Chapter 1


Wonder woman spent a lot of time thinking about superman , he is so handsome, tall, broad solder, and his blue eyes will make her him with simple looks, the thought of him making love to her, made her pussy wet and horny, she never felt anything like this and her thought move to what she would do for her next training with superman.

He was improving in his fighting skills at a rate that was impressed her, And it almost terrified her, Her mother always told her, "never let your gaurd down to any man",She spent a long time figuring out that a plan for today practice with him.


"So, are you ready?" superman, wonder woman rose to her feet before him from the chair,

"Yes, one final test, before you move on to our next technique kal," wonderwoman said.

"Already moving for next technique?" superman asked her.

" you would just be going around in circles, unless you move forward and that would not allow you to achieve your full potential," wonder woman said.

"When you defeat me this time, go all of the way. Show your supriority, show that to me. I will not stop fighting until you completely and utterly achieve victory over me."superman understood what diana meant perfectly, they have been dating for 2 months. The two of them circled around each other for a moment.

"Let's begin kal."wonder woman stabbed at superman. He blocked her first attack and he avoided a rebound attack. Superman stepped back.A shield appeared and wonder woman kept slamming at the sword. Several ropes shot out. She dodged them and sliced was behind superman, and she stuck to the shadows. She tried to misdirect him into attacking the woman flung a dagger. It burned before it took superman. She tried to nail him with a swinging punch on the back pushed her up against the wall and pinned her against it. She wasn't going to make it that easy to be caused a attack to escape when the sent of her arosual filled in the air , superman nose pick the arosual. She jumped behind him. Superman turned around and grabbed her fist. He twisted them around and brought her down onto her hands and woman struggled to try and get to her feet. Superman released her instantly. She punched at him. Superman dodged it. He caught her arm and he caught her other struggled and squirmed against him.
Superman leaned forward and kissed her on the woman struggled against him, when his tongue pushed in her mouth. It only lasted for a couple of minutes. She found her desire to fight to become less and less, and her desire to return the kiss became even more and more. She nibbled on his lower lip, unable to believe that she was succumbing to snapped for a moment, and started to fire back with a rapid fire succession of blows. Wonder woman's hair flew went behind her and held her into place.

"I…can't….I have to….win," wonder woman said started rested his hand between her and his finger made a circular motion.

"I think that you're going to win, aren't you?" superman asked. He grabbed her by the hair and guided her down on her knees.

"You can handle a spear well, can't you?" Superman said diana realized where this was going and she tried to make one more effort to get to her feet. Superman brought her back hands were placed on his pants, but instead of taking him down, she ripped his pants grabbed diana's head and held her face steady for him,

"So, does the student have something to learn, or can he teach, the teacher something?"Wonder woman breathed heavily. She realized that she had lost, but she had won at the same time. She looked him right in the eye and nodded.

"I'm not quite defeated yet," wonder woman
superman's throbbing hard 13 inch cock slid into her mouth. Diana's lips wrapped around him. Diana had never had a cock in her mouth before, and she figured that it was only fitting that she would have her lips around such a vision of 's hands threaded the back of her head and superman pushed himself into her mouth.

"You know, for someone who has never sucked a cock,
you're pretty good at it," superman informed looked up in his eyes and her hot lips wrapped around his mouth. Superman tightened his grip around her face and pushed into her felt her lover fuck her throat. His thick cock filled up her mouth and throat completely.

"So, do you have any fight left in you?" superman asked.

"Seem pretty defeated to me?"diana grabbed his balls and started stroking him again. Superman groaned when she used a skilled hand to work him best hands appeared to be the ones that could either bring pleasure or death. She started to stroke his balls and slowly worked him over. Superman's throbbing cock pushed deep into her throat and nearly gagged her with his cock. He pulled almost all the way out of her throat and pushed into her depths.

"Looks like you're going to finish me off after all," Superman said. wonder woman stroked him even harder. His balls tightened in her hand and she could feel his cum fire into her mouth. It went down her throat and inside her spurts of cum hit the back of her throat. Wonder woman accommodated herself to the test and it wasn't unpleasant at pulled her up to her feet and cut her clothes from her body. He ripped diana armour her tone body, flat stomach high and firm round big breasts, long legs, shapely ass, and dripping wet pussy revaled to superman. Her pussy looked like it beckoned for him.

"You bastard Kal, you made me want this," wonder woman groaned.

"I'd like to think so, yes,"superman said. He ran his hands down her body and slowly worked his finger between her thighs.

"The question is, you want it, how badly?"

"Really badly," wonder woman breathed. She could not believe that she was doing with the man who stole her heart when they meet first time, her mother warned about this, yet she submitted to slowly toyed with her clit and she whimpered when he kept playing with her. He really knew how to push all of her buttons.

"How badly?" superman asked wonder woman.

"I need you inside me," wonder woman said, before she could stop might not have admitted that right away, but he pushed the right buttons. His cock pressed against her entrance.

"I need this Kal please!" she begged him.

