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Chapter 13

Dean's heart pounded as he took the motel steps two at a time, Sam right behind him. Sweat beaded at the corner of his temple as his mind replayed the conversation he had with Alec over and over again. Lisa had tried to kill his son. She had fully believed he was a changeling and had swung a kitchen knife at his boy.

He thought leaving them at the motel would keep them safe, away from all the danger. But, obviously, trouble found them anyways in the form of Lisa losing her mind. He didn't even understand why Lisa lost it. Alec hadn't been straight forward, only giving a quick summary of what occurred between the kids and Lisa. He assured Dean that everyone was alive and well, but Dean couldn't slow the thumping of his heart or his brain's wild imagination as it imagined every nasty scenario that he could possibly find when entering the motel room. He was cursed with an overactive imagination and a deep understanding of the darkness that lurked in the shadows.

God, he wanted to get to his kids and this walkway seemed far too long and his strides too short for the terrible scenario playing in his head. Sam had been quiet for the better part of the ride, only giving his soft reassurance that the situation was handled and the kids were safe. But, Dean could tell he was nearly vibrating with panic and nausea as well.

Dean was about to pound his fist against the door, making up his mind that if the door didn't swing open by the third knock, he'd kick the bloody door down and deal with the repercussions later. Before his fist hit wood, the door swung open and a blur leapt into his arms. Arms wrapped tightly around his neck and a nose pressed against his shoulder. Dean's arms immediately tightened, holding his boy close.

"I don't know what happened," Alec, frantically, explained. Alec's green eyes met his and the hunter immediately knew his kid was shaken to the core by Lisa's strange behavior. The bravado he heard over the phone, completely disappearing the moment Alec saw his father. "She just started talking nonsense and everything went to shit-" He gave his uncle a sheepish glance, but Sam didn't react to the slip.

"Are you okay?"Dean reiterated.

"I'm fine,"Alec reassured. "We're all fine. As you can see we have the situation under control."

He entered the motel room. He spotted Benny, who had organized a makeshift study group with Ben. Old texts and laptops were open, revealing pages of supernatural information. Emma sat next to a moaning Lisa, dabbing a wet cloth against her forehead. She quietly spoke to the woman, reassuring her that everything was going to be okay and her Daddy was gonna save Lisa's life.

"Dad!" Emma shouted. She left Lisa's side, immediately running to her father.

"Thank God,"Dean murmured in relief, quickly scooping up the little girl in his other arm and holding both her and Alec close. Benny was a few steps behind, immediately ramming his face into his father's side, arms wrapped around Dean's waist. Dean balanced Emma on his arm, attempting to brush his fingers through Benny's hair. Sam had even stepped closer, sole focus on the kids as he checked them over for injuries.

"It was scary,"Emma admitted with a tremor to her bottom lip. Dean pressed a kiss to his daughter's forehead. "She swung a knife at Alec and called him a changeling." She glanced at her brother and Alec nodded in confirmation, already having explained the scenario via phone. Alec was quickly pulled into Sam's arms and hugged tightly, Benny pressed into his side.

"We've been researching,"Benny explained, glancing up at his uncle and father. Emma had taken claim of Dean, arms tightly wrapped around his neck like a barnacle on the side of a boat. "We haven't found anything that rings a bell, but we've gone through several journals already."

"We've narrowed down our potential monsters,"Alec added.

"Good, good,"Sam stated, though his mind was still preoccupied checking over his nephews and niece. He moved over to Dean, placing a hand on Emma's head and the girl smiled back at the comforting gesture.

Dean's eyes skimmed the room, noticing the general disaster the room was in. Beds were pushed to the side. Lamps on the kitchenette counter and bedside tables next to the table. His eyes landed on Ben, who's disheveled appearance didn't escape his notice. Shit, he forgot to look over Ben. The kid was shifting uncomfortably, unsure whether to interrupt the family moment or stay quiet and watch from the sidelines.

"We were training,"Emma explained, following her father's gaze. She covered her mouth, eyes wide. That was supposed to be a secret. Her older brothers were too busy talking to Uncle Sam to notice her slip-up. She gave a sigh of relief, tucking her head in the crook between her Dad's shoulder and neck. Dean grunted in response. He was focused on the distraught Ben.

"How you doin', Kiddo?"Dean asked. Ben shrugged, shifting his feet again as he shot a worried glance over at his mother. Dean followed Ben's gaze and his brain caught up with the current issue and the reason behind the distress call. He had been far too focused on the well being of his kids that he had failed to notice Lisa tied and gagged. Her dark hair was limp from sweat and panic.

Dean put an unwilling Emma back down on the floor. Her feet softly touching the heinous stained carpet of the cheap motel room.

He immediately moved forward, pulling the dark haired boy into a reassuring hug. Immediately, Ben's grip tightened. Nose pressed against Dean's FBI jacket.

"We're gonna fix this,"Dean promised, guilt lilting his voice. He had forgotten for a moment about Ben's current distress and Lisa's predicament in the overall chaos of the situation. his brain had immediately locking in on the current distress his own kids were in, momentarily forgetting about everything else.

"I don't know what's wrong with my mom,"Ben explained. Dark eyes glanced up at Dean and tears rolled down his cheek. He rubbed at his nose, face puffy from stress. "We-" He gestured to the three Winchester children. "tried to find information on the side effects, cure, anything. But, we came up short." He wiped at his eyes.

"We thought it could have been a wraith or Buruburu,"Alec stated and Ben nodded his agreement since they commonly caused hallucinations and panic within their victims.

"Ghost sickness,"Benny suggested, chewing on his lips as he watched his Uncle check Lisa over.

Lisa pulled at the restraints, shrieking in fear. Recognition absent in her eyes. Dean's brows furrowed. If her panic increased, she might die from a heart attack. Sam knelt down next to Lisa. He removed the wet cloth from her forehead, pressing his hand against her forehead. She wailed, kicking out against her restraints. Her temperature was sky-rocketing.

"Dean,"Sam exclaimed. "She's burning up." Dean crossed the room towards his brother. Ben was by his side within seconds, not keen on leaving his mother's bedside for long. Dean could feel the rising heat as she stared at him in panic. Dean placed a hand on her arm, muscles tight, eyes bloodshot with petrified fear.

"It's alright Lisa,"he hushed, running his finger lovingly along her cheek."We're gonna figure this out."

"We tried to cool her down,"Alec explained, gesturing to the pot of water and the discarded cloth. "It wasn't helping." He bit his lip, anxiously watching his father and uncle from the sideline.

"I sat with her,"Emma explained, grasping Benny's shirt. She glanced at her older brother. "We got some ice from the vendor and tried to cool her down."

"Nothing worked,"Benny confirmed. "We couldn't even calm her down long enough to see logic." Benny glanced over at Alec. The moment when Lisa swung her knife at his brother, kept replaying in his mind. He knew Alec would be okay, since he was a transgenic after all. But, seeing his brother at the wrong end of a knife had sent a terrified tremor through Benny's stomach. He couldn't handle the alternate scenario if his brother didn't dodge the knife in time.

Sam had loosened the restraints. Lisa's arms fell limply to her side as Sam checked for any sign of a buruburu marking or puncture wound from a wraith. She suddenly became alert, struggling in Sam's strong grip and hollering like a banshee.

"Mom!"Ben shouted, but Benny and Alec pulled him away from the bed, giving the adults room to restrain the crazed woman and calm her down. Sam held her down as she tried to escape. He grunted when her arm swung, hitting him in the temple. He grabbed his head, dodging just in time to avoid more wild swings.

"Lisa,"Dean barked. His hands wrapped around thin wrists, holding her in place. "Stop. We're here to help." The woman hollered, kicking and screaming.

"I have to leave,"she mumbled, incoherently, to herself. "I have to get out of here." Dean perked, leaning closer to hear her breathy mumbles.

"Where do you have to go, Lis?"He asked, using her nickname. He stroke back the wet hair, looking into the woman's bewildered eyes. "Hey, what's got you spooked?" Sam had shaken off the grogginess after the wild smack to the head. She shook her head, brown eyes glazed. "Come on, babe, you have ta tell me."

His focus was entirely on the woman in front of him. His partial awareness on the four kids standing behind. His kids offered silent support for Ben. Ben had started crying again, witnessing his mother's incoherent babbling.

"Dean, I don't think she knows anything,"Sam stated, as he tightened the sheet restraints in a more comfortable position. It wouldn't help the issue if she bolted. He had a bad feeling if she ran, they wouldn't find her again. Just like the rest of the missing people. "She's talking nonsense. Completely delusional."

His reasonable efforts earned him a harsh shush from his older brother as Dean, tenderly, tried to calm down the hysterical Lisa. She didn't answer Dean, only mumbling the same two sentences. Fear for her life struck him to the core and constricted his throat. If her temperature and stress levels continued to increase, she could be at the mercy of a heart attack. They needed to find either the monster or a cure and fast.

"When did she start acting up?" Dean asked, tone nearing a bark. He didn't have time for pleasantries. A woman's life was on the line. "Ben!" The child jumped, startled by the harsh and tense tone. All eyes were focused on him and he felt the weight of his mother's life on his shoulders.

"I'm pullin' the books out again,"Benny muttered, immediately dragging Emma along. Alec followed Benny with a quick 'me too'. Standing around wouldn't help Lisa. Research and finding out what poisoned her would.

Benny tossed a book to Alec, his brother catching it easily. He noted Sam's earlier observations towards the lack of markings. Buruburus and Wraiths always left some known marking.

