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Allen was walking through the Ark when he saw the figure he had been searching for walk into his phone room. He ran to the door and knocked. When he heard a low voice say "Come in." he opened the door and threw himself at him.

"Adam!" he started to rub himself up against the large form of the Earl. "It's so hot. Make it stop. Please." He rubbed his hard Member against the Earls stomach. The Earl quickly got up and headed to their shared room. Sheading his protective shell into his more human form. When they got to the room he gently lay Allen on the bed. He made quick work of the albino neko's clothes. Allen heaved a sigh of relief when the cool air meet his acing shaft. He quickly made work of his own clothes and climbed atop Allen. The young neko arched up to grind against his lovers hardening member. He let out a small moan while the Earl let out a grunt. The older of the two made his way doesn't his lovers body licking and marking the pale body as he went. "Nyah….Ah….Ngh. Adam please. I need you inside now." Hearing the request he reached over to the nightstand and took the bottle of lube. He covered his fingers before bringing one to trace the neko's entrance. He gently poked at the ring of musical in warning before pressing in. "Ah! Adam m-more ngh please." Complying with the wish he added another finger and started scissoring them. He watched as Allen's face scrunched up in pleasure. He slowly thrust hem in and out before adding another digit. When he deemed Allen ready he removed them only to have Allen whimper at the empty feeling. He lined himself at his entrance and slowly thrust in. He waited for Allen to signal he was ready. When the younger rolled his hips to try and get some friction he pulled out all the way till just the tip was left and slammed back in. "Harder….please….harder." he begged between pants. "Adam I-I'm gonna cum."

"Then do it."

"Nyah!~" Allen screamed as he released streams of pearly white on their chests and stomachs. With a few more rough thrusts Adam came with a grunt. He fell beside his lover on the bed without disconnecting them. When they came back to their sences Adam pulled his lover against his chest. "I love you Adam." The neko said with a sigh as he slowly started to succumb to the darkness.

"I love you too Allen." they both fell asleep.


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