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Sidious stood inside his secret office and looked out over Coruscant. The grandeur of the city didn't face him, in fact he thought it fitting that everything seemed so small from where he stood. Like the inhabitants where ants who´s only rights were to be controlled or smashed underfoot by him. However today even with how great Coruscant seemed it didn't register fully in his consciousness since his mind where in a deep contemplation.

Sidious shuddered when he remembered how he had been forced into unconsciousness because of the strange force scenario. He enjoyed pain especially watching other people suffer so the pain inflicted upon him was beneath his notice. But he couldn't accept having his mind forced into unconsciousness by weird force powers. He was a Sith and the force should bend to his will not rendering him unconscious. His thoughts turned darker and he would make sure to bring as much pain and suffering to who or whatever brought that event to bear. Sidious is not one to be ridiculed and having his wits taken from him and waking up on the floor after blacking out is unforgivable and he swears that he will tear Coruscant and the galaxy apart in his search for a satisfying answer.

Yet a bright side to this was seeing the Jedi scurrying about afterwards searching for a solution. It always amused him how wise the Jedi seemed and yet they had a threat operating right under their collective noses. However, the Jedi do have a point in trying to find an answer. How the force acted can't be tolerated and he needs to decipher the events leading up to his unconsciousness so he could prepare for counter measures and eventually terminating the threat, be it a force of nature or a person.

He set his gaze on the distant Jedi temple and mused how beautiful it would look if it was enveloped in flames. The Jedi where stuck up pricks who were too stuck in their way of life and blinded by their so called light to notice anything important, he will enjoy watching them burn. He tapped his fingers on his chin and thought of different ways he could turn this situation into his favor. Seeing the Jedi up in a twist often resulted in better prospects for him and he loved to discredited them little by little through rumors and other worthless gossip in the senate.

It was amusing that the Jedi still saw him as this kind chancellor when the only thing he ever cared for wasn't some petty lives or planets that would be better off dead. No he craved power, wanted it with all his being and it was intoxicating when he was a few years away from having total dominance. But first the Jedi needs to be withered down and then finally destroyed when the Jedi order are only husks of its former glory.

He turned towards his desk and pressed a button to summon his apprentice waiting outside his champers. When Dooku entered, Sidious could see the gears in his head turning, trying to decipher why he was being called to Sidious chambers. Sidious waited for Dooku to show the proper respect. As if on que when Dooku had arrived at his desk he bended his knees and bowed low.

"You called for me master." Dooku said still bowing.

"Yes I have an important task for you." Sidious replied shortly, not letting his features reveal anything of his emotions or thoughts. Since Sidious was fully aware that revealing anything about himself is a show of weakness. Sidious then went quiet and allowed the silence to take hold. After a sufficient time he asked "Did you get affected by the force phenomenon that happened recently?"

"Master, why do you ask?" Dooku asked, his features showing confusion and a touch of suspicion and straightened his posture too look directly at Sidious.

"It's obvious isn't it, the Jedi are in a crisis right now, a perfect moment to strike." Sidious replied, thinking on all the ways he could bring the Jedi's to their knees, but then his face turned grim from within his hood. "But most importantly it affected both side of the force which is unacceptable!"

"I must do as you bid." Dooku replied bowing still having a small frown on his face, revealing his confusion on what Sidious wanted from him.

Sidious leveled him with a stare trying to evaluate if he was up to the task or not. Then after a few seconds he turned around to his desk and pulled out an holocron. He let the message play for a few minutes in front of his apprentice and when that was done he said simply.

"You know what to do"

Thought Sidious had given his apprentice an important mission, it didn't require his attention for the moment. He turned towards his window yet again and gazed out over Coruscant. His apprentice stood for a few seconds more. Probably unsure on what to do but after a while Sidious could hear him exit the chamber and a small smile graced his lips, satisfied that his plans where in motion.

I hope I'm not leading us in circles, I do know we are still pretty close to the viewing area where you could see the temple. Ezra thought to himself, looking discretely around trying not to look too out of place. Caleb didn't seem to have that same of a problem, he probably knew this place pretty well although he did sneak glances in Ezras direction every once in a while. Nope not telling him anything, it's none of his business. Even Kanan and rest of the crew didn't know that many details of how he had grown up and trying to convince a somewhat stranger that he was a time traveler from a shitty future is not something that would go over that well.

"So how is it living in the temple." Ezra said breaking the silence between them and trying to make Caleb thinking of something else than the mystery that surrounded Ezra. But also, because Ezra was genuinely curious about the temple and how it was living there since he had only heard stories from Ezra and wanted to know more from Caleb about the daily life in a temple. Not to mention he had never experienced that sort of thing.

