Punch the Limit


His godly chakra reserves? All gone. Amazing and destructive jutsu? Can't use 'em. Weak? Not even close. If all else fails then good old fashion exercise will help. Unfortunately, he may have overdone it because now Naruto is bored. "How'd you get so strong?" "Push ups, sit ups, and plenty of orange juice!"

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"I used to be able to fly like you."

Flap. Flap. Flap.

"Could do a whole bunch of other stuff too."



"Am I dying?"


Uzumaki Naruto looked down at the bleeding form of Hyoudou Issei. A hole was punched clean through the young man's abdomen. Issei was a fairly average boy with brown messy hair and matching eyes. He wasn't all that athletic or very special. At least to Naruto that is. He was wearing nice looking clothes that he had prepared for his date. Sadly, the button down shirt and black trousers were now stained with blood. His normally fair complexion was now pale as he bled out from his wound. The source of the wound? Well that would be the strange angelic woman floating above them. Her name was, or used to be, Yuuma. It was now revealed that her name was Raynare.

Raynare was an imposing figure as well as extremely erotic. She wore a revealing leather type of clothing that barely covered her breasts and gave an eye full of her toned body. The leather straps wrapped around and under her chest and split down her stomach to make black leather panties. She had long black gloves and shoulder pads with spikes on them. Her hair was black and her eyes a menacing violet. The biggest defining feature were the black wings that sprouted from her back.

Naruto kneeled down next to Issei and pat his shoulder. "So what's the deal with trying to kill this guy?" Raynare narrowed her eyes at the human in front of her. The boy was strange. He had pale white hair that looked coarse and rough, almost dead looking. His skin was slightly tan and his eyes were a striking blue, like sapphires. He wore a simple orange t-shirt and red sweatpants. He wore a pair of black sneakers and attached to his hip was a pouch and water bottle.

"I don't see how that's any of your business human," Raynare sneered. "Now leave before I kill you." Naruto scratched his head with a yawn. He looked towards Issei and back up to Raynare whilst smacking his lips.

"Nah I think I'll help him. I already finished my 10k." Raynare watched as the boy walked forward and stretched his muscles out. "Was on my way to the grocery store anyways. Little detour never hurt.," Naruto said as he squat down and stretched his legs.

"Fool." Raynare held up her hand and a bright flash of light illuminated the night. In the angel like beings hand was a pulsing spear of pink light. Its form vibrated in power and it seemed to exude power. Naruto whistled at that and scratched his cheek.

"How odd. Well whatever, anyways I'll give you one chance," Naruto lifted his hand and raised his pointer for emphasis. "One chance to leave now." Raynare giggled slightly before it evolved into maniacal laughter.

"You stupid, stupid human. You really think you stand a chance against me?" Naruto shrugged in response. Issei looked through slowly darkening eyes at Naruto.

'I don't want to die. I never even got a chance to kiss a pretty girl.' Unbeknownst to Issei his blood had soaked through his clothes and landed on a pamphlet that was stuck in his pocket. He had received this flyer this afternoon from a pretty girl. It was a strange paper with odd runes and circles on it. He would have thrown it away but Yuuma had shown up. He had hastily put it in his pocket after. Issei had no idea this would save him. As the blood touched the paper a dark red light surrounded him.

Naruto looked back and saw a strange circle of runes and seals appear under Issei. Tilting his head in confusion Naruto turned back towards Raynare.

"You doing that?" Raynare became pale as she saw the crest inside the summon circle.

"Damn Devil! You can't revive what's not there!" Raynare expanded her spear to the point where its width was that of a human. The spear no longer fit in her hand so she levitate it above her palm. "Die!" Raynare flung the spear forward hoping to skewer both the stubborn white haired boy and Issei before this devil appeared.

"No thanks." Naruto held up his hand and did something the Fallen Angel never would have thought possible. He threw his fist out casually and to her shock the light spear burst out of existence. This boy punched her attack. A simple punch. "Now I'll say it again, just cause I'm nice. Plus you're kind of hot. Leave." It was after those words that Naruto's presence actually frightened her.

