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Untamed Heart

Untamed Soul -a prequel
PG-13- for Inuyasha's potty mouth and jealous outbursts
Note: This is a prequel to 'Untamed Heart' if you're new to this fic then reading Untamed Heart should clear up what the meaning of this story is about.

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Chapter 0.2- It beats for you, It bleeds for you

Hope is your survival
A captive path I lead

No matter where you go I will find you
If it takes a long long time
No matter where you go I will find you
If it takes a thousand years…'
I will find you -by Clannad*

After his rude awakening from his new admirer, Inuyasha gathered himself and his new feline friend some food for breakfast. He looked down at the cat and smiled as she continued to purr at his feet.

"You do like instant ranman right?" he asked it gaining another 'Meow' from it.

Making up two instant ranman's was easy and quick and the only real instant food that Inuyasha had brought with him since he moved in.

The small ginger cat seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as he did. "Least now someone else knows how to appreciate this stuff!" he spoke through a mouth full.

Happily the cat mewed and continued to eat its unusual breakfast.

"Shit what's the time!?" Inuyasha suddenly remembered about his shift at the diner. "Damnit I'm going to be late," he said rushing to finish up his ranman and gather his uniform. "Look after the place while I'm gone will ya?!" he told the feline sitting on the ground cleaning her paws.

With one last 'Meow' he was out the door and on his way to the diner.

Sango hummed happily as she worked cleaning her way through the empty diner tables and rearranging the utensils on each as she passed by. "So how'd it go?" she perked her head up and asked Kagome, who was doing the same the other side of the diner.

Kagome looked up from an arrangement of flowers and smiled. "It went well, he took me out to a nice restaurant and we talked. Then we went to see a movie; he did disappear for a while…but he came back with popcorn." She chuckled remembering his excuse for taking so long.


Kagome watched the movie that Kouga had picked out for them - 'Untamed Hearts' it was good so far, and Kagome was getting into it. Especially the romantic scenes she sighed every time one came on and would cuddle up against Kouga.

He had left for a second while the intermission was playing she guessed to go get some food and drink, but that had been 20 minutes ago. She looked up from the screen for the 5th time and stared at the entrance waiting for him to come back, sitting all alone in the cinema wasn't her idea of comfortable and romantic.

When the door opened and Kouga stepped in to the dark theater carrying popcorn and a rather large coke she sighed and smiled at him. He sat down and handed her the popcorn she accepted and fidgeted in her seat while he sat back down, he looked over to her and smiled nervously.

"I'm sorry about taking so long, Kagome. Please don't be offended… there was a problem I helped to sort out-eh a stray dog had gotten in and I assisted in removing the mutt."

Kagome giggled and nodded turning her head back to the screen while both of them shared popcorn.

Third person flashback

Kouga was beginning to get hot under the collar, Kagome was getting close every time a mushy scene would come on and it made him more than a little comfortable. He took the opportunity to get out for some fresh air when the intermission came on.

He excused himself and made a swift exit for the front of the movie theater. He got out the back door and took deep breaths trying to gain some sort of composure.

"Enjoying this a little to much are we?" came a voice from behind him.

Kouga was quick to move out of the way when he sensed movement. His head jerked up from where he landed and his eyes widened in surprise.


Inuyasha smirked baring his fangs slightly, "You do remember me then?"

"I HATE the smell of dogs! Makes me sick-does that answer your question?" Kouga snorted back gaining his footing and taking a running leap to attack Inuyasha.

Inuyasha jerked out of the way and leered at Kouga "Kouga you wimpy fucking wolf!"

"Stop with all the chit chat and fight me, dog-turd!" Kouga hissed and made another pouncing attack toward Inuyasha.

Inuyasha jerked once more bringing himself down on Kouga and knocking the wind out of him, Kouga cursed and pushed Inuyasha off of him sending him a few feet away. Kouga continued to hurtle toward Inuyasha as he did so Inuyasha coolly stood his ground waiting for Kouga's attack

Before Kouga could hit Inuyasha square in the chest Inuyasha himself took a flying punch bringing him down in seconds. The wolf was knocked down but unfazed by the blow.