Benny really wished Luke and Dix were here. The two transhumans were computer geniuses and would have had a nice matrix put together within minutes using the minimal information they had. His eyes were gazing over ancient words, translating Latin to English. Alec was currently reading another book on middle eastern folklore. They were running low on time.

"I don't know,"Ben, hysterically, cried back. His hands gripped his hair as his eyes watched his mother in shock. "I don't remember."

"That's not a good enough answer, kid,"Dean barked, eyes flashing from the pressure placed on him. "Focus, your Mom's life depends on it." Ben squeezed his eyes shut, breaths shallow and throat aching.

"Okay,"Ben stressed. His brows knitted, the palm of his hand rubbing his temple in anxious circular motions. "It was after school-"He glanced up, quickly recalling everything that happened two days ago. "Mom was talking to my teacher, Mrs. Miller-" His eyes widened, remembering that Mrs. Miller shook his mother's hand. Maybe,she poisoned her. "She had complaints about my academic achievements-"He blushed, darting a look at the highly intelligent transgenics. He didn't want them to know that he was academically sub-par. A complete moron when it came to school. He didn't want them to think less of him because he wasn't to their standard of intelligence. But, they're eyes didn't flash in distaste. They didn't look at him any differently than they did early that day, unaffected by what he was about to admit. "I'm not great at school and she's been on my case." He blushed and Dean sent him a sympathizing look.

"I wasn't either,"Dean reassured, gently. He noticed struggling with academics was Ben's insecurity and most likely he had struggled with teachers and peers alike judging him for his misfortune. "Barely graduated." Ben's eyes darted up to his hero, surprised by Dean's admittance to his own shortcomings. "I'm a lot better with my hands." He nodded a head towards Sam. "Sam was the academic nerd." Dean smirked. "He planned to be a fancy ass lawyer." Sam rolled his eyes, patting Lisa's forehead with a newly moist cloth. "Nothin' wrong with not bein' academically acute. Doesn't make you any less smart-" Ben nodded his head, breathing heavily. His mom also believed he was smart. That he'd be able to overcome this roadblock. She believed he was special. He just got paired off with horrible teachers.

"My mom wasn't happy with Mrs. Miller's rudeness,"Ben continued, wiping at his eyes. "Mrs. Miller had condescendingly placed her hand on my mom's hand-" She had straight up told his mother that some children weren't meant to achieve academically. His mom had been furious and had lashed into his new teacher. "Mom yanked her hand away, stood up, and dragged me out of the classroom." He smiled, wiping at his nose. "Mom told her she was gonna report this behavior to the school board before slamming the classroom door-"

"Good for her,"Dean answered, patting Ben's shoulder before smiling down at his courageous and fiery Lisa. She wasn't the type to let bullies get away with abuse of any form. She was a protector, always had been and that's what Dean had loved about her.

Ben stroke her hair back, tears sliding down his cheeks. He didn't know what to do if he lost his mother. He didn't have a lot of family members left. Would he end up in foster care? That brought on a new layer of tears. He couldn't lose his mom. He just couldn't.

"She was really pissed,"Ben stated, sniffing. "Couldn't stop talking about Mrs. Miller and her lack of support. Said she was not deserving of a teaching certificate. Mom ended up taking me to dinner-" Ben grinned, happily. "Let me get anything I wanted. The waitress was pretty nice-"He blushed. "Pretty too-" Long black hair and sharp eyes. He couldn't remember her name though, but he was pretty sure it started with a B. "When we got home, Mom was feeling a bit nervous. I just decided it was nerves after her confrontation. It got worse the next day and then that night she contacted you-" His face was red, embarrassed that he was crying in front of both his hero and his hero's kids. He tried to stop, but the waterworks kept going and he just hoped he didn't look like a baby in their eyes. "That's all I can remember. Sorry."

"Don't apologize, you did awesome,"Dean reassured. He held the boy's shoulders, keeping him steady. "Your mom's gonna be fine. I promise. I'm not gonna let her die." His eyes burned with new determination.

Sam nodded his agreement, patting the boy's shoulder. "Nothing will happen to your mom," Sam added his own confidence to the situation. His eyes glistened with the empathy he felt for young Ben Braeden.

Plenty of times his father had been at death's door because of the supernatural world until he finally sold his soul in exchange for Dean's life. Bobby had been at death's door as well. Those circumstances were just part of being a hunter. People died. But, Sam wanted to prevent another unnecessary death. He wanted to save Lisa Braeden. "Not as long as we're here."

"You said Mrs. Miller placed her hand on Lisa's hand,"Benny stated, drawing the group back to the previous conversation. "Skin to skin contact." Alec's eyes brightened, immediately understanding what his brother was getting at. He rapidly flipped through the book, looking for a previous page he had skimmed over. He nudged Emma, silently telling the little girl to help. She was scrolling through a website page, eyes flitting back and forth as words and pictures tumbled from the screen.

"Yes,"Ben confirmed, glancing at the transgenic boy. Benny grunted, mind racing and flitting through the newly gained information.

"Dad,"he asked. "Is it possible for some monster to poison a person without piercing the skin?" Dean raised a brow and Ben moved his hands in quick gesticulations, trying to explain his point. "Like maybe the skin absorbs whatever poison comes from the potential monster-"

"I'm sure it is a possibility,"Dean responded, realization dawning. "Oh-" He snapped his fingers, glancing at his brother. "Sam that one hunt." The one hunt that put him at the mercy of the tattooed freak of nature.

"Shoot, djinns,"Sam realized at the same time Alec confirmed the name. Sam's brows furrowed. "But, djinns put their victims in a dream state in order to absorb their life force." He glanced down at the unconscious panicked woman. "She's hallucinating and suffering from a nightmare. That's not a djinn's signature move-"

"But,"Alec argued, glancing at his uncle. Emma's eyes darted back and forth as she absorbed the process her family went through during a hunt. She was learning, watching, and mimicking each sentence they spoke, committing the process to memory. "wouldn't you think if a djinn can give you good dreams, they could also give you nightmares. Makes sense that they could manipulate their victim's entire psyche however they like. Why should they be limited to one game plan?" Benny nodded his agreement.

"True,"Sam stated as he thought the answer over. Plus, the mention of tattoos brought another compelling case to the current monster culprit. It rang true.

"Kid's got a point,"Dean responded, smiling proudly at his boys.

"Doesn't make sense why they would use fear instead of peaceful dreams,"Sam stated. but, he was starting to agree with Alec and Benny's observations. He couldn't help but think about Dean when he was strung up by a Djinn, completely lost in a dream state. "You'd think they would want their victims compliant, not hysterical."

"They're monsters,"Dean pointed out, stroking Lisa's hair. "Sometimes, the things they do don't make sense."

"It could be the thrill of the hunt,"Alec proposed. "Enjoying the absolute terror from their victims before sucking the life from them."

Emma shivered. "Creepy,"she muttered, but what her brother said made sense. She didn't know much about this world. She didn't know a lot about any monsters. She understood she was born to be a monster, but had fought against her peoples' ways. She wanted the chance to learn how to be good. How to be a hunter. By listening and learning from her family, one day she could be Wonder Woman. She sent her father a steely gaze, crossing her arms. "How do we stop this?" She circled her hand, eyes softening at the sight of a distressed Lisa. She wanted to save this woman and prove herself good. "How do we save Lisa?"

"There's no cure for a Djinn's mind tricks,"Dean explained, brows furrowing. "Either the victim has to consciously break from the invasive dream or-" He glanced at Sam, remembering the last time they dealt with the Djinn. He ended up stabbing the Djinn. "kill it."

"How?"Emma asked again, determination in her eyes.

"Silver knife dipped in lamb's blood,"Sam answered. Alec nodded his agreement, finding the passage in the middle eastern folklore. He pushed it over to Benny, who read the entry as well.

Emma peeked over his arm. Her reading ability wasn't up to par yet, considering she was only a few weeks old. While she was at Bobby's, her family had taken turns helping her sound words out and read short paragraphs from whatever book they picked out. She was a quick learner, but even she had a hard time understanding the meaning behind what she read. She knew she would get better with time, but it didn't help that she felt completely useless when research was involved. Her brothers had to explain everything to her. She frowned, planting her chin on her crossed arms that rested on the table.

"Then we better get some lamb's blood,"Alec stated, standing to his feet. He knew they had silver knives. His Dad and Uncle Sam was always prepared for shapeshifters and werewolves. Lisa's life was on the line and the sooner they killed the Djinn the better.

"I'll get what we need,"Sam, immediately, volunteered. "And meet you back here in ten-" He glanced at his watch, making sure he was prepared. Dean nodded.

"Tonight, we'll go back to Lisa's,"Dean decided. The disappearances were happening in that general area. That way they could go back to Debra Miller's place and hopefully find the Djinn responsible. Debra Miller was a suspect and after talking to Ben, he was pretty sure she was the possible monster. Disappearances started happening when she arrived. "We can retrace and track down our monster." The kids nodded.

"All of us?"Emma asked, glancing at her Dad and Uncle Sam. Even though she had hunted a ghost, she didn't feel completely confident for a Djinn hunt. The silence that she received from her family, told her they weren't ready for her to hunt legit monsters either.

"Emma and I will stay behind,"Benny proposed, staring at his father and uncle confidently. "That way we can take care of Lisa and Ben-" He glanced at the sickly woman and her worried son. Benny had a bad feeling that whatever infected Lisa, wasn't finished with the hunt. He remembered her incoherent mumbles. Her urge to run for the hills. Something had placed that thought in her head. Wanted her in a compromising position to grab.

