The little girl stands there with her fists clenched, her face is bright red and if her eyes could produce fire they would have burnt the boy standing on her front steps alive.

"I hate you Tobias Eaton," she screams at the top of her voice. Those are the loudest words that have ever been spoken in this part of town, ever.

With that she spins around on the front landing, she opens the front door and slams it shut.

"Beatrice Prior come back here right now," her mother has called to her. But it is too late, Beatrice has run up the stairs as fast as her small seven year old legs could carry her and has now slammed her bedroom door shut.

Her mother sighs, walks to the front door and opens it. She looks outside and finds Tobias sitting on their steps with his head in his hands. She goes and sits next to the boy and puts an arm on his shoulder.

"You know she didn't meant it don't you?" She tells the boy in a quite soothing tone.

He nods, "I know Mrs Prior," he says.

"She will calm down soon Tobias; just let her be for a little while. You know she loves you?"

"She better love me, I'm going to marry her one day," Tobias states.

The older woman laughs. Beatrice and Tobias have been best friends since Beatrice was two and Tobias was four. These fights have been happening since they first met. Neither child fits the Abnegation mould that they are being raised in. It makes it all that harder that their fathers are the two most powerful men in Abnegation. They should be setting an example for the other families but these two children can't seem to keep themselves out of trouble. Or away from each other. They have a unique bond; there is something that draws the two together like magnets. When Tobias said he would marry Beatrice, Mrs Prior had no doubt that that is exactly what would happen. They already act like an old marry couple and they are only seven and nine.

"I better be getting home Mrs Prior, father will probably be home soon," Tobias says. With that Tobias stands, gives Mrs Prior a hug and walks back towards his own home.



It has been five days, five days. Evelyn was supposed to have arrived five days ago. I am really worried now. She was going to leave that sadistic bastard. I know she wouldn't have changed her mind, she can't change her mind. It's my child she is carrying and if Marcus finds out he will kill her. Not only will he kill her, he will kill our child and probably Tobias as well.

I have only just become a leader here in Dauntless. With that comes certain privileges. One I am about to use right now. I go outside and jump onto the first train that will lead me to the Abnegation sector of our great city. I need to make sure that Evelyn and Tobias are okay. I would really like some answers as too why they haven't joined me in Dauntless, but most of all I need to know they are safe.

I jump from the train and start the walk to the Eaton house. I am getting a few strange looks, it's not every day you see someone dressed in black walking the grey streets of Abnegation. I walk up to the front door and knock. When I am knocking the door is already open and as my fist hits the door the door swings open.

Marcus Eaton is sitting in a chair, his clothes are dishevelled and there are bottles all around him. It looks like he has been sitting here for days. He has a beard growing and he reeks of alcohol. I start to worry now; I am looking around the room trying to see if I can see Evelyn. "Wake up," I say as I shove Marcus on his shoulder. A small grunt comes from his lips, he is obviously still intoxicated.

I walk up the stairs and into a bedroom. That is when I see her. My Evelyn. I rush to her side, she is unconscious, and she is barely breathing. Shit, I have to find a way to get her out of here, get her to safety and away from this sadistic bastard for good.

I may belong to Dauntless and we have our reputations for fighting but never is it allowed or tolerated for a man to beat his wife or children. Men and woman can fight, hell it's encouraged but you do not raise your hand in anger, ever, to your loved ones. It will have you factionless in seconds if you are caught.

I have to think quickly, I walk back down stairs and I push Marcus from his chair. "Get up you scum bag," I say to him through my clenched jaw.

"Get out of my house, who do you think you are?" Marcus says. He is standing now. Now I can begin. I punch his jaw as he reels back I hit him in his stomach. I am seething with anger now, but I don't want to kill him I just need to make it look good and then knock him out. He starts to move toward me when I punch his face again and he has crumpled to the floor. I give him a few good kicks to his body just because I can, then I radio through to the Dauntless compound.

