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Summary: FBI agent Bella Swan is sent undercover to gather evidence against crime boss, Jasper Whitlock. But when she falls for him, will she do what the job wants or will she let her heart lead her? Jas/Bella, AH, OOC, mature themes.

Jasper, Chicago, 2006…

"Are you gonna handle this or should I?" Aro asked. His gun was cocked and pointed at the guy's head. "I suppose I would have to do it again. Just like everything else. I mean, we can't have Nicky's boy gettin' his hand tainted, now can we?"

I didn't answer him. Aro loved to piss people off. He was an irritable, hateful son of a bitch. If he hadn't saved my pops life when they were kids, I wouldn't be so lenient with the bastard's presence in my fucking life.

Everything I did was scrutinized by Aro since Pops sent him to Chicago from time to time to check on me.

"What's the damn problem?" I scowled. I didn't want to fucking be here, and I, for damn sure, didn't want Aro killing this guy in one of my warehouses. The FBI had my warehouses and just about everything with my last name on it under surveillance. What was this doped up idiot thinking? "Do we have to do this shit here?"

His bitch Jane giggled and I snapped my eyes to her, shutting her up.

Jane was Aro's little girlfriend. About twenty something years his junior and a sick fuck. She got off on torturing and killing people. Whatever turned these two idiots on, fucked everything up for us. Since they have been in Chicago, it had been one disaster after another.

Luckily, I had my cleaner, Garrett, around to fix things.

Jane leered down at the bloodied blond haired guy on the floor. Her curious gazes at the guy gave me the fucking creeps. She was looking at him like he was a delicious meal.

I always hated this side of the business. I never liked getting my hands dirty, but sometimes, it was necessary. However, this time, it was a fickle situation. Not only would this guy be missed, he was a fucking FBI agent.

More so, he meant a lot more to me than I could let on.

"Are you scared, boss?" Jane sneered at me and I wanted to slap the smirk off the bitch's face.

"Be very careful who you're talking to," I said to her. My tone was deadly. I wasn't afraid of anything. Least of all, her scrawny ass. I'd snap her neck if she kept talking to me with disrespect. "Don't fuck with me."

Jane shuddered a little and batted her eyes away; moving closer to Aro, who wasn't fazed by what I had just said. He was too busy staring down at the broken guy on the floor, groaning in pain.

Looking away from them, I eyed Peter, Garrett and Emmett. Our silent conversation ended as quickly as it begun because we knew that this guy – James Swan – wasn't gonna make it out of here alive. Aro or Jane would fuck this up in my territory and I would have to have Garrett clean their mess up. He was good at his shit. He would make it look like a fucking accident or a mugging gone wrong.

"Come on, baby blue, make a decision!" Aro shouted. He pressed the barrel of his gun into the side of James's head. "I already popped his snitch back at their little meeting spot. So I'm just waiting on the big boss's go ahead." Aro sniffed. The motherfucker was high. Jane snickered at Aro's teasing tone and my eyes snapped to hers, shutting her up again. You could hear the evil in Aro's voice. He was out for blood. He was hungry for it.

I glanced down at James. He turned over and looked at me, peering into my eyes with his one good eye as if he wanted to say something. He was badly beaten. He had been through hell before I got here. Watching Jane hover over him made it evident who delivered most of his beating. Like I said, she got off on torture. She loved to hear people's scream and cries of pain before she killed them.

I took my eyes off of James. I couldn't feel. I wouldn't feel. He was an alright guy. The shit shouldn't have gone down like this. Now, I had to start over.

Again, I hated that Pops owed Aro's his life because I would have gotten rid of this fuck's ass long ago.

"Wasn't Caius your own damn cousin?" I asked as James groaned and closed his eyes. He turned away from me. We both knew.

He moved a little. He wasn't trying to crawl away, because there was nowhere he could go anyways, but Jane saw it fit to stomp on what looked like his already broken right leg. He howled in pain and Emmett stepped closer.

I wanted to wring her neck. If I were to kill James right now, it would be out of mercy. This was too much pain. It wasn't right. None of this was right. I felt like I was about to watch my brother die. My stomach churned but I pushed that shit aside. I couldn't appear weak.

I would give nothing away.

"So the fuck what?" Aro said smugly. "He was a fucking snitch!"

This was a cluster-fuck. Aro had killed his cousin before I could talk to Caius. He thought Caius was feeding the FBI with information.

James Swan had been sent to infiltrate us. He was to gather information on Pops and me in order to take us down.

Since we found out about James, Emmett – being the computer whiz he was –had been trying to crack James's file but that shit was sealed tighter than a virgin's pussy. For some reason, the guy's file was Fort Knox. Someone would have to get what I needed on James from the inside.