There was a reason why they wanted her to run and Alec had a solid point when he suggested it was for their own thrill. Whoever had infected Lisa, might be wondering why she hadn't separated from the flock yet. Benny shivered, glancing at Emma. If that's the case, both ordinaries would need super-powered individuals to protect them. His eyes flitted to his brother. And Alec needed to backup their Dad and Uncle Sam, if the hunt spiraled.

"They'll need protection and we're the best options for that duty,"Benny finished. His presence would give the element of surprise. Plus, it might put their Dad at ease to realize Emma was somewhat safe compared to being out in the field. Alec nodded his agreement, silently confirming that he would go with Dean and Sam.

Dean's lips quirked into a proud smirk. When he glanced over at Sam, his brother matched his own smile. In Dean's opinion, it was absolutely crazy how much the twins had changed since he first found them a year ago. Both boys had grown in confidence and reassurance, secure in who they were and the duty they held within the Winchester's family business. Dean was especially impressed by Benny's turnaround. No longer was he the scared, insecure boy who looked towards a make-believe goddess for guidance. Benny knew who he was and had accepted himself, placing faith and trust with his family. He had bloomed. Dean couldn't put into words how proud he was of his kids and the trials they had overcome.

"Good thinkin',"Dean encouraged and Benny smiled, a blush painting his cheeks. He still got sheepish about compliments, but that was just a general Winchester trait. Lisa and Ben would need a solid wall of protection. Benny had the monster hunting skills and training, Emma had the spunk. Both kids were gifted in strength and speed to overpower a surprised monster. Dean also felt better leaving them behind, since they were less likely to be placed in danger. He highly doubted the djinn knew where they were hiding out.

"That takes the three of us-"He gestured to Sam and Alec. "Back to Lisa's." He didn't want to bring Alec along, for over-protective father reasons, but he couldn't deny the startling advantage they would have with Alec there to provide backup. Part of being a Winchester, everybody had to be involved. Dean had a feeling that the djinn was holed up somewhere in the neighborhood. He'd just have to figure out where, starting with Debra Miller's place.

"If everything is settled,"Sam stated, standing to his feet. He needed to strip out of his FBI gear and get into monster hunting wear. "We better get a move on it." Dean was up on his feet, immediately grabbing everything they would need.

He passed Benny and Emma, planting a kiss on both his kids' heads, before quietly alerting Benny to how proud he was of the boy's mature and sensible decision. He went into the bathroom changing quickly, switching off with Sam when he was done.

When Dean and Sam weren't looking, Alec hid a silver dagger in his boot and after, hid a 9 mm in the back of his jeans, pulling his shirt over the firearm. The gun might not kill a Djinn, but it would definitely cause some damage. His Dad and Uncle always carried firearms along with hunter weapons.

Benny raised a brow. Alec shrugged at the gesture. He wasn't going to be unarmed out there. He wasn't a little kid anymore, not like last year. He knew about monsters. He knew how to hunt. He was going to protect his family no matter what. From Benny's silence, Alec knew his brother didn't disagree with his decision. He stared down Emma though, just daring her to tattle. She was little still. She didn't understand the importance of a secret.

After changing, Dean and Sam had left the group, driving down to the local butcher shop to purchase lamb's blood. The butcher luckily had some in stock for customers, who enjoyed blood pudding or blood sausages. The kids had shivered in disgust, listening to their uncle's conversation with the butcher.

Alec moved past Ben Braeden, patting the boy on the shoulder. Ben glanced up and Alec gave a reassuring smile. "We'll get 'em,"he promised. He nodded towards Benny. "He may be a goody-two-shoes, but occasionally he's a badass." Alec winked at his brother, who rolled his eyes at Alec's jab. Ben chuckled. "You're in good hands just watch out for the little one, she bites."

"I'll be on alert,"Ben promised with a teasing gleam in his eyes. "Don't want to lose a finger." Alec chuckled, slapping Ben's shoulder.

"Good man,"Alec joked, shooting a glance at Emma, who scowled back. He knew he was putting on a brave face, that it didn't truly reflect how he felt inside. But, bravery was needed for the circumstance. To keep Ben from freaking out and to keep Emma from worrying. Benny would be in charge and he needed the situation calm and alert, just in case the hunt didn't go as planned.

"I don't bite,"Emma protested, crossing her arms and glaring at Alec menacingly. He glided towards his sister, giving her a noogie.

"Sure you do, squirt,"He teased, gnashing his teeth. She pouted. Alec leaned forward, teasing gone from his green eyes. "If something grabs you, you bite 'em-" Her own playful pout fell from her face. "Claw out their goddamn eyes if you have ta. Understood?"

Alec knew he could quite possibly be overreacting. That his imagination had gotten the best of him. But, if something came bursting through the window the last thing he wanted was something bad to happen to Emma. Benny might be busy trying to protect Lisa and Ben if shit hit the fan. Emma was a Winchester and Winchesters weren't brought down easily. She needed to understand that.

"Understood,"she promised, meeting her brother's gaze. "They won't bring me down without a fight."

"Atta girl,"Alec teased with a beaming grin. He, immediately, tweaked her nose earning him a hard smack to the arm and a glower.

"Jerk,"she huffed, rubbing at her sore nose. Brothers were annoying. One minute, they were nice and protective. The next minute, they tweaked her nose.

"We'll be fine,"Benny promised, still seeing the worried gleam in Alec's eyes. Alec cared a lot, he always cared a lot even when he tried to hide it behind false bravado.

"I know,"Alec confirmed. His eyes shot over to the front door. The rumble of the impala's engine alerted both transgenics to their father and uncle's speedy return. Alec would be hitting the road soon to finish this hunt once and for all. He turned his head slightly, observing Lisa's heavy breathing and incoherent mumbles. She had dropped into a restless slumber moments earlier. "Just make sure she doesn't-"Alec's eyes darted over to Ben Braeden. Ben wasn't looking, focused completely on his mother. Alec slid a finger over his throat and Benny nodded in understanding. "He's got nobody-"

His head jerked towards Ben. He had been training with Ben and with training, conversations were normally involved. He had learned that the last living relative was Ben's grandfather and even he wasn't doing too hot in the health department.

"I understand,"Benny replied, confirming his own involvement in their sparring conversations. Alec's gaze softened, knowing his brother would do everything in his power to keep Lisa alive.

"I don't think Dad will take it very well, if she-"He lowered his eyes, biting his lips. He had seen his father around Lisa. Dean adored the ordinary and Alec knew his father would be absolutely devastated if they failed to keep her alive.

Benny stood, immediately wrapping his brother into a hug. That's what Uncle Sam would do if emotions ran high and worry skyrocketed. Alec didn't like leaving his siblings behind, feeling like it was his duty to keep them safe. Benny understood because he felt the same way. He hated separation even if he had faith that his family would return.

Alec's arms came around him, squeezing him back just as tightly. This was his brother. His twin. His other half. Separation was even more difficult for them ever since they found each other back at Manticore. They did everything together.

"We will be fine,"he reiterated. He felt Alec's nod and pulled back. He bit his lip, worried."Try not to attract trouble. You do realize you're like a gigantic neon sign for trouble within a twenty mile radius-"Benny quirked his head, a teasing smile on his lips. "Maybe, even further. There's no telling how powerful your trouble magnet is." Alec snorted, wiping at his nose with the sleeve of his shirt.

"What,"He quipped. "You worried about me?"

"I'd be stupid, not to be worried,"Benny replied. He sobered. "Just be safe and don't do anything stupid."

"Now, you're soundin' like Max,"Alec retorted. He could hear his Dad stomping up the stairs, probably to check on everybody, make sure emergency numbers were known, and drop off a bag of lamb's blood for cautionary reasons. They were worrywarts too. "I'll be fine. I'm always alright." His brother rolled his eyes, not fully believing his twin.

"Sure,"Benny drawled. Ben had luckily given them privacy during that brotherly confrontation. The ordinary had reverted his eyes back to his mother, pouring his full attention onto his mother's well being.

"Well,"Alec stated with a clap to his hands and a plastered grin on his face. "Glad, we got that chick-flick moment out of the way-" Ben rolled his eyes, crossing his arms. "If it had gone any longer, we may have been at the risk of turning into girls." Emma blew a raspberry in protest. Alec mock saluted his siblings, turning on his heels. "See ya later, alligator."

"In a while, crocodile,"Ben returned with an easy grin.

Alec returned the smile before he strode past his Dad, who had come in to double check on everyone who was staying behind. Alec's grin fell as he took the stairs two at a time before he slid into the impala.

Alec sat in the back, arms cross as he watched the motel scenery turn into small town. It was nearing six and the sun had dropped, painting the town in a dusky blue. Streetlights switched on, lighting on the road. Ten minutes, he had been away from his brother and sister and his stomach had been considerate enough to wrap itself into nervous knots. He hated leaving family behind, even if it meant they were safe. Or as safe as they could be with an aggressive predator afoot.

He could tell his father and uncle were also struggling with the separation. Dean's eyes kept darting back at him before returning to the street with Sam behaving similarly. He knew his father was feeling guilty. Guilty about dragging him and his siblings on another hunt. Alec partially understood that part of Dean's guilt revolved around his own childhood with a father that dragged him and his brother from hunt to hunt, disregarding his sons' own feelings.

But, Alec realized his Dad wasn't like that. His Dad didn't have a choice especially with every big bad out there wanting a shot at killing a Winchester. It was better to travel, hunt, and fight. It kept them all alert. If they retired, tried to put the supernatural world behind them, something eventually would get them. That was just the reality of their life. A fact to the Winchester's way of life. Alec couldn't hold it against his father and uncle. After all, they were trying their best in a broken world.

