Rated Very Mature.

This story will be very dark and will include graphic scenes of non con themes, abuse -emotional and physical- and triggering elements.

If you can't deal with such elements please do not read any further.

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Klaus had turned his emotions off. Now he only craved blood, destruction and above all Caroline. [Dark themes.]

Author's note: The first five chapters of this story are REPOSTED.

I had posted the first five chapters of this story in the past before I took down but now I am posting this story once more.

Story facts:

The events that set this story in motion originally take place in TVD's episode 4x20.

Alterations have been made in the premise of the story of the Originals thus creating a completely different alternative universe in which the events that happened and are happening in the spin off never existed in this story.



Klaus visit in New Orleans after discovering Katherine's letter turned out to be an elaborate scheme by a coven of witches. There was an uprising in New Orleans and everyone feared that in the end it would all be for nothing if the creator of the city was ever to come back. Furthermore Esther's spirit had informed them about the bloodline connection every vampire had with the Originals.

If Klaus was to die then Marcel would die along with him and the city would finally belong to the witches once more.

They wanted Klaus dead and the coven of New Orleans believed that if they could lure him in the cemetery under the promise of a fake pregnancy they could easily subdue him. It was there that they were stronger. Their plan was simple. Lure him in and drain him of his power. Use a new desiccation spell against him and lock him in the tomb until they would find a way to finally kill him.

But they didn't count on Elijah's presence or the fact that some witches were still loyal to Klaus.

Blood spilled everywhere. Hayley and most of the witches died in the mausoleum but the battle was not won.

All it took was one spell to go terribly wrong.




When the devil wants to dance with you, you better say never
because a dance with the devil might last you forever




It was impossible for a vampire to turn off his emotions after a certain age. But each rule had an exception and impossibility remained an impossibility until it was challenged and its boundaries broken. Then everything was possible.

In a thousand years he had never turned his emotions off. It was a matter of control. He never gave up his control no matter what it cost him. Until now.

All it took was a pesky little spell. Witches could be such a pain but this time this had proved to be a blessing in disguise.

The spell was easy enough to be broken but his noble brother never expected what would follow next.

All Klaus had to do was turn back his emotions. The only problem was that he didn't want to. He felt liberated. Free. He felt an energy running through his veins that he had never felt before. He was powerful, untamed, immortal. He was a God among people. Or maybe the Satan.

All his inhibitions had now vanished into thin air. He only cared for ...nothing. The emptiness inside him was the most soothing sensation he had ever felt. It was an incredible contradiction. He felt nothing and that felt amazing. The chaos that lingered inside him was after centuries of torment finally silenced. For once he didn't want to be loved. He didn't care about what others thought of him. He had nothing to prove to anyone. He wasn't afraid of being alone. He wasn't afraid of being rejected. He didn't want a family to tie him down. He didn't want attachments. He didn't want anchors. He didn't want to be restricted into the confines of a pathetic town when he could have the world.

All those emotions and fears and all that tormenting instability and irritability seemed a far away dream.

He only wanted to serve his instincts now and nothing else. Her was untrammeled by unimportant emotional conventions.

He wanted freedom, blood. He wanted to revel in the kill. He wanted to touch the world and bend it to his will. To bring death. All the potential was incredible and so when he daggered Rebekah and Elijah he felt liberated. Nothing could stop him now. Nothing could contain him. Nothing could hold him back.

His reign of terror had just begun.

Months later

He kept watching her from the shadows. The thrill he felt was electrifying. He had been watching her every move for days. Drinking her in. Stalking his prey and taking notes. He watched her closely and carefully and he noticed things he hadn't before.

He noticed the way she watched humans when no one was watching her. He watched the hunger and her need for blood boiling just under the surface. His little lighthouse emitted dark lights in the horizon when no one was there to watch them shine.

He noticed how lonely she felt. He noticed how delectable she looked. He noticed what she was wearing and he noticed how she would slowly undress every night in her room.

He noticed how she would let her trembling hand run between her thighs and how she would bring pleasure to herself. He noticed her short breaths and her glowing face as she would clench her eyes and would succumb to the ripples of pleasure.

His incompetent hybrid was still on the run and so she was left behind all alone and unsatisfied. Something that he would soon have to rectify.

He also noticed how she felt comfortable by making others believe that she was a bubble of positivity when in reality she seemed lonely and depressed.

So he kept watching and he kept taking notes. He had wanted her for years now but he had never allowed his obsession to fully manifest because he knew that this would destroy sweet little Caroline and his emotions were standing in the way.

He never expected to find his way back to Mystic Falls but this would be the last night he would stay there. He had already set the rules of his game. He had already set the pawns in their right places ensuring that no one would come in his way and now it was time to deal with the Queen.

His presence in Mystic Falls was just a short cut after all.

