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Erza stood at the platform at the imperial base of Lothal and gazed into the eyes of Darth Vader with his billowing cape and black mask which apparently helped him to breath from the mechanical breathing noises he emitted. Just looking at the mask sent cold shivers down his back and he felt his fear intensify. Ezra stood beside Kanan in the middle of the walkway and behind them they had the power reactor for the imperial base.

"Ezra did you set the charges" Kanan asked him calmly while he ignited his lightsaber.

"Well yea but shouldn't we get out of here and call the crew" Ezra asked nervously while also igniting his own lightsaber. He let his thumb drift down to the button where his lightsaber would shot bullets. Ezra had a bad feeling about the Sith Lord standing in front of them and the time interval it took him to deactivate his lightsaber and use his bullets would be time Vader could kill him.

The hate, fear and disgust Ezra felt from Darth Vader made his whole body go numb and cold. Ezra felt shivers go up and down his spine. If it wasn't for Kanan standing right beside him he seriously doubted he would be able to stand.

"Ezra stay behind me" Kanan moved in front protectively "be ready to run!"

"NO! Kanan I can help you, we can do this together!" Ezra would be damned if he let his master be captured again to the empire. He would fight beside Kanan even if the odds were stacked against them. Darth Vader didn't seem faced against their show of defiance and walked slowly forward on the small walkway while igniting his own deep red lightsaber. After coming forward a few meters he just stood there and looked at them through his soulless mask. Ezras heart quickened in pace and sensing the amount of malevolence Vader emitted, Ezra just wanted to get the hell away from there. Every second he stood there and faced Vader the cold sweat was breaking out on his hands and making his grip slick and Ezra had to will his legs to stoop trembling.

Kanan needs me I won't let him down. Ezra thought resolutely and brought his lightsaber down pointing at Vader advancing towards them. Kanan was standing diagonally in front of him with his arm stretched out backwards in an effort to protect Ezra.

"Ezra I know you want to help but this isn't a foe we can easily defeat" Kanan quietly said while glancing backwards. Ezra became dismayed when he could see the same sort of fear and nervousness lurking behind the gaze of his master. It didn't bode well if Kanan where that scared, but no matter what they couldn't just run. Vader would easily stop and kill them when they were defenceless escaping trough the imperial base. Also if they get captured then Rex, Fulcrum and the rest of the rebellion would be in grave danger.

"I know that but we will need to do something, otherwise we are toast" Ezra replied, his eyebrows furrowed and tried to see any sort of weaknesses in Vadars fa├žade. Naturally he didn't find anything, but even if Vadar had left himself open for attack it would only be a trap since Ezra had seen Vaders mastery of the force and lightsaber first hand.

"Ok follow my lead." With that said Kanan charged at Darth Vader and the moment his blade touched the red lightsaber it seemed almost effortless for the Sith to divert it sideways. Kanan visibly struggled to prevent Vader from overpowering him and cutting through his defences.

He won't stand a chance alone, I need to help him. Ezra charged at Vader with his lightsaber held in front of him.

But when the lightsaber was close to connect, faster than Ezra could react Vader had pushed Kanan backwards while moving to block Ezras lightsaber. Ezra immediately changed tactics and brought his lightsaber up and tried a vertical swing at the Shits helmet. Vadar in retaliation used his left arm to force push him hard into the control panel behind Kanan

"EZRA" Kanan shouted and rushed at the Vader and furiously exchanged multiple blows with Vader which had no trouble keeping Kanan at bay. The control panel had cracked and buckled from the impact and hurting all over Ezra rose painfully to his feet. It was destressing that even with Kanan swinging at Vader with everything he got, Vader hadn't moved an inch from his start position. It also seemed like Vadar was toying with them and only moved his right arm to intercept Kanan blows, he hadn't yet gone on the offense.

Ezra felt his anger rise at the thought of Vader playing with them, he wouldn't even speak or goad them like he knew they were easy prey. He ran to where Kanan and Vader where fighting at the small walkway. The moment Vader reflected one of Kanan blows Ezra tried to hack at the right shoulder. It had a small chance of success but Ezra only wanted to find an opening so they could both escape. Kanan was quick on the uptake and immediately swung low at Vaders left knee. Sadly it didn't succeed since before connecting the Sith pushed Ezras blows backwards and swung at Kanans head which forced Kanan to duck backwards out of Vadars reach. Ezra took the opportunity and slashed at Vaders neck.

But at that moment Vader turned his head to look into Ezras eyes, disregarding the lightsaber aiming at his throat. That behaviour wasn't natural so the moment his blade was about to connect Ezra faltered and missed when Sith moved his head to the right, and hit him in the shoulder.

Shit this isn't good. Ezra though the moment Vaders left hand shot up and enveloped Ezras throat.

Ezra tried to slash at Vaders hand and free his throat but Vader just squished harder and prevented any air from getting into Ezras lungs. Vadar used his lightsaber to slash at Ezras hand which held the lightsaber. It didn't make him drop it but it did force him to deactivate his weapon. Ezra tried to kick and hit Vader in small efforts for trying to get the air he desperately needed. Ezra could even now see small black dots forming in his vision. He was franticly clutching at his neck and tried to pry the fingers away, all the while feeling his panic rising.

No no, I can't pass out, we need to escape. Ezra thought and tried to command his fingers to activate his lightsaber, but his fingers were too damaged. While he struggled Vadar effortlessly prevented Kanan to get anywhere near Ezra dangling over the pit. Kanan repeatedly tried to slash and hack at Vadar but no matter how hard or wild his swings were, Vader calmly rebutted every effort with his own red lightsaber. The Sith hadn't said a word but Ezra got a sinking feeling that he wouldn't hesitate to drop him to his death. It was also very unnerving that while he struggled to get air in his lungs Vader steadily watched him, like if he was a bug for display.

All of a sudden Darth Vader spoke in a dead mechanical voice. "Your life ends here!"

Ezras eyes widened in chock when Vader's hand released his neck and he was force pushed out into the pit. When gravity pulled Ezra downwards to his death he looked up and saw Kanan on his knees, face frozen in shock and horror with his arm stretched outwards in a vain attempt to try and rescue Ezra. With sadness in Ezras heart he understood that he was about to die but reached out his hand to try and comfort Kanan.

Kanan goodbye, please survive! Ezra though and hoped the force would deliver his message and also his feelings to Kanan. Ezra felt much sadness knowing he would die and hurt Kanan and the rest of the crew, he really hoped Kanan wouldn't blame himself and keep fighting against the empire. Ezra felt his fall speed up and he closed his eyes to the unavoidable. But then he felt a shift and all of a sudden it felt like he was sucked into a narrow hole with his body getting pulled in a thousand different directions. The pain was unbelievable and unfortunately he didn't have any control over his body so even if he wanted to curl into a small ball the only thing he could do was scream into the void while it continued to pulled in every direction. It felt like a butcher was flaying him alive and the only thing intact was his pain centre that kept pulsating brightly and signalling immense feelings of pain all over his body. Ezra shut his eyes thigh even if the only thing he could see, feel and touch was darkness and pain. It didn't really matter how long he was in that state but he could have sworn it was at least a few years.

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