"Dad, it's fine,"He stated, finally catching his Dad's worried eyes in the rear view mirror.

"What?"Dean inquired, shooting a quick glance at Sam, who tensed slightly. Alec rolled his eyes. Sometimes his Dad and uncle could be thick.

"You're worried about us,"Alec explained, eyes returning to the scenery outside the impala's window. "Worried that you made a mistake taking us here." He shrugged, crossing his arms. "Upset with yourself that you didn't give us the long luxurious break that you imagined." His eyes shot back, observing his father's tense pensive appearance."I say it's stupid. Ben and I understood the risks and plan changes when we agreed to stay-" His life was weird. His family bizarre. But, he wouldn't change it for the world even with all the broken promises and nomadic traveling. When his Dad planned to stay in South Dakota for a while and leave monster business to other hunters, Alec had immediately realized it was a long-shot fantasy. His family would be back on the road sooner or later. "This is my life. You and Uncle Sam are my family. Dad, you haven't hurt us in anyway, bringing us to Indiana-"

Dean bit his lip, rubbing the back of his head. "I promised you on the roof, we'd have a break,"Dean argued, watching his son. Alec, immediately, became exasperated. "I broke that promise. I don't wanna be like-"

He left that sentence hanging, but Alec could fill in the blank. Dean didn't want to be like his father. Dean didn't want to be John. John had a bad habit of making promises, then breaking them just as quickly. Taking his boys across states and endangering their lives.

Plenty of times, Dean had considered leaving them with Ellen or Bobby because of his deep set worry of becoming John. He believed that leaving them behind would make his kids happy. Give them a chance at a normal life and stability. But, Alec didn't want normal. He didn't want stable. He wanted his Dad and Uncle...and the impala. He wanted to hunt monsters and save lives with his family by his side.

"We're hunters,"Alec pointed out. "Winchesters even. And Winchesters don't take breaks. We never ignore a cry for help." Alec huffed, crossing his arms. "We stick together, no matter what. I'd rather have this life with you and Uncle Sam than any ordinary life. So, quit stressin' about us. You're gonna end up givin' yourself an ulcer."

Dean chuckled, shaking his head slightly. His brilliant kid was right. He was worrying over absolutely nothing. But, stress and fretting came with hunting especially when hunting involved his family. Especially when his job endangered his kids. He worried far too much about becoming his father that he failed to realize just how involved he was in his kids' lives already. He wasn't his father. He knew that. Sam knew that too. But, there was always a little voice in his head that stirred up those concerns that he was failing his kids somehow.

"You're right,"Dean admitted. Alec grinned, triumphantly. Happy to have finally gotten through to his worrywart of a Dad. "But, that's not gonna stop me." Alec's grin fell. Dean reached back, patting the boy's knee. "I'd be a bad parent if I didn't worry about you, Ben, and Emma." Dean relaxed, giving an easy smile. "You'll just have to deal with havin' a neurotic Dad, kiddo."

Alec couldn't stop the groan as he slumped back in his seat. Sam shook his head, a bemused smile on his lips.

"Been dealing with this my whole life,"Sam admitted, remembering the many times that his big brother had freaked out over his departure or general well being. Dean was nothing, if not committed. He was loyal to a fault and their enemies knew that. But, their enemies didn't realize that their commitment to family was what made them stronger, not weaker. "He's pretty committed to neuroticism, especially when family is involved."

"You're no better, Uncle Sam,"Alec mumbled, recalling the many times his uncle had stressed over absolutely nothing which included teeth brushing, vegetable eating, and general public safety like stranger danger and looking both ways before crossing streets. His uncle had stressed over the possibility of tooth decay and dentist appointments after Ben and Alec consumed a whole bag of candy one evening. Granted, the worry stemmed from their constant deplorable financial situation, but still he had worried over nothing.

"Guess Dean rubbed off on me,"Sam teased, earning a glare from Dean. There was a time that he didn't stress as much about the people in his life. Where his only concern was finals week and paying for next quarter's tuition. Alec chuckled when his father retorted with,'bitch.' Not the most clever or elegant comeback his father could have come up with, but considering the situation it was the best he had.

The impala fell into a still quiet as the three Winchesters looked for Debra Miller's address. Alec felt his muscles tense, his instincts preparing for a fight. He knew his uncle and dad were engaged in a silent conversation since their eyes didn't shift far from one another. Alec knew they were discussing him, whether or not to leave him in the car or take him along.

He also knew they would find anyway to keep him back at the impala, in case the situation got sticky. Alec rolled his eyes. They always forgot that he was an X5. He also guessed they were silently talking about Emma and Benny. His Dad most likely wanted to give them a quick call, being the fretter he was and Sam would probably agree with any decision Dean made, since he was no better even though Sam liked to pretend he was.

Dean parked the impala, a little ways from the house. He turned his head, catching his boy's eager gaze. "Alright,"Dean began. "Here's the plan-" Alec's face immediately fell. They were keeping him behind, he just knew it.

"Everything's quiet,"Benny replied to his father's concern voice. The phone was pressed to his ear as he dipped silver knives into lamb's blood for cautionary sake. He rolled his eyes, glancing over at his sister who was patting at Lisa's forehead with a cold cloth.

Lisa had calmed down considerably, though the labored breathing still greatly concerned Benny. He had checked her pulse, before pressing his ear against her chest to listen to her lungs and heart. The quick beating told him she was trapped in a nightmare, unable to escape the dreamworld. She was completely vulnerable which meant that he and Emma would have to guard her if they were under attack. He glanced at the clock, realizing it was about 6:30 pm. Not terribly late, but considering it was fall, the sun had already set and the sky, dark.

Ben was pacing the small motel room, vibrating with anxiety as he awaited Dean's confirmation that the monsters were dead. His mother couldn't get better until the monsters were dead. He had tried to break her from her nightmare, but she was trapped. Eyes flitted behind closed lids with sweat beading at her temple. It was a horrible sight for an eleven-year-old boy.

"No flickering lights, no mysterious intruders,"Benny promised, setting the now dipped knife onto a napkin and grabbing the next knife. "We're fine-" His brows scrunched, a worried frown on his lips. "I'm more worried about you. You're walking right into the lion's den." He rolled his eyes when his father chuckled, reassuring him there was nothing to worry about. 'They would be fine,' he said. Like Benny would ever believe that. Bunch of bullshit in his humble opinion.

"Right-" He drawled, gesturing to Emma to fill the ice-bucket. They had stored ice in the mini freezer to keep Lisa's temperature down. "Just don't get yourself hurt or worse-" He paused, licking his dry lips. "Please bring Alec with you and don't play the over-protective father card-"

He could hear Alec's triumphant hoot and 'I told you so'. Benny rolled his eyes again at his brother's reaction. He was pretty sure one day his eyeballs would get stuck for the many times he found himself rolling them. His family caused the exasperated eye-roll. "Alec can back you up. He's well-trained and capable of blending in-" He sighed heavily as his father argued about endangering his brother and not being Manticore.

Honestly, he loved his father, but the man was a worrywart that trumped all worrywarts. He didn't understand that they were dedicated to the fight. That their training had prepared them for this paranormal world. As much as he despised Manticore, he had to admit the place prepared him well.

He wasn't the scared, insecure boy he uses to be a year ago, he had grown up. Matured, thanks to his father and uncle's guidance and support. But, Dean would never stop seeing them at nine. He would never stop seeing them as little. He was ten and he was pretty sure that in six years, his father would still be worrying and trying to keep them away from threats while simultaneously bringing them on hunts. Dean was one gigantic contradiction.

"Dad, you have an advantage, please utilize it,"Benny found himself begging. Dean was trying to protect them, while simultaneously they tried to protect him and Uncle Sam. Half of the arguments that developed was because both sides were too busy debating who was going to protect who. It always ended with Dean claiming he was Dad and he made the rules. Leaving no room for debate, today was no different. Benny found himself smacking his forehead. "God, fine. Please, be safe. And don't jab the stick into the lion's flank. Please..."

He hoped that his family wouldn't irritate the monster before killing it, which would endanger their lives and make the hunt far more difficult. Swift and easy kill, that's what Benny hoped for. But, when was a hunt ever swift and easy. His Dad laughed at his metaphor, appreciating the description.

"I just want everyone back alive." He did a humorless laugh when his Dad reciprocated the request. "Well, we're pretty safe here. Nothing will probably happen besides fretting." He should be out there with his family, but he agreed to protect Ben and Lisa. "Bye-" He hung up, cracking the kink in his neck as he laid the last knife down, letting it dry.

"They okay?"Emma asked from her spot next to Lisa. Her whiskey eyes were focused completely on the woman's pale skin. She was terrified for Lisa, having never seen a person sick before. She didn't even realize how weak ordinaries could be until today. Now, she was afraid that if she touched to hard, Lisa would shatter beneath her fingers. She bit her lips, glancing over at her brother. Ben turned, finally noticing that Benny was off the phone. He had been pacing the front room, just daring the djinn to come after his Mom.

"Fine,"Benny answered, glancing at his little sister. Her brown eyes were hard, nerves warring on her young face. She was chewing on her bottom lip rapidly, waiting for the inevitable. Damn, she was so different compared to just a month ago. A lot more weary and less jovial and free-spirited. But, the change was probably due to the current hunt and their family's endangerment. Hunting changed people, especially impressionable young minds. Ever since the ghost hunt and understanding what was out there, a darkness seemed to linger just below the surface. A new understanding about the world she was born into. They could hide the darkness for awhile with imaginary games and prank wars, but that understanding would always be there. That underlining darkness would always be present, just waiting to awaken. And, right now, both him and Emma knew the other half of their family was in grave danger, which only tickled at this dormant darkness."They're entering phase two, breaking into Debra Miller's place-"

"And you're sure it's my teacher,"Ben stressed. Benny shrugged. They weren't sure at all, but it was the best place to start looking for evidence. Debra Miller was a definite suspicion. An outlier in the general community. She had more evidence stacked against her to peak their interest in investigation.