A necessary and unavoidable short cut. He licked his lips as his eyes traveled over the long creamy legs the tempting short little skirt she was wearing was revealing. His eyes filled with gold and blood and his fangs gleamed in the moonlight. The entire bloodline in his body was flaring up at her sight. He could hear the howling in his head and this time it told him that he was in the right place.

It took him months to realize what was happening to him.

As corpses started piling up around him no matter where he went he became restless. His switch was still down. He hadn't turned it back on but something was off.

His mind was always turning and turning. His nights became long. Blood wasn't enough. He savaged everything. He destroyed everyone. And it wasn't giving him the same thrill and satisfaction as it had in the beginning.

It wasn't enough. A lingering sensation was there. It was burning and scorching. Like a missing piece from a puzzle. The one missing piece that can drive a man insane.

It wasn't until he realized that all the women he fucked and drained were perky blonds that his mind started working towards the right direction again. It was when her memory reappeared in his eyes that he finally understood.

He had turned his emotions off. A handy vampire skill but he wasn't just a vampire now was he? He also had the wolf inside him and without his emotions to keep the beast tamed all the brutal animalistic instincts were free to come raging to the surface.

And his wolf side seemed to want only one thing. Her.


His first instinct was to come get her. His first idea was to fuck her and to kill her on sight. She was a weakness and one more string that was wrapping around him and holding him down.

But all it took was to just see her again and his plans changed.

Now as he saw her enticing body walking down the road he had to admit that even without his emotions something was drawing him closer to Caroline.

Something strong that could compete even with his need for blood.

He would kill her eventually yes. That was certain. He could not allow a weakness like that to run around free and happy and ready to destroy him.

But first he would have a lot of fun with her. He would satisfy each and every need she had created in him. He would take her out of his system. He would corrupt that light that seemed to warm even his ice cold heart even in this state.

He stabled back. A rush of something similar to emotion passed through him and that was more than enough to make him realize that Caroline was a ticking bomb for him. She was the one and only thing that could trigger an emotional break in him again. And he would not permit this.

No. Caroline had to be buried and stored away. She had to stop existing in his world. But first she had to give him everything she had denied him for so long and then some more. First she would break in his hands and only then he would throw the broken pieces away.

Somehow she must have sensed his presence because she had turned around, her blond curls bouncing around her face as her eyes searched for him. But he was well hidden in the shadow and the distance and she couldn't see him.

She had breathed relieved, probably scolding herself for being afraid of the dark even now that she was herself a creature of darkness and she turned her back to him again. She kept walking down the road obviously heading back to her car.

He followed her from a safe distance and when she took her car keys out of her bag he finally stood behind her.

He smirked when she jumped and turned around to face him. The keys fell from her hand when she saw him and she placed her shaky hand over her trembling chest.

"Oh my God, Klaus!" she breathed and she closed her eyes in relief for a moment.

When she opened them again he was still standing there smirking and looking at her as if she was the only woman left in the world.

"You scared me!" she reprimanded him and his smirk turned wider.

"Did I love?" he asked with a tempting voice. Mirth dancing in his eyes. And something else that was dark and malignant.

Caroline narrowed her eyes suddenly feeling danger surrounding her. Something was wrong and she could feel it.

"What are you doing here Klaus?" she suddenly asked looking around her. All Caroline knew was what everyone knew. And that was that he and his siblings had left for New Orleans and had never come back. All she knew was that he hadn't cared to even bid her farewell. He missed her graduation and everyone seemed to be relieved that the monster left them at last alone.

Now the road was empty and barely lit. He and Caroline were all alone in the street that seemed abandoned somehow and even if they were not it was not as if anyone could go up against Klaus and survive.

His presence obviously unnerved her. For the first time she felt differently around him. Usually she felt comfortable but this time it was as if her whole skin was crawling.

Klaus took a step forward and she took a step back. Her back hit on the car and Klaus placed his hands on her waist. He could tell that she was ready to run away even if she knew that it was a useless endeavor. She could never escape him.

His hands found their way under her top and caressed the naked skin of her lower back.

Her eyes widened at his intimate gesture and he smiled sinnisterly.

"I am here to invite you to come dancing with me love," he said and before she could even understand what he meant her dead still body had fallen in his arms.

He had easily snapped her neck and lifted her in his arms. Her head rested against the crook of his neck as he walked away with his precious prize in his arms.

He happily hummed a long lost Norse tune his mother once sang to him that soon would forever haunt Caroline as her dance with the devil had just begun.


As I have posted in the author's note this story is Reposted. I have posted it before in the past and I took it down and now I am reposting it again with every intention of completing it. I have just changed the username of my account and decided to work on this story again.

Thank you for looking out for me and for any attempts of plagiarism but I assure you this story is mine.