brothers actions. 

"What the…"

"You are in no condition to be moving, Inuyasha. My poison is still inside of you and has yet to finish flushing itself out from the antidote I gave you." Sesshoumaru informed him evenly before continuing, "It was most intriguing-you took twice as much poison and still survived. Therefore I assumed you would have been out for more than a week…you proved once more that you are more than a pathetic half-breed."

"Keh…" Inuyasha snorted before folding his arms over his chest. "Why how long have I been out?"

"2 days" came the reply.

Inuyasha merely shrugged. Sesshoumaru moved to the other side of the cave and settled himself so he now faced the hanyou-turned youkai.

"Come now Inuyasha, tell me why you attacked me without meaning."

Inuyasha looked up from his darkened corner making eye contact on the orange-eyed youkai in front of him. "I was pissed off and when I sensed you near I felt the need to rip you apart." He replied baring a fang mockingly.

Sesshoumaru raised his eyebrow and coolly brushed his hand over his comforted tail. "Then you are lucky I was in no mood to fight back with full strength. Still I have a hard time believing that was the only reason."

"Look that is none of your fucking business and when the FUCK did YOU care about what I did or was doing!?" Inuyasha snapped back grinding his teeth with anger.

The demon lord regarded him with an amused smile; that same smile caused Inuyasha to actually crawl back down under his self-pity and mournful feelings. It was scary when Sesshoumaru smiled. Inuyasha shivered and eyed him closely.


Inuyasha nodded and lowered his head away from him. "That bastard…he attacked me, and…and killed my mate," his tone now calm and quiet. "I took my anger out on you because you were there at the time-it could have been any fucking demon."

"Then you would be dead too." Sesshoumaru voiced in reply.

Inuyasha didn't care what his bastard of a half brother thought nor that he had opened up and admitted something that personal - he was hurting and now that his youkai blood was beginning to wane in dominance his emotions were returning and they hurt more than his pride and worry over Sesshoumaru. 

"Where is the fang?"

Inuyasha heard the mention of his sword and shot him a look of defensive anger. "Shit!" he cursed under his breath.

Sesshoumaru informed him that Jaken had taken leave to retrieve it and would be easier to find it if Inuyasha told him the whereabouts of it. Inuyasha was cautious at first and refused to say. But when he noticed the small girl that followed his brother enter the cave and run to greet Sesshoumaru happily then staring in disbelief at his brothers affectionate display of caring - he changed his mind and finally told them where Naraku and he had battled. The fang was there and untouched it had began to sink in the soaked floor of the forest but with the help of Jaken's staff it was returned to Inuyasha without any problems, which confused the hanyou to say the least.

"What's the deal here?" Inuyasha asked narrowing his eyes slightly, "Why are you going out of your way to help me?"

Sesshoumaru commanded Jaken to take Rin outside before he answered Inuyasha's questions. "I have no reason that would be of importance," he said refusing to make eye contact he continued. "I wish to call a truce. There is no need for this pointless feuding anymore, I wish to take responsibility now that we are clear of our father's wishes."

Inuyasha was taken aback and didn't know if he trusted his brother 100% but gave him a chance and listened.

--One week later

Sesshoumaru watched from behind as Inuyasha finished pulling his kimono on. The now fully formed hanyou was back to his usual self - his youkai blood had waned and all his tattoos now lay once more under his skin.

"Inuyasha are you sure about going separate ways, now that we are on the same side we are more powerful working together."

"I'm going to continue my search for that bastard and wait for her to come back to me." Inuyasha snapped at his older brothers persistence.

"How do you know she will? Wherever she is or comes back it could take years, centuries are you willing to wait that long? Naraku is here now in this time we can do this together." Sesshoumaru retorted.

Inuyasha growled and seethed Tetsusaiga pushing past Sesshoumaru and headed for the entrance of the cave.  He came to a stand still when a small figure gripped at his leg.

"Inuyasha-sama are you leaving?" the small girls voice asked innocently.