Inuyasha panted staring at his long-time rival and snarled before taking yet another swipe with his claws. Kouga managed to get out of the way just as Inuyasha brought his claws down. Kouga once more took another leaping crouch and shoved hard into Inuyasha sending them both back in to the wall of the theater.

"Bastard!" Inuyasha swore as he kicked Kouga off of him. Kouga went flying but flipped over to land smoothly on both his feet.

Kouga looked up at Inuyasha and smirked. "I haven't got time to finish you off dog-face. I have a date to get back to, Kagome won't be happy if I don't come back," he said emphasizing Kagome's name.

Inuyasha growled as Kouga got up to enter into the theater once more. "I'm going to kill that fucking wolf!"

end third person flashback…

**flashback ended**


Kagome was knocked out of her reverie when Sango called her name and waved her hand in front of her face. She smiled and blushed embarrassingly.

"Oh sorry Sango" she said gaining her voice back.

Sango giggled and perked her eyebrows up "That good huh?" she said teasingly making Kagome's face glow even redder.

"Sango!" Kagome shrieked and knocked her friend away playfully.

Sango smiled up at her best friend, "My date went extremely well! Miroku was a perfect gentlemen…except for those wondering hands of his he made my top 10 also" she winked at Kagome before both girls burst out in fits of giggles.

"What's so funny?" a questionable voice asked.

Sango and Kagome turned to face Kouga who was smirking at them.

"Kouga-kun, what are you doing here so early?" Kagome asked him.

"Do I need a reason to come here?" Kouga replied shining her a small smile.

Kagome's face reddened once more and Sango's smile widened.

"Then I better leave you two alone" she said before leaving the blushing pair.


Inuyasha grumbled under his breath as he made his way into his new working place 'I can't believe I'm even doing this…' his thoughts soon stopped when he caught the distinctive smell of wolf.

"Kouga, that bastard!" he let loose a growl upon entering the diner.

Kouga was sat at one of the tables smirking at him as he walked into the back of the kitchens "I really hate that fucking wolf!" he mumbled as he got changed.

"Morning Inuyasha!" Kagome greeted him before she continued to walk out of the back room he was changing in.

Inuyasha looked up at her and said nothing but kept his eyes on her as she walked out. 'I'm really going to enjoy getting the pleasure of killing that wolf' he thought inwardly smiling along with his gruesome daydreams…

Inuyasha watched Kouga mock him from behind Kagome his eyes narrowed slightly but he kept his cool long enough in front of her. 'Bastard wolf!'

Kagome was trying her best to continue working around Kouga but he was always there in her face it was starting to get to her. She worried that Kaede would see and warn her about bringing her private life to work with her she gulped back that thought. She was broke and needed the cash to help continue her schooling and this was the only part-time job she actually enjoyed. Kagome took in a deep breath and turned to face Kouga. "Umm…Kouga-kun, it was nice of you to come visit me, but I have work to do." She said trying her hardest to be nice about the whole thing.

Kouga looked down at her and nodded, "Would you like to go out later then?"

Kagome looked up at him and smiled, "Yeah sure, but I have to be back early-I've got exams tomorrow."

Kouga returned the smile and said his goodbyes but not before he looked over to Inuyasha and flashed his fangs in triumph.

Inuyasha snorted and ignored him. His attention perked up when he heard Sango and Kagome talking in the back.

"I can't believe he hung around you like that?"

"I know…what is it with me and strange guys liking me?"

"Heh, strange? I thought it was sweet of him to come here to see you, but after spending half of your shift here I actually got scared for you…its more than strange, Kagome!"

"Maybe, but I'm still going to see him tonight."

"Your call girly, I won't say 'I told you so'."

Inuyasha smiled smugly and continued to finish up his chores. 'Ha, stupid wolf!'