I rush back upstairs to Evelyn. She is lying on her bed, she has been badly beaten. Her face is swollen and purple, there are also some bruising that is yellowish in colour. It looks like she has had days of constant beatings. Then I realise I haven't seen Tobias. I rush to the other bedroom but he isn't there. Where could he be? I hear a noise I turn my head and see the small cupboard near the stairs.

I walk over to the cupboard and pull the door open. The sight almost breaks me. Tobias has slumped out of the cupboard and is now lying on the floor. I hear a small moan come from his badly beaten body. Thank goodness he is alive. I want to pick the boy up and hold him but I'm too scared to touch him. His back has been ripped apart; there is shredded skin and blood everywhere along his small back. I hear someone calling my name from downstairs.

I walk down the stairs and see Shane a Dauntless leader along with my best friend Simon who is a doctor at Dauntless. They have also brought four guards with them. Simon knows of my involvement with Evelyn. I had to tell him so that we could organise to have her and Tobias transferred to Dauntless after we discovered she was pregnant with my child.

"Max, what happened here?" Shane asks.

"I found Marcus drunk in his chair over there, but you need to help me. Evelyn and Tobias are upstairs and the bastard has beaten them both pretty bad," I say.

Simon moves up the stairs quickly and he comes across Tobias first. He looks at me with a look that sends a shiver down my spine. I know this is serious and for the first time in my life I am feeling really afraid.

"We need to get him out of here as quickly as possible, I think it's a miracle that he is even alive," Simon says.

"Wait," Shane says. "We need to do this smart. We need to be able to keep these two safe from that bastard down there." He points down the stairs to where Marcus is slumped on the floor. "I have an idea."

Shane walks back down the stairs and talks to the guards that are standing in the door way. Two of the guards leave the house and come back with two stretches. "What are we doing Shane?" I ask.

"We are going to take Evelyn and Tobias out of here on the stretches, we are going to cover them up and make it look like they are dead. Then we can take them back to Dauntless and give them new identities. We will tell people that a factionless man murdered them and beat Marcus up. Marcus is too drunk to know what has really happened. Even if he remembers he will think that he has done it, which it would be good if he did remember then he can live with the guilt of what he thinks he has done."

With the idea in place we start to implement the plan. Both Evelyn and Tobias are unconscious so it makes it easy for us to put them onto the stretches and carry them out to the waiting Dauntless van. As we are walking out with the lifeless bodies we see that there is a crowd of Abnegation starting to appear.

I am standing next to the door of the van when I see Natalie and her family approaching. A young girl with Natalie's features starts screaming. Blood curdling screaming is coming from this little girl. I never knew such a noise could come from someone so little. Her father quickly grabs her and tries to calm her down.

"Hi Nat, how are you?" I ask.

Natalie and I had been friends when she was Dauntless. I had always had a crush on her until I found out that she was secretly seeing Andrew Prior. It broke my heart a little the day she told me. Now as I watch the horror of her daughters reaction play out in front of me I am feeling guilty that I am going to have to lie to my friend about what has happened here today.

"Max, it's good to see you," Natalie says. I can see warmth in her eyes but I also know that she cannot show any real emotion. It comes with choosing Abnegation; I really hope she is happy living in this place. For me I don't think I could stand living with the rules that govern this faction. Her daughter is only sobbing now. It is such a distressing sight. "What happened?" Natalie asks.

"It seems that someone, probably factionless has beaten Marcus and killed both Evelyn and Tobias," I say. "You will probably need to get him some medical attention. We are going to take the bodies back to Dauntless, that way we can run the investigation from there. We can have our medical team run the necessary tests and try and find out what happened."

"Max we need to go," Shane shouts at me. I know we need to move quickly, both Evelyn and Tobias need urgent medical attention and we can't afford for them to wake while we have a crowd.

"We will look after Marcus, thank you Max," Natalie says.

I hop into the back of the van and we leave for Dauntless.