Inuyasha crouched down to reach her level and nodded. "Aa, but I will come back."

"Rin will miss you," she said giving him a big toothy smile.

Inuyasha looked down at the girl then back up to where his brother stood over them. With a quick nod from Sesshoumaru he left the shelter of the cave and leaped into the night-filled air…


-- Hope is your survival-A captive path you lead…

Strong winds blew all around the forest gusting through many trees raking thousands of leaves along with its path… A lone figure stood alone in the darkened moonlight allowing his long silver hair to freely blow all around his face and shoulders-under the moonlights eye all that could be seen was the soft glow form his catlike reflective golden eyes. He sat high above the forest watching the trees sway hypnotically from side to side-his face lay expressionless as yet more winds blew around him whispering in his ears-teasing him with its soft touches and sounds.


The whispers of the forest echoed all around him, visions of her appearing in front of his solemn eyes-his arm reaches out to touch her only to see her disappear once more…

"Please don't go…" his low voice begs as she slowly disintegrates in front of his hurt filled eyes. A lone tear runs down his cheek soon falling onto the ground below him.


--No matter where you go…I will find you…

Freshly fallen dew shimmered under the piercing light of the rising sun and while all the forest sleeps he continues his lone search…his search for life once more…a search for his soul mate…

His path leads him further away from his home-his friends-his family-but still he continues alone.

His journey-his destiny-his path in life…

Through wind and rain he still continues-fighting his bodies pleas for rest and need for food. His only path set on finding her. Nothing else mattered-nothing.

Setting suns and blanket navy sky's made no difference…minutes, days, weeks, months, years -he would never give up his long path-his road to destiny-his search for his heart.

For his blood now runs cold and wild - Untamed at Heart, untamed by Soul.


**Present Modern Tokyo**

--Even if it takes a thousand years

Another long and lonely night and yet more nightmares plagued his sleep and waking dreams…a permanent reminder of his chosen path-his lone survival.

Bright lights and traffic pollution make their presence known- as though summoning his sensitive ears, nose and eyes to alert him of another day…

Golden eyes slowly opened allowing the light to enter his vision-soft ears twitch at the sound of hustle and bustle outside from where his feet led him; strong smells caress his nose coaxing his dazed mindful slumber.

Silence was his only friend these days, so no matter where he went he preferred quiet company keeping himself to himself - he was wary of crowded places and often traveled through the night leaping over buildings making good time and with record speed to the next town or continent he came to pass.

He would rest for two or three days at a time, only moving once more when his search made no clues or news…

His lonely thoughts and memories would frequently play with his mind when his lead was shattered reminding him that time and fate were truly different and often cruel…even his inner self pined to return to his home-but he had nothing left there so he continued his search never giving up-never wanting to give up-he would finish his quest and reunite with her…and she would repair his heart once more.

--I will find you-In the place with no frontiers…

Inuyasha reached the leading edge of what once was his home 'Home-at ease, at rest, familiar-belong…'
Years had passed by and where his forest once stood buildings and houses replaced-but the familiar presence still enticed him to return.

His feet led him deeper into the residential town pulling him to a halt in front of an old shrine temple ground. His golden eyes wondered above the steps and entrance finding what he wanted to see…his tree-his comfort and discomfort-his 50year-old resting place. It still stood tall and proud above the town sheltering the shrine under it.

And for the first time in years he felt somewhat complete and a little more than relieved it still remained in its shining glory above what used to be his forest. His golden orbs found focus on the shrine at the top of the steps-nothing had changed from what he could recall of it, the place was how he remembered…

He took to the steps one at time taking his time to reach the top…on arrival of the entrance he found himself looking directly on the one room he knew so well- his eyes soon caught sight of shadows and he could hear movement from inside, yet he couldn't take his eyes off of the place. His head leaned to the side slightly when searching for life. The front door of the shrine opened and a young boy departed from it followed by a taller girl. Inuyasha wide-eyed stared at her and shook his head when yet more illusions and memories played with his eyes…for what he was seeing was Kagome-his Kagome-his mate-his soul-his heart.