"What do you mean?" Caleb cooked his head quizzingly

"I ehh, what do you most like about it? like the specifics." Ezra tried to elaborate what he wanted to know but found it hard since he was curious in mostly anything about the temple.

"It's my home, It's hard to describe, but often very overwhelming, impressive and so big that you could wander around for weeks and yet not have explored anything. Heck as a youngling there are many places in the temple I'm not even allowed to visit." Caleb said a bit downtrodden since he had a high amount of curiosity and being banned from some parts since he was a youngling was no fun.

"Huh home." I wish I had one of those, but I guess I can't complain my crew is the only home I need Ezra thought sadly. "So what do you think is the best in living at the temple."

"Pranking Jedi and other younglings." Caleb said with a smirk.

"Ha you and I will surely be great friends with that mindset, so what was your greatest prank." Ezra replied and asked conspiratorially, having great interests in others prank since they usually lend for great ideas in missions or creating diversions and could make a difference in getting away or getting captured.

"Once I took a lot of sound recording holocrons recorded different strange noises and hid them all over the temple" Caleb had a hard time containing his laughter and kept giggle during the tale "hahahaha you should have seen the others faces when animal sounds started to play around the temple, haha some of the younger kids even started to think some force ghosts where haunting the place hahaha priceless" Caleb almost doubled over from his laughter, trying to tell the story in a straight face but kept on hunching down holding his stomach.

"Hehe I would have loved to have seen that." Ezra chuckled alongside Caleb at the story, it seemed to have been a really great prank. "Did they ever find the devices?" Ezra asked, wondering if they ever realized it was a prank or not.

"Yea but it wasn't until a week later, and during that time all the kids had created talismans and other junk to protect them from scaaary ghosts haha" Caleb expressed with his hands how the ghost would look and made his voice sound ridiculous in trying to impersonate a scary voice. Honestly it was more amusing for Ezra more seeing how Caleb told the tale than the tale itself.

Ezra couldn't have Caleb steal the spot as master prankster so he puffed out his chest and said in an overly pompous voice "He, well you have got nothing on me, I practically live on tricking and pranking people1"

"Yea, you think you could one up me, what was your greatest prank" Caleb said arrogantly, rising his eyebrow and silently challenging Ezra to regal him of a story with a great prank.

Ha see if you could one up me, I'm the best at pranks and telling stories. Ezra straightened his back, cleared his throat and begun "Once I tricked a bunch of soldiers that was harassing a guy over his hard earned jogan fruit and almost arrested him at the spot. But using my sneeaky tricks I went right infront of them asked to get a Jogan and when they told me to scram, I "accidentally" Here Ezra used stooped and winked at Caleb showing how accidental it really was. "Bumped into him and stole his communicator, who I then used to make them believe there was an emergency in another part of town and both of the soldiers ran head over heels there." The smug grin that appeared during his tale widened when he was about to come to the best part. "Haha and when they arrived and was informed that there was no emergency they were forced to help with loading creates on bikes, looking like complete dunderheads." Ezra excitedly waved with his hands imitating how stupid the guards where. "Hahaha good times, and then I meet my cre…." There Ezra went silent and a reminiscing and longing look came upon him since he was remembering that event and felling a pang of nostalgia and longing, whishing that the crew was beside him.

"Wow that sounds like a great story, but what sort of soldiers harass an innocent guy"

Oh you see that was Stormtroopers, which is what republic's clone army will become in the future" Oh it was just a local gangs soldiers that was in charge over that town, needless to say they weren't treating their subjects very well." Ezra noticed that lying gets easier and easier even when it pains to do that to the naïve and trusting person which Caleb is. Especially since he obviously doesn't believe everything Ezra says, but enough to disregard it and believe in Ezra anyway.

"Hey that sucks, couldn't the Jedi send a force over there and stoop it!" Caleb shouted indignantly, getting really angry about the fact that soldiers who should protect innocent could do something like that.

That would be hard since it happens in the future. Ezra thought and then replied sadly "well it was in the outer sector and the republic and the Jedi doesn't have any jurisdiction there as you well know." Ezra shrugged at this fact, the times in the outer rim is probably even better nowadays than it ever where with the empire, I have heard enough tales to know that to be true.

"Yea but then maybe the Jedi should have it since the order could protect a lot of people" Caleb sounded very sure of this fact and was probably convinced that if you only had enough Jedi then everything would be solved.

