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The sun rose happily the next morning. It shone on the sparse trees of the edge of the forest. It shone on the roof of the Southern psychiatrist's office. It shone on several furry woodland creatures who were trying to eat the lembas that Legolas had packed. It shone on Legolas's hair and temporarily blinded the furry woodland creatures.

A few moments later, the elf prince awoke to several thuds. Though he did not realize it, the thuds were the sounds of the furry woodland creatures running blindly into trees. He stretched and blinked a couple of times, then smiled. Today he would see Haldir.

He stood up. Sanaa was still sleeping. He didn't know what time it was, but it must have been early because every other day, she had been up before him.

Legolas sighed. He should probably wait a little bit before trying to talk to Haldir. It was too early, as of yet.

He pulled out his laptop and began to check his emails. Without the Cindy Ellenshare emails, he found he could check it less often. He had a lot more inbox space without, roughly, 10,000 love letters.

Most of his new emails were junk. He had received one from his father, on from Ankara and one from Spy Magazine, though.

He opened the one from his father first. It simply told him to remember that all of his laundry needed to be given to the servants by Wednesday, or else it wouldn't get done. Legolas sighed and deleted it.

The one from Ankara was a bit longer. It read:


I'm glad to hear that Sanaa is with you. To be honest, we weren't too worried about her. That sounds terrible, but she usually goes off for a couple of days without telling us. We're still trying to figure out what hit her on the head when she was younger. Whatever it was, it did brain damage.

But seriously, if you get sick of her, pack her up in a bag and send her to Moria. I heard the balrog needs a friend.

Okay...so that wasn't serious. Well....maybe partially serious. I hope she doesn't get on your nerves too much. If she's being good, tell her we aren't touching her stuff. If not, tell her we threw this big party in her room and couldn't tell the trash from her stuff so we just threw it all out. Hope you find Haldir soon! -Ankara


Legolas smile and thought of what Sanaa would do if she heard that all of her stuff had been thrown out. He typed back:


Sanaa is actually being pretty good. I had no idea she could cook and hunt! She even found some wooden plates, and has a knife she says she carries around with her.

I was kind of freaked out at first, honestly. Then I remembered that I have my bow, and I'm immortal, if she attacks. So that's settled.

I think I've finally found Haldir. I should be talking to him later today.

In fact, I'm going to do that now. Talk to you soon.



He sent the email and stood up. 5 minutes has passed. It was late enough now. He could finally talk to Haldir.