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"Reagan, Janko. My office now." Renzulli called out from the frame of his office door.

Eddie and Jamie stopped what they were doing which was fighting over overdue paperwork and proceeded to file into Renzulli's office.

"You wanted to see us Serge." Jamie said as he looked from Eddie to his boss.

"Yeah, sit down you two."

Eddie and Jamie looked at each other again with worry but did as they were told.

Renzulli took his glasses off and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"You ok Serge? You have a headache or something?" Janko asked with awkward concern.

Renzulli continued to rub the pain away as he answered, "You could say that Janko." Renzulli let his hand drop so that he could look Jamie and Eddie in the eye, "Actually you could say that it has been kinda an on and off thing for the last month and I was hoping, no, I am ordering you two to make it go away."

"Serge?" Jamie asked with confusion to what his boss was implying.

"Everything ok with you two?"

Jamie and Eddie frowned in confusion and glanced briefly at each other.

"I mean with your partnership, you're not sick of each other, anything you want to tell me about?"

"I can't speak for Officer Janko, but there's nothing I need to get off my chest." Jamie said.

Renzulli nodded briefly, looked down and then looked at Eddie for her answer.

Eddie sighed, frustrated with this cat and mouse game, "You want to tell us what this is all about Serge?"

"You want to answer the question Officer Janko?" Renzulli replied with authority in his voice.

"There's nothing to answer boss. I have nothing I want to say."

"Alright then, that's ok because I have plenty that I want to say to both of you. This lingering headache I've had to deal with has been caused by a constant bickering, squabbling and even to the point of an all-out screaming match from the men's locker room."

"Us Serge?" Janko asked dumbfounded.

"Well, it ain't Mckenna and Walsh or they would be the ones sitting in my office right now instead of the two of you."

Jamie shrugged slightly before he spoke to defend himself and Eddie, "We're partners boss and we don't always agree with what the other thinks or feels. We're also extremely passionate in our own right about our jobs so sometimes when we have it out, it can get a little heated."

"But once we have our say and agree to disagree, it's all good. And honestly Serge I'm pretty sure you couldn't name a partnership in this precinct or in the entire police force that doesn't fight from time to time." Eddie finished off.

"I see where you two are coming from and there's not a whole lot in what you just said that I disagree with but what I'm worried about is whatever that is going on between the two of you that you're not admitting to me or yourselves is going to start affecting your work."

"It hasn't yet." Jamie replied.

"Yet is the key word in that sentence Reagan. Look, I see where you two our coming from. God knows what it was like for me and Harvard here when we rolled together. We bickered, disagreed and sometimes fought, kinda like twelve year olds but with you two it's like you secretly ran off to get married and now the spice in your relationship is running out."

"I'm not too comfortable with that comparison boss." Eddie said as she shifted in her seat.

"Yeah, me neither," Jamie agreed looking just as uncomfortable.

Renzulli smiled knowingly before responding with what he thought could be the solution to this problem.

"I've scheduled an appointment for the both of you this afternoon with the department shrink. I think it's best for both of you to sort out your problems now before you have to sort them out on the street."

"Is that really necessary Serge?" Jamie asked in shock and exasperation.

"You can't order us to see the department shrink. What we're going through isn't some traumatic event that has to be hashed out about." Janko said with anger rising. Going to see a shrink was daunting enough, but having to go see one with her partner was terrifying to say the least.

"So you agree that there is something going on between the two of you."

Eddie opened her mouth to respond but Renzulli cut her off.

"I have a right to do this when I see that what's going on with an officer or in this case officers may begin to affect their job and the people around them."

Jamie just shook his head and rolled his eyes in frustration while Eddie brushed her brow.

"Now if the doc gives the all good, I'm not going to bring this up again but if she agrees with what I'm thinking, that's when it might be time to start thinking about a change up." Renzulli said looking from Jamie and Eddie, both of whom looked like things were flying at them that they couldn't dodge, control or fight off.

Renzulli sighed and softened his tone, "Look, you never know this might do the two of you a world of good. When you first started working together you made a highly stressful and dangerous job bearable with jokes and laughter, things that helped you get through the day. But now all I'm observing is constant fights, jealousy and pent up anger."

Eddie and Jamie both sat still as statues absorbing everything their boss was saying while looking anywhere but at him or each other.

"Get back to work, you're dismissed."

Eddie and Jamie got up and filed out of his office only speaking to each other when they had to and they never mentioned what was said in the office until they were finished their tour and outside the department shrink's office.

They were sitting opposite each other on wooden benches waiting for their appointment.

"This is ridiculous," Eddie spoke up.

Jamie was leaning his head on the wall, this was not the way he wanted to spend his free hours off from work, "Don't have to tell me twice. If this wasn't an order, I would be at a bar drinking and watching a game"

"And I'd be right behind you." Eddie agreed as she looked at her wringed hands.

Jamie moved his head down and looked at Eddie and asked, "Would you?"

"What?" Eddie replied as she looked up at him.

"Would you be right behind me?"

Eddie looked back at him with confusion.

"It's just that for the last month we haven't hung out together after work, not once."

Eddie simply stared at him as she crinkled her brows in a frown.

"I mean, no Happy Hour, drinks, dinner, no attitude or busting my chops, come to think of it this all started when you started seeing that defence attorney, Steve."

"It's Sam, Reagan and please let's not start this again."

Jamie adjusted in his seat, leaning forward slightly, "Start what again. You start seeing this lawyer that you don't want me to meet and suddenly our partnership starts going down the drain and we're being ordered to talk to a stranger about our personal feelings about….."