"Heh yea and there are a bunch of races living there that really value their independence so that wouldn't go over very well, and they would fight tooth and nail against Jedi supervision." Which was really true from where he came from since there where many groups that went underground the moment the empire had arrived, and also other groups like the rebels who will fight back for a cause they believe in, and freedom and living in peace is worth dying for.

"But there are so many masters and Jedi that could really improve their lives." Caleb sounded petulant, the many teachings in the temple probably made him believe that if the temple and republic ruled everywhere then most pf the problems in the universe would disappear.

"Not everything in the world are solved by Jedi in it otherwise we would live in a world with no poverty, hunger or other problems." Ezra replied sadly and had long ago let go of the notion of a fair world, the world can be a really cruel place and it's often only a struggle for survival for most.

"But we could try and isn't that the idea of the order to improve and protect people's lives." Caleb seemed very sure of the idea, and his faith in the temple was stuck really deep, which was a good thing, but hi sheltered life has made him blind to a couple of things.

"Probably but even the order can't be everywhere, and you seemed very fond of the masters do you perhaps have a favorite." Ezra where interested since Caleb seemed to hold the masters and Jedi in almost godly regard, and everyone had an idol they looked up to

"…Not entirely sure, I mean all of them are great masters, it's a privilege living in the same temple as them, but I like Yoda since he sometimes visits us when we younglings train, and I like his wisdom words, though they always make you even more confused after the answer than beforehand" Caleb scratched his head, possibly remembering some of the Yodas wisdom he often loved to impart but looking more confused than ever.

Ezra body gets really stiff at hearing that name since he recognized it from his trails on Lothal and when he, Ahsoka and Kanan tried to find answers in that old Jedi temple.

Ezra asked a bit attentively "…eh did you say Yoda"

"Yea I did, why do you know him" Caleb cheerfully replied.

"…noo I don't." Ezra said nervously laughing quietly "It only seemed like a weird name." He tried to wave the whole matter away.

"haha you should see how he looks like" Caleb replied, being a bit smug and letting out a short laugh.

He I agree Ezra thoughts and then breezily asked "Oh so how does he look like" He tried to play as innocent and clueless as possible, not wanting his many questions and behavior to make Caleb more suspicious.

"Well eh, he is like short and emm." Caleb leaned in close and whispered "looks like a troll." Caleb looks around again fearful of anyone listening "But don't tell anyone I told you that, I could get in serious trouble."

"Your secret is safe with me." Ezra sipped his lips shut and threw the imaginary key back behind him "But you seemed to have much respect for him, what sort of jedi was he.. eh I mean how is he." Ezra quickly covered his slip of tongue and hurriedly continued with the question. I really need to remember that just because I meet Yoda as a ghost doesn't mean he was dead, and he is certainly alive in this time period.

"He's great and he is the grand master of the Jedi council, in other words he is the leader of the jedi order. it's so awesome that he takes his time to visit younglings, even with a war going on." Caleb when he told about Yoda he got a faraway look in his eyes, perhaps reminiscing about all the times Yoda had talked to him and been kind.

"That's great, he sounds like a really wise master" Ezra is honestly curious to know more about Yoda since he only meet him as a sort of ghost and then only to get some small bit of advice.

"Oh he is and one time he….." Caleb started to say and was about to begin a tale about Yoda and when he had been present but then they suddenly heard a ping and a vibration coming from Calebs pocket.

Caleb fished up his scroll from his pocket and looked to the message displayed there, then his face went ashen and it was like a electrical charge went through him "OH MY GOSH IT'S ALREADY SO LATE, MAN THEY ARE GOING TO KILL ME." Caleb screamed out and started to jump up and down.

"HEY what's going on." Ezra was really surprised by Caleb almost panicky behavior and tried to sooth him down with his hands in calming gestures, while also figuring out what the problem was. Oh god what if something terrible has happened.

Caleb where still continuing to jump and down in nervousness and letting his eyes roam his surroundings, looking like a bird in a cage.

"THIS IS BAD, THIS IS REALLY BAD!" Caleb shouted out and started to edge away from Ezra towards the jedi temple.

"WHAT`S SO BAD!" Feed up with ezras lack of answer, ezra raised his voice since he was starting to get really worried and scared that something really bad has happened. What if somebody has died, or there had been an attack on the temple, this could be a disaster. Ezra started to think on all the ways stuff could go wrong and he sincerely hoped that Caleb didn't know someone that had died.


What that's it, Ezra let out a relieved sight. Hehe what a relief, ha I thought it was a disaster or something equally as bad, having a reaction like that over a curfew is only pathetic .