"If you insist," superman said.
He pinned her back against the wall and slid inside extremely tight pussy clenched him when he entered inside her. She wrapped her legs around him and her nails dug into the back of his shoulder. She encouraged kals to fuck her extremely hard.

"You've been saving this pussy for me princess, haven't you?" Kal asked.

" yes kal, you want to my first kal, No men ever touched it, i can't feel the normal humans touch kal if they tried they would be dead," wonder woman breathed.

"Oh, you bastard….dominate me with your big cock."superman felt her warm walls clench around him. He lightly toyed with her nipples and that caused the cum to flow, lubricating his pole when he shoved inside woman felt him hit her pleasure spots. She had many skilled female lovers, but she was pretty sure that she never felt anything like this. It coursed through him.

"You are a strong amazon warrior, but in my bedroom, you're nothing, but a slut that's begging to be fucked," superman told her.

"Aren't you?""We're not….in your bedroom," Diana said. She stood corrected. She wasn't sure where kal had positioned them where she was being fucked against her dresser.

"I stand corrected," she murmured in plowed inside her. Her pussy gushed for him and her body twitched, anticipating each thrust. He was amused that she only made a move to correct him about the bedroom think.

"Now, cum, cum like you've never cum before Diana, my love ," superman said diana's body tensed and her orgasm hit. It rocked her pulled out of her and guided diana onto his bed (which is strong). She got onto the bed without any thought or was on her hands and knees, her perfect ass beckoning for superman. She tried to shift herself into position, swaying her ass when she was on her hands and knees.A loud smack echoed and superman's hands smacked against her ass.

"oh kal ," diana cried loud, superman smacked her a few more times on the ass and leaned forward, to whisper in her ear,

"Well if it was too much, then why are you so wet?" Superman asked to Diana didn't have an answer for that. She could feel superman's 13 inch cock at her wet entrance and she felt filled once knew that she shouldn't succumb to this, but she couldn't help it. Her body betrayed her when she craved this big cock, deep inside her plunged his manhood deep into her body.

"Yes, you're very wet, shows how much you want this. And how much you want to get fucked even harder."superman drilled his throbbing hard cock inside her tight pussy. She stretched around his tool when superman plowed inside her wet quim. Her pussy clenched him.

"This makes you feel good, doesn't it?" superman asked her. He fondled her breasts and that caused her to tighten it.

"It makes you feel good to have a real cock inside you, doesn't it?"superman nodded in response. The feeling was a pleasure that she didn't expect.

"So, who has defeated you Diana?" superman asked her.

"kal….el," she breathed. Her wet pussy clenched around sawed into her harder from behind, fucking her pussy hard.

"Who has fucked you and so much pleasure?" superman asked her.

"kal….el!" she yelled, that last word coming out in an orgasmic cry. She was dripping with sweat.

"Who is fucking your cunt now my dear Diana?" superman asked her.

"kal….Fucking...kal," superman breathed.

"so you are feeling good?" superman asked a couple of mini orgasms, which she was sure lead her up to the big one.

"Yes, yes," wonder woman said.

"You are my love kal, please, let me cum, Kal.

"There was a small part of diana that couldn't believe that her body and her desires betrayed her this much, and there was an even larger part of her who was more than satisfied with's hands ran over her body. Each touch was like a miniature gift for her, with the new pleasure it could bring.

"Yes, diana my love, cum, cum hard," superman to diana,
he came, The nerve racking pleasure exploded through her body, and soon she would have something else that was pumped his cock into her juicy pussy. He felt her orgasm and it felt good. After fifty times Diana cumed, one more time and that would be the perfect time to release it inside her pussy.

"Do you want your gift Diana?" superman asked looked eager and anticipated this greatly. The tension rose through her body, preparing herself for the end. Superman grabbed the back of her hair and he pushed inside her depths. He could be as gentle or rough as possible, depending on what the mood and the situation called for.

"Yes, please," Diana panted. She felt a warmth spread through her body when her latest and potentially final, for this round, orgasm was smiled, one more, and she would be his, without a doubt.

"Then cum with me, diana," superman ordered her fifty one orgasm diana felt with his cock inside her was amazing. She completely and utterly succumbed to him, the last traces of her doubt huge blast of cum filled her insides a few moments later. His cream coated the inside of her walls and he pulled out of her dropped on the bed, pulled back from diana, who was sticky, sore, and satisfied all at the same time.

"I think that I beat you completely and you are mine Diana," superman said. He smiled, and added.

"But naturally, if there's any fight left in you, I'll be happy to take you the rest of the way." superman said to diana

"You've won kal," diana informed him superman smiled happily

"are you ready for another round" superman asked, diana could not beleive with her eyes superman big rod is ready and straight again, she can't protest against her kal, her lover, her future,


sleeping in superman's Diana chest trail her finger to his dick, which is hard as steel, she impresser by his stamina and asked kal.

" kal you need to meet my mother are you ready for that?," diana asked, superman smiled and let her know that he was ,

superman smiled the though of his plan for her and everyone.