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Eddie was looking to Jamie to answer Danny's question while Jamie was thinking hard of whether or not to go ahead with this.

"Can Eddie and I talk about this for a minute please?"

"Sure, go ahead, talk away but make it short," Danny replied as he looked to Baez.

When Jamie saw that neither Baez or his brother were going to leave, he sighed and then spoke up, "In private, Danny."

Danny turned his head and looked to his brother and when he saw that it would be pointless arguing he responded with, "Fine, we know when we aren't wanted, don't we partner?" Danny said as he turned to Baez who gave him a tight smile, "Come on, let's give these two some privacy," Danny continued as both he and Baez made their way out of the interrogation room.

Once the door closed, Jamie and Eddie turned to face each other, "What do you think Jamie?"

"I think it's risky, it's been set up too fast and it's not gonna end well for us,"

Eddie paused and evaluated what Jamie said in her head before replying with, "I feel like there's a but to that sentence."

Jamie sighed, "But there is also a life to think about here, a life that we could save if this plan actually works."

Eddie nodded and looked away, taking time to think.

Jamie waited a beat and then asked, "I've said what I think, what do you think about this Eddie?"

"I think," Eddie started still looking away and then looked to Jamie to finish her thought, "that I'm not ready for this right now."

This took Jamie by surprise, "What do you mean?"

"I mean that after everything that happened in Singapore, I was planning on taking a little break from police work just until I was ready to come back."

Jamie looked at Eddie with curiosity, he then opened and closed his mouth determining how to approach her about this, "Did something else happen over there?"

Eddie's head snapped back to Jamie's as she frowned, "Like what?"

Jamie shook his head, "I don't know, it's just…..it kinda feels like you're not telling me everything."

Eddie's face faltered a little but she remained strong and convincing when she replied with, "Well, when you go through something like almost being blown up, you need some time to recover so that it won't affect you later on."

Jamie frowned and looked to Eddie, wanting more of an explanation.

Eddie looked down for a second and then back up at Jamie, "If we do this, I just want to be 100 per cent positive that I won't hesitate and let anything bad happen to you, me or an innocent by stander."

Jamie scrunched up his face in disbelief, "You wouldn't let that happen."

Eddie shook her head and defensively said, "You don't know that."

Jamie responded as soon as Eddie finished with, "Yeah, I do. Eddie you're a cop, it's gonna take a little more than almost being blown up to stop you from being a damn good one."

Eddie just looked back at Jamie, speechless which was when Danny opened the door and Eddie and Jamie broke their gaze.

"You two finished talkin yet cause if I forgot to mention it before we're kinda on a clock here."

"In a minute Danny," Jamie said a little frustrated at his brother's impatience.

Danny just shook his head and slammed the door.

"I think we should do this Eddie," Jamie said as a matter of fact.

Eddie's eyes widened in slight disbelief, "Really?"

Jamie nodded, "Yeah, I still have your back."

After a beat Eddie replied with, "And a chance to save a life."

Jamie smiled, "That's the spirit."

After both were in agreement they walked out to Baez and Danny at their desks.

"We're in, where do we start?" Jamie said.

Danny smiled and the next thing they knew Jamie and Eddie were walking into a hotel suite previously occupied by the real Carl and John Scott.

"You two in?" Danny asked over the comms Eddie and Jamie had in their ears.

"Yeah we're in, so far so good."

"Ok, now we've already swept the room for bugs and its clean so we can talk but keep your guards up," Danny replied from the car parked out front of the hotel.

Jamie and Eddie looked to each other and then continued to settle in. About an hour later the phone that the husband and wife were using went off. Jamie opened the message.

"Danny, I got a message from the perp. It says, 'All set for tomorrow? More details in the morning.'"

After a moment Danny came through, "Ok, that's good. Reply back and then both of you try to get some sleep. Sounds as if nothin's happenin tonight."

"Ok Danny, thanks."

"You got it kid."

Jamie responded to the message and then both Eddie and Jamie took out their ear pieces and switched them off.

"How're you holdin up Eddie?"

Eddie shrugged her shoulder brushing the question off, "Like you said, so far so good. I'm gonna get ready for bed."

Jamie watched as she grabbed some stuff and went to the bathroom still concerned she wasn't telling him everything.

Jamie dressed for bed while Eddie was in the bathroom. She came out, her hair damp from the shower she had just had and Jamie couldn't help but admire her.

Eddie approached him carefully and with a confused expression asked, "What?"

Jamie shrugged slightly and replied with, "Nothin, just checkin out my beautiful girlfriend."

Eddie smiled at that and said as she stepped closer putting her arms around Jamie's neck as he put him arms around her waist, "Oh so I'm your girlfriend now."

"Trust me, there was a lot of competition before you got the spot Janko." Jamie teased.

"Hey!" Eddie exclaimed as she punched Jamie lightly in the shoulder.

Jamie laughed, "I'm kidding, I'm kidding."

Jamie and Eddie's gazes then caught one another and both couldn't help but lean in and kiss, once again they rested their foreheads together afterwards.

"I think we need to make a pact Eddie that we don't," Jamie then looked to the bed and Eddie finished with, "until after the case, yeah I think that's a good idea."

"Ok," Jamie said.

"Ok," Eddie replied and then they reluctantly let each other go and got into bed, Jamie wrapped his arm around Eddie while Eddie leaned into him, resting her hand on his chest.

They both remained awake and quiet for a while before Eddie quietly said, "Tomorrow is a total unknown."

Jamie waited a beat before replying with, "Yeah, it is…..Are you scared Eddie?"

Eddie looked up at Jamie and nervously said, "No."

Jamie smiled softly, "That's ok, I am too."

Next morning Jamie woke up to his phone ringing, "Yeah, Reagan," Jamie answered with sleep in his voice.

"Jamie, wake up kid. Wake Eddie, get dressed and be ready for a conference in fifteen," Danny said.

"Yeah, got it," Jamie replied and then hung up.

Jamie turned to see that Eddie was curled up facing away from him, still sound asleep. He couldn't help but smile gently and gently pull away the hair from her face. Jamie then lightly kissed her on the side of her neck and then her cheek causing Eddie to stir awake. Eddie smiled, "I can't think of a better way to wake up in the morning Reagan."

Jamie squinted at Eddie, "Did you just give me a compliment Janko?"

"Don't get used to it, you just happened to wake me up in a good mood," Eddie teased back.

Jamie smiled, "Come on, we gotta get up, Danny wants a conference in fifteen," Jamie then got up as Eddie grunted and threw the quilt cover over her head. Jamie couldn't help but laugh as he made his way to the bathroom.

Jamie and Eddie got dressed and opened their laptop up to conference with Baez and Danny who were still parked out front.

Danny had five o'clock shadow and both he and Baez looked both tried and grumpy, "You two look well rested," Danny said annoyed.

Jamie and Eddie looked at each other nervously, "What's that supposed to mean?" Jamie asked.

Danny looked confused at both of them, "That you didn't sleep sitting up right in a parked car but in a fancy hotel suite. What did you think I meant?"

Jamie was about to respond when Baez cut him off after ending her phone call, "News just in, medical examiner's just given us a hint that this hit might've been the last one for the Scott's."

"Why's that?" Eddie asked curiously.

Baez waited a beat and then replied with, "Carla Scott was eight weeks pregnant when she died."

The surprise on Jamie, Eddie and Danny's faces was very apparent.

Danny looked away, brushing his forehead with his hand.

Jamie frowned, "What's on your mind Danny?"

"I don't know, maybe nothing. I just have a feelin that there's more to this one than what we can see."