So, many people have been asking for a second part of Love Marks. I was astounded that I got so many reviews, and I was so happy! Please enjoy the second part of Love Marks

She stood tall on the edge of the Eiffel Tower, even though her legs were shaking, all jello in the knees. She still had remaining marks dancing along her neck. Her spandex clad fingers grazed one of them, the darker one of which her suitor had left the evening before. That made her knees even weaker, she gripped the railing even tighter. Of course he had to be Adrien. Of all the young males of Paris, it had to be the dashing young model of her dreams.

"My-" she heard a voice that made her heart skip. The voice itself was slightly high pitched before she heard him clear it, "My Lady." She turned to find Chat Noire, a slight pink tinge to his cheeks and one hand was behind his neck, rubbing it slightly; the other extending it towards her. So un-Chat like, to be so studdery and nervous.

"Adri-um-Kitty." She had to stop herself from saying his real name, because believed it felt wrong to say his real name while he was clad in his hero suit. She took his hand and stepped down from the edge, he spun her in; dance-style until they were only two inches apart. Her being considerably shorter than he, Adrien was able to feel her hot breath on his neck. One hand still intertwined with his the other on his chest, feeling the rapid heartbeat. In her head she counted the quick pace; 1-2-3. 1-2-3. 1-2-3. All she could do was stare at his chest, she couldn't bring herself to look at him in the eyes.

Chat Noir let go of her hand and brought it under her chin, tilting her head upward. She pulled slightly to the left, averting her eyes again. "Marinette." He said sternly, turning her head again, her eyes burned on him and he felt his hold body turn hot and his heart lurched. "Marinette." He said again this time softer, "say something..."

The girl rouged, both hands sprawled over his chest, "I-I...Adrien. Chat. You're the same person." She said, she had felt the need to say it out loud at least.

"My Princess, My Lady, My Marinette, My Ladybug. You're the same person, I've been pining over the same person. Worried about breaking one of their hearts and now...and now it's you. Marinette, it's always been you!" He laughed taking both of her hands. His eyes behind his mask sparkled and the grin he had on was ice melting. She just wanted to collapse into his arms and stay their forever. So she did. She shifted his weight into him and let him hold her up.

A tad startled the boy held her up and grinned even wider. She took a shaky breath, with both hands, tilted his head forward and crashed her lips into his. Face slightly scrunched and eyes closed she just decided to go with it. He on the other hand was completely in shock, but was quick to regain himself and pressed his lips back. Parting her lips slightly she allowed him full access, she had done the most difficult part, she decided she was going to allow him to do the rest.

He dropped his hands down to the bottom of her back and the other on her waist, pressing her closer. They continued they little activities, nipping, tugging, exploring the night away. The two broke apart, breathing heavily not realizing that the night had turned cold. Hot breaths clouded the space around them.

"W-we should probably..." They small girl huffed, hearing the last few beeps of her Miraculous. "G-go somewhere...l-less o-open." She stuttered. Her face was flushed and red. Sweat slid down the sides of her neck slightly. The poor girl had no idea the effect she had on him. Her small, quick breaths, the rosiness of her cheeks and the noise she was making; oh god the noises. The small moans that escaped her lips wee music to his ears, it made him weak to see her so vulnerable and frail. He never knew a girl like her was able of making such musical sounds.

But he fought to keep his cocky facade alive. Now that she knew his alter-ego, he was finally free to be flirty Chat-Noir and allow some of his hero characteristics to take over his real life. With her hands around the back of his neck and the tingly feeling of the fresh kisses along his jaw line and neck left him spinning all the same. No doubt he'd have to wear a scarf or turtleneck to cover up all the revenge marks as she called them when she planted her lips on his neck, making him stumble back and grip the railing of the tower.

"Less open My Lady?" He said, a playful time on his voice, even though it was wavering all the same. He leaned close to her ear, "do you have any ideas?" He purred. She pushed him away, looking slightly less flustered and slightly more prepared.

"I know a place." She smiled before wrapping her yo-yo around one of the steel beams and descended before he could protest. All he did was grin slightly and quickly descended after her.

He followed her quickly, leaping from roof to roof, the air chilling around them until she stopped on one particular balcony. A few potted plants, a table and small chair. He looked around, his night vision helping him significantly find out his surroundings. "Is this-" he looked around, the smirk fading into astonishment, "y-your bakery? And is that your-?" He pointed to the trapdoor near the wall of the balcony. The young hero nodded.

"My parents are in Italy for a few days, the neighbour checks up on me before and after school. S-so we-we are alone..." She stuttered, there was a flash of soft pink light and she returned into her civilian clothing. A light pink sundress and brown sandals. A green glow mimicked hers as he returned into his regular clothing as well. She opened the small door to allow the two Kwamis to jet down to the main floor to grab some food.

He pulled he close once more and crashed his lips to hers. She smiled against him and stepped back slightly, reaching for something only slightly within her grasp. She giggled when she flicked the switch and dozens of tiny fairy lights illuminated the railings around them. The two parted and stared at the sight in awe. The lights illuminated the young girls' features, brighting up her face, showing swollen lips and tinged cheeks. Sparkling blue eyes and the slight of her turned up nose. He laughed and put one of his hands on the side of her face, cradling it softly.

"Je t'aime, Marinette." He whispered. She put her head against his chest.

"Je t'aime, mon petit chat."

And when their lips came together once more.

It was fireworks.

Secret identity or not.