"Seems likely,"Benny answered. He didn't have the evidence to give a solid conclusion filled with facts. But, his gut-instinct told him that this primary school teacher was something worrisome.

"And if they find her, they'll gank her?"Emma inquired, quirking her head to the side. She had heard her Dad use the word gank a few times when describing monster hunting. She liked putting the word to use.

"If our suspicions are proven correct, yes,"Benny replied, placing the top back on the jar. "If not, lets just hope Dad can wing a damn good apology for the inconvenience." There had been a couple times in past hunts when the suspect turned out not to be the monster in question. That was always embarrassing. Emma chuckled, smiling at her brother. But, her smile quickly fell. Eyes bright with concern.

"They'll be alright,"She asked, biting her lip. "Right, Benny?" She didn't like being away from her family. She had grown accustom to the loud, boisterous car rides and general activity that alerted her to her family's continuous presence. To lose that would be a huge blow to her.

Ben gave a comforting grin. "Course they'll be fine,"Benny answered, confidently. "They're Winchesters. It's hard to keep a Winchester down." He knew that as a fact, considering all the monsters that failed to kill them or keep them dead. He had no doubt in his mind, they would be returning whole and successful.

"You're positive,"Emma repeated. Benny just grinned in reply, turning from his sister and facing Ben. He had to keep the morale up, just in case everything went to shit.

"Ben,"Benny called, waving the eleven-year-old over. Ben jogged over, head quirked to the side as he met Benny's green gaze.

"What's up?"Ben asked, just as Benny handed him a silver knife. The ordinary boy held it, rotating it around to view the silver shine covered in blood.

"Aim for the heart,"Benny explained. Ben blanched, a frown appearing on his face. "That's how you'll kill it."

"You think it'll come here?"Ben asked, peering at his vulnerable mother. The transgenic shrugged, noting the older boy's worry. He patted Ben's shoulder, reassuringly.

"Hopefully not,"Benny answered. "Most likely not. We're pretty well hidden-" The transgenic winced at the small lie. They were never safe. That was the first rule of Manticore as well as hunting monsters. Never coax yourself into a realm of safety, that's when something catastrophic would most likely happen. But, the human boy didn't need to know this. So, he plastered on a smile that would make Alec proud. "They don't know we're here at all." Ben let out a relieved breath. Not that the boy couldn't build up the courage to fight whatever a djinn was, he had to fight three years ago during a changeling invasion. But, he'd rather not endanger his life or his mother's again.

"Better safe than sorry,"Emma answered. She glanced over at her older brother. "Right, Benny?"

"Right,"he replied before gesturing for his little sister. Emma hopped off the bed, moving towards her brother. He picked up a third knife with lamb's blood. She took it, holding it steady in her grip. A pained grimace flashed across her face as she remembered holding a similar knife handed to her by the leader of her mother's clan. A knife that would have been driven into her father's heart had she finished the Amazon warrior ceremony and reached full term.

She shivered, wanting to drop the weapon. But, a hand clasped her own and she looked up into her brother's understanding gaze. A soft, reassuring smile curved his lips. He understood her. Understood the fear and bad memories created by bad people. He and Alec knew better than any other person on this planet. They were created to be weapons too.

"This is only for your protection,"he promised. Emma nodded slightly,whiskey eyes returning to the blade. "If something bad happens and I can't protect you-" She sighed, tightening her grip on the hilt. She wasn't a monster. She didn't want to kill her Dad ever. She didn't want to hurt anybody ever again, unless they really deserved it. That was one step down the path of goodness.

"I understand,"she whispered. Not a monster. She had to remind herself of that fact.

As if her brother could read her mind, he gave her a trusting, confident grin.

"Wonder Woman can only do good,"he stated. She smirked, nodding. He placed his finger against her forehead, pushing her slightly. She stumbled back a bit. "Remember that."

"I'll remember,"she muttered back, rubbing the sore spot. The corner of her lips twitched, tempting to grin at the combination of brotherly love and harassment. The grin finally broke. "Fighting for your rights-"

"In your satin tights?"Benny teased, a playful glint in his green eyes.

Emma winced, shaking her head. When she was experimenting with new looks, she had tried tights. Wasn't too crazy about them and choked it up to Winchester aversion to anything that could withhold movement. She glanced down at her jeans and simple t-shirt. She had even nagged one of her brothers' button-down plaid shirts to throw over her shirt early that morning. She decided if she wanted to be a Winchester, she probably should adopt the style. Besides, she kind of liked the tossed together hunter look.

"Nah,"She replied, quirking her head. The braid flipped over her shoulder. "We can forget the tights this time around." Her grin brightened. "Doesn't fit the Winchester style."

Benny chuckled, shaking his head. "Yeah,"he agreed. "Definitely can't imagine any of us wearing tights." Superhero wear definitely wasn't their thing. His amusement sobered and he lowered his eyes, brows knitting. "You good?" He knew she was thinking about her short time spent with the amazon clan. What they had wanted her to do to her father. Like all Winchesters, Emma was damn good at hiding her true worries and what greatly bothered her. She was good at making everything seem okay, even when it wasn't.

"Yeah,"she spoke, freckled nose slightly wrinkled as she thought over her answer. "I'm good." She glanced once more at the silver knife. Aim at the heart. That's what her brother wanted her to do if things got sticky.

A clatter outside had all three kids jumping into a defensive position. Benny's chest rumbled in a warning growl as he moved forward. His nostril's flared, smelling something out of the ordinary. Not human. Not transgenic. Emma was two steps behind him, just before he raised his hand, silently telling her to halt.

"Great,"he muttered with a roll of his eyes. Stupid Winchester luck and their built in trouble magnets. Sometimes, he truly did curse his genetic make-up. The glass window burst, his arms flung up, guarding his eyes from the falling glass shards.

Alec had completely ignored his father's orders of stay put, which was why he was currently sticking to the shadows, following the older set of Winchester brothers towards the creepy cottage that definitely was not fit for human inhabitants.

"Why do the monsters always choose the creepy places?"he muttered to himself before ducking behind a bush, when his father's head quirked in his general direction. The narrow brows and thin frown definitely told Alec that his father was pretty aware of his transgenic presence. Why he wasn't saying anything, Alec had no clue, but his Dad grunted continuing towards his house with his Uncle Sam's Sasquatch form lumbering next to him.

Alec darted from behind the bush, the moment they reached the door and kicked it open. Alec rolled his eyes at his Dad's idea of settle. Guess they were busting in and taking names later.

Dean entered the house, dust falling onto his jacket. His brows quirked as he took in the dilapidated surroundings. Seemed a strange place for an elementary school teacher to live. A very strange place indeed.

"We have a tag along,"Sam muttered under his breath. He had spotted a shadow dart from the bush towards the chimney of the house. Dean rolled his eyes, slightly annoyed by the lack of obedience from his kids.

"They never listen,"he grumbled. Not that he expected them too. Alec wasn't big on following orders, if the kid believed his own opinion was more correct than Dean's. He shook his head, deciding to drop the current issue. Alec may come in handy if everything went south.

He gestured to Sam, pointing down the hallway. His brother nodded, lifting his gun as he moved past Dean, checking the rundown kitchen before moving forward. Dean moved forward, eyes roaming an office. He pointed his gun, moving further into the room. Besides an old desk and a wooden chair in the corner, nothing caught his eyes.

He signaled to Sam, who nodded his head. Both brothers entered what would have been a living room. Eyebrows popped open as they noticed a couple cots in the corner of the room, before a gun clicked behind them. The brothers' muscles stiffened and Dean felt cold metal press against his neck.

"I'd put down yer guns if I were you, boys,"An older woman's voice suggested. Dean's eyes flitted towards Sam, who nodded his head. The two brothers slowly lowered their guns. "Couple of idiots waltzing in here like that." The older woman scoffed and Dean could make out her profile in a mirror on the hallway wall. Middle aged. A bit on the plumper side. Dark hair and cold eyes. Her lips were curled into a sneer. "Should shoot you right now."

"Whoa, Whoa,"Dean interrupted. "Easy now."The sleeve of her blouse rolled down, revealing a tattoo. An anti-possession tattoo. Dean gestured towards the mirror. Sam caught a glimpse of the ink marking, coming to the same conclusion. Hunter.

"What kind of monsters stupidly walk into a hunter's hideout,"she scoffed, annoyance clear in her voice. Her head quirked to the side. "Thought you could get a shot at me-" The gun pressed coldly against Dean's neck and Dean found himself stiffening. Crazy hunters were a common occurrence in the supernatural world. "Where have you been taking those people?" She was referring to the missing people in Ben's neighborhood.

"We're not involved in that,"Sam blurted, eyes focused on Dean. His brother was about to be shot by a crazed hunter. She scoffed again, not impressed by the answer. "Well, we are involved but we're not causing the disappearances." Dean rolled his eyes, silently telling him to get to the point, so he wouldn't get shot. "We're looking for the monsters too. Hunters. We're hunters too." Debra still didn't lower her gun even after the hunter claim. The woman was nuts.