So far, all the agents in our back pockets didn't have that kind of clearance.

Did James have any family? Any connections? Anybody who would want to exact revenge for his death?

Aro sniffled and shook his head. I wish I could pop him right now. If he wasn't my pops right hand. Damn it!

"Caius was fucking family!"

"And?" he asked nonchalantly, his bloodshot eyes taking me in. The guy was a fucking vampire when it came to illegal substances. He ate the shit like candy.

I would not tolerate the shit he did, but Pops would. He was always giving Aro a free pass. The shit was fucking annoying!

"And that was wrong!" I shouted. I was mad. I could have learned something from Caius before Aro put a bullet between his eyes. "You don't do that shit to family. And Caius was family. You popped him before we could find out what he fucking told the FBI!"

I knew Caius was feeding them information. I just wanted to know what he said. Shit!

"You handle it," I said calmly.

Aro laughed. "Well, baby blue…I handled it."

I didn't say anything. My temper was on the verge of erupting. I wanted to kill him and his twisted bitch so much I could taste it.

Aro stared at me for a long minute then gave his gun to Jane, who hit James over the head with it. He pulled his other gun and pointed it at me. I heard the clicks of Peter's, Garrett's, and Emmett's guns. They were trained on Aro. The fucker was out of his mind. He would die if tried shit. He chuckled, staring at me intently as he asked, "Are you challenging me, baby blue?"

"You better get that fucking gun out of my face if you know what's good for you."

"Or what? Your goon squad is gonna blow me away?" He teased, drawing closer and pointing the gun at my head. "Come on, baby blue…" I hated the fucking nickname he gave me when I was a kid. He had been calling me that because of my pronounced blue eyes. They were the same color as my mother's eyes, God rest her soul, and I considered it an honor to have them. "…pull your gun out and show me how much of a man you really are. Come on, boss, blow this cocksucker away. I think I've trained you right."

That was another thing I hated. Aro loved to take credit for what I'd learned, but no one taught me half the shit I knew. Pops wasn't an easy man to deal with while growing up. Then again, being the head of a multimillion dollar business surrounding racketeering and arms dealing would make anyone a hard head. But every fucking thing I got, I had to work for. Pops never made it easy for me, especially with me being his first born. The world fell on my shoulders, because it was up to me to carry on the legacy when he croaked. So I was judged and ridiculed about everything I did.

I didn't need Aro trying to get me a kill, I had already had my fill and I was only 27 years old. You don't go through Pops' business without meeting up on a few hard heads who didn't understand themselves and needed to be taught a lesson. A lesson I could handle my own damn self.

"Come on baby blue," Aro repeated, swaying a bit on his feet.

He wanted to kill James, he had no idea how I wanted to fucking kill him. "Don't fucking call me that," I sneered. "I've told you a thousand times not to call me that, haven't I?"

"Oh come on, quit being a party pooper, baby blue," He taunted.

He glanced back at Jane, and by the time he met my eyes again, he was staring down the barrel of my gun. "Put the gun down. Dump his beaten ass somewhere. I'm not about to have some agent dying in my fucking warehouse, which is under goddamn surveillance, because you and your bitch get off on killing people, you sick, drugged out fuck!"

We both cocked our guns and kept them trained on each other. He grinned evilly and said, "I told your Pops you wouldn't do it."

It all happened in slow motion. A shot rang out and the agent's body bounced against the ground with the impact. Out of my peripheral, I could see blood pouring out of his head from the wound. I kept my poker face while watching Jane laugh as her gun smoked from the shot she'd fired. Aro's eyes stayed on me while he waited for a reaction to his comment about Pops ordering this hit. A million thoughts ran through my mind at the revelation, but I didn't let it show. I was used to Pops not trusting me to hold my own. I just wished…


"Pops ordered it, huh?" I asked. Aro nodded in agreement. "Alright then." Walking over to James's body, I looked down at him. A hole was in the middle of his forehead and his eyes were wide open and blankly staring up at me. Looking up at Aro, I chuckled and shook my head before shooting Jane in the shoulder.

She screeched and thrashed around on the ground not far from James's body. I was a picture of calm as I walked over and then squatted down next to her. "Did I tell you to shoot him?"

She stopped howling in pain for a minute and stared up at me while clutching her wounded shoulder. She was terrified of my calm demeanor. "I asked you a question. Did I tell you to shoot him?"

Jane didn't answer verbally. She closed her eyes and started writhing in pain again.

Fuck no. I would not be ignored by this evil bitch.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her face up to mine. Her eyes snapped open, staring into mine. She mumbled something unintelligible and I gripped her hair tighter, making her scream in pain. I would yank every strand from the root if she didn't answer me.