--If it takes a long long time, no matter where you go I will find you…
From a distance Inuyasha watched and followed the girl and boy as they happily chatted while walking side by side.

After all his searching and longing his search lead him home-back where it all started and now he had found her once more in all the obvious of places - he inwardly cursed himself, but still he was wary and his heart still beat cold, untamed blood.

His quest still remained the same-he would protect her till his dying day-but for now he wanted to get to know her once more. His eyes followed her never leaving her form as she walked through crowds of people her path coming to a stop when she entered a small building. He watched her through the window as she greeted people and disappeared deeper inside.

"Damnit" he cursed under his breath allowing himself to move closer. He still couldn't see her properly so soon made his mind to search the back of the building to gain better vision. He effortlessly took a running leap and landed swiftly on the roof of the small building eyeing the back entrance with caution, his eyes began sweeping the area before he could finally land a safe distance to watch her.

Inuyasha found himself staring in disbelief when his eyes focused on the splitting image of Kagome and another, looking to familiar for his comfort, as Sango…but how could that be? His mind swam in confusion and it made him extremely uncomfortable.

He was seeing doubles here and there - was he losing it? All these years alone must be having some kind of effect on him because how could he be seeing someone who has been dead for over a century? If they were reincarnations wouldn't they at least look different from the original…wasn't that the case for Kikyo and Kagome? With the thought of Kikyo he cringed slightly but soon his eyes helped stop those kinds of memories when they set back upon Kagome 'Is that even her name now?' he thought unconsciously. 

Inuyasha was about to move a little closer when something startled him from behind, he whipped his whole head and body around so quickly he was lucky he didn't lose his footing

"May I help you?" came a polite voice.

Inuyasha grunted and narrowed his eyes in annoyance. "You scared the shit out of me!"

The person in front of him smiled and nodded apologetically. "Still haven't changed much have you?"

"Feh, neither have you! You're still walking-dead, Baba" Inuyasha retorted shoving his nose up in the air and crossing his arms over his chest.

"Hai, Inuyasha you are the same" the old lady smiled knowingly.


Inuyasha followed Kaede inside of the building from the back entrance. His eyes wondered around taking in all the different sounds and smells - he was walking through a large kitchen type room that smelt strongly of grease and other strong scents from the cooking utensils. Inuyasha marveled at how big the place was - living for all these years and still he was amazed at the changes and growth society went through over the years -



One thing he didn't count on was running in to the girl who looked like his long-lost mate.

Inuyasha stood still wide-eyed and in shock all at once-he was less than 2feet away from her and he could see her perfectly. The girl in front of him rubbed her head with her hand while she looked up at him with one eye closed and a small lopsided embarrassed smile across her lips.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" she breathed a quick apology bowing slightly in front of him.

Inuyasha swallowed back a nervous stutter before he found his voice, "Umm…yea" 'that was it? That's all you could say to her?! PATHETIC!!!' his inner voice scolded him. 'Shut up!' Inuyasha silently retorted back in annoyance.

Kaede looked somewhat amused from behind the dark-headed girl and Inuyasha was getting even more annoyed at the older ladies mocking grin.

"Ah, now that the two of you have been well acquainted." Kaede smiled sarcastically, "Kagome this is Inuyasha, our new kitchen hand."

Inuyasha's eyes couldn't get much more bigger even if he tried. Then it clicked; 'wait kitchen hand? her name is Kagome…and she looks just like her…! Why is that old hag staring at me like that?!!'

Kagome smiled happily and took a hold of his hand to shake it in a polite welcome. "Hi, nice to meet you Inuyasha and sorry again for walking into you…" she pleasantly greeted him before bowing once more.

Kaede's smile widened as soon as she noticed Inuyasha's reddened face. "Come now, Kagome I think we have a customer out front"

Kagome nodded in agreement, "It was nice meeting you, please excuse me." She said before leaving an extremely shocked hanyou and a very amused Kaede.