"You're Debra Millers aren't you?"Dean inquired. Sam stiffened, immediately noting the woman's reaction. Her lips curled and she was going to shoot. Didn't give a damn whether she'd be shooting allies or not. All she cared about were two idiots that intruded on her territory. She must have been new to the hunting gig. Not part of the inner circle.

"Who's askin'?"she growled, a sneer permanently placed on her middle aged features. A second gun cocked.

"Sam and Dean Winchester are askin', lady,"a boy answered. Debra stiffened when she felt the gun press against her back. She reprimanded herself for leaving her back exposed. "I suggest you lower your weapon before I decide to shoot." Debra snorted, not believing the child immediately. But, the gun pressed harder against her back and the safety clicked off. "I'm pretty trigger happy." She removed her gun from the shorter man's neck, raising her hands. The two hunters swiftly turned around, pointing their guns at the older woman. The boy smiled, though the smile didn't reach his eyes. "Aren't you glad I didn't listen now, Dad?"

The woman's brows shot up, staring at the green-eyed man. "Sure am,"Dean replied. "Now, instead of wasting time lets cut to the chase-" Sam nodded and the woman's eyes hardened. If this was Debra Miller, he didn't like her one bit. From what Ben said, she seemed like a nasty bitch. Plus, she pressed a gun against his neck and was willing to pull the trigger without hearing reason, endangering both him and his family. She had made it on his top ten people he didn't like list pretty quick. "For obvious reasons, you're a hunter-" He eyed her. "Rather new to the job which makes me wonder what brought you here."

"I grew up in Cicero,"Debra replied, indifferently. "Heard trouble had struck and decided to return home-" She nodded at the cottage, they were currently inside. "This was my parent's old home before the pulse." She gave the burly Winchester brothers a once over, analyzing the two hunters. She wouldn't dare to turn around and face the small boy. He already felt threatened by her presence. There was something off about him. He reminded her of the three other children, she had recently met during her training. Those three had made her nervous, even fearful. They were unnatural. Not even close to human. "You've been hunting for awhile, haven't you boys-"

Dean grunted in response, unwilling to reveal anything. He swayed his gun, motioning her to move up front. She moved forward and the two men walked behind her. The small boy moved ahead, ignoring the older hunter's warning as he checked around each corner, holding his 9 mm. Hunters were cautious, even around their own. Currently, they were off to a bad start with the shaky introductions and the threats of murder.

A flash of black on the boy's neck caught Debra's eyes as she was navigated into the living room. Her eyes narrowed on the child's neck, immediately spotting a barcode. Debra's eyes widened as she silently put the pieces together of why the child's behavior was familiar.

"You're one of those trannies,"She exclaimed, eyes narrowing on the child. The boy jumped, shock and hurt filling his eyes. The gun pressed harder against her neck as she was slammed against the wall. The shorter man, Dean, held her there, face threateningly close to her.

"What the hell did you call my boy?"He growled. Prejudice slurs were the last straw. He should have known alerting hunters to the transgenic cause would have initiated prejudice in some, but it still shocked him to hear those words come out of a hunter's mouth. Most hunter's were aware of Manticore and had lent out a helpful hand, wanting to find the children safe homes.

Debra glared at him, a sneer gracing her lips. She just hoped her partner would be back soon.

"You heard me,"she spat. She had seen the way those children moved. The unnatural grace and balance. The way they cracked necks without even flinching. It was unnatural. It was monstrous. But, she had kept her mouth shut in the presence of the hunter clan that was training her. She didn't have any love or care for any creature that wasn't human. A freak had killed her husband. Ripped the flesh from his bones. She wouldn't allow the unnatural to continue living. Her retort hadn't been taken too kindly, considering the gun hovered dangerously close to her temple and Dean's hot breath tickled her cheek. The taller one, Sam, had backed closer to the boy, tugging the transgenic close.

"I don't tolerate prejudice,"Dean hissed. "Especially towards the people I care about." He shoved her harder and she grunted under his threatening weight. "Ever call my boy that again, I will shoot you without hesitation." Dean released her, shoving her forward and pointed towards the living room with his gun.

She hadn't been there for the rescue mission. Hadn't been there to witness the evil and horrors those kids suffered. She had no right to judge the transgenics.

She was shoved again by the taller one, forced to sit down in a seat with Sam's gun trained on her. Dean moved past the boy, brushing a hand through his hair before he pulled a second seat over. He sat down.

"Now,"Dean stated, staring down the bitter woman. "By your shoot 'em up attitude and general lack of skill-" Debra glared. "I figured you were new to the hunt-" Her eyes landed on the transgenic, who glared right back at her. "And-"Dean leaned forward. "Since you were recently widowed, you're husband's death was most likely the reason you joined the fight-" Her eyes shot back to Dean and he could see the brief flicker of shock that he knew stuff about her. "Question here, why the hell did you take a missing elementary school teacher's job?"

"Seemed the best way to get information. Respectable job and I had the legal credentials. Plus, James disappeared and I wanted to collect more information on that disappearance." Her eyes flitted between the two brothers, thinking about the very accurate analysis that happened before the question. "You been spying on me?"she inquired.

Dean shrugged, resting his forearms on his knees while the gun was held tight in his grip.

"Like you said, we've been hunting for a long time,"Dean answered. "And you're timely arrival when the disappearances started happening, put you on the suspect list-" She gulped, moving uncomfortably in her seat.

"How did you-"

"I have my ways,"Dean stated. Alec smirked at his Dad's reply. Without realizing it, Debra had left a trail of clues that had caught the Winchester's interest. Husband's death. Arriving when Mr. James disappeared and taking over his job. Add on general cold bitch and she made the perfect suspect. Too bad, she was a red herring. An amateur hunter, rather than the djinn they were after.

"Do you even know what you're hunting?"Sam asked, moving closer to Dean. His head was quirked to the side, frown firmly placed on his lips.

"We're working on it,"she muttered,unwilling to admit to her less than progressive hunting experience. She had been sent out on her own hunting mission after training for a couple months.

"We,"Alec asked, gaze flitting towards her curiously. He ignored the sneer, accepting not every hunter would like his kind. They had been lucky to find people who actually cared about his people. Didn't mean it hurt any less. This was the reason why his Dad wanted to keep the transgenic existence under wraps, so people who couldn't handle their existence wouldn't hurt them. "You said we. You have a partner here don't you-" He had noted the two cots when he entered the living room. She kept her mouth shut and Dean rolled his eyes.

"Just answer the damn question,"Dean stated. He had little respect for a hunter with a stick up her ass.

"Yes,"she snapped, glaring.

"Then I feel sorry for the poor sonuvabitch,"Dean retorted, standing to his feet. "Here's to hoping your partner is more pleasant than you-" He glanced at Sam and Alec. They nodded, deciding to scope out the perimeters and wait for the partner to return to base.

Dean felt a tingling sensation at the back of his brain, a feeling of dread pooling in his stomach. He suddenly felt worried about Ben and Emma. But, shook his head, brushing it off as anxiety and stress. But, the feeling perpetuated, causing him to gnaw on his lip.

"What's up with these-"Debra gestured towards the spot that Alec once stood. Dean's head popped up, glaring at the ornery woman.

"Watch you're wording,"Dean warned. Debra glared, ending the sentence hanging like an ad-lib game card. "Children?" The newbie hunter nodded. "I'm guessin' you've encountered these kids before-" Debra huffed, crossing her arms and leaning back.

"Yeah,"Debra answered. "Didn't think hunters allowed-"Dean glowered. Debra returned the look. "the unnatural in their proximity." She shrugged, ignoring Dean's rising anger. "Until I met the Campbell family. That's where I learned about the transgenic existence-" Dean's brows shot up, surprised by the mention of his mother's surname. "And now you." She sneered. "And every other blasted hunter I've recently ran into seems to have one of these special children trailin' them-" Her eyes softened from the hard edge as her thoughts trailed back to the memory of her dismembered husband. A sadness crept into her heart. "They're dangerous-"

"I know,"Dean agreed. He knew just how dangerous his boys could be. Knew that all the children could easily hurt the hunter families that had provided them a home, food, and clothes. Yet, there had been no incident that concerned Dean Winchester. Made him rethink the release of Manticore's creations. Debra met Dean's menacing green gaze. "But, so are we-" They could just as easily dismember and kill if they felt obligated or the desire to do so. "You said Campbell?"

"Yeah,"Debra answered. "They took me in a few weeks after my husband-" She sucked in a heavy breath, remembering her lonely wandering as she stumbled away, shock, from her house. She had tried to figure out what killed her husband. On her own, she learned about hunters and their ways. She decided to adopt the hunter's ways and drop teaching in order to pursue revenge. From that, she had researched different supernatural monsters, knowing the beast she had witnessed gnawing on her husband wasn't human. A wendigo, she learned later. A wendigo that had left the sanctuary of it's forest in search of a meal. She never did find the monster that took her husband's life.

She hated them all. Every single monster out there. And for some reason, seeing those three little transgenics living with the Campbell family, made her hate and judge them and their unnatural ways as well. She wasn't the only one that found the children unsettling. An older gentleman in the Campbell clan had also found it hard to adapt to the transgenics. "Why does it matter to you?"

"My mom was a Campbell,"Dean answered, simply. He had never met that side of his family before. Debra grunted, eyes flitting towards the gun in his hand. Again, Dean got the weird tingle that something wasn't right back at the motel. He stood to his feet, gun still trained on Debra. "Do you have a phone?"

"Why,"She asked.

"'Cause I need to make a damn call,"Dean barked, not in the mood for the woman's attitude. He had stupidly left his phone in the impala and greatly regretted his decision. Debra gestured towards the kitchen. He immediately dialed the number, but a dial tone told him there was no connection. "Shit." He slammed the white phone back into the cradle. He breathed calmly, trying to tell his panicked mind that he might be over-reacting.