"T-this isn't over human," Raynare said as she flew off. She didn't complete her mission. But the boy she tried killing could possibly stay dead. The other one...she'd have to watch out for him.

Naruto sighed as he watched her go before turning around. He was slightly surprised to find Rias Gremory materializing from the glowing circle. He'd seen odd things before. Hell he used to be the oddest thing out there, so seeing this wasn't too shocking. Maybe a 4 out of 10 on the odd scale.

Naruto walked towards Issei and Rias and knelt down. He could feel the red haired girl stare at him in curiosity. Naruto rubbed Issei's head and looked at Rias.

"You're here to help him?"

"You could say that."

"I find your timing to be convenient. Little too convenient." Rias said nothing at that as Naruto stared at her. Issei, by this time, had already passed out, or on. Who knows?

"Well I'm no healer so you do you. Just one thing," Rias looked up from what she was doing with Issei. "Will he survive?"

"Yes," Rias said with a firmness in her voice. She seemed sure of what she was doing. "However, I do have some questions for you. Naruto-san was it?"

"Yup. I'm in that pervert's class. You don't really notice much when it's not to your level oh great Onee-sama." Rias didn't know if Naruto was being legitimately angry or just teasing. His tone carried nothing but tiredness. "If you wanna ask something just talk to me at school then. I have dinner to make. Oh and Rias," Naruto gave her one last look as she pulled something from her blouse. The Kuoh Academy uniform truly left little to the imagination for the girls there. "I'm very curious to how you're going to explain your part in this."

With that said Naruto walked off. He had dinner to make after all. As he walked away Rias continued on with her work. It was shocking to see that Issei needed all eight [Pawn] pieces. But it was worth it, and even if it was under these circumstances Rias needed all the help she could get.


"You know she had something to do with that boy dying, right?"Naruto hummed in response as he put away his groceries. As he walked around the counter he shooed off a fox the size of a large cat from the top of the kitchen counter. The fox was a fennec breed with large pointed ears and long snout. It was a dark reddish orange in color with ruby looked eyes with slit like pupils. It was quite the beautiful specimen. Other than its color it would be a normal breed. That is if one didn't notice the nine swaying tails.

"I should have brought you with me, you could have used the exercise." Naruto placed a pot of water over the stove and turned on the flame. "I never realized that this world would have strange things like that as well." The fox gave the boy a deadpan stare.

"You are a beacon for strange kid. There is no way you'd be able to escape it."

"Whatever you say. Kurama pass the oyster sauce." Kurama hopped off the counter and grabbed a bottle of sauce with his mouth before placing it in the boy's hand. "But back to what happened. So what do you think of that crow girl?"

"She is strange from what I can tell. What she uses isn't like a jutsu I've heard of. I don't know anything that is light style. But who knows. Why do you care? Nothing can hurt you." Naruto sighed and continued to stir the pot of liquid.

"I am so bored. I didn't realize I would become like this after that dumb exercise routine." Naruto mixed in some more ingredients for his meal and scooped out a portion of stew on rice. He slid the bowl over and watched as Kurama gobbled the food down.

"But you're so strong now."

"Don't talk with your mouth full." Kurama gulped loudly.

"You're stronger than anything I've ever seen. Stronger than my old man even. You should be happy." Naruto sighed and made his own meal.

"It's all gone though. All of it." Naruto took a slow bite and sighed again. "All my techniques."

"Meh you don't need them. With what you have now, I'd be happy."

"That's cause you used to he a walking disaster. Anything destructive makes you happy." Kurama shrugged. Naruto and the fox sat quietly as they ate. The tv in front of them flashed on and they watched a simple program. "I feel like things might get interesting though."


Naruto sat in school the next morning with a bored look on his face. The teacher's droning made Naruto's eyes droop further and further. Why did he come to school again? Oh yeah because it was illegal for a seventeen year old to not go to school here. Damn truancy police. Naruto yawned loudly and heard the bell ring. His attention was drawn to a commotion in the class.

"What do you mean you guys don't remember?" Naruto turned and watched as Issei tried to convince his friends that he had a date. Naruto hummed in thought. A date? Issei was dating that crow lady? Or was that merely a ruse? Naruto snorted softly. Ruse, what a funny word.