Inuyasha shook his head and narrowed his eyes down at the older woman, "Baba, you've got some explaining to do! I never agreed to work here!" he growled, "and what's so funny!?" 

Kaede bit back another grin and held a straight face before beckoning Inuyasha into another small room at the back of the kitchens.

On arrival of the smaller room Kaede let herself in followed by Inuyasha she closed the door and walked over to a small desk sitting behind it.

"Sit…" Kaede motioned to Inuyasha. He grunted and took the seat uncomfortably shuffling a bit.

"It's been a long time since you've come back." Kaede continued looking over the hanyou in front of her.

"Aa, but it is good to be back now that I have returned." He replied.

Kaede's brow rose in curiosity, "So you have decided to stay? I expected you sooner, but I'm more than relieved to see you now…"

"Keh" Inuyasha snorted leaning back against the seat and folding his arms over his chest. "How long has she been back?" he asked her refusing to make eye contact.

Kaede smiled, "She moved here with her family a few years back. She works here in my diner."

"Diner? You own this place!?"

Kaede nodded and reached in to her desk and removed an old looking scroll. "Inuyasha, can you tell me about this…?" she asked handing him the stained paper.

Inuyasha looked at her in confusion and took the scroll and opened it. His eyes swept over the writing taking in what was written - One particular bit caught his eye and he was soon staring at it feeling more than a little light headed.

**Flashback past** (a/n: see chapter 8 of Untamed Heart)

"Inuyasha! Look out!"


A flash of light - a crack of thunder - a thud -

"You worthless half-breed you will never know happiness not while I still live and breathe."

**end flashback**

"Inuyasha?" Kaede asked pulling him out of his reverie.

Inuyasha blinked a few times and looked up from the scroll. "What!" he snapped at her.

Kaede ignored his roughness and continued, "What happened?"

"None of your goddamn business!" Inuyasha barked at her defensively.

"Gomen, Inuyasha." Kaede soothed knowingly - bad memories was all that she ever knew when it concerned the hanyou and his past.

Inuyasha growled and picked himself up to leave when Kaede called him, he turned in annoyance and was about to snap at her once more when a white chef uniform was thrown in his face followed by a set of keys. He pulled the white overalls from his face glared at Kaede angrily.

"What the fuck is this?!"

"Your uniform and house keys." Kaede replied evenly not even affected by his abruptness.

"Keh…you think I'm actually going to work here!" he growled under his breath.


Inuyasha grunted in annoyance when yet more large crates of food were left for him to haul through to storage. "Fucking hell," he cursed.

"Heh, I don't blame you for getting angry. There is a lot of crates there." Came a soft chuckling voice from behind him.

Inuyasha was quick to jump and turned to face Kagome's amused visage. "Wow, on your first day too. I can't believe you can lift those like they weighed nothing!" she breathed.

"Keh" Inuyasha snorted and shifted back to unloading the crates.

Kagome stood there in confusion staring at the back of his head. 'Jeez be nice to someone and you get ratted on like you're nothing…jerk'

Kaede shook her head and sighed watching Inuyasha ignore Kagome's attempts to make friends. "He'll never change" she murmured and walked back inside.

Just as Kagome was about to scold Inuyasha about being rude she heard a males voice call her name from inside the diner.

Inuyasha ears perked up and twitched around when he dropped one of the crates to the ground in front of him…he recognized that voice instantly and it sent his senses wild with hate and anger. He growled and turned to follow Kagome inside.

He could see Kagome leaning over the counter elbows and hands propping up her head looking dreamy-eyed. His hackles literally stood on end and his blood heated when his eyes and nose caught sent of the unwanted male attention that was also hanging over her.

He could hear Kagome giggling and playfully talking to the guy in front of her she was flirting with him big time and it really made Inuyasha's blood seethe.  His attention now turned to the very human looking copy of his long-time rival.

"Kouga" he growled narrowing his eyes in hatred and spiteful jealously.