Later that night

Inuyasha once more found himself looking down from on top of yet another building-Kagome and Kouga were on another date and he didn't trust the wolf not to try something now that Kouga knew he was back.

Kagome walked along side Kouga carrying her bag of candyfloss, "I had a really great time tonight! Thanks Kouga-kun"

"I'm glad, Kagome." Kouga replied looking down at her with a friendly smile.

Kagome nodded and sighed under her breath-it had been a long evening and it was well past 10pm she really needed to sleep ready for her exam tomorrow morning, but trying to get Kouga to listen to her was proving to be difficult.

"Umm…Kouga-kun, I do really have to go home now." She murmured.

"…" Kouga never replied because he had stopped a few feet behind her. She groaned and made her way back over to him and repeated what she had just told no one.

"Kouga I'm going home now all right?" she said to him gaining his attention once more.

"Oh Kagome, yeah I remember you saying something about exams"

She nodded once again and made her way toward the bus station. Kouga walked behind her slowly and seemed to be looking up a lot she shrugged her shoulders and continued.

Inuyasha looked on down at Kouga who was searching the buildings "Damn it, he knows I'm following" he cursed and leaped lower so that he could easily be undetected by the annoying wolf.

Once Kagome had bid her farewells and got on the bus Kouga turned to one of the buildings making his way to the back of one so he could jump up on top of it. "Where is that damn dog!?"

"Right here" Inuyasha replied and pounced on top of him pinning Kouga down securely. "So you thought you could get rid of me that easily, ne?" he growled angrily digging his claws into Kouga's arms.

Kouga gritted his teeth and snorted, "I will get rid of you!"


Kouga pushed up on his hands and managed to whip his body out from under Inuyasha's grip, without warning Kouga dug his elbow in to Inuyasha's side causing the hanyou to collide with the ground. Kouga leered at him and lowered his body slightly getting ready to pounce on Inuyasha. The hanyou got to his feet swiftly and took off speeding toward the crouched wolf. "Die you bastard!" Inuyasha snarled as he collided with Kouga headfirst. Kouga dug his own fists into Inuyasha's chest as they both hit hard on the ground.

Panting Inuyasha was up as fast as Kouga could blink both demons leaped at one another both hitting the others target square on. They landed evenly a part back to back.

"You really are pathetic, Inukoro."

"Shut up!" Inuyasha snapped as he turned to ram into Kouga.

Kouga's eyes widened when Inuyasha hit him hard with his elbow and arm shoving him off balance.

Inuyasha gained his own footing just as he witnessed Kouga fall from the edge. He leaped closer to where Kouga had fallen and looked down over the top. His eyes focused on the unmoving wolf on another lower buildings roof, narrowing his eyes and cautiously leaping down onto it Inuyasha moved closer to inspect Kouga's still form. Blood was evident the closer he got he could also smell it. It seemed to be coming from one of Kouga's legs.

Kouga began to wake and tried to move but grunted in pain when he opened his eyes.

"Not dead then?" Inuyasha asked from where he crouched behind the wolf.

"You wish it were that easy, dog-turd" Kouga retorted.

"Keh…" Inuyasha snorted staring at the lowly wolf demon with narrowed eyes.

Kouga attempted to move slightly but soon yelped in pain and sank back down to the ground.

"Pathetic" Inuyasha sneered.

"Shut up you lowly bastard!"

Inuyasha stood from his crouched position and took a few steps closer to the wounded wolf-demon. His eyes scanned him before he noticed where the blood was coming from, it was his leg and it seemed to be bleeding a lot. Slowly he walked nearer and offered his hand out in front of Kouga.

Kouga looked up at the hanyou before taking the offer cautiously. Inuyasha helped Kouga balance himself on his legs without words both demons stood in respect of the other. When Inuyasha offered to take Kouga to a near by hospital Kouga pulled a slight fuss but in the end agreed just to be helped down to the ground.


The next day came and went and Kagome hadn't seen nor heard from Kouga, she wondered why he hadn't come in today to see her. She looked up at the clock then down at Sango who mouthed 'Told-you-so' in her direction, Kagome sighed and lowered her head before getting back to her work.

