A Scorose Fanfiction by Goldensnitch18


Rated M for Scenes of a Sexual Nature & Language


Summary: In their sixth year, rivals Rose and Scorpius

have a moment of terrifying clarity when they

both inhale the sweet smell of Amortentia.

One year later, Rose is finally single and Scorpius is

determined to snog the crazy out of her.


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On September first of her first year at Hogwarts, Rose's cousin and best friend, Albus, ruined her life. He sat there on that stool while Deputy Headmaster Neville Longbottom stood beside him and placed the hat on his stupid little head, and he told that bloody hat to put him in Slytherin. When asked later about this ridiculous decision, Albus said that his father had inspired him to go against the grain and support inter-house unity or some bloody crap. Rose didn't give a Squib's arse what his lofty goals had been.

In fact, Rose really wouldn't have cared at all that Albus had wanted to be in Slytherin if he had not freaking decided to befriend one Scorpius Malfoy. It was that decision that had plagued her for the past six years. Rose had tried to be nice. In the beginning, she had laughed off her father's history with Scorpius's dad and insisted that it was old prejudice. She had started to get to know him, and she was pleasantly surprised that he seemed normal and not at all what her father had described the Malfoys to be like. That was before, without warning or reason, he had totally annihilated her in Potions and then decided to tease her about it. She had tried to remain calm and to see him as more than this one thing, but his insistence on being incredibly talented, intelligent, and competitive made it impossible for her, someone used to so easily being the best at everything, to be his friend. After all, she wasn't in Ravenclaw for nothing.

By the time the Christmas holiday had come around, Rose had gone home complaining about Scorpius to her father who seemed reassured that all of his assumptions had been correct. Draco Malfoy had spawned an arrogant, manipulative, awful little boy just like himself. Albus tried to be a bridge, to point out that they were both smart and you win some and you lose some, that Scorpius was a good friend and nothing like Uncle Ron or Rose thought, but she didn't want to hear it. She was Rose bloody Weasley and she was going to dominate Hogwarts. She was Hermione Granger come again, but this time, she had been placed in the sacred house of wisdom and intelligence, and there was no way she was going to let some slithering snake take that from her. Ever.

So, Rose had dominated Hogwarts for six solid years. She was taking seven N.E.W.T.s level courses and completely sweeping the pitch with them. Unfortunately, Scorpius Malfoy just happened to be next to her, neck in neck, dominating as well and driving her freaking crazy by taking the exact same course load as her. Thus, it was with little to no surprise that Albus' best friend, and her dreadful nemesis, had been named Head Boy opposite her as Head Girl. It wasn't enough that she had spent the last two years as prefect with him, having to do occasional rounds together, attend meetings together, and always being paired up because they had equal marks, but now they would be required to spend even more time together. She was sure they would make a swell team - one to remember - if she didn't murder him first. And so it was that Rose Minerva Weasley began her seventh year with an entirely calm and collected exterior covering a gooey mass of seething loathing for one Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.

There was only one, tiny, little problem with this plan, and that problem started with Professor Horace Slughorn, Potions Master, almost exactly one year before Rose was preparing to begin her seventh year. Rose, Scorpius, Albus, and Alice Longbottom, Rose's best friend and fellow Ravenclaw, had all tested into N.E.W.T level Potions. Professor Slughorn, being a man of dramatics and routine, started his sixth year N.E.W.T class the same way he had always started his sixth year N.E.W.T class. He brewed three of the most impressive potions he knew, one of which being the most powerful love potion in existence, Amortentia.

Despite her feelings about Scorpius, Rose had remained a loyal and close friend to her dear cousin, Albus stupid-traitor-for-asking-to-be-in-Slytherin Potter. She enjoyed sitting near him in Potions because it was the one class they actually had some time to talk when they were working on their labs. Because of this, she and Alice would share a table with Albus and Scorpius. It was an unwritten rule that Rose and Scorpius must never be forced to sit next to each other or to actually work together in Potions. Slughorn had once made the mistake of trying to pair Rose and Scorpius together after they had really gotten going on not being able to stand each other. That had ended, well, it was unfortunate, and the error had not been repeated. If Slughorn did get tired of their normal pairings, Rose with Alice and Albus with Scorpius, Rose would work with Al for the day, and Alice was fully capable of working with Scorpius, who she was fond of telling Rose was drop-freaking-dead gorgeous, no matter how many times Rose rolled her eyes. This was an innocent sort of attraction, though, because Rose happened to know that Alice had a mad little crush on one James Sirius Potter, playboy of Hogwarts. She had discovered Alice crying about him snogging another girl during the fall of their fifth year, and Alice had admitted that she had liked him for a while.