Kagome giggled some more and shooed his hand away from her playfully. "Not while I'm working, Kouga!" she whispered.

"Come on, Kagome. Lets get out of here!" he whined pulling on her hands.

"I can't Kouga" she retorted pulling her hand away. "Behave, I'll see you tonight." She playfully scolded him leaning up over the counter to place a small kiss on his cheek.

Inuyasha's eyes burned with flames he gritted his teeth trying his best to hold back his anger - but he was tempted to pounce on the wimpy-wolf Kagome was touching.

"That bastard is dead fucking wolf-meat walking" he growled.


Later that night

"Night Kaede" Kagome and Sango bellowed together before heading out the door to leave for the night.

Kaede smiled and watched the two girls leave the premises, her attention turned toward the hanyou who was brooding in the back room.

"Inuyasha, what's wrong now?" the older the lady asked.

Inuyasha didn't answer her and continued to grunt and grumble under his breath.

Kaede raised another eyebrow in mock amusement. "Ah, you've seen then?"

Inuyasha's face jerked up in annoyance, "Shut up! I never said I cared or anything. Feh…"

Kaede sighed and walked closer to the heated hanyou. "Kagome has no clue who or what Kouga is. She is dating him nothing more…"

Inuyasha raised his own brow in curiosity, "So…she hasn't mated with him?"

Kaede shook her head and let a small chuckle pass her mouth, "No Inuyasha."

Inuyasha's eyes narrowed slightly, "Keh, I hate that good for nothing wolf! How is he hiding his true form?" 

"Most youkai use spells to disguise themselves. I would have expected you to use one also."

"I tried, but everything I use never works or only lasts for a matter of minutes. There must be a reason why I can't work them, I think I'm fucking cursed to be an outcast no matter what!" Inuyasha shook his head and sighed.

"Hmm…I do not see how, Inuyasha. Come I'm locking up for the night." Kaede said while handing him a set of keys. Inuyasha looked down at the metal objects in his hands in confusion.

"They are a spare set of keys for the diner and apartment not far from here. You may stay there." She offered. Inuyasha looked up from the keys and nodded slightly before following Kaede to the back door.

"Goodnight Inuyasha." 

Inuyasha followed the route Kaede told him to take his mind wasn't calm all he could think of was Kagome and Kouga in the diner earlier that afternoon. It pissed him off just remembering it. He came to a halt and looked up from where he had stopped he noticed an old looking and small bungalow 'This must be it' he thought taking to the steps to reach the front door. He opened it using the key as he stepped inside he heard a small rattle come from one of the rooms. His eyes focused in the dark and he used his nose to find the source.


A small cat purred around his feet. Inuyasha snorted and crouched lower to pick the cat up by its scruff. "Damn cats," he cursed looking at the small feline. The small ginger cat mewed once more when Inuyasha brought it to his chest to stroke it lightly, he held the purring cat in his arms as he wondered through the small dark and drafty rooms "Its not that bad I guess, beats sleeping outside."


The cat purred once more, Inuyasha looked down at the cat "Have you got a name?" he asked it waiting for a reply, the feline merely continued to purr and rub its face to his chest. Inuyasha sighed and rolled his eyes. "I'm talking to a damn cat!"


Inuyasha stealthily stalked Kagome and Kouga from down wind. If what Kaede told him was right, Kouga was a reincarnation of the original he had once known and wolf's had good noses. He inwardly cursed the further they got entering an extremely busy street.

"Great…" he grunted from one of taller buildings he had leaped on to. His golden eyes scanned the area once more looking out for the distinct coloured blue dress Kagome wore, his nose aided him also-'grrr damn that wolf getting to her before I did!' his inner turmoil angrily whined.  His eyes narrowed when he caught sight of the unsuspecting pair once more, they were both talking and laughing as they walked together hand in hand.

"Bastard!" Inuyasha cursed once more his blood seething with heated jealousy and his heart beating with anger. 'Why couldn't that bastard wimpy wolf stay dead!?!'

