Tears of a Jedi

Summary: This is the end scene of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." When Rey finds Luke Skywalker, she also finds answers to her history that have been kept from her all her life.

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Luke Skywalker looked stunned at the youngling girl in front of him. She looked much like his wife, Yellinia, Leia, and his and Leia's mother Padme Amidala, that Leia had shown him after they had found out that they were twins. He honestly didn't know which one of the three since this girl looked like all three women at 17 or 18. Yellinia had been Luke's padawan learner and the look on the girl's face matched her mother's exactly.

Luke had believed Yellinia and their baby had died in childbirth. This girl was living proof that even if Yellinia had died, the baby had not. The girl had her mother's, aunt's, and grandmother's hair color, and her mother's small nose, and the shape of Yellinia's hands. She had his eyes and his old lightsaber that he had lost on Bespin after fighting his father, Darth Vader A.K.A. Anakin Skywalker. She also looked like Leia in the height.

"What... what... is your name, child?" Luke asked, his mouth as dry as Tatooine, resisting the urge to take his daughter in his arms and never let her go.

"Rey. Are you Luke Skywalker?" The girl asked, holding out his lightsaber to him as if she expected him to take it. If only she knew that it was now hers and all he wanted from her was for her to love him as her father.

"Yes, I am, Rey. You...You...You look like your mother," Luke said, his emotions finally getting the better of him as tears filled his eyes and spilled over.

"You knew my mother?" Rey asked the heartbreaking question. For the first time, Luke wondered how his father had felt when he found out that his son had been the one to destroy the Death Star and when he had cut off Luke's hand how he had to have felt when Luke refused to join him. He wondered if Rey would refuse him as well. He might as well take a chance.

"Yes. She was my student and wife. Rey, I...I...I am your father," Luke said, taking her by her wrist and crushing her to his chest. Rey lay limply in his arms. It took Luke a few minutes to feel his daughter's tears hitting his chest. Luke rubbed her back gently, pressing a kiss to her head. Rey sniffled and raised her tear-streaked face to look at him.

"What do I call you now?" Rey asked, sounding hopelessly sad. Luke touched her wet face gently with his real had. His prosthetic hand might frighten her.

"Rey, I am your father. How about "Father?" Luke suggested, a warm smile crossing his lips.

"I can try, Master Sky... I mean, Father," Rey said, hesitating slightly.

"Now, how did you find me, Rey?" Luke asked, sitting down on an outcropping and making Rey sit next to him, holding her hands tightly in his.

"General Organa sent me to find you after your R2 unit woke up," Rey said.

"You didn't know or were aware that you are my daughter," Luke said, stroking her hands gently. It was a statement not a question to which Rey nodded.

"No. I was on Jakku. I had no idea you were even real or that I-" Rey interrupted herself as tears fell down her cheeks again.

"My Rey. My baby, Father's here now," Luke said softly, hugging her tightly. This time Rey hugged him back.

"Father, please. Let me stay with you," Rey said, burying her face in his chest.

"Of course, my Rey. I'm never losing you again," Luke said, rocking her gently as he used to do with Yellinina and his nephew Ben Solo when the boy was small and missing Han and Leia.

"Father, what happened to my mother?" Rey asked in a small voice. it was a question that even a Jedi was unsure of how to answer. Yoda had told him that Jedis' never married or had an attachment, but since Luke was restructuring the Jedi Order, Luke had decided that he could forgo those particular rules of falling in love and marrying. Maybe Anakin Skywalker wouldn't have fallen if the Jedi would have been a little more reasonable and realized that marriage didn't mean that he stopped caring about people.

"Your mother wanted to visit her family on Ablon. I agreed, even though her father thought I was beneath her. I was her Jedi master and her husband, but before I was a Jedi I was a moisture farmer on Tatooine and a pilot. He was royalty. I got word that you and your mother died the day you were born. It broke me and I came here after Kylo Ren destroyed the Order. But you have come to me, my daughter, and I am never losing you again," Luke said gently, but firmly.

"Father, me and Chewbacca are under orders to bring you to General Organa," Rey said, lifting her head from his chest.

"That is not possible. Your aunt doesn't understand that I can never go back," Luke said, resting his hand on her face, gently.

"Father, I promised," Rey said reproachfully.

"I know, my Rey. Leia will understand if I tell Chewbacca that you and me are staying here," Luke said, layering his voice with the Force.

"Father, I know what you are doing. I use the Force too," Rey said sarcastically.

"I'm not saying I doubt that, Rey Skywalker. But I am your father and you will obey me," Luke said sternly.

"I promised, Father. I'm not going to lie," Rey said stonily.

"Leia will understand if I don't come and you don't either," Luke said.

"Yeah, right. Lying and breaking my promise to Aunt Leia is not a good idea. It'd serve me right if the Force struck me down for lying. Maybe I should've let Kylo Ren hit me with lightening and then run me through with his lightsaber," Rey groaned, burying her face in her hands.

"I don't think so," Luke said with dry amusement.

"Probably right. I didn't turn to the dark side when he tried to lure me. After what he did to Han, I'm not interested," Rey said with a yawn.

"Tired, my Rey?" Luke asked.

"A little bit. Also a little hungry too," Rey admitted as Luke helped her up and led her to his hut.

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