"Each other?" Eddie asked pointedly.

Jamie backed off and scoffed and then shook his head in frustration, "That is not what I meant Janko."

"Then what did you mean Jamie because your mouth is moving but no sense is coming out of it. Are you saying that it's my fault we have to talk to a head shrinker, that I'm the one that put us in this position?"

"I thought you said I wasn't making perfect sense," Jamie replied sharply.

"You are way off base Reagan; it takes two people to make up a partnership so I admit I have blame in the way we are right now but so do you."

At this the door next to where Jamie was seated swung open and a woman who had a remarkable resemblance to Whoopi Goldberg invited them in. When Eddie and Jamie entered her office, there was a desk with a laptop shoved in a corner of the room, a seat in the middle and a lounge chair directly opposite.

"Please have a seat, make yourselves comfortable." Eddie and Jamie sat down, "My name is Joanna Coleman but most of the people who come to see my call me doc, feel free to do so too." Doc said with a smile as she sat down with her pad and pen at the ready.

Jamie and Eddie nodded slightly both with tight courteous smiles.

"So, would one of you like to start about why you're here and what you would like to accomplish from our sessions together."

"Sessions? As in more than one." Eddie asked.

"That's correct. Depending on how this one goes that is. Is that a problem for you Officer Janko?"

Eddie tucked some hair behind her ear and replied with, "With all due respect doc, this whole thing is a problem."

"What my partner means to say is that we don't really have a reason to be here. We're fine and we honestly don't want to waste your time."

"I see. What about I bring up some things your boss in concerned about and maybe ask a few questions and if you want to leave at any point feel free to do so however I must let you know that it will go down in my report to Sergeant Renzulli and what he does with that information is out of my hands."

Jamie and Eddie remained seated which made the doc feel comfortable to proceed.

"So tell me about these fights you've been having?"

Jamie and Eddie briefly glanced at each other and looked away.

"It's normal to fight, I'm pretty sure I interrupted one when I opened the door to let you two in. Would I be right in saying that?"

"Oh, that little thing, that was nothing, just another thing that we can't seem to agree on." Eddie responded with a little more attitude than she had intended.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Jamie asked with his hands slightly elevated to emphasise the point.

"That we are opposites Reagan, and you know what, even before Renzulli noticed something was going on between us," Eddie gestured between herself and Jamie, "I noticed something too, we disagree on nearly everything, sometimes even how we should do our jobs."

Jamie was about to respond before the doc cut him off.

"I seem to have opened up a can of worms that is too intense to start this session off with and I apologise. So, before we get into the nitty gritty let's start with something a little more, well, less intense." Doc said with a smile, "How bout, why did you two want to join the police force? Officer Janko, how bout we start with you."

Eddie's eyes went wide as she let out a breath in an attempt to calm herself from her bubbling anger, "I wanted to become a cop because it was a world where there is, most of the time a clear distinction between right and wrong, something I never grew up with."

"Tell me about that."

Eddie shifted uncomfortably but powered on anyway, "I came from a wealthy family, a family that I love but are people that seem nice to you on the outside but are actually backstabbing you to get what they want. I never wanted to be like that, I rebelled against it, even to the point where I went off the rails and got in trouble with the law and it was a couple of police officers that helped me out of it."

"I'm sensing there is another reason, something that drives you through everyday life as a cop."

Eddie rubbed the back of her neck as the doc waited patiently for her to answer and Jamie's curiosity suddenly piqued.

Eddie dropped her hand, "My dad is serving time in prison for fraud and I found out recently that his reason for doing that was to make sure I never wanted for anything. So now, every time I try to help someone or get a bad guy off the street, it makes me feel like in a small way I'm making amends for my father's actions."

"What your father did, that's not on you Eddie," Jamie said sincerely.

Eddie turned her head to look at Jamie to acknowledge what he said.

"Your partner's right, that's a heavy burden to carry, one you shouldn't have too," The doc chimed in.

After a few moments passed the question was turned to Jamie.

"To serve and protect." Jamie replied honestly but bluntly.

"That's a good reason but I get paid to read people for a living and I know that to become a cop, there's more to it than just that."

Jamie just crossed his arms across his chest.

"You graduated from Harvard, a qualified lawyer yet you chose to be a cop. That's quite a 180 don't you think?"

"My uh, my brother died in the line of duty when I was in my final years of law school, when something like that happens you start to question everything. I questioned whether or not I really wanted to be a lawyer."

"So, would it be correct to assume that you decided to become a cop instead of a lawyer as a way to become your brother, healing everyone's wounds at his death apart from your own?"

Jamie's breathing intensified, "My brother was a great cop, one of the best and an even better human being and to say that I wanted to replace him is an insult to me and his memory. I knew this would be a complete waste of time." Jamie said as he got up, walked out and slammed the door behind him.

"I think you overstepped the line doctor." Eddie said in defense of Jamie.

"I think I'm right on the line Officer Janko. You ever notice the way he looks at you or the way you look at him because from what I can tell when you were each telling your reasons for joining the force, Sergeant Renzulli was right to send both of you here."

"You set us up? Asked us that question so that you could sit back and gauge our reactions to the other?" Eddie asked with irritation.

"I was doing my job as best as I know how. Are you and Officer Reagan doing the same?"

Eddie scoffed at that and stood up, "Question why we joined the force, question if we have feelings towards each other but never question whether or not my partner and I are doing our jobs to the best of our ability."

Doc just looked down as Eddie gave her one last look before leaving the office as well.