Kagome continued to walk beside the tall dark-headed, blue-eyed guy she had met not long ago laughing at his attempt at bringing up conversations. He was at a party she and Sango had gone to that very weekend, Sango dragged her there to met her newest love interest, Miroku - he was a student at a local university and was extremely good-looking; the only other problem was he was very much a 'team player' -in other words he played with females and left them hanging, but Kagome looked passed that and gave him a chance. Sango seemed to like him and he did show a kind of interest in her.

Kagome was getting some punch when she brushed passed Kouga at the food stand. He had been staring at her for the longest time and was beet red with a very heated blush across his cheeks. He seemed like a nice and friendly guy and when he asked her out on a date she accepted. So here they were walking together hand in hand heading for one of the nicest restaurants in town.


"Huh? Oh sorry," she looked up at him and smiled at him in slight embarrassment. "I didn't realize we were here already."

Kouga smiled reassuringly back nodding as he opened the door to allow her to walk into the large restaurant. Kagome bowed thankfully and walked in 'Good-looking and well mannered, I might like this guy after all…' she thought when he took off her jacket and handed over to the doorman.   

Inuyasha leaped down off the building across the way from the restaurant Kouga and Kagome had entered. He rolled his eyes in annoyance when they entered watching Kouga open the door and then slip off her jacket. "Keh…fucking wolf"


**Dream (Flashback past)**

The small dark-headed girl quietly tiptoed toward the unsuspecting hanyou who was sitting cross-legged in front of a river, his sword lay in his arms and his silver hair blew along with the breeze. She covered her mouth with her hand biting back her girlish giggles.  Coming nearer to him she pounced and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck giggling in fits at his reaction of being distributed.

"Inuyasha don't be such a grouch!" she playfully hit him and shined him her best baby blue eye smile.

"Keh, I wouldn't be if you didn't sneak up on me all the fucking time, wench!" he growled

The dark-headed girl giggled and allowed him to pull her over his shoulder into his lap forgetting his anger instantly. "Inuyasha, I wanted to tell you something…" she murmured looking up into his golden eyes.

Inuyasha looked back down at her picking up his free hand to stroke her soft face. "Aa, what is it?"

She took a deep breath before continuing, "Now that we are-well now we are mated. I was thinking would you like to umm-uh well…"

Inuyasha smiled and pulled his arms around her to lift her up into his chest. "What is it koi?"

"…I was just wondering if you wanted to-to…" her voice fell silent when Inuyasha picked her chin up to look up at him.

"Kagome, you already know the answer." He said to her hushing her response with a small tender kiss to her lips.

Kagome closed her eyes enjoying the feel of his lips upon her own. As he pulled away she sighed contently and opened her eyes to look up in to his golden orbs.

"I will never stop loving you, Inuyasha. Forever Yours, Forever Mine." She breathed never leaving her eyes from his.

Inuyasha smiled gently down at her, "So…did you want us to start right now?"

Kagome giggled when his arms moved around her to pull her into him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted a sly hand to stroke his ear "You in that much of a hurry, mate?" she asked leaning into him to place a passionate kiss on his smirking lips.  

**Dream (end flashback)**

Inuyasha found himself woken up by something wet and sticky licking at his eyelids. He grunted in annoyance and tried shooing what ever it was that was trying to wake him from pleasant dreams.


Inuyasha twitched his ear back and fourth his eyes remained closed but he was well aware of what was going on around him, he shifted slightly and reached his hand up to itch the back of the cats head. Sighing he opened his eyes slowly, he was greeted with yet more mewing and purring.

"You still here?" he asked picking himself and the small ginger cat up at the same time.


The cat purred and rubbed up to his chest. Inuyasha rolled his eyes and stretched out a little opening his mouth wide as he let loose a yawn, suddenly his stomach grumbled. He looked down at the cat and smiled slightly.

"Guess you aren't the only one hungry this morning, ne?" he chuckled petting the cats head before standing up to get dressed.


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