On that first day of their sixth year, the four of them were huddled around the entrance to the Potions dungeon waiting for Slughorn with the rest of the N.E.W.T class. Rose was standing to one side with Alice, holding her copy of Advanced Potion Making. Scorpius was listening to Al prattle on about the Holyhead Harpies, the team which Al had always been and would always be an avid fan of because he was in his heart of hearts a big mummy's boy. Scorpius, on the other hand, was a Wimbourne Wasps fan, and that was one thing Rose could not fault him on because this happened to be her team as well. When Slughorn finally did open the door, the class had piled in to find that their tables had potions already bubbling on them. Their usual table was hosting a golden potion with a mother of pearl sheen and a spiral stream of steam climbing towards the ceiling. The four of them sat down around it, and it seemed to overcome them.

Rose knew the gold potion was Amortentia, and she tried not to breathe in through her nose, but it didn't matter. She couldn't resist the urge to draw in the sweet scent as it calmed her, dulling her senses and making her feel … good. The smells that washed over her were of the earthy scent of the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch, sandalwood, and cinnamon. Rose Weasley hated sandalwood and cinnamon. In that moment, she tried to maintain her faculties and resist looking over at the only boy she knew that had always smelled of that peculiar and delicious combination, but her eyes did not listen. They seemed to have been taken over by the sweet fog enveloping her. She only let her eyes meet his for a single moment, but it was enough. In that moment, she saw his desire staring back at her, his silver eyes seemed darker and his mouth serious. She had never seen him look at her that way.

Scorpius had also breathed in the potion quite unavoidably and had been overwhelmed with the clean smell of the air after rain, the earthy scent of the Quidditch pitch, and that damn lavender shampoo Rose Weasley used. He had looked at her then, directly, for one single moment. Her eyes were soft as they looked straight back at him. She blushed, a smile spreading across her lips, and then, in the next instant, she was looking somewhere else, the guilty look that had washed across her features only understood by him. That was when he knew that she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her.

After that moment, Rose hadn't been able to look at Scorpius Malfoy without thinking about that stupid potion and what it had meant. She had given up on denying, at least to herself, that in some messed up twist of life, she found herself attracted to that ridiculous little shit. She knew it didn't mean that she loved him for Merlin's sake, but it certainly did mean that she thought about what it would be like to snog the smirk off of his face one of these days. It definitely didn't mean that she didn't wake up breathing hard and rubbing into her bed because of a particularly hot dream about him shagging her in the prefects bathroom, or a broom closet, or the field past her Gran Weasley's garden.

The problem on top of the problem, or really it wasn't a problem because it was the only thing that probably kept them from being incredibly stupid at the time, was that Rose Weasley was dating Rowan Wood, the son of Hogwarts Flying Instructor, Oliver Wood. Scorpius Malfoy hated Rowan Wood, that goody-two-shoes Gryffindor Head Boy, and it may or may not have had something to do with walking in on Rose and Rowan nearly shagging in the changing rooms down by the pitch not long after the whole smelling Rose's hair in the potion problem first started. In fact, it was about two hours later. Scorpius had needed to fly, to do something that made sense; to do something that would get the thought of what it would be like to pull on that red, lavender scented hair while she moaned for him out of his mind. Scorpius had walked straight into the changing rooms to find Rose pressed against the wall, and he no longer need to wonder what her moans would sound like anymore. He had backed away quickly, and neither party had even noticed him come in.

That relationship had lasted the entirety of their fifth and sixth years. In fact, Albus had told Scorpius just one month into their Summer Holiday that Rose and Rowan had called it quits, and he didn't know why. Scorpius had been conflicted on how to take this information. On one hand, he knew that he and Rose had never really got on since that first Potion Slughorn had assigned them as first years. He knew that Rose hated him, and she would certainly never date him instead of Rowan, but he hadn't forgotten the way she looked at him. He hadn't forgotten how strongly that lavender scent had filled his body, pulling him to look right back at her. Scorpius had casually snogged and gone to Hogsmeade with a few girls over the past two years, but the start of the seventh year found him conveniently unattached. He had wanted her long before that day, but that had been the first time he had admitted that if the opportunity arose, and Rowan was out of the picture, he would love to snog the crazy right out of Rose Weasley, and that was finally seeming like a delicious and distinct possibility.

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