Getting out of his thoughts Naruto stood up and walked towards the door. He was stopped, however, as a voice called over to him.

"Naruto-san! Do you remember Yuuma?" Naruto stared at the boy for a moment and opened his mouth to speak. But once more he was interrupted from what he was about to do.

"Who is Uzumaki Naruto?" said boy turned towards the dull voice and saw the school's appointed mascot, Toujou Koneko. She was a petite girl of fifteen or sixteen with snow white hair, more vibrant and lively than his own, with beautiful hazel eyes. Her hair was on the shorter side with two bangs that framed her face; the bangs were held with two black cat pins as well. Koneko seemed to be the very definition of cute. Naruto blinked at the girl and raised his hand as the students who were still around looked in shock.

"Yo that's me." Koneko nodded and walked over.

"Please follow me." with that said the girl swiftly turned and walked to the door. Naruto scratched his head in wonder before shrugging.

"I'll talk to ya later Issei. And just so you know," Naruto leaned close so only the brunette could hear. "I remember the crow girl." Naruto then turned and followed Koneko out. Issei looked dumbfounded for a moment, but by the time he regained his composure to talk Naruto was already gone.

Said former blonde was now walking with the young girl, his school bag draped over his shoulder. Naruto and Koneko both sported the normal Kuoh uniform. Koneko's uniform fit the girl nicely, the blouse and corset combo showing her budding curves. Naruto always thought the pleated skirt was a bit too short, but who was he to judge.

Naruto, himself, wore the black blazer over an orange collared shirt. The blazer was buttoned oddly so that only the three buttons in the middle were closed. The top and bottom two were open to show off his shirt. He wore matching slacks to complete his outfit.

The two walked in silence as Naruto took in the sights. He had never really walked down this area of the school before. All things considered Naruto had only been in this world for a bit under two years. He had started school here as a first year when he was sixteen, a bit older than some but not all. At seventeen he was in his second year with Issei and his group of pervs.

It was a good life so far. Calm, peaceful; Naruto was actually quite happy, if not a little bored. The boy wondered if this was the life of civilians back in his village. Naruto stopped his pondering as Koneko led him into the old school building and down the halls. The two of them stopped in front of room. The petite girl knocked and a muffled 'come in' was heard.

Naruto followed Koneko inside and was surprised to see numerous occult trinkets lying around. There was even a strange summoning circle on the ground. The room itself was more decorated than his apartment if Naruto was being honest. There were two couches facing each other and near a window was a large mahogany desk. The red curtains were pulled back slightly to let some light in, but most of the light was from lamps and candles littered across the room. All in all, Naruto was effectively weirded out.

'I hope there aren't ghosts in here.' Naruto thought. His fear of ghosts was still around unfortunately. Koneko walked forward and sat on one of the couches. Naruto surveyed the room and took in the people already there.

Rias Gremory was sitting at the desk, her fingers steepled in front of her. The girl held a foreign beauty with her red hair and teal eyes. Even while sitting down Naruto knew what an amazing figure the girl had. She had the body many adult women would kill for. Full chest, narrow waist, and wide hips; yeah definitely the body of a teenager… Naruto could see the girl's eyes were currently trained on him. Naruto decided to take in the other people in the room.

Himejima Akeno, now there was a girl with a sinful body. While Rias was definitely blessed with her looks, Akeno beat her in bust size. Naruto had to scratch his head and wonder what the girl was eating. Akeno was a beautiful girl with long raven hair tied in ponytail that reached her ankles and pale, creamy skin. The pony tail was tied with a bright orange ribbon (Naruto mentally raised his fist at that) and her deep violet eyes held a sense of mischief. She, like Rias wore the standard girl's uniform for Kuoh, but wore knee black knee socks instead of Rias's white shin length ones.

The final person in the room was a male. His name was Yuuto Kiba, the school proclaimed Prince. Naruto thought the boy's fair looks and unblemished skin was way too familiar to the Sasuke in his younger time. Kiba held no resemblance to the Kiba that Naruto grew up with. Yuuto Kiba had pale blonde hair a few shades lighter than what Naruto's used to be and grey eyes. He wasn't very masculine or muscular, but Naruto could tell that the boy at least stayed in shape. He wore the boy's uniform to its exact specifications and even had an ascot tied around his neck. Naruto fought the urge to scoff. Who wore something like that?

