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Level 2 Pairing: Draco/Luna


Luna glided over to the Slytherin table once she was finished eating her lunch. The war had ended and she was at Hogwarts for her final year of school. She hadn't come out of the war unscathed but she did come out of it alive at the very least. Besides things were finally starting to look better and that was because of the boy she was currently heading towards. She had been very surprised even though she knew that she shouldn't have been when Draco asked for permission to court her.

If she was honest even if only to herself the last three months were the best of her life so far. She still couldn't believe how happy Draco made her and how cherished he made her feel. She smiled as she stopped next to the boy she was falling for more and more as every day passed. "Good afternoon, Draco."

Draco stopped in the middle of his conversation with Blaise to look up at Luna and smile. "Good afternoon, love. How are your classes going so far today?"

Luna smiled sweetly. "They are going better than I thought they would with this being the first week of school. How about you?"

Draco couldn't help but smirk slightly as he reached out and pulled Luna down onto his lap once he shifted on the bench. "They are going really good. I have most of my classes with Blaise, Harry, or Hermione. People have been leaving you alone haven't they?"

Luna sighed and kissed Draco on the cheek. "They have for the most part and the ones who haven't I've been ignoring. Most of the girls can't seem to believe that you are with me when you could have anyone you want. Hermione actually went off on a couple of girls this morning because of the way that they were acting. I finally got her to stop after I broke in and told the girl that you were happy with me and if she couldn't handle it then to go and cry to someone who cares. Honestly I'm getting used to the looks and whispers I have been getting since everyone figured out that we are together."

Draco's eyes hardened. "People just need to learn to shut the hell up. I'm very happy with you, Luna. I know that neither of us have said the "L" word but I also know that we are heading that way. As for having anyone I want I think you should know by now that I have the person I want. I was never happier than I was when you accepted my courting proposal. I can't imagine what my life would be like now if I didn't have you by my side."

Luna blushed slightly even as she pulled Draco's head to her and kissed him on the lips tenderly. "I just wanted to see you before I headed to my next class. Are we still sitting together at dinner time?"

Draco nodded. "Of course we are. Let me walk you to your next class."

Luna shook her head and kissed Draco once more. "I told Susan I would walk with her because she wanted to have a talk. Plus you should finish your conversation with, Blaise. I'll see you at dinner, dear."

Draco chuckled and Luna back down after she stood up so that he could snog her. When he pulled back he was breathing heavily. "I'll see you later then, love. Be safe."

Luna beamed at Draco as she stood back up. With one last look and after she blew him a kiss she skipped over to where Susan was standing waiting on her. Yes she was falling for Draco even more as the seconds and days passed.

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