The following is a sequel to a fanfic I wrote called Young and Young at Heart (which is available on this website). To make a long story short, I deeply enjoyed Telltale's The Walking Dead Game, but found its sequel unsatisfying. So unsatisfying, I made my own personal rewrite of their sequel (the aforementioned Young and Young at Heart), which took on a very different direction from the actual game and ended in a very different place. I so enjoyed writing that story, I've decided to write another story to pick up where that one left off.

With the exception of the main characters, who vary greatly from their canon counterparts, this is a mostly original story about a couple of young women braving a post-apocalyptic world to find a place to raise the baby they promised to look after. If that interests you, then I suggest you read on, as playing The Walking Dead Games or reading Young and Young at Heart aren't strictly necessary to enjoying this tale (although doing so would likely further enhance your enjoyment).

But do be warned, this is a story of children confronting the horrors of a world gone mad, and as such, there are times when horrible things may happen to them. But even though this isn't a story for children, it is intended to be one that follows an adage I heard about children's stories once, which was: "Children stories should not be about horror; children stories should be about overcoming horror."

If you remain undeterred, then I suggest you press on to the first chapter. =)