"So that's it, is that the big emergency" Ezra asked disbelievingly and being very confused on Calebs strong reaction

"YES IT'S REALLY BAD, IF I GET BACK TOO LATE THEY WILL SCOOLD ME AND GIVE ME LOTS DETENTIONS AND LOTS CHORES!" Caleb still where in a real state of frenzy and wouldn't calm down on ezras urging "OK I NEED TO RUN, BUT I WILL SEE YOU AROUND!"

Caleb was just about to bolt off when Ezra took hold of his arm and said. "WAIT, can I also come to the temple?"

Caleb pauses at that" Do you have some sort of identification or a visitor pass?" Caleb quizzingly replied and cooked his head, being very sure that Ezra had never been to the temple and therefore not having acquired a visitor pass.

Ezra started to fidget looking in every which direction and sheepishly replied "….. No I don't , but if I come with you to the temple surely they will let me in" Ezra asks earnestly.

"I… I'm sorry but I don't have that authority, they are very strict in which people they let in." Caleb sadly answered, having gone through all those security cheeks multiple times.

"But you are a youngling, if you just tell them I'm a friend surely they will let me visit a little bit" Ezra replied hopefully, if I go with him the guards could probably let me through.

"No the policy the council have is very clear on the fact that if you don't have a ID pass you won't get in." Caleb shook his head, then his eyes narrowed suspiciously "why would you want to get into the temple so badly anyway?" Caleb asked and a frown appeared on his face, and Ezra knew that all the things he hadn't told Caleb would make him even more unwilling to help him.

"I'm very interested in looking at some information in the archives, I need to cheek some facts" Ezra replied honestly, not telling the full story but his intentions are pretty much spot on since he wants to search for information about the Jedi and Sith and the whole time travel fiasco.

"I'm not sure what I can do, I know the temple have visiting passes but I'm not so sure I could acquire one, I do know that when Jedi asks for them it takes at least a month." Caleb said looking the other way and sounding genuinely sorry and resigned, knowing that eh couldn't do much to help Ezra. He was maybe also musing over the fact that if he should help him.

"WHAT, does it really take that long" Ezra were scandalous, he couldn't wait so long even for a possibility of getting a visitor pass.

"Yea apparently, they need to do very thoroughly cheeks on a person's background for people who wants to enter or those that work there, for security reasons." Caleb shrugged and replied matter of factly, thinking the knowledge to be obvious and not something worth mulling over.

At this Ezra got really downtrodden and said to Caleb "Oh well yea then it's fine, I will figure something out." It was no use to still bother Caleb with his problem, since it would only make him even more distrustful and he was still in a mighty hurry to get to the temple so Ezra waved to him that it was alright from him to run off.

"Soo you are alright with this, I feel bad leaving you like this." Caleb looked torn between staying and talking more with Ezra in trying to help him but also didn't want to get to the temple to late after curfew.

"Nah it's fine, I can see you are in a hurry, don't let me keep you" Ezra dismissed caleb and smiled towards him, making sure Caleb wouldn't feel to guilty.

"Ok, well I hope I will be seeing you again, bye" Caleb waved his goodbyes and ran off to the temple

Ezra sighted and started thinking on different possibilities he should try to take instead. Ok that wasn't so helpful but I really need to get too those archives fast or who knows how long I will be stuck here, not to mention more information about the world, the Jedi and the Sith is needed in order to find the right course of action.

With that Ezra took of down the street, much more comfortable in navigating the maze of Coruscant since he is familiar of the area from him and Caleb strolling down it earlier. One of the perks of having been a street rat and then a Rebel is you get very good at remembering layouts and way around a city maze since that is one crucial aspect of surviving so even if Ezra only went through an area once, he remembers it pretty well.

"I do know the temple is in this direction, how hard could it be to sneak in." Ezra said to himself, while going past some pretty magnificent buildings. These buildings probably belonged to the temple since he could notice some blocks that where obviously more ceremonial and important in it's style, not to mention the people here look more like servants and once in a while he could spot jedi cloaks. Even if he made sure to blend into the crowd.

"I see that the difference between rich and poor is the same in every planet, of course the rich people live close to where an authority power source is." Ezra shook his head, but at least the big temple he could see every now and then between the houses still looked as amazing than ever.

Still it was pretty hard to find a course where he could get close to the temple, once he even accidentally went into the wrong direction even if he can see where the temple is between the buildings

"Now the question is on how do I sneak into the temple, they must have lots of safety mechanics and protocols in place." Ezra was close to the base of the temple, with lots of different buildings branching out and creating a sort of a temple block.