Naruto stopped his observation and stood in front of Rias. The girl stood up and walked in front of her desk. As she walked Naruto could see the girl's eyes follow him. 'She's the leader huh.' Naruto yawned loudly and scratched his head.

"So what's up. Why'd you want me come up?"

"Uzumaki Naruto, second year student correct?" asked Rias.


"You've never really been a noticeable person," Rias continued as she pulled a paper from her desk. "You came here last school year and was placed in the first year even though you were almost a year older." Rias put the paper down, most likely Naruto's file, and gave Naruto scrutinizing stare. "If I recall, didn't you have blonde hair?"

"Yeah. Used to be."

"Did you dye it?"

"Nope." Naruto's response was so short that Rias couldn't give a response to that. So she moved on.

"Naruto-san I-"

"You can just call me Naruto. I'm not much for formalities."

"Naruto then. Naruto I'd like to ask do you remember what happened last night?" Naruto tilted his head and looked at the others in the room. They stayed silent as Rias spoke. It was unnerving.

"Yeah~. That crow lady almost killed Issei. Which by the way I have some questions to ask. What the hell was that? And also, why did you suddenly show up?"

"I'll answer your questions if you can answer mine. Sound fair?" Naruto shrugged. "Akeno if you could?"

Akeno giggled slightly and stepped forward. "Hello Naruto-kun, my name is Himejima Akeno. It's nice to meet you." Naruto tilted his head slightly and responded with a greeting as well. "As you may have seen, the occurrence that happened last night was no natural thing. In our world there is a plane of existence that overlaps the normal. This is the supernatural world." Akeno lifted her hand and sparks of lightning arced around her fingers for emphasis. Naruto raised his eyebrows in surprise. So there was some form of power here. It wasn't chakra, but it was energy.

"This world is filled with different entities," Kiba cut in. Kiba walked forward and bowed slightly. "It is nice to meet you Naruto-san. I am Yuuto Kiba, treat me well." Kiba smiled sweetly and Naruto gave a nervous smile in return. "even though the world is filled with supernatural creatures, there are three that you need to know about. Those are the Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels. Three factions that have been warring for centuries."

"And it was a Fallen Angel that you met last night." Naruto turned to Rias and hummed in thought. Rias took his silence as an indication to carry on. "The story of the biblical God is a true story. Once upon a time there were only two factions, Angels and devils. Somewhere down the road an angel fell from grace due to indulging in sin. As time went by these three factions went to war and hundreds upon hundreds died. We are still on shaky terms with both factions."

"Why? What's the point of war?" Naruto asked as he took off his bag and set it gently on his lap while he sat on the couch. He had been through war. Thousands died in front of him all because of the machinations of a primordial Goddess and her will. For Naruto, war just seemed stupid and illogical. Essentially, to quote his old friend, it was troublesome.

"We fight because that is how it's been. Devils gain power by making contracts with humans, Fallen Angels manipulate humans to destroy us, and Angels are tasked to destroy both. It makes it into a three way fight." Naruto stroked his chin at that. It seemed to make sense so far. "There are other things in this world as well called Sacred Gears."

"What's that?"

"Sacred Gears reside in special humans and give them supernatural abilities," Akeno explained. "They can manifest themselves or just be ingrained in their body as a higher than normal attribute, like intelligence or strength. Buchou here thinks you have such a Sacred Gear."

"Uh why would you think that." Rias smiled sweetly and stepped in front of Naruto. She reminded the boy of cat looking at a sweet, delicious canary

"I saw how that fallen retreated. I even saw you completely nullify their light based weapons. You must have a really strong Sacred Gear to be able to do that. So I'm offering you something," Rias said. Her voice sounded smooth, alluring even, to Naruto. "Why don't you become part of my peerage? You can become much stronger."

"No way." Naruto's quick refusal cut off the redhead as she tried to say more.


