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So far, Hinata only knew two things about her new client. The first: For some reason, the management team of one of the biggest pop stars in Japan thought she would be a good fit for their client. Two: Despite his electric performances on stage, Uchiha Sasuke was a reticent individual in real life.

Blinking in the strong fluorescent light, Hinata avoided catching her own eye in the mirror in front of her. Or even worse, catching the pop star's eye as he calmly assessed her from his spot in the make-up chair. Mentally chanting in her head, she decided on what product was next.

Clean face, primers, foundation, concealer and…

Ah. She already sealed his waterline with powder and it was time for the eyeliner.

Picking up a white pencil, she primed it and moved to Sasuke's side to start the application. Her mental concentration was thrown off when he jerked back. Surprised, Hinata pulled back as well. She sent a look to Sasuke's lone entourage member, but Suigetsu was not at all engaged with events in the room. His headphones blasted music loud enough for Hinata to hear some treble as his fingers flew angrily across the screen of his phone.

Bracing herself, she glanced back at Sasuke who was practically crossed-eyed trying to glare at her pencil. He was fine with everything else. What was going wrong now?

"Uchi-" She started, only to be cut off.

"Does that have glitter in it?" He demanded quietly.

What? "What?"

He rolled his cold glare to land on her. "Glitter. I don't want it on my face."

Slowly, she remembered a member of Sasuke's wardrobe team warning her about glitter in passing. Honestly, this is why she was doing this today. This was her first time doing his face as a test to learn his preferences but… no glitter? At all?


She tried not to be personally offended. It was just glitter; he was not insulting her as a person.

Reaching to the table, she picked up a pot of gel eyeliner and opened it. It was dark green with tiny flakes of reflective mica. It was intended for photoshoots, where the tiny dots of glitter would reflect the sharp lighting and make his eyes look luminous.

"Would this be a problem?" She asked, bringing the pot close so he could see it.

"Yes." His tone definitely allowed no arguments.

Hinata mentally wailed. Everything had mica in it. That was the trend. She would have to leave half of her material off his face.

Everything except… Hinata still had her white pencil.

Setting down her gel eyeliner, she took the pencil and swiped a couple of lines on the side of her hand. Neji always said that she had to sell herself and go above the expected. If she was expected not to use products with glitter, then she would provide her customer with what he wanted.

Bringing her hand up, she moved it a bit to reflect the light.

"No glitter," she assured.

"Hnn." He agreed and sat back. "Then you can continue."

She bit the inside of her lip to keep from breathing a sigh of relief but she was sure her face was a little pink. Turning, she pulled out an alcoholic swab to clean the pencil and quickly sharpened the tip. She now knew three things about her new client.

The third: He was completely unreasonable when it came to glitter.