The following evening Kouga had turned up at the diner asking for her, when she came out to greet him happily she stopped herself short when he limped slightly over to her. Gasping in surprise she quickened her pace to hold on to him.

"Ohh Kouga-kun, what happened?" she asked in concern.

"Accident" Kouga calmly replied.

"Does it hurt?"

Kouga shook his head and looked up at her worried face. Smiling he picked up his hand to stroke her face. "I just came to say bye," he voiced quietly.

"Wha…where are you going?" Kagome gasped in surprise.

"I'm not going anywhere to far, but I won't be able to see you anymore…"

"Oh" Kagome said lowering her head away from him. "Will I ever see you again?"

"Maybe…" was his only reply as he lowered his head to kiss her forehead. "I always knew you were to good to be true, Kagome-my Kagome," he whispered before leaving the stunned and confused looking girl behind.

Inuyasha leaned on the wall of the diner watching Kouga limp out of the entrance. "Oi, Kouga! Are you really going?"

Kouga nodded but never made eye contact with the hanyou. "She never will be mine, you and I both know this to be true. But no matter what I will always love her and you better take care of her dog-face or I will come after you."

three weeks later

Inuyasha lay outstretched across the roof of the diner his eyes focusing on the constellations above him in the darkened sky sighing he closed his eyes allowing himself to drift away from this time back to when his life had meaning…


Inuyasha lay next to the slumbering girl in his arms she held onto him as tightly as he held onto her-she always looked peaceful when she slept and Inuyasha loved to stare at her while she unknowingly continued to rest. He smiled down at her and reached his hand to stroke her black hair lightly his claws trailed through her soft locks. Inuyasha loved the way she smelt and especially loved the way she felt, her skin was more than delicate he was always cautious about touching her with his claws in case he accidentally cut her.

Kagome began to stir from a top of him and soon opened her blue eyes; she smiled whole-heartedly when she made eye contact with his smiling face.

"I fell asleep?" she asked slurring slightly.

Inuyasha nodded and leaned down to kiss her forehead tenderly "Aa, you were tiered Koiishi"

She yawned and nodded her head and brought her hands up to rub the sleep from her eyes. "Guess so"

After a few more yawns and playful comments from Inuyasha she eventually sat herself up so she now cradled his chest and stomach. Smiling she reached down and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Inuyasha returned the tender kiss closing their space apart so now they were pressed up together. Upon parting they both opened their eyes and continued to stare at one another. Smiling Inuyasha brought his hand up to caress her cheek - her eyes sparkled under the sunset perfectly and her lips curled in to a small shy smile, which always made his heart quiver. She was a vision of beauty when the sun shone upon her and during the night she was a vision of purity - he loved everything about her, she was his and he would do anything to see her smile.

"What you thinking of?" she asked bringing him out of his thoughts.

Inuyasha smiled "You"

Kagome returned the smile glowing slightly red under her cheeks she lowered her eyes slightly "Inuyasha, do you really want to be with me?" she quietly asked.

"You know I do, Kagome." He replied bringing her head closer so she now touched his nose with hers. "I will carry you with my heart forever."

Kagome smiled and closed her eyes allowing a few tears to escape them. "I love you too, Inuyasha," she breathed lowering her lips to touch his own.

Inuyasha greeted her with open arms allowing her to caress his lips tenderly, he shivered under her soft breath when she pulled away slowly lowering her head to rest upon his shoulder.


**Past end**


"Bye Sango!! I'm gonna be late for my date with Houjo-kun! I'll call you later!" Kagome called out to her best friend waving her arm into the air while turning to run in the direction of her home.

Inuyasha's ears twitched upon hearing her raised voice bringing him out of his reverie. Sighing he shook his head and hopped down off the roof. As long as he was around he wouldn't let any other male get close to Kagome and now another challenged his claim…when was this going to stop?!

--- Continuation follows in Untamed Heart

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