"I don't need anymore power. Thanks though." Rias furrowed her brow at that. 'She's not used to being denied it seems.'

"I don't understand. Why wouldn't you want to be more powerful. I saw how you simply dispelled that weapon of light. That right there is a useful ability since light weapons are extremely dangerous." Rias stated. 'Plus, a devil that can't be affected by light would be the greatest boon ever!'

Naruto shook his head at that. He didn't need the devil's power to make him stronger. He has enough already. He wasn't gonna stop his exercise, but he had no desire for the weirdness that came with these devils.

"As a Devil you could gain so much. You could have riches, women, excitement. All I ask is you become a member of my peerage," Rias said. Again Naruto shook his head.

"That would mean following you, right?"

"Well, yes, that is true. You'd be a servant under the Gremory house."

"Ah, you see, that's the thing," Naruto began, "I'm no one's servant." Rias could feel the situation spiraling down and a potential peerage member slipping from her grasp. She tried wracking her brain on anything the former blonde liked.

"Even though you are a servant, you wouldn't be treated badly. We of the Gremory house pride ourselves on treating our servants very well. Plus if you become a high class devil you can even get your own peerage. Doesn't that sound good?" Rias said. Again Naruto shook his head. Rias sighed. "Well can you at least tell me how you blocked that light weapon? Do you know how to activate your power, that could possibly be your Sacred Gear."

"Oh you mean that light spear thing. Yeah I just punched it." Naruto was met with silence. "What?" Akeno's giggle broke the quiet in the room.

"How funny. Surely you don't mean that you simply smacked the attack away," Akeno laughed.

"Yeah pretty much. The attack was weak. Listen I answered your questions, now you answer mine. Why did you show up suddenly when Issei was dying?" instead of answering Rias handed over a paper with a strange sealing array on it. The top of the paper had the words Fulfill your greatest desire and instructions on what to do.

"These are summoning pamphlets for Devils. When someone gives some blood as a sacrifice we go to them to fulfill their desire. Issei, with his last breathe, desired to be with a beautiful girl. So I showed up."

"And turned him into one of your servants." Naruto tried to hide it, but everyone in the room could hear his accusing tone.

"Are you implying something?" Rias said lowly.

"No, not implying. I'm outright saying that it is too convenient for you to show up when the kid was dying. Did you set him up? Did you have him killed?"

"What?! Of course not!" Rias protested vehemently. Her peerage were looking back and forth between Naruto and Rias, shocked that someone would stand up to her like this.

"If you didn't have him killed, then why is it that you showed up specifically? Akeno is hot, and Koneko holds a petite beauty to her that Issei would have liked, I like it. Why did you show up specifically?" Rias bit her lip at that. While it was true that it was her familiar that gave the flyer, Rias was the [King] and could have sent out Akeno, or Koneko, to let Issei die in their arms.

Rias knew of the fallen angel. She knew that they were following Issei. She didn't know specifically that they would kill the boy, but she had an idea that it could happen. Ever since Koneko had smelled the scent of a dragon on Issei, Rias started to plot. Akeno had asked her why she didn't just go to Issei, but Rias was unsure on how to approach. When Fallen Angels started to swarm, Rias saw an opportunity.

She had made the choice that she would let things play out and if Issei were to be killed then she would come and revive him. It would make the boy more easy to sway to her cause. She didn't like it, and hated herself for what she did, but she needed strength. Rias chose the darker path and for some reason Naruto knew.

"Your decisions are your own, and who am I to judge you. Just don't lie to me and tell me that you didn't have some idea that Issei was going to be hurt then play the ignorant card. It's dumb." Rias bristled under the boy's scrutiny. She was a princess, damn it! How dare a human put her on the spot!

"You would do well to understand your situation Naruto-san," Rias started as she started to leak some of her magic out. Naruto noticed her energy levels rising but made no comment. "I asked you to come here for a pleasant talk, but if you continue to accuse me of these treacherous acts we will have a problem."

Naruto was silent for a moment before sighing. He never did like talking to the royal types. They were always so annoying. Sasuke, Neji, and even Shion had personality problems in the beginning. He wasn't trying to push the girl. Just make her realize that she may have made a mistake. It wasn't his fault that she may have ruined someone's life.