"What's wrong?" Dean's head whipped around.

"Nothing,"Dean muttered. She gave him a look, not believing a word he said. "The phone's dead." Damn telephone services weren't like they used to be. She awed, facing the window just as Alec ran in, screen door slamming open.

"Dad,"Alec said, pointing towards the door. "That second hunter's here-" His eyes widened. "Uncle Sam went into shock."

"He went into what,"Dean exclaimed, immediately following his boy. He paused for a second, grabbing Debra's arm and dragging the middle aged woman along.

"shock,"Alec repeated. "Gaping like a damn fish." Alec showed the exact expression, before his features returned to worried panic. "It's like he just witnessed Rufus and Bobby singing Brittney Spears Karaoke or somethin'." Alec shivered at the thought of the two respectable hunters doing something so obscenely horrifying. He'd be in shock too.

Dean sped up his pace when he spotted his brother's tall frame and another figure standing across from his brother, wearing a hoodie.

"Sam,"Dean called, moving towards his brother. He dropped Debra's arm, sole focus on his shell-shocked little brother. Sam turned around, face blanched as he lifted a finger.

"Dean, look,"Sam responded. Dean followed the finger's direction, eyes landing on the young man in front of them. His jaw unhinged, completely gobsmacked by the not-ghost in front of them.

"Adam,"Dean whispered, taking a step closer to his half brother. The one that should have still been trapped in Lucifer's cage. Michael's vessel. Dean's brain sputtered, unable to comprehend his half brother's current resurrection. Adam gave them a crooked smile, hands firmly placed in his hoodie.

"Hey, Dean,"he answered, blue eyes twinkling in the moonlight. "Long time, no see." His eyes landed on Debra and the soft gaze, hardened. "Campbells are in town to help clean up this mess." By his tone, Dean could accurately guess that the Campbell family hadn't been impressed by the hunt's progress. He gestured towards his car. The headlights blinded the small group. "They want us to meet up." He turned his back on his brothers, a smirk quirking his lips. "They'll like to see you too, Winchesters. We can catch up on the drive there." He moved towards the running vehicle, climbing into the driver's seat.

"Dad,"Alec murmured. "Who is he?"

"Our brother,"Dean answered. Immediately, following Adam without question. He needed answers.

Benny growled, backing away slowly from the shattered window. His eyes flashed, knife gripped tightly in his hand. The dark haired young woman stalked towards him, dark eyes glinting with anger and blood thirst. Tattoos appeared along her arms, neck, and slightly up her face. Her eyes glowed blue. Behind her, five more men appeared similarly tattooed.

Benny sighed heavily, frustrated that the hunt had come to him. Emma growled behind him, eyes turning a murky yellow.

"Well, well, well,"the djinn hummed, cockily strutting forward. Her eyes shot towards Ben, sitting next to his mother. "Here's where our dinner went." She cocked her head to the side, sizing up the three children. "And look, snacks."

Benny's muscles stiffened. His brain immediately switching into soldier mode at the presence of six monsters.

"I hear that one's a Winchester,"One of the male djinns stated behind the female. "Rumor has it that Winchester got kids now." The woman grinned.

"My day just keeps getting better and better,"She growled, moving closer. "The perfect revenge for what those rat bastards did to my father." She swiped at Benny, but the boy dodged her threatening attack.

"Is this Debra Miller?"Benny asked Ben. The eleven year old shook his head, shell shock by the monsters currently in his motel room.

"No, that's the waitress,"Ben answered, surprised. He had sworn up and down that it was his teacher. He hadn't expected the culprit to be the waitress from the restaurant. He finally remembered her name, Brigitta. "Brigitta."

Benny grunted, flipping his knife. He stared down the djinns, chest rumbling with a building growl.

"Well, isn't that one gigantic twist to the mystery." He quirked his head to the side, irritation rolled off him in waves. "I don't like assholes that hurt my friends." He could see Emma moving, her shoulders hunched in a predatory manner. Her mannerisms similar to Alec and Benny.

"Get them,"She ordered, immediately the five djinns behind Brigitta moved forward.

Benny jumped into action, swerving and punching the two that surrounded him. He jumped over an arm, tumbling into a combat somersault before striking out with his booted foot.

He twisted, flipping, and drove his foot into the djinn's face, ramrodding the monster into the floor. Blood splattered onto the carpet as he brought the dagger up threateningly to plow it into the djinn's heart. He avoided skin contact, remembering that was how the djinn poisoned their victims.

The dagger came down, but the second djinn plowed into him. The knife knocked out if his hand. The second djinn held him down as he struggled in the monster's grasp. His first opponent climbed back to his feet, swiping the blood from his mouth and busted nose. Cartilage and blood had exploded from the shattered body part.

The glint of shock didn't escape Benny's notice as the second attempted to hold his small, but deadly, frame down. He could even hear Brigitta shouting in the background, yelling out orders. Her voice wavering in shock and fear.

Benny brought his knee up, kicking his second opponent as hard as he could in the nether regions. The djinn howled in shock, just as Benny rolled over. The transgenic blurred, reaching for the knife. Neither djinn had expected the fast movements and skillful combat.

A howl of pain alerted Benny to Emma. His little sister's teeth were driven into the third djinn's arm, blood dripping and filling her mouth. The djinn in shock threw her. Emma hit the wall hard.

"Emma,"Benny cried out as his little sister stared, dazed, at the irritated djinn. It's hand came towards her, ready to poison Emma just like Lisa.

His moment distraction allowed his own opponent to wrap his arms around him, strangling Benny into submission. Benny fought, legs kicking out and arms swinging. But, the djinn's hand covered his face and he felt himself weaken in the djinn's grasp. His life force sucked away while poison entered his body.

Adrenaline pumped through his veins. And with newfound strength, Benny planted his feet into the ground, tossing his opponent onto his back. He stumbled down beside the djinn. His hand reached out, grabbing the abandoned knife. Performing a kip flip, Benny landed back onto his feet. He planted his foot into the djinn's abdomen, driving the knife down. Splurt. He fell backwards, hands shaking as he pulled the knife out of his opponent's chest. Memories flashed back to Manticore as his arms trembled and the light in his attacker's eyes dimmed. He shook the thoughts from his mind, refocusing back on the battle.

His eyes caught Emma's own attacker flying through the air, it's body knocking down the other two djinns, who were attempting to drag Lisa from her bed and had kicked Ben to the ground. The human boy had fended the best he could, but he was still an ordinary child. Benny's eyes flitted back to Emma, who stood with a snarl on her lips and fists balled. Blood dripped from her chin as she wobbled forward, ready to kick ass. She swept up the discarded knife, marching towards the three knocked over djinns. Ben was dragging his mother away from the fight, trying to guard her with the dagger.

Brigitta was screaming out orders. Emma was lifting up a fallen enemy by the collar of his shirt, knife grazing it's skin before tossing the djinn like a rag doll. The djinn hit the wall hard and Emma hissed, stomping towards her enemy. Benny felt the world grow dark as black tendrils ran up his arm. His lips tinted blue and skin paled because of the djinn poisoning. Benny's first opponent rose to his feet.

A body slammed into Benny, knocking down the dazed transgenic. The hand wrapped around his neck, lifting him up off the ground. Benny knew his antibodies were working overtime to fight off the supernatural poisoning. His muscles had grown stiff and weak from the rapid healing. He smacked at the djinn's arm as he felt his life slowly being sucked out of him.

His mind went into overdrive as he remembered all of Lydecker's lessons on how to get out of a compromising situation. He planted his feet firmly onto the djinn's knees. Slowly, climbing up. He used the last of his strength to kick the djinn in the face. Teeth shattering. The grip loosened as the djinn hit the floor hard, skidding. Benny twisted his body, landing on his feet with the elegance of a cat. Head shooting up, black pupils dilating against paled green irises.

His opponent stood with a monstrous snarl. Brigitta had joined the fight, trying to fend off Emma who only saw red. Tunnel vision. A hunter's stare. The djinn that Emma had tossed, stood to his feet. Right next to the window. Arm twisted at an ugly angle.

"What the fuck are you?"his opponent growled, fear evident in his eyes as he circled Benny. Benny wobbled slightly, the poison weakening his enhanced body. But, his eyes never wavered as he did the circling dance.

Benny was right next to the window, a grim smile stretching across his face, as a red dot appeared on the djinn's head. "You're worse nightmare,"he hissed. A bullet whizzed over his head, hitting the djinn in the skull. Brain matter exploded as the monster dropped to his knees, torn face smacking into the floor. A second bullet took out the other djinn standing near the window, right behind Brigitta and Emma's face off.

Brigitta jumped in surprise by her sudden fallen companion and Emma took the opportunity to attack the djinn leader, throwing the woman into the far wall. Brigitta hit the wall hard, slumping. She slowly stood back to her feet, shouting, "Retreat!" Backup had arrived.

One djinn immediately followed his leader out another window and away from the approaching hunter group.

The second survivor stumbled to his feet, ready to follow his djinn brethren. The monster's eyes glistened, noticing Emma was the only obstacle. He ran forward, ready to kill the girl instantly. But, Benny, in his last groggy state of consciousness, picked up the knife and threw it at the running djinn. The knife whizzed smoothly and, expertly, hitting the fourth djinn in the back. The monster fell, right beside Emma's shocked form.

The girl glanced over at her brother. Her eyes widened in horror. Benny fell to his knees before leaning against the wall.