"Maybe there are some pipes I could use to crawl in." The idea sounded good so he started searching the area for ventilation shafts he could use to sneak past all the guards, but when he accidentally put his hand against the wall, he got a painful electric stab.

"OUH, what has that." That was the first time a wall has sapped him, but when he examined it he notices a faint shimmer.

"Is that an electric field." He probed the wall with the force and could feel that the electric field extended over the whole wall and further around the temple.

"So what should I do now." Ezra pondered on the problem and figured that he would be pretty unsuccessful in finding a spot where the force field didn't cover.

"Maybe I could cut through it with my lightsaber." Ezra brought forward his lightsaber and was about to turn it on when a thought hit him "Or they have put in alarms that will alert them when a lightsaber is used against the field, they are at war with the Sith afterall." It made sense, but that also meant that a force field would cover every ventilation shafts and pipes, so that idea was out.

Ezra turned off his lightsaber and put it back against his belt, but now he really was in a conundrum, if such an obvious safety mechanism were in place, how many others must also exist. He stood and pondered for a while, racking his brain for a solution that wouldn't end up with his discovery and capture.

"I know that every entrance has guards around them but maybe there are some entrances where it's possible to sneak past the guards." Ezra was a bit lost since he couldn't come up with a solution right away, he was usually really good at planning and sneaking into places. But then something occurred to him Maybe I'm starting in the wrong direction, I should think on all the times the team and me have been able to sneak past into an enemy stronghold, where do we usually start.

"AHH, I GOT IT. We usually attack an empire base from their docks." It was a brilliant strategy since it would often have a lot of activity from Stormtroopers and other workers which was useful for a small team using the disarray to sneak past into a base, and also have a sufficient place for the ghost to land if they wanted a quick getaway.

"Then I only need to find one of the temples docks where they have some ships and lots of people are working in order for me to sneak past into the temple when the doors are open, or I'm just going to create a diversion." It was a relief when Ezra finally got a plan, the only problem now was to find a dock. He knew the temple had some, but the since the temple was a really big place it could take him forever to find a suitable dock with ships and people.

"Are these rounds really necessary." Suddenly Ezra heard a voice and he rushed to find a hiding place a couple of boxes who stood by the temple wall.

"Yea I agree this is quite boring, they even have an electric field protecting the temple, not to mention the Jedi, why do they need trained soldiers like us protecting a wall." Ezra was kind of relived when it wasn't a Jedi but a couple of normal guards, and from the sounds of it doing their normal rounds protecting the temple. Makes sense, they don't need Jedi doing normal patrols like this.

"I wish I also were out there fighting in the war, instead of doing this lowly guard job, man the boredom is killing me, there are never anything interesting happening, just the temple and Coruscant doing its normal thing." One of the guards said sounding bored out of his skull.

Should I observe them or try and venture forth to ask a couple of questions. The guards looked quite bored and had probably done their rounds a couple of times already. Ezra knew that without the cloak he had on his shoulders he would look like a common street rat. Ezra made up his mind, stood up from behind the boxes after the guards had gone past him a and then approached the guards.

"HEY ee do you know where I can find work around here, I really need some money to provide for my poor and sick sister." The guards turned around and gazed on him cooly. Ezra laid on thick with the lie and looked as miserable and helpless as possible in order to garner some sympathy from the guards.

The guards glanced towards one another and shifted uncomfortable.

"Look kid, there are many poor and homeless kids on Coruscant, the temple can't help them all, why don't you go to one of the official orphanage that the republic has set up?" One of the guard said looking exhausted, not wanting to put up with a kid like him begging for help.

"Oh no I'm just looking to help out a bit in exchange some coin, I'm a really good mechanic, do you know if the temple has a loading dock or something in which I could help in repairs or unloading stuff." Ezra knowing that the guards would be difficult with that attitude tried a different tactic that spoke more of his usefulness to the temple.

"Well the docks of the temple are always in the need for some extra helping hands or a mechanic, but how do I know you are as skilled as you claim?" The second guard asked skeptically.

Ezra grinned at this, pleased that the guards where giving him a chance. "Do you perhaps have anything mechanic you would want me to repair, like your scroll or a piece of equipment." Ezra asked innocently looking very eager.

"…. Hmm Yea, my private scroll have been dead for a while, but I haven't the money to get it repaired and if you can get it fixed then I can show you some places on the map which you could probably find helpful in many ways." The first guard said and started to rummage around on his person for his scroll, after a couple of minutes he found it and handed it to Ezra.

