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Chapter ONE

There was logic behind everything young Janshinists were taught.

You listened to god.

Jashin was god, and therefore, you listened to Jashin.

Jashin told you to kill and therefore, you killed.

It was an honor to be chosen, but only few were actually chosen, and therefore, you worked harder to be picked.

Once chosen, service, or sacrifice, made you immortal, and therefore, you sacrificed.

This was no different to Sakura either.

Sakura was one of the few who had been born within the temple walls. The moment she had been born, she had been placed within the care of all other nursing women. All children were raised in a group, so that they were exposed from the beginning to the loyal followers of Jashin.

Sakura, currently five, had already seen her first ever sacrificial ritual. Having been brought up in a place where blood and pain was a part of daily life, she had soaked in this new view like with a disturbing level of glee.

Well, disturbing everywhere but the Jashinist temples.

And today, like every other day, she was sitting in on another sacrificial ritual.

The teen who was playing sacrificer was one of the few chosen. He had been picked a year prior and Sakura had had the honor of being there when he has been granted the gift of immortality.

In fact, he had been chosen on her very first experience of the ritual. That had done thing but fuel her want to be chosen by their god.

The last of the pained screams died away as the sacrifice, some man from a village nearby, bled his life away from the wounds decorating his entire body. Crimson puddled around the limp man and Sakura decided that she had never seen anything more beautiful.

The silver haired teen turned around, smiling through the blood splatters on his face. His purple eyes widened in glee when he saw her.

"I always see you around, brat. Fucking keen, aren't you?" He swung his scythe to the side, flinging blood everywhere.

Sakura ignored the blood now staining her white kimono in favor of stepping forward a little. It was the first time the teen actually talked to her.

She didn't voice that she didn't know what 'Fuck' meant.

Not knowing how to reply, she asked a question she had been itching to ask.

"How does it feel to be immortal?" Her eyes flickered occasionally to the already healing wounds on the teen's body, the worst of them being a pierced lung, not that he seemed to notice. The skeleton, which was proof of their gods gift, had faded as well.

"Fucking great." The teen told her.

Again, that word.

Sakura frowned but before she could give into her childish curiosity, a man in his late forties stepped into the room, frown in place.


The teen turned to glare at Daigo, who was the unofficial leader of this particular temple. He was also the one that taught the youngest followers taijutsu, then the slightly older or the ones with more potential to wield a scythe.

Sakura had begun her scythe training shortly after her first ritual with a boy a few months older than her, something that impressed everyone to no end.

Daigo nodded at Sakura, having recognized her, before turning back to Hidan "I told you to return after you finished off."

Hidan sighed dramatically. "This fucking kid distracted me."

At this, Sakura spoke up. "Hey!" She crossed her arms. "You stopped to talk to me."

Daigo's frown deepened.

Hidan spluttered, probably not expecting for the usually shy, quiet girl to sell him out.

Daigo sighed. "Hidan, get back. Sakura," He turned to her. "Head over to training. We'll start on the procedure of the sacrificial ritual."

The Jashin temple Sakura lived in was located on the border between the Fire country and the Rain country. It consisted of two Immortals, five other followers, and three children, two of which were temple born. Those who weren't were either brought by their parent worshipers, or were children of some sacrifice or another.

Hidan was one of two Immortals in the village, the other being Daigo. However, the man was already old and could be considered a 'retired' Shinobi. He rarely went out to Sacrifice and would probably lose the gift of Immortality soon.

However, the man had just nodded, stating that he was satisfied with his life. He had lived a life far longer than the most healthiest, luckiest of shinobi and he thanked Jashin for that.

Two years after her first ritual, Sakura and Yuto were nominated for the ritual. They were two of many who went through with the Ritual of Choosing all around the Temples scattered in hidden locations.

There were those who didn't go through with it, such as the nursing women, and the traveling Jashinist Monks.

Hidan himself had left half a year ago on a journey to 'find more worthy Sacrifices'.

Sakura understood that, for there was a lack of people in the villages around them. Most were Sacrificed and others left in order to escape the case of 'Vanishing people'.

She had heard stories of others who had also left on similar journeys.

Then again, anyone who wasn't deemed worthy by their beloved God died, so it was impossible to meet someone who had failed the test.

Sakura and Yuto, her only classmate, were just younger than usual.

That didn't make them any less loyal, though.

Theory wise, Sakura had everything hammered into her mind after the very first session.

Yuto was as excited as she was when Daigo told them of the final test.

The ultimate test, the Ritual of Choosing, which would result in the final decision of Jashin-Immortality or death.

Many had gone through with it, believing themselves to be worthy. They would perform a technique they had been practicing ever since they could manipulate chakra.

The Jujutsu: Shiji Hyƍketsu, which allowed them to link themselves to their sacrifice.

Then they would face the ultimate decision of Jashin.

A fatal blow.

To themselves.

Of course, being linked, the sacrifice died.

Whether the follower lived or died depended on whether or not their beloved god deemed them worthy. If he granted one Immortality, they survived. If he didn't, they died.

It was as simple as that.

Countless had bled out due to fatal, non healing wounds, but everyone kept trying.

After all, wasn't that what loyalty was about?

Sakura looked blankly down at the lifeless body of Yuto. There was blood dripping down from his mouth, his eyes wide, but blank.

She frowned at the blood on the floor, from both Yuto and the sacrifice, a young girl. There were people running around, cleaning the room in preparation for hers.

Daigo glanced over at her and smiled at her emotionless expression.

Even as Sakura felt the warm liquid of life leaving her body, she had never felt this alive.

Her whole body felt tingly and she felt laughter threatening to force its way out of her mouth.

Her sacrifice had stopped screaming long ago, but since she was still alive, the poor boy must have been knocked out due to pain.

And when she felt a familiar, comforting warmth spreading within her, she knew that she would forever live for her beloved god.


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