"Let me see what's going on."


"Yeah. I'll scare them a bit. Besides I wanna go home." Naruto shrugged internally at that. He was tired as well. Plus he had to go shopping so might as well get this over with.

"Okay, okay. Settle down, settle down. I see that this is a touchy subject so you don't have to talk to me. So why don't you talk to my friend." Naruto opened his bag and Rias lowered her energy to watch what came out. Everyone was surprised to see a fox come wiggling out. The bright orange fox plopped on the table and shook its body.

"Oh it's so cute!" Akeno squealed. She went to get closer until Koneko stepped in front of her. The young girl's eyes were trained on the fox intently. "Koneko-chan what's wrong?"

"Youko." Koneko replied that being the only word she said in the past hour.

"This is Kurama. He's been my partner since I've been born. And he would like to chat with you," Naruto said. The devils, minus Koneko, tilted their head in confusion. That is until Kurama unveiled all nine tails.

"K-kyuubi?!" Everyone was shocked to see a mythical beast in their presence. And one that was supposedly extremely powerful. How did a human have a connection to a Kyuubi no kitsune?

"Hello devils. My name is Kurama and mmm," Kurama inhaled deeply before giving all in the room a fanged grin. "What delicious emotions you have."

After Kurama said that it was like his presence filled the room. The Devils could barely keep themselves from kneeling at the fox's power. Kurama walked down the table and stood in front of Rias. The girl seemed to flinch a bit as his ruby red eyes pierced into her teal ones. She heaved a sigh of relief when Kurama turned from her to regard everyone else.

"This room is filled with negatively. I can practically have a feast here," Kurama grinned. "You! Girl!" A tail pointed at Koneko who jumped slightly. "I smell demonic energy from you. Nekomata energy. Why is that."

"I, uh, I…" Koneko fidgeted under Kurama's gaze. And Naruto stood up. He knelt down and gave the girl a look.

"She has Matatabi's power in her?"

"No, not necessarily. Maybe a very watered down version. You, devil princess!" Kurama pointed to Rias this time. "You have some interesting people in here. However, that's not why I'm here. I'm here to finish this monotonous conversation. You seem to believe that we care about your insignificant problems with these Angels and crows, or whatever they're called. We don't. Naruto may be bored, but even he doesn't want to get into another war."

"Yeah, no thank you. I've already been through one. Don't wanna go through another."

"So all I want to know, before we leave, is why you thought it was a good idea to sacrifice that pervert?" Kurama regarded Rias with his piercing stare. Rias gulped slightly and looked to Naruto.

"I'm not gonna judge you. I just want the truth. Once you tell me that, we're leaving. If you still want to talk later, fine. But before I know if I want to associate myself with you I need to know what kind of person does something like this." Rias looked back and forth between the Kyuubi and the strange human.

"I needed strength," Rias whispered. And then the story began.


Naruto had left that meeting later on. It had still been early enough for him to go shopping so he had quickly made it to the grocery store before it closed. He and Kurama walked down the road that lead to his apartment. Looking in the bag Naruto grinned at the haul he was able to get.

"Looks like we are having a good dinner tonight," Naruto said happily. Kurama hummed in agreement before stopping. He took a few sniffs of the air then looked down an ally.

"We have company." Naruto turned to the dark path and was surprised to find two figures coming from the darkness. Both were female and both were very pretty. The taller one was a young woman with deep blue hair with one long bang covering a piercing yellow eye. She was very buxom and her outfit did very little to hide it. She wore a deep maroon blazer style jacket as her only top, leaving her cleavage open to the world. She wore a matching mini skirt and high heeled boots. The female next to her looked younger but no less beautiful.

This girl was what one would consider a loli. 'Just like Koneko,' Naruto thought as he looked the girl over. She was petite and beautiful girl with peach skin and had a sense of mischief. She had blonde hair done in two twin tails that fell back and clear blue eyes. She wore a Gothic Lolita attire with white frills and a large black bow on the top of her head. The two girls were giving the boy a large grin.

"Uh hello ladies." Naruto called out to them. "Nice night for a walk?"

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