Ezra looked it over and since it was quite used, it had a lot of scratches on it, but the problem laid inside the phone, so he took off his backpack and started rummaging around for his tools. He went to one of the boxes and sat down and started to fix the phone. It took a bit longer then he intended and he could tell that the guards started to become a bit fidgety. Hmm this is a bit more tricky then I thought, haven't worked on many scrolls, a here is the problem, if I just change it there, and do this….. ah no it should work. Ezra let out a content sight from a job well done, it was always really fun working with electronics since they were quite easy in comparison to what he usually had to deal with.

"Is it finished now?" The guard with the scroll asked, having noticed Ezras sight.

"Yes as good as new." Ezra replied, a bit of an exaggeration, but it would work nonetheless. "Just turn it on." Ezra encouraged.

The guard did as he was told and let out a happy laugh when the scroll sprang to life "Yes you did it, man this is a relief, now I can finally start to use it again."

"No prob, I have my scroll here, can you mark the different docks I can get some jobs on." Ezra was quick in handing forward his scroll not wanting to waste the opportunity if the guards would change their minds.

The guard took the scroll and when he started to look into it he noticed something "Ah I can see you don't have a map installed, so I will instead write the addresses and some instructions on who to get there, is that sufficient."

"Yes, it's fine." Ezra said a bit impatiently since he wanted to hurry and get inside the temple as quickly as possible. The guard stood for a while taping down instructions on his scroll and when he was finished he handed it to Ezra.

"Thanks, it was nice seeing ya." Ezra then went on his way, waving goodbye to the guards, looking down on his scroll and reading the instructions. Hmm there is one medium sized dock pretty close from where I'm standing, if I go there I would have a good chance getting by unnoticed. Ezra had to walk at least thirty minutes until he had arrived to his destination and when he was almost at the entrance of the dock he slowed down and was mindful to look as small and unnoticeable someone could get in a throng of people. He had noticed that the road to the docks had been steadily growing with the flow of people, making it easier to blend in since there where many people like him in rundown clothes, probably looking for the same kind of work opportunities he had told the guards he was also looking for.

At the mouth of the dock he could see that there were a couple of stressed clerks trying to sort out the swarm of people in different directions amongst all the hussle and bussle. Maybe if I can disguise myself as one of them people will notice me less. At the entrance of the docks there were two small buildings flanking one another like two big guarding posts. When he looked inside over the peoples head he could see that it worked as a resting place for both the guards and some of the clerks. They should have some unused clothes inside or behind the building. He snuck behind one of the buildings and started rummaging through the different boxes stacked there, he made sure to be as quiet as possible but the people inside didn't even once turn away from their poker game, probably because there where so much noise from the throng of people on the other side. Aha now I found a pair. He finally found some worker's clothes that could fit him, some undescribed blue and black ones – to make him as unnoticeable as possible. He pulled them on and put his cloak and normal clothes in his backpack. Then he leaned back and started observing the dock and look for clues and weak points he could exploit.

It was full activity and a kind of organized chaos since this was one of the docks where the temple had their loading and unloading of supplies that everyone in the temple needed and where thus acquired. There were many different supplies like for example technology and other essentials so they obviously needed a lot of people working there. He could also see many different sizes of ships there, most of them where big cargo ships but there were some that was built for speed to deliver messages or other missions that needed to be done fast. I could probably use one of those if I find myself in need of a quick escape.

Most of the cargo is being led through that door, if I get a box I could probably get inside with the other workers. He went forward to one of the cargo ships and grabbed a box, and then went with a group of workers towards the door who were guarded by two clones, they looked very alert with stiff postures and had their weapons ready, probably on the lookout for intruders. Well here goes.

"HALT, Show me your passes." The other workers around him handed him their passes but with this Ezra started to panic, Oh man didn't Caleb say something about needing a pass to get inside, shit what should I do. When all the workers had given him a pass, the guard looked expectantly towards him. He made a show of looking around for a pass and then meekly said.

"Hey hehe when I got here the clerks said I could help with unloading stuff, I'm not really hired here yet." Ezra sheepishly rubbed his neck.

"Oh are you one of the street urchins the clerks sometimes hire." The clone crossed his arms and his whole demeanor screamed unfriendly.

"I…eh yes…" Ezra said a bit unsurely, hoping the guards will let him through since he was also working alongside the other workers.

"I'm sorry kid but you need to find something else to do, carrying boxes inside the temple are only the hired staff allowed to do, didn't the head clerk tell you that?" The clone asked quizzingly.