"No…sir," she sobbed.

Aro stepped closer and I pointed my gun at him without looking, cocking it, while keeping my eyes on Jane. I was letting her see the demon I could be. Letting her see the devil inside. This was what any fucker who stood against me and my family saw before I killed them. "When I tell you to do something, you do it, you hear me?" She nodded and whimpered. I further tightened my grip on her hair, making her sob as my fingers dug into her scalp. "We understand each other now, Jane?"

Jane whispered yes and I let her go, watching her flop back on the ground, moaning in pain. I stepped away, walking over to my boys with my gun still trained on Aro. He had yet to say anything. I was sure he was going to tell Pops about this, but I didn't give a fuck. Let the old man call me and try to chew my ass about shooting his fucked up friend's whore. I didn't care. What mattered to me was the shitstorm James's death was going to cause if someone pieced this shit together and it led back to me. I was already getting a fucking headache just thinking about it. We would have to work fast to cover this shit up. I looked at my men, and lowered my gun, putting it back in its holster. "Garrett…take care of this."

He nodded and went back to the car. He returned with his kit. Garrett was always prepared for shit. Peter and Emmett still had their guns trained on Aro. I waited until Garrett walked over to James's lifeless body before I got ready to leave. Two of my other guys would stay behind with Garrett. Emmett was staying. Peter would leave with me.

Emmett still had his gun on Aro. "What do you need?" he asked, not taking his eyes or gun off of Aro.

"Cover this shit up," I told him. "Don't leave any trail."

"Rosie can help with that," he said. Rosalie was Emmett's girl. She has been with us for some months now ever since she and Emmett hooked up. Rosalie was one of the best hackers I had ever met, next to Emmett, who I had known all my life.

"I don't want a lot of people knowing about this shit," I hissed. "Get Rosalie back here now! What is she doing anyways?"

"Visiting some relatives of hers," Emmett said. "I'll get her back here. I'll need her help with this mess. The more hands on it, the better."

"I didn't need this!" I growled. "And my fucking little cousin is working in another division." Edward could tell me what was going on. He was family. Leah, my head bodyguard's, lover, and one of my FBI informants. If he were working in Chicago, he would let me know what the fuck was up. I gotta find a way to get his ass transferred out here. "Em, get Rosalie's ass back here now and get this shit done. I want to cover our tracks covered!"

I looked back at Aro. He was with his woman, both of them eyeing me with hate. So what the fuck was new? I would find a way to kill his ass one day if he didn't kill me first.

I rolled my eyes at Jane's pathetic groans when Aro took her up into his arms. I turned away and walked out of the clusterfuck with a helluva lot of shit to think about.

I was at the door when Aro's threat stopped me. "This isn't over, Jasper." His voice, deadly.

I turned to him with a cocky smirk plastered on my face and said snidely, "Looking forward to your next visit."

Peter and I walked out. "He's fucking serious, you know," Peter chuckled.

"I know." I knew Aro was a spiteful fuck. Good thing I was always watching my back. My biggest problem right now was James Swan. I needed the information. I needed to solve a problem only James could have helped me with.

Who was he? If only the bitch hadn't shot him.

I got in the back of my car with a heavy sigh. I had a lot of shit to do. This was just beginning. I could feel it. Leah looked at me through the rearview mirror. "Fucked up, huh?" she asked.

"Yeah, it is." I sighed. "It's a clusterfuck and I'm gonna make it out this one with some scars."

"I'll keep your ass safe, boss," Leah chuckled and I smiled. It was good to have family like Leah.

I could talk to her about anything. She has been in our family all her life. She was straightforward and had a sick sense of humor. Leah was like the little sister I never had. Her and her little brother, Seth, grew up with my family because their mom was our housekeeper, but when she passed away from cancer, Pops had to help. So we took them in. Leah stuck to me like a lost puppy and she and Edward started banging as soon as they knew what to do with their private parts.

We were happy. But it wasn't meant to be. Something had to fuck things up.

The fuck up came in the form of Seth being killed by a mugger three weeks after his high school graduation. He was heading to Harvard. He wanted to be an oncologist.

Leah lost it. I was there. Edward was there, but she damn near ended up in a nuthouse. She was inconsolable. Emmett tracked the mugger down and I was going to kill the bastard, but Leah asked to do it. I wasn't about to deny her.

He was unrecognizable when Leah was through with him.

She left New York for Chicago and hadn't left my side since.

Peter's voice brought me out of my reverie. "Rosalie better get back soon."

"Yeah. She better."

I looked out the window wondering why it felt like I had just hurt someone I loved. What the fuck was happening to me?

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