"Benny,"she shouted. She jumped over the fallen body, holding her brother up. Tears rolled as she pressed her nose against her brother's cheek. "Ben-"

"I'm alright,"Benny whispered, reaching a weak hand towards his sister. "I'm alright-" Emma sobbed, whiskey eyes red from tears and adrenaline. Benny's brows furrowed in worry. "You okay?"His voice was slurred and he felt his brain shutting down. He was cold. So, cold. A headache hit him hard as bad memories flashed through his brain. The memories were what tortured him the most as he winced against the pain. She nodded her head as she grasped the hem of his plaid button-down shirt.

"You're so cold,"she noted. "Why are you cold?" Benny and Alec were never cold. Their body temperatures were higher than the normal human. Emma had found comfort in their warmer than normal temperatures, equating the warmth to her brothers. Her eyes spotted the black tendrils and blue lips. "Did it touch you?" She bit back a sob as her brother's head lulled.

"Benny!"She shouted, shaking her brother's form. What had happened to Benny wasn't similar to Lisa at all. It was fast acting instead of tortuously slow. "Stay with me. Please, stay with me!"

Ben had moved forward, dragging his mother from behind the bed. Being a human child, it had been impossible for him to fend off the two attacking djinns. But after the fight, he was also whispering to his dying family member, begging her to wake up. Emma fell back, head tipped towards the ceiling as she let out a heartbreaking wail.

She couldn't lose her brother like this. She just couldn't. She wanted her family together. Part of her wanted to blame her Dad and Uncle for leaving them behind, but they wouldn't have known that this would be the outcome. None of them considered the monsters finding their hideout. She rested her cheek against her brother's still chest, sobbing. Her ear pressed against his heart, listening for the faint beat.

The door burst open and Emma squeaked, burying her head against Benny's chest. A growl rumbled in her chest as she prepared to protect her fallen brother. Her whiskey eyes peeked up, spotting two boys no older than Benny and Alec. Their hard features and calculating eyes told her they were transgenic.

She heard the pounding of more footsteps as people came up the motel stairs.

An ivory skin, red haired boy came towards the Winchester kids. The boy bent down to their level, putting down his sniper rifle. His head quirked to the side as he observed Emma's growling form covering his fellow x5. The second transgenic boy with dark features, moved steadily among the sniped bodies. He brought the silver knife down, plunging it into each dead djinn's heart to insure they were dead before he stood to his feet. The boy's dark eyes drifted towards Ben clutching Lisa, a worried frown curving his lips.

The redhead reached a hand towards the growling girl, but Emma swiped out, adrenaline sweeping through her body. "Whoa,"The boy stated, moving back. "I just wanted to check on him. He was poisoned."

"I know that,"Emma whispered, wiping a tear away from her cheek. The boy's blue eyes penetrated her own, ordering her silently to move aside. Emma moved, though she refused to let go of Benny's hand. The redhead scooted closer, rolling Benny onto his side and reading the barcode, a crooked smile formed on his lips.

"X5-493,"he stated with respect. His eyes met Emma's. "Ben Winchester." Emma nodded her head, body still thrumming with barely contained fear and anger. The boy's eyes roamed over her, analyzing. "You're not a transgenic." Emma shook her head, meeting the boy's blue eyed gaze. His freckled nose wrinkled in curiosity as he sniffed, inhaling her scent. "Nor human."

"I'm Emma,"she answered. She sat up straighter, wiping away the tears. "Emma Winchester-" She bit her lips, knowing the boy wasn't fully certain. "Dean Winchester's daughter." She left out the part about her being an amazon. She wasn't sure how receptive the transgenic would be if he knew. "Who are you."

"X5-508,"He answered before a small grin lit his face. "Roger-" He pointed a finger over at his friend. "He's X5-910, Delta." The boy turned to his friend after hearing his name. Delta was next to Ben, gaining a debrief on Lisa's status. "We're with the Campbells." His brows furrowed, gnawing worriedly on his lips. "We went ahead. They definitely won't be happy that we didn't wait for them."

"The Campbells,"Emma inquired. The redheaded nodded his head, just as five adults walked in.

"Boys,"a man barked. Immediately, both boys winced at the harsh tone. The group took in the carnage that spilled across the floor and the bullet kills that were obviously sniped by Roger. "We said, wait-"

"They would have been dead, if we waited," Roger argued, back ramrodded. Delta nodded his agreement, but winced when the hunter shook his head, disapprovingly.

"My apologize, Christian,"Delta mumbled, knowing they were in deep trouble if he didn't cover the situation with an apology. "We should have followed orders."

"Damn right, you should have,"an older voice stated. Roger, immediately, stood to his feet, saluting the older man as he made his way into the room. "Report."

"Sir,"Roger exclaimed, eyes aimed at the bitter old man. He was balding, white scruff covering his face. "Four dead, two escaped, two victims poisoned, sir." The boy stood in perfect soldier position as he relayed the information.

"Two escaped?"the older man growled, eyes landing on the little girl and the boy slumped against the wall. The children looked familiar.

"Stella's tailing them, sir,"Roger answered. He shifted uncomfortably under the man's gaze. Unlike his other adoptive family members, Samuel Campbell for some unknown reason just didn't like them. He tolerated their presence, but other than that the old man stared at him and his unit siblings with a tint of distrust. Sometimes, Roger thought the older gentleman was just waiting for the day they would act up and become monsters. Roger and the others attempted to treat Samuel with the utmost respect, in hopes to alleviate the suspicion. "She'll report back when she discovers their exact location."

The older man grunted, eyes darting back to the two children on the floor. Two of his men moved forward, checking on Lisa and Ben Braeden. "Winchesters, sir,"Roger answered, shifting slightly. Samuel's eyes widened. "Ben will need the antidote-" He nodded his head towards Lisa. "As well as the woman."

Samuel nodded, looking back at the ten-year-old redhead. "Dismissed,"he stated. The boy moved away, walking towards Delta.

The woman, Gwen, moved forward, placing her hands on the boys' shoulders. Emma barely caught what she whispered into the boys' ears, but it was along the lines of 'don't let Samuel bug you, he just doesn't know you boys yet-' before she patted their shoulders and helped her other family members lift Lisa's body onto the bed. A blonde man, Mark, pulled out a vial, tipping it back and letting the liquid flow down Lisa's throat.

Samuel squatted down next to the two children. The girl hugged her brother close. The boy's skin was thinner than paper. "Winchesters, huh,"Samuel stated, pulling out the vial. The girl stiffened and Samuel raised his hands. "Whoa there, I'm just gonna give 'im the antidote, don't you worry-"

He lifted the boy's chin as he popped open the top and poured the liquid down the boy's throat. Moments later, he noticed the barcode.

Samuel frowned, shaking his head as he pulled the vial away. Seemed every hunter had one of these kids now. The only information he received was from Christian, who had explained that the transgenics had been rescued from a military facility. The ultimate soldiers apparently.

Hunters had agreed to adopt the more human looking children and train them for future hunting careers. The rescue had happened a month before his resurrection.

Even after the time spent with his blood relatives, the transgenics still gave him the heebie jeebies with their cat-like stare and unnatural grace. The only other person who agreed with him was Debra Miller. But, she had been quickly shut down by the rest of his family.

The transgenics had quickly integrated into the Campbell home and Samuel wasn't sure how he felt about the situation yet. It was a brilliant idea to raise super-powered children into hunters, but still a dangerous possibility for backfire.

He sighed. Rubbing a hand along his balding head. Seems the Winchesters were no different.

"What's your father's name,"he asked, watching the little girl intently. Her focus was solely on the transgenic. He was slowly awakening, his pallor turning to a healthy pink.

"Dean Winchester,"Emma answered. She cocked her head, curious about the man's similar features to her own family. Her father didn't talk much about her paternal bloodlines. "And I have an Uncle Sam too-" Her gaze landed back on Ben. "and a brother, Alec. They went off to find the djinns." Her lips pouted in concentration. "We just didn't realize, the djinns would come here."

Realization dawned on Samuel as he watched the little girl, help her brother up. The boy had awaken with a sputtered cough. The antidote acting fast. "Sam and Dean,"He muttered. Samuel and Deanna, his and his wife's name. These were Mary and John's kids. His eyes landed back on the boy and girl. Which made the little girl his great-granddaughter.

Ben's eyes flitted open, revealing vibrant green orbs. Green eyes, he remembered vividly from the past. The same expressive eyes that his wife had and his daughter inherited. In fact, they were the exact same eyes seen generally on his wife's side of the family. Which meant, "Shit-", the transgenic boy was most likely his great-grandson too.

Emma wrinkled her nose, confused by the sudden slip in vulgarity. He pulled back, staring at the startled boy, who was taking in his now chaotic surroundings. This explained everything. The reason why that specific government facility was targeted by hunters. The government had stolen from Winchesters...They had stolen from both the Winchesters and Campbells. Stealing from a Campbell or Winchester was not acceptable to either family.

"Emma,"the transgenic, Benny, coughed. His brow's knitted in concentration. "Who the hell is he?" Samuel closed his eyes, voicing a silent 'fuck'.

Hi, ya'll! I think I'm gonna end this chapter here. This story is loosely based on season 6, episode 1. I hope the characterization was accurate and interesting. As you can see, Adam's resurrection replaced Sam's. One more shorter chapter and the djinn issue will be dealt with followed by more hunts. Lots of reveals and crazy stuff happened. Me thinks this story will be far longer and more complicated than the Family Business. It just keeps growing. Way too many characters! Hahaha. We'll see if I finish it this summer. Happy reading, please review.