"Yea… I forgot, sorry…won't happen again." Ezra hung his head, but inside he was scheming and he quickly hurried away to behind one of the cargo ships so the clones couldn't see him. Man I hope I haven't raised their suspicion too much, but if I don't act soon they will surely contact someone of their superiors about a kid with strange behavior. Ezra put down his box he carried and sat down against the cargo ships hull.

"What do I do, that plan failed so now what do I need. Hmmm." Ezra scratched his head and thought really hard almost so his brain hurt.

"Ah I know maybe if I blow something up, that always works as a sufficient distraction when Sabine is doing it."Ezra stood up and started to look around for explosive stuff. Oh wait, if I create a bomb the temple will surely now that they have an intruder…. Ah then I need to create fire or an explosion that looks natural.

Ezra looked around on the different ships, if I thinker with an engine of one of the ships, and then set it off with my force powers when I'm in the right position from the entrance. Ezra went around the dock looking as inconspicuous and trying to find a mechanic that already works on a ship, he could spot a few, but then he saw two guys working on an engine on a light freighter of the tachyon-class, looking like a great fit since the mechanics working on the engine seemed almost done and it was somewhat close to the big entrance.

"Hey guys do you need any help, I can finish calibrate the engine for you, you go and grab a drink for yourself key." Ezra went towards them, said cheerily and without further ado took out his tools and studied the engine the mechanics where working on. The mechanics glanced towards one another looking surprised but when they saw his work clothes and how he handled his tools, they shrugged and went on their way. This is perfect, now I can sabotage this ship without anyone noticing. Ezra worked on it a bit, changing some wires and loosing others and making sure that on his command, the whole engine would be a really big fire hazard. He made sure to preciously balance a electric cable so when he changed its position with the force it would make the whole engine go up in flames.

Then when that was done, he gazed around trying to see if anyone would notice him and then he quickly went into the ship itself, there were still a few unloading and loading cargo on the freighter but they didn't pay any attention to him. He went into the hull of the ship and peaked into the cockpit, relived when he didn't see anyone sitting there. He went forward to the controls and started to push some buttons, wanting to lead the fire to the different parts of the ship through the ventilation, not so much that it exploded but enough so it would be a fire hazard and safety risk and would compel the two clone troopers by the entrance to come and help. He went back to the ships lading deck and made sure the workers didn't see him exit the hull of the ship, then he only hosted up a box among the other they unloaded and went out of the ship. He put the box beside the others and then walked close to the entrance but not enough so the two clones would notice him.

Then he reached out with the force to the engine he had just tampered with, felt the different cables and found the loos electric one. Alright here goes, I hope both of them decide to help. Then he nudged the cable and marveled at his work, the big engine went up in flames, but his tinkering wasn't to blow up the ship only to create small fires all over. So when the fire reached the ventilation shaft he had made sure the heat traveled to different parts of the ship in order to wreak havoc. Predictably because the ship was burning made the people working there, run in fright and all around the chaos and confusion unfolded. Many individuals where trying to look for extinguishers, others tried to help in different ways they could and some superiors tried to scream orders and sort out the mess.

"FIRE THERE IS FIRE, SOMEONE GET A FIRE EXTINGUSIHER!" A black clad worker who had been unloading stuff dropped his boxes and ran around for an extinguisher.

"WE HAVE TO PROTECT THE OTHER SHIPS!" Another person screamed.

"PROTECT THE CARGO, IT'S PRECIOUS STUFF!" The fat owner of the ship screamed and pulled out his hair, looking really distressed by his ship burning.

"HEY CAN SOMEONE HELP ME STAMP OUT THE FIRE HERE!" A black worker had grabbed a piece of fabric and where trying to stifle the fire with it.

"THIS IS A DISASTER, HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE!" One of the dock master screamed, crumpling all the papers he was holding and looking like the Armageddon had arrived.

Nobody where organized so they all just screamed at each other, and not really working together to sort out to mess, and instead tried to find own solutions independent on other. Which in some cases are good, but here they are just making things worse by running and tripping each other up.

For example, he noticed one pair that both held fire extinguishers who ran smack dap into each other. Hehe they look like buffoons. Ezra chuckled a bit at the chaos and the general disarray.

But then he changed his view to the two clones. They too looked mighty chocked but then they seemed to snap out of it and held a small and hurried discussion which in all the noise around him, he couldn't hear but then one of the clones ran off to the burning ship and started to help in any capacity he was able. The other clone went back to his usual guarding pose, but he did hold a close eye over the burning ship.

Drat what should I do now, I was hoping both of the guards were going so I would be able to nick their keys, ok I need to get creative. Ezra picked up a scrap of metal from the ground and weighted it in his hands, then he spied a wagon with different spare parts for the ships. If I grab this and ram this into the guard in the pretense of trying to get to the burning ship, I could probably knock him out, if I also throw this metal at his head. Ezra moved the wagon a bit further down, and started running with the cart, angling it so he would ram straight into the clone. He went closer and closer and when the cart was only a few meters from the clone let go of it, and in full force it would ram into him.

"HEY LOOK OUT!" He screamed to the clone to make it seem more like an accident than something planned.

"WHOA" The clone had only time in gasping in surprise and turning a bit sideways before the cart ran smack dab on him. The force of the cart made both him and it topple towards him so he was pinned underneath. The different parts started to fall down on top of him and with the guard dazed from the fall, Ezra quickly levitated the metal in his hand and made it fall down hard on top the guards head amongst all the other scraps raining down from the cart. This resulted in the clone passing out cold and Ezra quickly rummaged around his body to find the keycard which was clipped to the clones belt and thus easily removed, he also made sure to nick the small handgun the clone possessed and stuff it in his backpack. Best if I make sure many others on the dock also thinks this is an accident.

"HELP THIS CLONE IS HURT, THE CART RAN AWAY FROM ME, DO ANYONE HAS ANY BANDAID!" He screamed loudly butnot loud enough that any guards or clones in the vicinity could hear, only some of workers rushing about noticed what happened and three individuals come forwards to help.

"Oh, gosh that looks bad, what happened." The first person asked, sounding horrified.

"He's not hurt too badly is he." A second girl asked, and cooked her head, immediately went down on her knees to try and help taking care of the clone.

"wow that cart looks really heavy, here let me get it for you." The third one was a mechanic who quickly took away the cart who had landed upon the clone.

"I have some bandages here they could help." The girl said and took forward some bandages from her pocket, she probably also functioned as an unofficial healer among the workers in the docks.

"Yes, I think he is fine, I don't know what happened with the cart, but just in case I will go inside and look for a help, both for the clone and the burning ship, Alright." Ezra hurriedly explained and pointed towards the entrance, holding the keycard but not showing that it wasn't exactly his. He also made sure to again explain how he had lost control of the cart and it ramming into the clone, making sure they knew it was a so-called accident. Then when they all nodded and had their attention back towards the clone, he swiped the keycard towards the sensor and the door opened. He quickly went inside and swiped the keycard so the door would close. Then when he looked around he noticed that he was in a small hall and when he went further in he came upon a big cargo room. There were a big number of doors in different directions and also a small group of soldiers and clerks who were lazing about. They hadn't noticed him yet so Ezra decided that he would make the first move.

"YOU ALL NEEED TO COME QUICK AND HELP OUT ON THE DOCKS, TEHRE IS A BIG FIRE AND SOME PEOPLE ARE HURT!" Ezra screamed out to the room where everybody jumped in fright and immediately went into action.

"OH NO THIS IS BAD, GUYS WE NEED TO GET OUT THERE!" The leader of the soldiers ordered and then all the workers and soldiers ran past Ezra and out to the docks.

"Hehe that diversion was a real success." Ezra went forwards to one of the doors and swiped the keycard, but when he anticipated the door to open it just flashed red.

"Huh the keycards are probably keyed to just a few doors, to make it more secure, Oh well, I have gotten this far, it shouldn't be that hard finding a different way." Ezra looked around the room searching. Then when his eyes roamed the walls his eyes got glued on to the pretty big ventilation shaft, pumping around air for the temple and connecting the different buildings. Now that should work. He took a stool to reach the grating in front of the ventilation shaft and pried it open with his fingers, then he crawled inside. Tt was more than enough room for his size so he quickly put back the grating and continued on his way inside.

Yes, now I'm inside, now to find a way to get to the archives to gather some knowledge on how this time travel could happen to me and what I'm supposed to do now.

Review, like and tell me what you think, I would be glad to hear your ideas on how Ezra could have broken inside the temple. And as you probably noticed in the chapter itself I had a couple of different plans I could implement but then I wanted it to be really fun and epic and well a big explosion are always interesting, will probably in the future incorporate a bit more of a fighting scene, but I refrained from doing it now since I don't want temple and the order immediately realizing they have an intruder which would happen if Ezra would get revealed and having to fight either a Jedi or a clone. But don't worry I plan to have many more perilous situations that Ezra would get into in the future.